Can T Sleep Through Night

Causes of Frequent Urination in Men
Many men experience an increase in the frequency at which they have to urinate as they get older. This is exceedingly common among older men. However, if you are a man that is "always having to go", don't just dismiss it as aging. There are many causes of frequent urination and the symptom needs to be checked out by a physician.

Frequent urination defined

Always having to go or feeling the need to urinate more often than is usual is called frequent urination. This differs from urgent urination which is an urgent, compelling need to urinate. This can be accompanied with bladder discomfort.

If the need to urinate occurs at night, it is termed nocturia. Normally, a person can sleep for between 6 and 8 hours without the need to urinate.

Common causes

When experienced simultaneously, a frequent, urgent need to go to the bathroom is a classic symptom of an infection in the urinary tract. Typically, the infection will cause an inflammation of the bladder which, in turn, reduces the bladder's capacity to hold urine. In this case, even a small amount of urine can be uncomfortable.
These symptoms can also be caused by:


A condition called interstitial cystitis, which is a chronic, constant inflammation of the bladder. This is more common in women than men, but bears checking out.

Diuretics as well as other medicines.

Therapeutic radiation.

Dysfunction of the bladder.

Cancer of the bladder.

All of these are known to cause frequent urination, but there is one extremely common cause that is overlooked by many men. That is an enlarged prostate and affects more men than you probably know.

The prostate gland is a walnut sized gland that secretes seminal fluid (the fluid that carries the sperm cells). The gland itself surrounds the urethra, which carries urine out through the penis. As the prostate grows larger, it may exert pressure on the urethra and cause problems with frequent urination.

Causes of enlarged prostate

The prostate wraps around the urethra between the rectum and the pubic bone. Early in the development of an enlarged prostate, the muscle of the bladder contracts more powerfully than usual and pressurizes urine through the urethra. The bladder muscle responds by gaining thickness and sensitivity. This causes the need to urinate often.

The larger the prostate grows, the tighter is squeezed. The bladder then cannot compensate for the problem and empties entirely.

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate

Actually, an enlarged prostate is accompanied by no symptoms at all. There a re a few things to watch for, like:

A weak stream of urine or a stop/start during urination.
Finding it difficult to start urinating.
Dribbling of urine after urination.
Feeling like you are not done.
Leakage of urine (incontinence).
Frequent urination or an urgent need to go, especially during the night time.

If you have experienced any of the above, go to a doctor and get checked out immediately. An enlarged prostate only gets worse over time if it is overlooked. It could also lead to other more serious conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you get a 4 1/2 month old to sleep through the night?
    4 and a half month old is awake every hour on the hour at night i need a good nights sleep how can i get him to sleep through the nightsome people suggested colic calm i tryed that and still didn`t work he doesn`t have colic i don`t know why he won`t sleep through the night please help !!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      If a child that age sleeps through the night, there is usually something wrong.

      ETA: I agree with Rudie on the Babywise Book. It was my bible when my son was that age.

    How do I get my 9 month old to sleep through the night?
    He gets up twice a night for a bottle and then a couple more times to be held; he won't get to sleep if I don't.

    I am a single mom and so I can't trade nights with his father on getting up with him; I also live with my mother and when I try the cry it out method she comes in and gets him, even if I tell her I'm trying something new with him.

    I am desperate for a good nights sleep... Suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      My ped says if you feed them more during the day, they will sleep longer through the night :)

    What can I do to get my 4 month old twins to sleep through the night?
    AHHHHHHHHH... My twins will not for the life of me sleep through the night and it is getting really annoying. Anyways does anyone have any good pointers on how to get both to sleep all night. I just want them to have a good nights sleep and me to have a good nights sleep.Why is this so hard. Please help me. i tried giving them 6 ozs instead of 4 at night and it don't work. i don't know what to do...

    • ANSWER:
      If you have them in a crib, the fastest way that causes the least stress is to let them learn to sooth themselves to sleep. When they start to cry don't go through, put your head under the pillow, and just keep saying to yourself, in 2 nights time my babies will sleep through the night.
      You will notice the first night that the crying gets further and further apart. The second night they may only cry a couple of times. The third night they will sleep right through.
      Some people believe that the Ferber method is less stressful for the baby. I don't believe this to be true, it sends a mixed message to the child. The child will end up crying harder because they know that you will come through when they do.
      It is very health for a baby to learn to sooth it's self to sleep.
      It makes everyone less tired, which means you will be less cranky with the baby.
      The first 2 nights may be a little rough, but when your baby sleeps through the night on the 3rd, you will know you have done the right thing.
      It is important that your baby is not too hungry so I advise doing this when they are on solids. I did this at six moths, and my baby sleeps from 8pm to 8am everyday.

    13 month old still wont sleep through night?
    my thirteen month old daughter just wont sleep through the night.
    She wakes up and wants a bottle.
    And I've tried other things like laying her back down, turning on her music, rubbing her back, but she just wants her bottle and continues to cry until she gets it.
    And she doens't just cry for five min and then goes back to sleep, she just keeps crying and crying and crying and then she is so upset she couldn't go back to sleep if she wanted to.

    I am going crazy with this. I don't want her to want a bottle at night.
    What can I do to break this habit and get her to sleep through the night

    • ANSWER:
      Try giving her a snack of infant cereal right before her bedtime bottle. That way her tummy is warm and full and she should last a little longer between feeding. She may not stop waking right away, but you should notice the length of time between her bedtime bottle and night waking increase.

      I know how hard it is to just let them cry it out, especially in the middle of the night. Rubbing her back and trying rock her when she clearly wants the bottle is difficult to do. If you're going to try this method the trick is not to give in to giving her the bottle, no matter what. You have to try to calm her and then put her back down to sleep without it. Otherwise she'll associate fussing with getting what she wants.

      My oldest didn't stop her night waking until she was about 18 months. What I did was wake her up a little earlier in the mornings or cutting her nap a little short and keeping her busy so that she went to bed tired, but not overly tired. Then she would sleep through the night.

      Good luck, I hope she breaks this habit soon!

    When did your baby sleep through the night?
    I have noticed a lot of questions today regarding babies and sleeping through.

    I had twins. One of my babies began sleeping through at 4 months. One of my babies didn't really sleep through without waking for comfort or food until she was 7 or 8 months old, and even now she still wakes up crying sometimes at 13 months.

    Please answer so that other moms can see what is actually normal or that there really is no normal!

    I think it's unreasonable to expect every 3 month old to sleep all night but if yours does, count your blessings!

    • ANSWER:
      Normal to us was starting to sleep through at 1 month old with no night feedings and he still does it and is 6.5 months..we only have one baby so it's normal for us because it's all we know....we do count our blessings and know we're very lucky from what we hear from other people in our daily lives...

      (edit) I also respect the poor mommies that have to get up a bunch of times and get little to no will get better

    How can I get my 3 month old to sleep through the night????
    My 3 month old little girl still wakes up every 4 hours for her feeding. We have her on formula and the nights are really tiring us out. We only have to get up once a night b/c we put her down at 10pm and Wake up for the next day at 6am, but I have no idea how to get her to sleep through the night. She is still drinking 5 ounces of formula every 4 hours. She has been taking the same amount since she was 1 month old. For my 1st child she sleep through the night at 2 months so this is getting hard b/c our newest arrival isn't showing any signs of sleeping longer any time soon. Please, what can I try to train her to sleep all night???????????

    • ANSWER:
      Try swaddling her at night. It worked like a charm for me with my son.

    How can I sleep through the night without waking up around 3 or 4?
    Every single night I wake up from 3-4. It's really annoying, and I don't know why.

    I also have troubles getting to sleep at night sometimes too.
    Could this all be stress related? Or genetics?

    Any help would be great.
    I really don't want to have to take medication, by the way, since I'm only 14.

    • ANSWER:
      well i dnt realy know about this subject bt im sure if u get ur self tired like go run burn calories do something go to the mall and walk for a few hours anything like that that keeps u moving will help or drink a monster energy drink and burn thoes calories and u will go straigh to sleep lol it happends sometimes bt not all the time bt yea jst get ur self tired and specialy before u go to sleep lol do some push ups hehe

    My baby is 7 months old and won't sleep through the night. Any ideas?
    He has no problem falling to sleep at night but wakes up several times during the night. Once i go in to his room and let him know that i am there and give him his dummy back he goes back to sleep again. How can i get him to sleep through the night?

    • ANSWER:
      a comforter that smells like you. sounds strange right?
      when i was little many years ago now but i couldn't sleep with out my mums top that smelt like her, its just for comfort and reassurance and that phase will pass!!

    How can I get my toddler to sleep a full night through AND in his bed?
    Any sensitive tips on how to encourage a 2 year old to sleep through the night in their own bed. My child keeps getting up in the middle of the night, and climbing into our bed! I wouldn't mind so much but I am a very light sleeper, and once I am awake, it takes me a long time to get back to sleep.

    Plus child also wakes up at 5am to 6am so it's making me very tired!!!

    And yes we have a routine!!

    • ANSWER:
      Are you ready to put in the work? You will have to keep putting the child back into his or her bed when they come into yours... I know, hard to do. When putting the child to bed, you will need to tell them, that from now on, they have a __ buddy, make it their favorite stuffed, cuddly, what ever ... and say they are lonely when your child leaves them alone in their room, when you come into mommy and daddy's room.. Tell your child that you want them to stay in bed, and keep their ___ company, be their big ___sister or brother here____ and that you would appreciate it.. Tell them there might be a reward for it, and if you have to , put them in the bed, prop up the stuffed favorite toy ( anything that has a face, better then an object type of toy..) and see. Every night, it might take a few, keep on putting the child back into bed. When you do, no discussions, no water, no nothing... Place them back into their bed, and say good night. Sooner or later, they will stop getting out of bed. But, their sleep pattern is their own, that will not be able to change.. until their pattern changes on it's own... sorry about that part! Good luck, it will work, but you have to stick to your guns. Once you give back in, all of it will be for nothing and now you'll have to come up with something else..? Locking your own bedroom door? I know, too cruel... LOL!

    is it bad that my baby still doesnt sleep through the night?
    my 6 month old still won't sleep through the night. my mom says this is a bad thing, and when my sisters baby was 4 months old she slept all night. i would say probably 3 out of 5 nights she wakes up. sometimes all it takes is for me to hold her and she is fine, but really, is it bad that she isnt sleeping through the night, every night? what age did your baby start sleeping through the night? how can i help gracie to stay sleeping?

    • ANSWER:
      That must be hard for you!
      I have thankfully had three great sleepers, sleeping through the night by 3 months old. As I have found though, they will wake if they can't find their dummies, but thats about it. I solved that with glow in the dark ones, lol.
      A few things you could ensure before she goes to sleep. Is her room well darkened? Light and noise can be disrupting to anyone, especially babies!
      Make sure she is at the right temperature for sleep. I use grobags ( and find them fantastic! They keep them just right and can't kick off the bedding!
      Is she full and well hydrated before bedtime? I know we can't force babies to eat, but try to ensure she has a good meal and milk feed before bed. This will help her sleep longer.
      Your little girl certainly isn't out of the ordinary though, so don't worry. Some kids don't sleep through the night at 3 and 4 either!
      Lots of luck with her!

    How can I make my 4 month old son sleep through the night?
    I've tried feeding him some pablum at night thinking that it would fill him up and sleep all night but it doesn't work. I've tried letting him sleep with me thinking he might be too cold in his bed but that doesn't seem to be the problem either...can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      you cant
      babys that young do not normally sleep through the night (and if they do they are at an increase risk for sids
      see in particular the research of James McKenna, PhD) also note "seelping through the night" is 5 or more hours not 8
      co sleeping may help a bit, but its not always a good option
      you can also introduce a bedtime routine like a bath and massage

      as you have found giving cereal at night has no effect on babys sleeping patterns (it can also malnourish your infant and is not recommended before 6 months)

    how do you wean a breastfed baby at 11 months old, who still doesn't sleep through the night?
    My daughter still wakes up one to two times per night for the boob, and crys until she gets it. I have not had a good, or full night sleep since I was 4mos pregnant. I am utterly exhausted!!! My husband and I are planning to go away for the weekend on March 10th, and I want to leave my daughter with my mom for about 48 hours. How can I wean her completely by then?
    I'm not interested in weaning to a bottle at this point, just to take it away again. She has never had a bottle. She will drink out of a cup sometimes. Should I wean just at night, or altogether right away?
    My daughter will drink regular milk, but she will not drink formula.

    • ANSWER:
      like one said let her cry it out. My daughter is also 11 months and she has been sleeping through the night for about a month now. I also breastfeed, but im starting to wean her now. We just do a.m and p.m feedings. she eats great during the day and she is just starting to drink milk from her sippy cup, i think this is key, make sure they get plenty to eat throughout the day and a schedule, babies depend on a schedule, make sure they know, that last feeding is the last, or whatever you choose. We've been in the same routine at bed time for a long time, we just dont nurse all night long now. i know its going to be hard, was for us, but in the long run it will first and foremost be better for your daughter and then yourself to get that uninterrupted sleep through the night. but as soon as my daughter wakes up she knows exactely what she wants. so that will be our next challenge. good luck to you in whatever you do!

    My daughter is 9 months old and not sleeping through the night. She used to sleep all night until she was?
    arund 6 months but now she wakes up 2-5 times a night. She used to use a soother but I took it away when it didn't put her back to sleep and I had to get up 15 times a night to put it back in her mouth. Any body have any suggestions PLEASE!!! oh and I can't let her CIO because I have a semi and my neighbours can hear her crying.

    • ANSWER:
      my daughter is going through the same thing but it's because of her teeth, she has a few nights were we don't get any sleep and then it'll go back to been up 1-2 times depending if she can find her own bottle and get it in her mouth shes sometimes pretty good and does it herself we only get called out of bed if the bottle is empty, we have tried stuffing her full of food during the day but shes not much of a eater, shes meant to be drinking 5 bottles but were lucky if we get 3 down her and we've tried a big bottled before bed to see if she'll go all night but nothing seems to work, you could offer her water during the night, then it's not really worth waking up for water, i wish you all the best x

    how do i get my son to sleep through the night?
    my son is 4 months old. i want him to sleep through the night. is it to early to worry about it? he doesn't go to sleep until around midnight and is right back up wanting to play a couple hours later. i am exshausted and tired. what can i do to get him to sleep at night atleast 5 hours. i would even be happy with four straight hours

    • ANSWER:

    Why won't my 4 month old nap or sleep through the night?
    My 4 month old will not nap well during the day. I think he gets himself overly tired and has a hard time settling down at night to sleep. He takes little cat naps during the day, sort of on a schedule but not really. I get him to sleep at night and he has started waking up every hour or so. It is getting worse rather than better. I haven't had a full nights sleep in 4 months. What can I do???

    • ANSWER:
      co sleeping works allsome bobby pillow in middle of u and husand when baby waks up put in baby wee heads up lay down be side baby hold boole up in babys mouth baby will fall right to sleep and sleep better it works allsome make sure head propped up thow u dont want to deal wih ear inf

    How do I get my dog to sleep through the night?
    I have a two-year-old lab mix that has recently started waking up between 1 and 4 in the morning. He sleeps in the bed with us every night, and spends most days in his crate. He usually wants to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water. We try to ignore him, but he won't stop or go back to sleep until he gets his way. We take him for bike rides every day so he can run, and let him out to go to the bathroom right before bed each night. How do I get him to sleep through the night?

    • ANSWER:
      He may have some health issues that are making him wake up to go to the bathroom, you may want to check with your vet

    What are some tips to sleep through the night and get up early?
    I can't seem to sleep through the entire night, especially when I have something to do in the morning, because I get excited thinking about it and then can't fall asleep.

    When I finally manage to fall asleep, I wake up about three times in the night.

    By the time morning comes around, I have a LOT of trouble waking up. I mean, a lot. I can even end up sleeping through my alarm. Then, I'm tired all day. Like, really tired. To the point of being almost incoherent and falling asleep.

    I managed to deal with this all throughout high school, but I'm starting a new job, and I don't want to be disgustingly tired all day. What should I do? Coffee doesn't seem to have any effect on me, so I usually don't bother drinking it, unless someone else offers me some.

    • ANSWER:
      Sleeping pills, or go to bed rather early, make sure its dark and you dont even have a clock ticking or anything to distract you, make sure your bladder is fullfilled, maybe put on a eye thing, one of those sleep night eye things, the things that have a string around your head and yeah, and like drift off to dream land and think about what will happen the next day or near fture, or just dream about anything. Before you go to sleep have a warm drink or somesort and make sure you arent wearing something rather cold. Good Luck!

    how can I get my 18 month old daughter to sleep through the night?
    My daughter has never really slept through the night, she would take a bottle and go to sleep but then wake up about 4 hours later screaming and this last month she was waking up 3 times and my husband would just get up and give her a bottle because he said he just wanted her to go to sleep... I know she doesn't need milk in the middle of the night so I threw away the bottles so he couldn't just give into her... only problem is now she's still waking but I have no idea how to get her to go to sleep... last night she woke at 2am and didn't go back to sleep until 3:30am... she screamed and I tried to calm her but she was throwing herself around in her crib... it was cold last night about 50F/10C but she wasn't cold as she was so worked up from screaming. I never had this problem with my son, he was sleeping the whole night from 6 months... I just don't know what else to do with my daughter I feel like she's breaking me down. Please help with any suggestions!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Now is definitely the time to kick this! If she does not have a bedtime already, set one. If she does have a bedtime, stick to it. It's hard to take away the bottle in the first place, let alone at bedtime. I would introduce a sippy cup at bedtime but WATER only, unless you have good dental insurance :) Also, try to limit her sugar intake throughout the day if you think that may be a reason she is waking up. When you put her to bed, make sure she knows that you guys will not come in if she starts crying. You know your baby's cries-only go in if she's not just throwing a fit. From there, it's harder for the parents than your daughter :) You just have to let her cry until she can figure out how to comfort herself. It will come. Good luck.

    Any suggestions on how to get my puppy to sleep through the night?
    I have a 4 month old jug that just doesn't sleep through the night. He is in a crate for 8 hours a day and doesn't have any accidents at all but can't make it through the night without having to go outside atleast twice a night. I take the water bowl up by 8pm and still same issue. Also, he has been doing a lot of crying throughout the night. I think he has gas and is uncomfortable. I tried beano in his food but would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have. He has had diarrhrea for the past 2 days and vet put him on bland (rice/beef or rice/chicken) diet but no results yet.

    • ANSWER:
      Give him time. I always had a hard time leaving my puppy in a crate all night for that very same reason.

      So, I kept her on a leash on my bed while we slept. I was a very light sleeper. I had to be because I didn't want her falling off the bed and choking herself. This way she was quite through the night because she was with somebody and I would know when she was up and about.

      I don't know if I would recommend doing that, but that is what I did.

    How can I get my son to sleep right through the night?
    My son is 2. He used to sleep though the night but in the past few months he's been getting up in between 2-4 and playing in his crib. We tried putting him in a toddler bed but as soon as we did he was up at 5 in the morning and not going back to sleep. I don't know what I can do to make him sleep through the entire night. He's so cranky in the morning. Is there anything I can do to change his sleeping habits to sleeping through the entire night?

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure he is in bed by 8:30pm the latest. Tell him if he goes to sleep in the morning you will take him to the park or something fun, give him something warm to sip on like warm milk before he goes to bed. Sleeping on a full warm stomach helps sleep. Hope this helped =)

    How do i get my jack Russell to sleep all through the night?
    I have a 9 week old Jack Russell Terrier that does not sleep through the night! He cries every hour in his crate. The only way he will sleep is if he sleeps in my bed. I don't want this to be the solution because trainers have said not to teach them that... Can anyone help or lend some advice?

    • ANSWER:
      put the cage sumwhere where it wont wake anyone and dont let her/him out once he/she sees there is no point of crying cuz s/he isnt gonna get out s/he will stop if this works try putting her back to her normal spot and see if the dog stops whinig if not keep the dog in the other spot this mite seem curl or mean but it helps
      also u can try to get the dog to like the crate have her lay in there a couple hours a dag with ur supervison,play games with her in there(but while playing games try not toi close the door )

      Toys and Treats: Place your puppy's favorite toys and dog treats at the far end opposite the door opening. These toys may include the "Tuffy", "Billy", "Kong", "Nylabone" or a ball. Toys and bails should always be inedible and large enough to prevent their being swallowed. Any fragmented toys should be removed to prevent choking and internal obstruction. You may also place a sterilized marrow bone filled with cheese or dog treats in the crate.

      Water: A small hamster-type water dispenser with ice water should be attached to the crate if your puppy is to be confined for more than two hours in the crate.

      Bedding: Place a towel or blanket inside the crate to create a soft, comfortable bed for the puppy. If the puppy chews the towel, remove it to prevent the pup from swallowing or choking on the pieces. Although most puppies prefer lying on soft bedding, some may prefer to rest on a hard, flat surface, and may push the towel to one end of the crate to avoid it.

    What's the average age for infants to sleep through the night?
    My son(now 3) started sleeping through the night at 3 or 4 months old. My daughter is 6 months old and she doesn't sleep through the night at all, I dont have problems getting her to sleep it's the stayin asleep she doesnt do. Was I just lucky with my first child or what can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      INFANTS Don't and Shouldn't sleep through the night, a Toddler MIGHT and a Pre-Schooler will. You cant expect a baby to sleep through the night they aren't made for that. Their little tummies are to tiny to hold enough food to get them through, they need a "booster" so to speak in the middle of the night (several if they are having a growth spert) If your baby is growing right they WILL be waking up to eat and that's a good thing.

    How can I get my eight month old to sleep through the night?
    My daughter is 8 months old and still doesn't sleep through the night.

    When she was about five months shes started to and then she got sick and she would wake up because she couldnt breath and so the only way she would eventually go back to bed was with a bottle and even since then she gets up for a bottle.

    I don't know how to break that habit.

    And she sleeps in my room (we do not have anywhere else for her to go right now) so I can't let her cry it out because i have to get up in the morning.

    She eats baby food at about 5 or 6 and has a 8oz cereal bottle before bed between 7-8. I don't know if she is waking up because she is hungry or out of habit.

    So what are somethings that I can do to get her to sleep throught the night?

    • ANSWER:
      some babies do that and my son is one of them. He will be 9months on the 5th and he will sleep through the night one night and then the next night he will get up two times for a bottle. They only things that I can suggest is maybe keeping her up alittle later and give her a feeding alittle later too that way she will have more food in her tummy before she goes to bed. I can also say that my doctor said to just let my son cry it out but I can't sleep either through that. I wish there was something that we could do but in my opinion we have to deal with it. Good luck

    How can i get my son to sleep through the night?
    My son is almost two years old and when he was a baby he would sleep through the night but when he was about 9 months old he started waking up all the time. He will wake up 3 to 5 times a night and want to play or will cry until i get him. I once decided to ignore him he woke up at 11 and didn't go back to sleep until after 3. He takes a two hour nap every day and if i skip the nap then he is up every hour all night. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      first never ignore a child its nevr the answer. second make sure he doesnt eat anything with sugar before he goes to sleep or anything with high energy so that he's not rearing to get up in go wen its time to sleep. pamper him completely before sleep - make sure you
      - let him drink a smal cup of milk
      - goes toilet
      - is warm and comfortable in bed
      - make sure he doesnt get alarmed during the day

      he seems to be awaken by something, or thinking about something

      but remmember this is normal and it will eventually fade out. ... u can only do ur best while its happeneing for the mean while but watever u do dont show ur annoyed or ignore him

      as a mummy make sure u comfort him with ur hugs and soothing voice, if he cries just stay with him untill he's back to sleep

      gd luck!

    How do I get my kitten to sleep through the night?
    My new kitten is sooooo sweet I love her but when it is time to go to bed she is full of energy! I bring her to the bedroom and she walks all over my head licks my face and attacks my feet! I can't get her to settle down but I want to train her to sleep with me through the night like my other cat does....oh also she keeps waking me up at 6:00AM!!!! RRRRRrrrrrggg!

    • ANSWER:
      She's a kitten -- They're bursting with curiosity, energy and affection.

      What you need to do is buy a laser pointer. About an hour before you go to bed, play the hell out of her. Run her up walls, run her around in circles, around furniture, run her around on tiles floors so she slips and slides all over the place.

      You really need to tire her out, that way when it's sleepy time, she's actually sleepy. :)

      Good luck, kittens are wonderful creatures.

    How can I get my epileptic dog to sleep through the night?
    I have a 4 year old German Shepherd who's epileptic. Since he started having seizures about 2 months ago he's been put on phenobarbital (1.25 grain dose in the morning 1.5 grain dose in the evening). Also since the seizures started he doesn't sleep through the night. I've tried walking him 2 to 3 miles when I get home from work and giving him benadryl but nothing helps. My wife is pregnant and needs sleep so we need help. Any answers are appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      No benadryl it could trigger seizures. Phenobarb is very hard on a dog. Besides liver and kidney, it has side effects to their minds..they may resolve in a few months or phenobarb may not be right for your dog and you may need to try a different med.

      For now try melatonin 3-5 grams every night..this will help stop night seizures and help him sleep.

    18 month baby won't sleep through night, keeps waking up around 4 HELP!?
    yeah so any ideas to help solve this 'issue' are all welcome!
    she goes to sleep about 7 on the night and usually wakes around 4 and stays up, she will not go back to sleep and every idea that we have had trust me we're tried!

    Its a hard life to get up at 4 every day and run around after her! Sometimes she will get up earlier and its not always 4....

    Hope u can help!! thank-u

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly, the only way that will stop is to keep her in her room, don't go in and let her cry it out. If you keep going in there, she'll know you'll come get her and that's what she wants. Leave her in, she'll know it's not play time and over time, she'll stay put. It's painful, but it will get better.

      Our kids doctor is an expert in sleep, sleep methods and has written a bunch of books on the subject. I was going to post a link by my internet is jacked up. Look up Dr. Marc Wiessbluth online -- he has some articles and things that could help you out.

    How can i get my week old son to sleep through the night?
    My newborn is a week old and doesn't sleep through the night he walks up at least 3 or more times. I know newborns are to get 14 hours in a day but him not sleeping through the night is very frustrating. I try to keep him up through the day but when I feed him he falls asleep and I don't want to wake him up. Any tips on how to get him to sleep through the night?

    • ANSWER:
      A new born baby will not sleep through the night. Fact. They have to wake every few hours for feeding because their stomachs are so very tiny, it means they get hungry quicker than older babys. It would not be healthy for a one week old to sleep throughout the night.
      Oh don't I know the broken sleep is frustrating! When my son was born we was up every 3 hours during the night. You kind of get used to the tiredness though, just take naps when your baby does, it helps tons!
      My son started sleeping through at 11 weeks old. Sleeping from 12.30am to 6/7am. He's now 16 weeks and for the last couple of nights has been sleeping 9.30pm to 6/7am. I have to wake up still around 1am though to give him a 'dream feed' so he still gets his food, he'll sleep right through it otherwise. Just hold tight, time flies when you have a baby so it hopefully won't be too long until your little one is sleeping through! :)

    How can I sleep through the night again?
    My ex boyfriend and I broke up a month ago and well since we broke up I haven't really been able to sleep through the night...

    Can you help me out please?

    Oh sorry.... Im so tired I wasn't paying attention...
    I don't even know why I am having so many problems...

    I really did love the guy I was with for some reason.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow - you're really having a hard time right now! I've never had a breakup affect me so bad.

      I think you could write everything down that you're thinking, like all the good things and bad things about being broken up. Just get it all out there because it's hard to sleep with unresolved issues.

      But I'll star this and see if somebody else can help.

    How do i get my son to sleep through the night?
    My son is 20 months and he is still waking up in the middle of the night. He wakes up about 3-4 times every night crying. I don’t know why.
    When he wakes up crying I tell him to lie down and I rub his back and he falls to sleep.
    But why is he doing this?
    How can I get him to sleep through the whole night?

    I haven’t gotten a full night's sleep since I was pregnant. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe get him on a time schedule. He will get used to the schedule and sleep at the times he is supposed to and same with nap. Or make sure he is all relaxed before he goes to bed.

    How can I get my 5 month old to sleep through the night again?
    I have a 5 month old son. At about 9 weeks old he started sleeping through the night. He would sleep for about 10+ hours straight. When he was 3 months old we moved to a new house and he would get up 5 times a night. This went on for about 5 weeks or so. When I asked the doctor about it they said it was normal for them to wake up when they have moved, it takes awhile to readjust to their new home. At four months we have started him on cereal just before bed and he still gets up 2-3 times a night. This has been going on for over a month now. Help. He is not hungry, and I have tried to let him cry, it doesn't work. His naps during the day are the same and he is up by 4:30 pm and doesn't nap again until time for bed. Any thoughts?
    He is strictly breastfed with the exception of cereal. We give him this before bed because that is when the doctor said to do it. He usually eats his cereal at about 7:30pm and is sleeping by 9pm. I have a wedge and it doesn't do any good!

    • ANSWER:
      Here's some pieces of advice from different "experts", c/o This advice is especially for the concern of a 3-6 month old who "won't stay asleep":

      Mindell's view
      As long as you are putting your baby to sleep on his own at bedtime, it is all right to do what you think will help him go back to sleep, such as rocking him or pacing the floor until he falls asleep. As long as his bedtime routine is consistent, and he is falling asleep on his own, night waking should diminish in a few weeks. If this doesn't work, you'll have to resort to a checking routine: Stay in your baby's room for a brief time, keep contact neutral, and don't pick him up. Leave and return in five-minute intervals, gradually increasing the time you are gone.

      Ferber's view
      It's important to put your baby down when he's awake so he'll learn to settle himself to sleep both when you first put him down and if he wakes up during the night. If you're not doing this, consider changing your nighttime ritual. If your baby won't stay asleep and is at least 5 months old, try letting him cry for progressively longer intervals of time, starting at five minutes, increasing to ten, and so on. Between intervals, you can spend about two to three minutes with your baby, reassuring him by talking to him and possibly patting him. Don't pick him up or rock him.

      The AAP's view
      If your baby isn't sleeping eight hours at a stretch by now, keep him awake longer and play with him in the afternoon and early evening. This, plus increasing the amount of his before-bed feeding, should help him stay asleep for longer periods.

      Brazelton's view
      If your baby wakes up after only a few hours, let him find his own way back to sleep using self-comforting techniques such as thumbsucking. To help signal "bedtime" to your baby, develop a supportive bedtime ritual that includes things like a bath, a bedtime story, and a lullaby. When he wakes up, don't feed him or jump up and go to him at his first cry.

      Sears' view
      Be flexible. Don't let your baby cry it out; instead, try to find the source of his wakefulness (such as a dirty diaper, hunger, upset routines during the day, a stuffy nose, or even irritating pajamas). Increase his daytime attachment to you and let dad play the role of nighttime co-comforter so both parents can help the baby fall back to sleep.

      Read more on the website below. :)

      Hope this helps!

    How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?
    My son is six months old.. doesn't sleep through the night and I am exhausted! It seems I have tried everything. He's not waking up hungry and its almost the same time each day he awakes (3:00 am). He is on a pretty good schedule. Most of the time he has trouble falling back to sleep. He is put to bed at 9:00 pm everyday.. sometimes earlier when he is very tired. Before he is.. he has a fully belly. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      if he is not waking up hungry he is waking up out of habit. you just have to break that habit before it breaks you. you have to just let him cry when he wakes. dont run to him. it will be hard and he might cry for an hour, but...he will put himself back to sleep. it may take a few nights, with me it only took one time. the first couple times i had to end up going in after about a 1/2 hour cause i thought it wasnt working, but you have to wait it out. and it helps when he goes to bed, that he falls asleep on his own in the bed, then he will get used to soothing himself. its rough and you feel kinda horrible, but even at this early age, they need to know that your the boss and its time to sleep.

    What age did your baby start to sleep (for the most part) through the night?
    I have a three week old. He still wakes up every two to three hours for feedings and diaper changes, which I totally expect. Just can't remember about when our 2 year old started to sleep through the night. I want to say it was around 3 or 4 months old, but not sure. I know it's different for every child. Just trying to get a ball park figure. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter started sleeping through the night around three months, when we moved her out of our room and into her crib.

      Good luck!

    How can I get my 1 yr old to sleep through the night?
    My daughter is 1 and i took her bottle away about a month ago and she doesn't sleep through the night now I give her a cup of milk before bed and feed her dinner I just don't know what I can do please help if you have great responses!! Thank you!
    She drinks milk from her cups just fine just doesn't sleep through the night..I really want to get her off her paci to but its hard to when she is waking up in the middle of the night?

    • ANSWER:
      Do NOT give her benedryl. :( Feel bad for that mans children. I have a 13 month old son and I took him off bottles on his 1st birthday. He did okay. But just like you said was not really sleeping thru the night. He just does not like to take his milk in sippy cups. SO I started giving him his bottle at night time ONLY.. I give him 8 oz of vit D milk (sometimes warm) and if he finishes it then i give him another 8 oz bottle.. (which he usually only finishes 4 oz)... and hes WIPED out.. the doctor said that was fine and anyway you can get them to drink milk is good. That is what fills the belly. Good Luck!

      PS...ater about 2 weeks of doing this.. he is really starting to drink more out of sippys.. and sometimes falls asleep at night without even taking a baba.

    When did your newborn start to sleep through the night?
    Just curious. My son is almost 1 month old and is formula fed. He currently has 6 bottles a day and I can't remember at what age they cut down to 5... I have a 2 year old daughter but I can't remember exactly when she cut down to 5.

    As you can tell I'm so desperate to get that full night of sleep lol!! I forgot how draining it is!!

    • ANSWER:
      I know what you mean. I have a 2 1/2yr. old and I just had my 2nd boy 9 weeks ago. And I forgot how draining it is 9 week old started sleeping through the night just last week. So hang in there and hopefully he'll sleep through the night for you. Just make sure he goes to bed with a full tummy :) ...take care and congrats!

    At what age do babies tend to sleep more through the night?
    I have a 1 month old, born 3 weeks early. My wife and I get absolutely no worthy sleep. Our baby is basically on a crying schedule of about every 2 hours sometimes even less.

    My wife and I have discussed taking turns every few days of taking sleeping pills, so that whoever's night it isn't to tend to our baby, can get sleep through the night without waking up.

    • ANSWER:
      The first 6 weeks are the toughest! Because I was breastfeeding it was unfair of me to ask my husband to get up otherwise we would have both been grumpy. We took it in turns, I did night shift and he would take over in the mornings while I tried to 'catch up' on the lost sleep. My daughter also had bad colic which meant she cried a lot in the evenings but by 9 weeks it stopped and she was sleeping from 8pm - 7 am sometimes longer.

      Hang in there it does get better. I also found that feeding constantly throughout the day meant she slept better because she had a full tummy. I didn't wait for her to cry, I just fed her every 3 hours or sooner if I found she was hungry, I hope I helped

    What to do when 8 month old won't sleep through the night?
    I put him to bed at around 7 and he ends up waking up at 1 am and 4 am. Then about 6:30 am for good. Usually I will give him a bottle at 1 and 4 then he goes right back to sleep no problems. I have decided to start weening the bottle. Is that the solution? Any other suggestions on how I can get him to sleep through the night?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it might be a growth spurt. He needs the extra calories and maybe increasing his intake of formula and solids during the day might help him to sleep more at night. If not, just give him his bottle. Growth spurts usually last a week or so in my experience and then the baby resumes his regular sleep pattern.

    How do I get my 7 month old son to sleep through the night?
    I have a 7 month old boy who has only ever slept through the night (at least 10pm til 6am) for the period of one week! He weighs 24lb and is 76cm tall so he's a big boy, and I just put it down to the fact that he is hungry? He is eating a normal balanced diet and having about a pint of Cow and Gate baby milk a day. He uses a dummy just as and when he wants soothing but not religiously.
    Its not that he wakes up and is wide awake, he doesnt even open his eyes he just cries, I just give him a bottle and off to sleep he goes again, but he is waking for a feed twice a night and after 7 months I'm dead on my feet!
    Any tried and tested tips? Can't just leave him to cry as I have a four and a five year old who need their sleep too!
    Help :o )

    • ANSWER:
      I would recommend Tracy Hoggs baby whisperer book. We didnt have it and did the 'controlled crying' on our son (who is now 2 1/2) which worked wonders but I dont fancy that again, it only took 3 nights but seemed so cruel. So I bought the baby whisperer book and have been reading it for when bump arrives. She has a method called the shush pat method, which Is like controlled crying without the crying. You stay with them and pick them up, sooth them then put them back down and gently pat their back. Apparently it can take a couple of days or so but she says its never failed. So it has to be worth a try. It really is an excellent book, ive tried alot of her ideas from her baby whisperer for toddlers book out on my son and they work miracles and are all very kind and dont need too much sticking to routine. You will probably find the book useful for other stuff too. Maybe try your local library and see if they have it. You could also try For advice. Good luck!

    How can i get my 9 week old puppy to sleep through the night?
    I have a 9 Week old puppy which i cannot get to sleep through the night, She is in the kitchen with my other dog, (2 Year old Cocker Spaniel), My 9 week old is sleeping in a crate with the door open as she doesn't like the door being closed gets to distressed, I really don't know what to try anymore she has a night light in case she doesn't like the dark.

    • ANSWER:
      At 9 weeks, so tiny! I'm not sure you will. Mine started sleeping through the night at 12 weeks with the occasional wake up.

      I started feeding in the crate. When the puppy was sleeping next to me during the day I would move the puppy to the crate without waking him (this was easy with mine at 10 weeks) and let him wake up naturally in his crate with the door open. After a couple days of this and throwing a toy in for him to go fetch etc, I started closing him in the crate and hiding in the hallway. He would cry, but as soon as he stopped or even just a small pause, I would let him out. I slowing increased the time from 30 seconds to 10 minutes over several days, always returning to let him out when quiet. I would leave the crate in the living room and leave toys in there and when I caught him peeking in or going in I would praise him and pet him and tell him how good he was. Now he goes in there on his own just to sleep!

      At night I put the crate in my bedroom next to my side of the bed with the front facing me so that he could see me. He threw a fit and bounced off the sides of the crate etc. It was not a fun night. I had to ignore him and let him cry. He settled down though. The next night the crying was 1/2 the time, and the next he settled right in.

      They will wake up and cry because they need to go potty. You have to get up and let them out at the potty place. It passes soon as they develop more and get a little more control over their bladder.

      I read not to give water several hours before bed, and whatever you do, make sure they eliminate before you put them in for the night. Hope this has helped, it is what worked for us.

    Why won't my six month old sleep through the night?
    My son is a little over 6 months, and wakes at least twice a night. We try to let him cry himself back to sleep, but that never works. Is there anything else I can do to help him sleep all night? ( I do feed him plenty during the day)

    • ANSWER:
      The thing about crying it out is consistency. If you give up after a few minutes, you are reinforcing the idea that if he cries long enough, you'll come and playtime is on!

      Have you established a bedtime routine? He's pretty much old enough for a bedtime, so pay attention to when he gets sleepy. Put him to bed at the same time every night, and make sure he's clean, dry, comfortable and warm. If he's a heavy wetter, put an overnight diaper on him. Make sure he's fed before you put him down. When he cries, you're supposed to wait a prescribed amount of time (five minutes at first, then longer as you go) then go in and recheck everything. Do it with the minimum amount of lights and interaction. If you have to feed him, change him, etc make sure to keep the encounter as brief and boring as possible. Then leave again.

      My son always goes right back to sleep if I give him a bottle. You're not really supposed to do that, but I wasn't able to let him cry for a long time, mostly my conscience. But my husband and I can't keep waking up in the middle of the night and I'm pretty desperate, so that's what I'm doing. My 7 month old wakes up at 11, 3, and 6 like clockwork, and I can't do it.

      If you need some reassurance to try the ferber method again, here's a link. It takes a lot of patience and will, but if it works, it's worth it. Bear in mind that some babies just don't do it until they're darn ready, closer to 1 year old. So you might have to deal with it for a while.

      And I AM a sensitive caring mother, one who cares about my son's future ability to sleep well, before it becomes truly traumatic and he becomes really cranky and hard to manage because of poor sleeping patterns. I'm sensitive enough to know we'll BOTH be happier when well rested, because I"ll better be able to care for him when I can think straight. No one likes hearing their child cry. I'm not sitting here having a party and laughing at him behind his back. But I know shots hurt, and I still give him shots. They're good for him, and even though it sucks that he cries, it's what's best for him.

    How can I get my 6 month old son to sleep through the night? He is still waking up 3-4 times a night!?
    He eats baby food and goes to bed with a full tummy. I can't figure out how to get him to sleep through the night!

    • ANSWER:
      delay your response to him, thats all I can say

      my son woke up til he was 15 months to have a bottle 1-2 a night...

      it used to be around 3-4 times a night for me at 6 months too, I just pickd him up and brought him to bed with me and at the time I was nursing so I just went back to sleep...after dried up... still had waking issues and he would take a 4oz bottle or two until I switched to a sippy at 15months [refused sippy]

      BUT could also be growing through a growth spurt right now and need extra bottle at night

    How can I sleep through the night?
    I recently switched jobs. I used to work an overnight shift and now I work during the day. I've been working days for about 7 months now, but my body still can't adjust. I have to take Tylenol PM every night in order to sleep through the night...but I don't want to have to take that forever.

    • ANSWER:
      After 7 months, your body should have already adjusted by now. You're probably nocturnal by instinct anyway. Meaning you have your highest energy levels at night. But I suspect since you haven't transitioned in 7 months that you come home and take a nap, then wake up around 8pm-9pm and cant go back to sleep without medicine.

      Nocturnal people do better during the day if they wake up before the sun rises, as long as they get their 6-10 hrs sleep at night. Nocturnal people that have to work days find a sleep schedule of 9pm-6am, or 8pm-4am to be good for them. At 4-5am their energy levels are still high.

      So get disciplined and force yourself 1) not to nap during the day, 2) exercise, 3)go to bed early, 4) wake up before the sun rises. 5) Record your late nite tv shows, and spend the early mornings watching your favorite recorded prime time tv shows. 6) Call your friends that call after 9pm during lunch.

      After 30 days it will be a habit.

      Good luck!

    Any suggestions on how I can help my 2 month old sleep through the night?
    if it is possible? I hear all kinds of women say that their babies at young ages sleep through the night. My baby wakes up 1-2 times during the night, either because his diaper is wet and he is hungry. He drinks 3 ounces ever 3 hours. Please don't tell me to put cereal in his bottle because he does not NEED that right now. But any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If he is still hungry at night, then you still need to wake up at night! The only thing you can do is have patience. In the first year, babies will wake up for various reasons. Once baby is a few months old, you can wait a few minutes when he wakes up to see if he will soothe himself back to sleep or if he really does need something :)

    How do i keep my baby up during the day to help him sleep through the night? doesn't he need to nap?
    I've heard that in order to help a baby sleep through the night, that you need to keep him awake as much as possible during the day, but i can't figure out how to do that completely b/c he falls asleep after eating.
    he's almost 6 months old...

    • ANSWER:
      My twins are 6 months old and they are very healthy sleepers. They take 2-3 naps a day and they sleep 10 hours solid at night. When they wake up in the morning for the day mark that time, you should lay him down for a nap 2 hours from the time he wakes up....When he wakes up from that nap mark what time it is again..and 2 hours from that time lay him down for another nap. Dont let him sleep more than 2 hours though..mine sleep 45 min-1 hour. sometimes they get cranky in the afternoon and i lay them down for another nap...but they go to bed at 8:30 every night and sleep for 10 hours straight. They just have to get used to the routine of it...oh and dont make a child stay up..thats just hell on you! They need naps but dont let them sleep the day away!

    what can I do to help my son who is 2 years old to sleep through the night?
    He goes to bed around 8:30. He sleeps in his toddler bed and wakes up ar between 1 and 3 and cries asking for milk. He normally takes 1 bottle to go to sleep and 1 when he wakes up (around 6:30 am). He takes only one 2 hr nap around noon. I am not sure if his lack of eating a good variety of food is making him to wake up. Anyway, I want him to stay in his room through the night. He's been in the toddler bed since May (almost 3 months). People have suggested to lock the door but I don't want to do that . Please help! Serious answers only, please. Thanks to all.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a site I reccommend too ALL parents and caregivers. I am a mom mysef and I love this site. I have included a link to the sites homepage and a link for information on Sleep & Sleep Habits

      Todays Parent HomePage

      Here is a link for all they have on sleep!

      Good Luck & Enjoy The Site I have a Feeling It Will Keep You Coming Back For More!!

    What can I do to help my 5 month old sleep through the night?
    My son had been sleeping through the night until recently. Now he wakes up @ 2a.m. and won't go back to sleep unless I hold him or put him in the bed with my husband and I. I give him cereal with his bottle before bed thinking that will help, but it doesn't. I thought by 5 months everyone would be sleeping better. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same problem with my son at about the same age, now he is almost 10 months and he sleeps all night most of the time, sometimes he wakes up too, like when he is thursty or its just to warm, ur lil one might just be growing or teething. Bathing or feeding him certain kinds of foods to make him not being hungry through the night, believe me all that doesnt help, i tried it too. My doctor told me whenever he is ready to sleep all night he will, no matter what u feed him and how much and about 1 month later he did. Just be a lil patient, he will sleep all night again very soon:-)

    Can anyone recommend a book or resource for getting your baby to sleep through the night?
    I have a baby who will be turning 3 months old in another week and a half, and he still wakes me several times a night. He is not making progress to sleep through the night. He is healthy and breastfed, active during the day hours. He doesn't go longer than a 4 hour stretch, and he only does that a couple times a week.

    • ANSWER:
      my little girl is 5 months old and still does not sleep through the night...

      we did have a whole plan going... bath, bottle then she would be rocked to sleep.. she still does this but she has gotten her first two teeth and she is back to waking up all hours at night...

      i have no idea why she does this... she is not in pain anymore as they are up but she wakes up after sleeping for about 4 hours straight... she is not hungry and when you give her back her paci she falls right back to sleep..

      i read the no cry sleep solution and that is where i got the routine from..

      good luck in this..

    How do I get my two and half year old to sleep through the night?
    My daughter is 2 1/2 years old. Every night at 2:30 (almost exactly) she wakes up. Sometimes she calls for me and other times she comes into our room and I have to walk her back to her own room. This has been going on for months and I can't figure out how to get it to stop. We are having another baby soon so I need to end it. I have tried letting her cry it out (she can last for hours...and we are still awake and then miserable the next day from lack of sleep) and crawling into bed with her (she usually goes right back to sleep but not always if she is having trouble sleeping).

    I have put her on a strict wake up, nap & bedtime schedule the last month to see if that would help...not. If she doesn't take a nap, she is miserable by 5:00 and then is too tired to sleep through the night.

    Occasionally, I am up 2-3 times to get her back to sleep. It is making me crazy...and tired! Help!!!
    One more thing...I have tried rewards for getting her to stay in bed...and by herself. She tells me she doesn't want those. She wants me to sleep with her.
    I tried Benadryl once because she was sick. That may well have been the longest night of our lives because it made her crazy! She was as awake as if I had given her 20 candy bars. It has the same effect on her Mom too! Thanks for the answers! Keep them coming!

    • ANSWER:
      First, decide whether your child's desire to sleep with you is a habit or a need (a parent can tell the difference). Nighttime can be scary for little people, so when in doubt consider it a need. Physical contact at night gives you and your child a chance to reconnect. The desire for nighttime contact may be particularly strong if your child had little or no contact with you during the day. The key is to find a compromise that meets both your need for privacy and sleep and your child's need for attachment and security.

      Lie down with your child in her room and parent her to sleep with a story, a back rub, and some cuddle time. Then set nighttime rules. Put a futon or mattress at the foot of your bed and explain that if she wakes up she can come and sleep in her "special bed." Your three-year-old needs to understand the importance of not disturbing your sleep. If she needs comfort during the night, tell her to tiptoe quietly and slip into her special bed without waking mommy or daddy. Eventually, your daughter will spend more time in her own bed, resorting to the special bed only during times of stress – a change in schools or friends, a move, or any of life's little upsets that can disturb children's sleep. Above all, don't feel you are spoiling your child or that she is psychologically disturbed because she can't sleep on her own. Many emotionally healthy children simply enjoy the nighttime security of sleeping close to their parents. When it comes down to it, the time your youngster spends in your room (or in your bed) is relatively short, but it encourages a positive life-long attitude about bedtime, conveying that sleep is a pleasant – rather than fearful – state to enter.

      hope this helps

    How to sleep through a night with college roommates?
    I have a college roommate that always likes to stay up until 5:00 AM on his computer. I try to tell him to not stay up too late, but he won't listen. He tries to keep the noise level down, but at night you can basically hear everything. Can you guys give me any tips to sleep better at night? Its about 50/50 chance every night if I'll get 7-9 hours or 3-5 hours a night.

    • ANSWER:
      Ear plugs and an eye mask. Sucks! I know... But unless you can afford a quieter place of your own, you should try this.

      Finally, be sure to be clicking away on the computer when your roommate is trying to sleep too! The roommate will have to try to sleep some time. Let them get a taste of it too!

    How do I get my one year old to sleep through the night again?
    My baby girl just turned one year old and she's always been SO good about sleeping through night, ever since the day we brought her home, I've been so lucky to have such an easy and wonderfully behaved baby, but lately, she's been waking up in the middle of the night crying and won't go back to sleep.

    We co slept from day one, and when I started letting her sleep in her own bed alone around six months old, it was no trouble at all and it still isn't. She goes right to sleep in her crib each night, but several hours later, she wakes up and the only way I can get her to go right back to sleep is to put her in bed with me. From the time she started sleeping by herself until a couple of weeks ago, it was only occasionally that this would happen, and, of course my husband and I haven't minded it one bit because we LOVE sleeping with our baby, but now, it's started happening nearly every night and I don't know what to do about it.

    As much as I hate to give up co-sleeping, I know we can't do this forever and this habit will have to be broken soon. I know it's not because she has a problem with sleeping alone, since she's been doing it for months and does go to sleep in her own bed most every night with no problem. Sometimes, when she wakes up crying, I can give her a little warm milk and she'll go back to sleep, but, mostly the only thing that's been working is putting her in my bed. I'll admit, my hubby and I are being a little lazy by doing that because we're both tired and just want to go back to sleep. Sometimes, one of us can put her back to sleep by getting up and rocking her in the chair for awhile, but as soon as she's put back in her crib, she wakes up and starts crying again. She has been cutting some teeth these last few weeks, and this is about when the sleeping problem started, but she's not fussy over it at all during the day, so I don't know if it's bothering her at night or not.

    Her doctor says I shouldn't rescue her when she starts crying in the night, that I should just leave her alone because she needs to learn to go back to sleep on her own, but it just breaks my heart to let her cry. it's not just "crocodile tears" either, she sits or stands up in her crib and earnestly cries until she's screaming and red in the face and I feel so guilty if I don't attend to her. I try to soothe her without picking her up, putting her pacifier back in her mouth, coaxing her to lay back down, rubbing her back, etc, but she just sits up crying more and holds her arms up wanting me to pick her up. She stops crying as soon as I pick her up, I walk with her a little, and as soon as I try to lay her back down in her bed, she starts crying again. Should I listen to the doctor, and let her "cry it out"? I'm really not a fan of that concept, but I know I have to break the habit of putting her in my bed. I can let her cry for a few minutes, then I just HAVE to go to her.

    Anyone else found a good way to deal with this? I feel bad if I let her cry, but I also know I'm not doing the situation any good by continuing to do what I've been doing because it's only a quick fix and doesn't help in the long run.
    Benadryl? Really? I didn't think that could be given to children under two.

    • ANSWER:
      Why be concerned about this? Babies are naturally look to their parents for comfort when they are uncomfortable and lonely. Your doctor is telling you that she needs to learn to comfort herself, and there is a great deal of validity to that, if you as a mother are over tired because you are loosing sleep. but if having her in your bed allows you to sleep and you are not overstressed because of this then why bother forcing yourself to loose sleep?
      She will eventually go back to sleeping through the night soon enough on her own. Do what is comfortable for you and forget what other people's expectations are. You are the one responsible for your child do what is comfortable for you. That will be the correct decision!!
      I co bedded with all of my kids and not a single one of them still crawls in bed with me. They are grown up now allow your self the comfort and joy of these special nights now. They fly by so fast. Believe me you will miss them.
      Trust yourself!

Chronic Sleep Deprivation

How do you feel about sleep? Do you wish it wasn't necessary? Is the eight hours you need for sleep a waste of your precious time? Perhaps you have cut right back on sleep and feel kind of macho about it?

I have to tell straight up, you are very mistaken. Sleep deprivation is so dangerous that it can even kill you. It isn't a waste of time to sleep it is simply a fact of life. We must sleep.

Research shows that there are many problems associated with chronic sleep deprivation. That is sleep deprivation that has built up over several weeks or months. Here are some of them:

- Lack of sleep reduces your life span. Long term studies show that death from all causes is highest amongst adults who get less than 7 hours sleep a night.

- You are exposing yourself to infection and diseases. Students taking part in a sleep study by Eve van Cauter at the University of Chicago were allowed only 4 hours sleep for 6 nights. Then they were infected with flu virus. Their immune response was reduced by 50% compared with those who had slept for 7 hours. T

So in that study immune response was reduced by 50%. That is huge! How will you fight off a serious infection if your immune response is so sluggish? That same study, by researcher Eve van Cauter at the University of Chicago, also found:

a) Blood pressure was raised as was heart rate

b) Insulin resistance was up. Its a precursor of diabetes.

c) The hormone Leptin was reduced. This causes an increase in appetite and often results in weight gain.

-Intellectual performance and the ability to think critically is severely reduced.

-Reaction time is reduced. You may think you are just as sharp as ever but so does the drunk driver. Its impossible to know how many accidents have been caused by sleep deprivation. Don't add to them.

Serious accidents happen every day and many are caused by sleep deprivation. Do you recall the Exon Valldize? It was thought at first that it was caused by alcohol, but later sleep deprivation was considered to be the main cause.

Nowadays few responsible people would get behind the wheel of a car after a drinking session, but we still think nothing of driving when completely worn out and lacking sleep. People take a 24 hour plane ride to the other hemisphere, hop off the plane and into a hire car in which they drive on an unfamiliar side of the road for several hours. I am sure you don't want to meet them on the road.

Are you convinced? Sleep is not a waste a of time ever. If you are sleep deprived make it your business to catch up starting tonight. If yo have insomnia and have trouble getting enough sleep there are natural solutions that can help you.

If you aren't getting to sleep because you have insomnia please take action to cure your sleeping problem. Insomnia must be taken seriously and a cure pursued. You should learn how to relax and follow basic sleep hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best supplements for someone suffering from chronic sleep deprivation?
    I've have terrible, drug-resistant insomnia for over thirteen years, and am now at the point of being on disability because of the toll my chronic sleep problems have taken on my body and mind. Of course, I'm seeing a therapist regularly and always trying every new remedy anyone wants me to try, but what more can I do? What vitamins and minerals am I likely to have in short supply, or what should I take to ward off more ill effects from lack of sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Bless your heart. That sounds awful.

      Not trying to be funny: Have you tried drinking some type of alcoholic beverage?

    How harmful is chronic sleep deprivation on your body?
    I'm meaning somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night.
    The person works two jobs to make ends meet, they don't have much of a choice.

    • ANSWER:
      Your body needs at least 8 hours sleep per day.
      Regularly getting only 3 or 4 hours sleep per day will most likely make you tired and frustrated, make you have less energy and possibly lose weight and overall well being. If this continues for a long period of time it could possibly cause depression.

    What, if any, mental illnesses can be caused by chronic sleep deprivation and low food intake?
    What other things could cause mental illness that aren't based on strict heredity or childhood abuse? I am doing a paper for a psychology class and I thought this information would be useful. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Low food intake can cause depression and insomnia, but just about ANY food intake these days has been shown to cause just about every kind of depression. Processed, packaged, and preserved foods are loaded with terrible additives that can cause anything from ADD to cancer, and yes, depression is right smack in the middle of it. Research the effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup, and the link between soda and mental illness. Go to YouTube, and type in Robert Lustig Sugar: the bitter truth. It's pretty lengthy, but fascinating at the same time. Hopefully you find this helpful to your paper.

    How would you know if you were suffering from chronic sleep deprivation?

    • ANSWER:
      Waking up more than 3 times a night and having a hard time getting back to sleep
      .. . ...
      Sitting in a chair in the daytime and wanting to dose off
      .. . ..
      Take a little herbal tea "Sleepytime" tea before going to bed it will help cut down the number of times you awaken
      .. . .. .

    Can chronic sleep deprivation cause psychotic behaviour?
    If someone is sleep deprived [like 5 hours per night] for like 10 weeks, can they display hallucinations and psychotic behaviours?
    Also if chronically sleep deprived regularly does the endocrine system break down which leads one to become prone to illness?

    THANKS this is for my psychology project

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think you'd call 5 hours of sleep a night chronically deprived. I have been through long periods of little sleep ( 4-5 hours interrupted every night). I think it would also depend on the hours of deep/REM sleep they are getting.
      After 72 hours some people do display personality change and hallucinations.
      I can;t answer the second half of the question, sorry.

      Good luck with the project.

    Can chronic sleep deprivation cause psychosis?
    If someone is sleep deprived [like 5 hours per night] for like 10 weeks, can they have hallucinations?
    Can they also be more prone to illness due to the endocrine system breaking down?

    THANKS this is for my psychology project - google isn't much of a help today lol thank u:]

    • ANSWER:

    Attention psychologists! Can chronic sleep deprivation cause hallucinations/psychosis?
    If someone is sleep deprived [like 5 hours per night] for like 10 weeks, can they have hallucinations?
    Can they also be more prone to illness due to the endocrine system breaking down?

    THANKS this is for my psychology project

    • ANSWER:
      It can.

    Is this chronic sleep deprivation?
    School has basically taken over my life. And I am afraid that sleep deprivation will affect me later, but I did some research and long-term (chronic) sleep deprivation will really harm you, as short-term can be healed once you started sleeping well again. Do I have a long term deprivation?

    For the past 8 months of school (excluding holidays) I get about 5 hours of sleep per school night, and during the weekend, 8-12 hours. I am 16. I don't need 8 hours to function, I can deal with 5; However, the more I sleep, the better I feel at school

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, you are incorrect. You do need 7-8 hours. Sure, you can deal with 5, but it's not healthy.

      And you can't catch up by sleeping more on the weekend. The way to catch up is to sleep the proper amount for a few days, getting you back in rhythm.

      Why aren't you sleeping more? Perhaps you need to cut back a bit on whatever it is which is interfering with your sleeping. Your schoolwork probably isn't, but is something else keeping you from beginning your work early enough?

    chronic sleep deprivation is likely to?
    chronic sleep deprivation is likely to_____ creativity and _____hypertension

    A increase: increase
    Bincrease: decrease
    C decrease: increase
    D decrease: decrease

    • ANSWER:
      In the long run, I would say C. If you are in a manic state and that is why you can't sleep, then initially your creativity could increase, but if situation persisted, it would definitely decrease,

    Chronic sleep deprivation for over a year. Can I recover?
    I'm 17 years old, male. I am in extreme sleep debt. In the past year and a half I have, especially on school nights, have gotten an average of 3-6 hours of sleep a night. 6 hours might be pushing it. More than once I have only gotten half an hour to an hour of sleep in a night.

    I have developed some symptoms I feel that are very detrimental to my daily life. I have extreme fatigue during the day. I have developed extremely bad ADD/ADHD. I also have extreme anxiety and sometimes feel manic. The depression, manic or just clinical, has really presented itself. Sometimes I will feel fine and then some days, even if its 6 hours of sleep compared to a usual 4, I will feel unmotivated, fatigued, extremely anxious, and depressed. My cognitive function feels out of function and sometimes wonder if I will have control of my thoughts. Along with all of these mental disorders I am developing I have gained about 25 pounds since May 2010.

    Basically I know I have insomnia etc. and that it is putting me in extreme sleep debt from the past year and chronic sleep deprivation. I think it is the sleep deprivation that is bringing all of these mental dysfuncts to their brim. The question is, can I recover? Is simply sleeping more during the night going to help me regain my "saneness". My performance in general is decreasing in all fields. And I just want to know that I can recover from this past 1 1/2 year of negligence.
    If its any help to the question, I am being treated for my ADHD with stimulants, which doesn't help my problem for sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      You can recover but you need to start taking care of yourself. Sometimes pills can make you incapable of sleeping. You should talk to you doctor about your ADHD meds and see if that is a side effect. Maybe they can switch you to something more compatible with sleep.

      I have sleep issues related to a separate medical condition and have found a lot of relief through deep sleep meditation. I use an iphone app. I put a link to an article on overcoming insomnia. I talk about the app in there, if you want to check it out. Before you ask, it's not my app and I'm not connected to it in any ways except that it helps me sleep.
      good luck!

    Will I be able to reverse the effects of chronic sleep deprivation (by getting more sleep)?
    Well, I'm only 15, but for at least 2 years (so maybe not chronic sleep deprivation- but at least habitual?) I have really missed out on sleep. I've regularly gotten 4-6 hours of sleep on the weekdays, on some days 2-3. I sleep for really long on the weekend and then get only 1 or 2 hours before Monday. Since teenagers are supposed to have almost 9 hours of sleep nightly, I'm afraid I've really messed myself up. I used to be a straight A student, and I still do ok in most of my classes (although I have only 4 and 3 are easy), but in math I've just gone straight downhill since the sleep deprivation started. I make the stupidest mistakes and can never follow what the teacher is saying at all and just cannot concentrate AT ALL. So anyway, I was just wondering that if I changed my sleep habits now, would I be able to avoid any permanent, say, loss of thinking, memory, or attention? Just wondering :( Also, advice on breaking the habit?

    • ANSWER:
      Sleep dep does have those side effects (good observation and conclusion on your part). They a temporary. They persist for as long as you don't sleep enough.

      Sleep does not repair the problem, but is required for the necessary healing. You need time and a good diet.

    Test for chronic sleep deprivation?
    My sleep is really sick and I know that I am chronically sleep deprived and screwed up as a result of it. Is there any test that doctors can do to show this?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm in Australia, and here you can get what is called a 'sleep study'. It's free even if you don't have health insurance. You sleep the night in a hospital or clinic hooked up to monitors that record your brainwaves, heart, breathing, leg movement and lots more. You are given the results at your next doctors appointment. This is the best starting point to figuring out what is wrong with your sleep. You can - of course - go to see a specialist doctor, usually a psychiatrist, but they will only tell you the same things as a lot of the good web sites out there specialising in sleep. Effective treatment usually involves many techniques used at once including ; sleep hygiene, keeping a sleep diary, relaxation techniques, eating certain foods, avoiding certain foods, exercise, light therapy and as a last resort - medication. Please be highly suspicious of any doctor that immediately resorts to medication without trying these other measures first - it can make people very ill if not used and monitored properly.

    Ideas on chronic headaches and sleep deprivation?
    I am a professional driver. For the last three years i have suffered from bad headaches not unlike migraines. I have bad sleep habits and even when I sleep good I wake exhausted and have to return to bed within two hours and sleep again. I suffer from constant hot and cold intolerances-freezing in t shirt weather and running the AC in the middle of winter. Is this related to thyroid condition maybe. Do not have insurance and so far expensive doctor visits have not helped. I am 33 years old and in a reasonable state of fitness. Any honest help will be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have headaches in the morning more frequently than at night? Do they tend to resolve as the day progresses? Have you ever been told that you snore when you sleep?

      While the temperature intolerance does indeed sound like it could be a thyroid issue, your headaches and sleep problems sound remarkably like a condition called obstructive sleep apnea. This is caused by your airway collapsing slightly at night when you sleep, much like old paper straws will collapse when you try to suck a thick milkshake through them. Normally, your airway is easily held open by muscles in your throat and neck when you are away -- but when you sleep, those muscles go slack and allow the airway to narrow, or even collapse entirely. This actually causes your breathing to stop momentarily, which jerks you back awake (or nearly awake), tightening the muscles which hold the airway open -- and you can breathe again. When you fall back asleep, the vicious cycle repeats, preventing you from getting a true full night's sleep. A side-symptom of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) besides headaches is frequent need to urinate at night -- 2-3+ times each night. OSA is quite bad for your health and mental well-being -- you're permanently living in a state of sleep deprivation (which is really BAD for a professional driver!).

      OSA is pretty easy to definitively diagnose. Look up a sleep disorder clinic and ask for a sleep test. They're not cheap, but they are definitive. They wire you up to an EEG machine, and some other monitoring equipment and monitor you while you sleep. The symptoms of OSA are unmistakable.

      The "fix" (not a cure, but it works so well it doesn't matter) is to use a device called a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. This is a loaf-of-bread sized device that supplies a little extra air pressure to your airway while you sleep. You wear a very lightweight mask over just your nose (there are a couple of dozen types of masks to choose from; everybody find one that is comfortable and works after a few tries). The CPAP keeps the airway open even when you're in deep sleep. The device can be DC-powered, and can be run in a sleeper cab if that's the kind of driving you do. It takes a couple of weeks to adapt to using it, but for 90%+ of users, they don't even notice it. I've been using a CPAP for 8 years; it travels with me everywhere.

      It's always possible that something else altogether is causing your symptoms -- but I'd get the possibility of OSA checked soonest.

      This condition is turning out to be extremely common.

    Can sleep deprivation and chronic stress cause weight gain?

    • ANSWER:
      if you are turning more to food for comfort

    Chronic sleep deprivation weakens your immune system...?
    But how long is "chronic?"

    A month? A week? A year? Two years?

    • ANSWER:
      Even as little as a week would undoubtedly weaken your immune system. A month would be even worse and a year or two years would be much much much worse.

    How can i cope with chronic sleep deprivation?
    I have always had insomnia but lately it has been getting worse. I have not been able to sleep more than five hours a night. I have not had a good nights sleep in a long time. I have done everything possible to treat my insomnia but nothing works. I am so fed up with this. It has gotten to the point where i have to overdose on sleep medication in order for it to work. I am taking so much medication at night to sleep. It doesn't do anything but make me more tired. I spend most of the day exhausted from lack of sleep or hungover from sleeping pills. I got a new prescription for Ambien Cr but i have to wait for my insurance to approve it. I cant do this any longer its so hard to cope with this. I am so Please, can someone give me some advice on what to do? Thank you so much

    • ANSWER:
      Sleep aids can become habit forming. Get onto a regular schedule for getting to bed to readjust your internal "circadian rhythm" (google that in quotes) clock and drink a cup of hot chamomile tea just before retiring.

      Good night and sweet dreams.

    sleep deprivation and my chronic position of a void?
    Sleep deprivation and my chronic position of a void?
    i have a ****** up cycle, i do a lot of weird things to myself, i don't treat my body very well either, i probably wake up at each of the 24 hours over the course of a 25 day period, i eat whenever i feel hungry, i talk about philosophy a lot, i don't do much socially though, i have a gambling problem, i have bad social anxiety, i have two dry sockets in my mouth right now so i'm tasting a weird flavor- i have no painkiller for them, i have to work this weekend and do a pt test i haven't trained for at all, i wrote ,000 of checks i don't have, i'm going to borrow the money from a random person i know online, sometimes i have weird sexual thoughts, i don't believe in a god of this universe, i have bad acne on my back, i wack off probably 5 times a day to violent pornography and probably will end up like bundy, not many people like me, i don't like many people either, i'm 21 and i think my life is so insignificant that i'm not sure there's a point to go on, goddamn my tooth hurts, goddamn i'm tired, goddamn i don't want to work this weekend or have to talk to anyone or have to be around people that don't like me

    • ANSWER:
      omg you dont want to end up like that dude who married a goat :) Or like Bundy. Plus Bundy was nothing like you. I guarantee you he was much more messed up anyway although he had a cute life. You seem to have a lot of problems. You need a lot of good nutrition and water. Detoxing will do wonders for someone like you. Drink a lot of water and fruit ( not too much water u dont want to get water retardation ). Life is very hard. Ive been in enough car accidants and have had enough spit in my face to know that. But u need to focus, to really try hard to get goals and hobbies, you know? and get some sleep. good luck.

    43 year old chronic insomniac. I have not been able to sleep for over a decade w/o meds. Never reach stage 4
    Girlfriends say when they watch me sleep "I bounce off of the walls" My brother has seen me sleep and says I am constantly jerking. It totally dictates my life. I go days with out sleep and am confused and have even had panic attacks so bad that I have lost the ability to speak for a couple days due to severe sleep deprivation. Had a sleep study at JHU, and they said I had restless leg--more like restless body and would wake myself up every 2-3 minutes. Even when asleep, it is miserable and conscious sleep. I have nightmares from childhood trauma. I am slowly losing my mind due to chronic sleep deprivation. I have taken many benzos, ambien, lunesta, requip and all are helpful, but not all the time. I still go days w/o sleep. When I sleep, I am an intelligent and articulate guy. If not, I am quiet and confuesed. I had a job interview the other day. Went great. Night b4 I took 2x amt of prescribed meds--both benzos and ambien. I am a totally different person when I sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      try with onion.
      is a natural remedy.

    How can I recover from sleep deprivation?
    Oh man, I am soo deprived of sleep because of school and extracurricular commitments. I'm not just talking about one of two days of sleep depreivation. I am talking about chronic sleep deprivation. I have been getting less than 5 hours of sleep every night for the past month. What am I going to do? I can't keep this up for much longer. I can't even do anything during the daytime because I just feel so freggin tired. I don't want to die, but at the same time I don't want to fail outta school. What am I going to do? It's the stupid school making me do all this work. If I die, I'll blame it on them. It's their fault for making me go through all of this.

    • ANSWER:

    Is chronic lateness rude and disrespectful, or simply a sign of sleep-deprivation?

    • ANSWER:
      Oh no! Not you too! I like to call it fashionably late ;) Chronically late sounds so problemish and I of course have zero flaws *wink* I'm never late for work type things, but often when I'm meeting people. Aw crap, yes it's rude! Dammit I feel awful now! *hangs head in shame* I promise not to be late for our Hawaii meeting. I will set my clock an hour early and will prepare a week in advance to make sure of it!

    Does anyone know the cause of chronic cold sores? I get them bad with stress and sleep deprivation.?

    • ANSWER:
      It is a virus or it can also be caused by excess stomach acid - Try Biotene tooth and mouth care and Zantac OTC (or what ever OTC remedy you have used successfully before-this one just happens to be one I have used with success) - if they clear up and you are able to sleep you have found the culprit - excess stomach acid - change your diet to one low in acids (lemon,orange, etc) and fats (fried foods, red meats, etc) Switch to lower acids (apples, bananas, etc) and lower fats (fish, skinless baked chicken, pasta, etc) eat earlier at night like before 7pm and that should make a huge difference. Also always be sure to drink 8 -8oz glasses of water a day. Try taking a 1/2 hour walk after dinner if you can (use the buddy system) this will all help with the stress and increase your ability to sleep.
      I have been where you are and my Dr was singularly unhelpful prescribing for everything but the 2 major symptoms-my aunt a clinical dietitian recommended this course of action and it worked wonders as a bonus I lost 32lbs!

    Sleep apnea and oxygen deprivation during sleep?
    Are the effects of chronic sleep apnea similar to the ramifications of sleeping in a reduced oxygen environment? For example, a room with poor ventilation.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Asker P,

      Some effects of sleep apnea are the same with the side effects of sleeping in a reduced oxygen room. A patient with sleep apnea stops breathing in sleep for a lot of times, let's say...200 times. And with every pause in breathing ( sometimes 40 seconds or more), your oxygen level from your blood drops and this can affect your brain and your heart.

      In a reduced oxygen environment, your brain will have the same situation. The level of oxygen from your blood will be very low and it can affect your health.

    Your experiences with sleep deprivation and sleeping problems?
    i have had chronic insomnia fuelled by anxiety for most of my life, can anyone relate to this?

    • ANSWER:

    are the effects of sleep deprivation permanent?
    i'm trying to get on a better sleeping pattern, but i have trouble doing so.

    recently though, i've noticed some changes.

    i get road block all the time when i'm trying to remember stuff, which shows my memory is lacking, and my eyes look sunk in all the time. it's horrible. i look like i have a cold. i also get really insecure and hyper vigilant during the day, depressed at night, and my vision is starting to suffer too. i'm only eighteen years old. are all of these effects permanent?

    how can i reverse the effects of chronic insomnia?

    • ANSWER:
      Meditate by counting sheep. Think of each sheep as a sacred lamb or saint jumping over your head sending blessings your way. Repeat often, as you fall into a deep sleep.
      Face any family problems face to face or acknowledge them w/a school therapist.
      Tape a million dollar check onto your ceiling, and smile at it every evening before falling asleep knowing $$$$ will be coming your way eventually. Allow the abundance of the universe to come into your life.
      Sprinkle holy water in your herbal tea & anoint your forehead w/a hint of lavender. Say 170+ hail marys until you pass out snoring ........ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    After being sleep deprived for many years, I can now sleep. A LOT, day and night. Should I just roll with it?
    I have PTSD and have had chronic insomnia as a result for over twelve years. Nothing worked, my mind fought like crazy against every prescription, OTC, herbal remedy out there. No kinds of new tech, high tech or alternative techniques worked. I've been unable to work and on disability for two years, since my chronic sleep deprivation became a matter of danger to myself and others. I have worried so much over what this problem has done to my lifespan and overall health.

    I recently started taking a supplement called Iodine+ that' supposed to help with symptoms of an under-active thyroid, many of which I seem to have. Thought I'd try it until I can get in to see my family doc a month from now. Well, it works! Many of my symptoms have eased, and I can now sleep, not only through the night, but I usually want a couple of naps late morning and late afternoon. But I feel lazy, and like I'm getting into a bad pattern of isolation and stagnation. Could it be that my body's just really trying to refresh itself after years of abuse? Can one even 'catch up' on sleep lost over a period of years? Should I give in to the zzzzzz, or make myself get up and do some normal activity??

    • ANSWER:
      Talk to your doc. Maybe if you change the dose of your Iodine+ supplement you won't be so tired. I don't think you can catch up on lost sleep from such a long period of time. Your thyroid is responsible for producing the hormones that cause tiredness and insomnia. So, it could just be a matter of finding the right dose.

    How are you dealing with fibromyalgia?
    Chronic pain and sleep deprivation sure, but how are you dealing with the mental and emotional aspects?

    • ANSWER:
      Emotionally, the single best thing I've done is to systematically reduce the stressors in my life that I can control, so that I can better deal with those that I can't. For instance, I've cut off personal contact with people who aren't supportive. I use my limited energy to associate with positive people, which has meant greatly limiting contact with my family of origin. Anyone who says they "don't believe in fibromyalgia" doesn't belong in your life, because they will cause you to suffer more from the stress they cause.

      The feelings of isolation can be difficult, but there are some excellent support groups online and offline that can help. I link to some of the best sites I've found at , the site for my fibro blog and podcast.

      Fortunately, my life partner and my daughter (who also has FMS) are marvelous. The friends who are still with me are very understanding about the need for flexible plans and contingency arrangements. For instance, they know that we prefer to socialize at our place, because that way if I run out of energy I can retreat to our bedroom without ruining whatever's going on for my partner and the others.

      Mentally, it's incredibly upsetting to know that I'm just flat stupid in many ways, compared to what "normal" used to be for me. I use all kinds of reminders - written lists, pop-ups on my computer, a PDA, text messages sent to my cell phone, you name it! I'm finishing up my bachelor's degree, so I try to be very careful in shepherding my energy in order to lessen the fibro fog so that I *can* handle my classes. (It's working fairly well at the moment, although I had to drop all of my classes last year after catching pneumonia - that led to a HUGE flare.)

      Best of luck as you make this big adjustment in your life!


    im hallucinating from sleep deprivation!!!?
    im a 22 y/o male in ohio. ive had chronic insomnia and i have been up for 7 nights now with not one second of sleep.. my doctor put me on ambien cr 12.5mg two days ago. the first night it made me feel high but after 20 mins i was wide awake and the hallucinations started. Im seeing people and hearing voices that arent there.
    im not schitzophrenic, this doesnt happen often. But with no sleep in a week. Also, i am having wild involuntary spasms in my legs. only started after i took the ambien..the hallucinations started before the ambien..
    If there are any healthcare professionals out there i would GREATLY appreciate some assistance..i cant go on like i am shaking uncontrollably. Should i be in the hospital? WHAT DO I DO? anyone whos ever experienced something like this or healthcare professionals please SAVE me! please
    I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia at the age of four if that helps...this is the worst episode yet

    • ANSWER:
      Ambien can cause paradoxical effects. Stop taking the ambien until you can talk to the prescribing physician about this matter.

      Nobody here can save you all we can do is state "go to the hospital".

      Take Care.

    Can chronic insomnia cause personality disorders?
    I just spent all night awake without even being slightly tired. Needless to say, I will probably be one cranky cow today. Does frequent sleep deprivation influence personality problems such as passive-aggression?

    • ANSWER:
      While the sleep deprivation is happening, yes it can cause changes in your personality and mood. Think weird thoughts, paranoia, even hallucinations. They say one sleeplessness night meaning 100% awake for a 24 hour period can cause the same effects as a night of heavy drinking. But when you get on a regular sleep schedule it usually stops. But insomnia can be a symptom of a mental illness or physical one, just not the problem.

    possible seizure activity?
    My ten year old daughter has chronic sleep twitches. These occur all night every night. She also has issues in class where she "shuts down" or wanders and periods of agitation and anger. I have noticed episodes of staring and I also noticed a slight tremor in her hand yesterday but am not sure if she has ever had this before or if it is related. I am wondering if this could be petit mal seizures as opposed to period limb movement disorder causing chronic sleep deprivation. She is scheduled for a sleep study but I am worried now.

    • ANSWER:
      I have epilepsy and I do have some seizures at night in which I will "twitch". I also have seizures in which I cannot communicate with others and make no sense. I have some seizures in which I stare into the air and cannot communicate. Please talk to your doctor about this. It's v important.

    Is there a name for a condition in which people often get stuck in the state between sleep and wakefulness?
    This has been happeneing for a long time, but recently got worse, a new dimension added. I've had chronic insomnia and severe sleep deprivation for 13 years. I've beeen prescribed every medication and protocol for it in the world, but it persists because it's associated with post-traumatic stress from the circumstances of my then-toddler daughter's death. When falling to sleep or beign in the midst of waking up, I hear and feel a lot of strange things. I feel like I'm being touched in various places, and I hear sounds that I can't really identify. Sometimes, I hear a voice that seems to be right behind my ear, just saying, "Mom" or "Hey." There are other sounds like things being moved around in the room, rustling, or some I just can't identify. But last night and this morning, I experienced something scary. I felt sleepy, but fully awake. I was trying to speak, but couldn't. Once, I couldn't make anything come out at all, then, I could only get out slurred words with great difficulty
    FYI, for several diagnosed conditions, I take Lamictal, Klonopin, Zoloft, Remeron, and started on Lithium six weeks ago.

    • ANSWER:
      Its called Sleep Paralysis. I have experienced this as well, and Its freaky!

    How do you manage your time with 2 or more kids?
    I am having a hard time lately since having our second child. I cannot seem to fit everything into a day which is frustrating for me because I am meticulously organized by nature.

    My oldest is 2 and goes to bed between 8-9pm and wakes up at 6am. He takes one nap per day a couple days per week. On days he doesn't nap, he goes down between 7-8pm.

    My youngest is almost 4 months. She sleeps from 9:30-5:30 at night and takes 3-4 naps during the day.

    This leaves me with 8 hours each night to find time to do all the housecleaning, shower AND sleep. I can't seem to fit those things into the hours that I am already up with the kids. Between cooking, feeding, breastfeeding, diaper changing, potty training, etc. When my youngest is napping, the oldest needs something (lunch, changing, etc) or wants my attention. He will play by himself some but not long enough for me to be able to get much done. I definitely can't leave him for 10 minutes to take a shower and dress. At the moment, I'm having him sit with me and turned the TV on just so I can type this. He's a big kid and I'm afraid to let him have reign of the house if I have to leave his sight. He's way too big for a playpen or baby gate and he can open every door in the house so putting him in his room or letting him sit on the couch to watch tv isn't an option. I'm afraid he might climb up onto something or go out the door.

    So how are your days planned? How should I go about getting things done? Do I have many, many years of chronic sleep deprivation to look forward to? And if I have so much to do in the evenings (generally, it's housecleaning until 10:30, then a shower, then in bed from 11-5) how in the world do I give my husband any time and attention? I feel like our marriage is rocky now, we have no time to spend together and I feel overwhelmed that I do not have any time to do things that I enjoy. I hear about other moms who read, sew, do crafts, take online classes and more - and they have kids the same age as mine!

    • ANSWER:
      ask some of those 'best answer' moms, they must have loads of spare time to sit on thier computers rather than parenting or doing the housework. god forbid maybe hubbie could help out a little? good luck, i feel your pain x

    Excessive daytime sleepiness? Hypnagogia? Microsleep? What can I do about this?
    I used to experience very severe chronic sleep deprivation. I am now OK and have been for over a year, but one symptom has continued. I have attacks of sudden extreme drowsiness during the day. During the episodes, I remain conscious and aware of what's happening, but my hearing fades out, my vision becomes foggy and vibrates, and I lose my fine motor coordination. I can see my surroundings, but they're accompanied with fragments of dream images - like a hallucination, but I can tell it's not real. Sometimes I also focus on someone's voice and start to understand it, but when I wake up I realize that what I thought they were saying was completely nonsensical, and that they were actually saying something completely different.

    My eyes don't close and I stay upright, but I am too tired to move or speak. It never happens when I'm talking to someone (in fact, that jerks me out of it), but it doesn't just happen when I'm relaxed, and it can happen when I'm doing something I enjoy. It is worse when I haven't gotten much sleep, but can happen even on full nights of rest. Caffeine has no effect. Is there anything I can do about this?

    • ANSWER:
      Rook - Sometimes, falling drowsy occurs 15-30 minutes after mealtime; the bigger the meal, the greater the sleepiness.

      Of course, there are other causes Of hypnagogic hallucinations.
      There are several medical and psychiatric causes of hypnagogic hallucinations. Some of the common causes include the following:

      Sleep Deprivation And/Or Exhaustion
      Physical and emotional tiredness can induce hallucinations by blurring the line between sleep and wakefulness.

      Prolonged or extreme stress can impede thought processes and trigger hallucinations.

      Meditation And/Or Sensory Deprivation
      When the brain lacks external stimulation to form perceptions, it may compensate by referencing the memory and form hallucinatory perceptions. This condition is commonly found in blind and deaf individuals.

      Electrical Or Neurochemical Activity In The Brain
      A hallucinatory sensation, usually involving touch called an aura, often appears before, and gives warning of, a migraine. Also, auras involving smell and touch (tactile) are known to warn of the onset of an epileptic attack.

      Hallucinogenics such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide, or acid), psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine, or mushrooms), ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA), and mescaline (3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, or peyote) trigger hallucinations.

      Other drugs such as marijuana and PCP have hallucinatory effects. Certain prescription medications may also cause hallucinations. In addition, drug withdrawal may persuade tactile and visual hallucinations, as in an alcoholic suffering from delirium tremens (DTs).

      Brain Damage Or Disease
      Lesions or injuries to the brain may change brain function and produce hallucinations.

      Mental illness
      Up to 75% of schizophrenic patients admitted for treatment report hallucinations
      2 years ago

    Will my sleeping pattern return to normal?
    Recently I went home for Christmas and slept like a baby for the whole week. Now I have returned to where I'm living now I am having some chronic sleep problems. In the two nights I have been back I have managed 5 hours on the first night and only three hours of sleep last night. I go to bed at around 11pm but I don't drop off until some times 4am. I do have a bad cold and that might explain my inability to sleep but I am hoping that this isn't going to effect my sleep routine. Plus, I've heard that sleep deprivation is dangerous...I'm not at risk am I?
    I normally get around 7 hours sleep a night and before I left my sleeping was perfect.

    • ANSWER:
      You might want to investigate why your sleep pattern has changed since returning to where you are now living. Are you stressed or depressed? (my guess) On a night shift schedule or different time schedule? (In which case light therapy can help- blue and white lights are both effective.) Is there something in your environment (such as loud noise) that prevents you from sleeping? It's generally not recommended to lie in bed for 5 hours waiting to sleep. Doing something relaxing until you are tired is usually preferable. That said, sometimes it feels like you are awake the entire time, when you are actually sleeping on and off. A bad cold could be disruptive to sleep, but you did say that you've had chronic sleep problems. It would be wise to see your doctor for an evaluation to rule out any medical problems. There are prescriptions that can help if this is a continuing problem. Over the counter natural supplements such as 5-htp (which may need to be taken with prelief/tums to avoid stomach upset) can also help many people, as can self-hypnosis, guided imagery/meditation, a bath before bed, exercise early in the day and relaxation in general. Worrying about not sleeping generally only increases the problem. If you are feeling stressed/ anxious, I recommend the book "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" by Dr. Weekes and learning to take care of yourself with love! SSRIs are generally considered very effective for sleep problems due to depression or anxiety, but can be counterproductive for those with bipolar and teens and young adults. You may want to be screened for bipolar as well. You can break this cycle. Think positive and take action. Based on your recently added comment that you've only had sleeping difficulty for 2 nights, I'm not sure why you are concerned. This is not considered a chronic sleep problem. I would, however, guess you are experiencing anxiety in general to be worried about this. I've been there, too! Counseling, exercise, meditation, healthy eating, you know the routine...Best wishes! :)

    Chronic exhaustion and death?
    I have an illness because of the following reasons.
    1) Systematic family battles and problems with fighting against my mother using spanking as punishment (which I strongly oppose today)
    2) Going to 5-7 different schools because of bullying from children and teachers
    3) Systematic abuse in 3 different residential schools
    4) Systematic and severe sleep deprivation
    5) Repeated close encounters with death
    6) Several heart attacks
    7) Sereve and relentless legal battles with a woman I know
    8) Problems with my safety systematically
    and miscallanous other issues

    I have grey hairs in facial hair, pubic hair and other parts may be possible.
    I get a body temperature reading down to as low 34.5*C (94.1*F) when I sleep. (about 0.7*C l(1.5*F) lower each year because I am still restisting problems). People call me lazy because I tackle a lot of them sitting at a computer.
    I get periods of weakness and exhausted feeling type laboured breathing.

    What is my medical condition called?
    Please tell me how long it will be before I die. I do not want to die in pain, but I refuse treatment for this condition. I do not want a heart attack, just fall asleep.

    How will it be?

    What is my illness called?
    PS - I want to die

    • ANSWER:
      First of all you definitely need to see a psychologist to help you deal with your depression and past trauma. It is also very possible that the therapist will recommend you see a psychiatrist to deal with any chemically related anxiety and/or depression. Secondly you need to see a doctor about the physical conditions. Often times when people are under stress and especially for long periods of time it will affect them physically. Stress breaks down your immune system. It also causes sleep irregularities and not sleeping well enough or too much will also affect your mental and physical health. Do not give up on getting treated.

    What does my abnormal (almost non-existent) knee reflex indicate to a physician?
    What does my abnormal (almost non-existent) knee reflex indicate to a physician?
    I've been out of work due to both a mental and physical illnesses for nearly two years, and have been awaiting a Social Security disability decision. I'm in the appeal phase, and recently had to go for a second medical examination with one of their doctors. My diagnoses include bipolar & panic disorders, personality disorder-NOS, PTSD, severe sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue syndrome. During this most recent exam, the doctor did the usual tapping to check my knee reflexes, and I must admit to never having known exactly what normal is supposed to be for these things. But both of my legs remained virtually motionless after being tapped. There was movement so slight (and a bit delayed) that it was barely noticeable. I know that in the past my legs have moved quite a bit more than that, and sometimes VERY briskly. What could be going on?
    I'm only curious because I've noticed my reflexes in general are slower. I've had to stop driving because of it. Sometimes I wonder if it's because of the meds I'm on.

    • ANSWER:
      It's a tumor!

    Severe chronic pain-please help?
    I have posted several questions about pain and in this particular issue I have asked everyone I know and everyone I have spoken to since things got severe.
    I have been diagnosed with "Fibromyalgia" but my doctor wants to run tests because he thinks that something else is wrong (other than the other conditions I have that cause pain like for example a bulging disc/pinched nerve in my back that I recently re-injured. No one will even that care of my pain caused by it). I have no insurance and no money so I have very very limited options, IE-I can only see the doctor I am seeing right now. Over 2 months ago my pain medication (Lortab) stopped working and my doctor refused to give me anything stronger. Because of this I lost my job, flunked out of school, I am getting evicted and having everything shut off. I had no choice but to see him in 2 months and after I told him all of this he obviously cared but still refused to give me anything for my pain.
    It is now bad enough that I cant even BARELY move and get out of bed. I am pleading with whoever answers this that you please do not tell me crap about how I cant be in this much pain (I assure you, I am in a terrifyingly excruciating amount of pain, the worst I have ever experienced by far), or that I dont need medication or how I should try SSRIs or Lyrica. They dont work. He even gave me Ativan in favor of Percocet (after I told him it loops me out so that I dont even notice that I am awake and as much as I hate it I prefer it to dealing with the horrible pain with nothing helping me), which I personally find crazy since Ativan has a reputation for being much more addictive physically which is the main reason he didn't want me to take the Percocet.
    Until last night I had been awake the better part of 11 days and even the ER wouldn't help me for that or for the migraine that I had at the time. **Just a caution for anyone just finding out they have Fibromyalgia, keep it quiet medically or it will sink you. In any normal situation I would have been given several medications right away but because my record said FMS I was immediately dismissed as either a drug addict, a liar or an attention seeker.** I know this because I have had migraines and a back injury before I had told doctors about my FMS (I had gotten the diagnosis for maybe 5 years but ignored it and never let any other doctor know. I had a kidney infection at one point but because of the FMS they wouldnt even give me motrin so maybe that will get my point across) and I know that they usually give you morphine or something similar as quickly as they can if you are in a huge amount of pain. The doctor this time--like almost every time before it since I moved from southern CA--was being negligent (he refused to give me anything for the sleep and never even spoke with me or poked his head in the door) but the nurses were very sweet, even when they acted like they were going to save me from my pain by giving me...drumroll please...TORODOL. I was surprised because I knew that they knew I was in pain and we were all aware that the Torodol would do nothing, they knew that I knew it too so why pretend it was going to help? The nurses made it very clear to me that it was my doctors job to treat my pain and my sleep deprivation. They kept asking me why he wasn't doing his job. I wonder the same thing.

    I get that this is an extreme long shot but I have no other options. Please keep in mind that I have no money or medical insurance and I have already emailed many doctors asking for help with my condition, not the pain itself. At this point I only care about stopping the pain.
    Please do not just dismiss the amount of pain I am in. PLEASE. It has been exponentially worse for 8 years now and severe (meaning leaving me 90% bedridden) for 2 years and debilitating (meaning 99.999% bedridden and unable to barely walk) for 2+ months.
    Justmeinthisworld I am so sorry. I wish I could tell you to sue them but I have already been told that even if I had my arms and legs cut off accidentally I wouldn't have a malpractice case.
    It so unfair, I'm so sorry
    "Dr" P- ANTIDEPRESSANTS DO NOT WORK, I HAVE BEEN ON THEM ALL. Thats what an SSRI is, that's why I asked anyone answering this to please not suggest them. They give me horrible side effects also.
    Hospices are for people who are dying and are in the end stages of their disease, what ever it may be, and are very near death needing palliative care. FMS doesn't kill you and though I do think that whatever I actually have that is being misdiagnosed as FMS is dangerous, a hospice can not help me in any way.
    I really dont understand why you would use "Dr" in your username when you clearly don't know anything about medicine.
    essienelly- thank you so much, that is really sweet and it helps just to hear something kind. I did apply for disability and they denied me. They lied and told me that they would be sending me to a doctor and doing all this other stuff but all they did was talk to me for an hour and send me a denial notice, which I never actually got and conveniently when they finally told me that I had been denied and that I could appeal it was too late. I am applying again. I have no other choice you know?
    You obvously get what I mean. I am so so sorry that you had to go through that with kids. That would just kill me, it takes enormous strength to deal with what we have been dealing with and much more strength to do it with kids. I cant even imagine how hard that must have been. I hope everything turned out ok.
    Thank you for your support and for letting me know that I'm not alone :)

    • ANSWER:
      ********Please know you are not alone*********Wow, my heart really goes out to you. I don't have FMS but I do have my own battle. I did have a wonderful friend who dealt with this and we often cried together b/c of what she went through. Please don't give up, I can only imagine how tempting it might be fore you. Disability processes for assistance suck for both state and federal, however keep applying and re-applying. We had to do that for a little over a year (state) and almost two for social security. They literally test you to see "how bad you need/want it". Disgusting, it really is.. For the pain, I send you a huge (but very soft) hug via the net to you. I know it seems weird but my friend found great relief in drink ginger tea (you can get ginger at the store bulk and it's relatively cheap) and doing 3-5 ginger soaks a day, used Arnica Montana (homopathic med. that is relatively cheap) to atleast bring the aganising pain down a notch or two, ice packs until numb, mindfulnness meditations seem to really help her to cope and last of all when you get insurance see a natropath, that really helped my friend per diet, etc. seems silly but it really helped.

    Omega fatty acids & depression?
    I suffer from depression related to an injury, chronic pain, and the resulting sleep deprivation. I'm constantly exhausted, no longer derive joy from anything (used to be a very cheeful and energetic person), and often feel like 'what's the point?'. I just can't seem to get motivated.

    I tried Wellbutrin and it made me feel horribly agitated and temperamental. Seeing a counselor didn't really help, and honestly I can't afford it anyway.

    I remember running across something about taking Omega fatty acids as a treatment for depression - can anyone share information about that? Is there any difference between fish oil and flax oil? What dosage? etc.

    Any other natural depression treatment ideas to get me out of this terrible rut are welcome. Thank you.
    I should edit this & add that I'm no longer taking the Wellbutrin, and am not interested in taking other prescription antidepressants.
    I should edit this & add that I'm no longer taking the Wellbutrin, and wish to avoid other prescription antidepressants.
    sorry for the duplicat edit!
    sorry for the duplicate edit!

    • ANSWER:
      Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components in neuronal membranes and play a critical role in how they function. They allow the nerve cell to be more receptive to neurotransmitters, enhancing their effectiveness.

      Omega-3 fatty acids also may chemically influence major depression. Certain chemicals in the brain, called cytokines, which play a role in the inflammation response, also cause feelings of depression. Omega-3 fatty acids, and EPA in particular, block the action of these cytokines. It is worth noting that many anti-depressants also block these inflammatory cytokines.

      In addition, there is a chemical in the brain called brain derived neurotrophic factor. This chemical supports the survival and growth of neurons. Levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor are low in patients with severe depression. Omega-3 fatty acids enhance the function of brain derived neurotrophic factor, as do anti-depressant medication and exercise. Interestingly, diets high in saturated fat and sugar, as well as stress inhibit its production.

      People with depression have lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids. A number of studies have shown omega-3 fatty acids to be helpful in treatment of depression.

      Several case studies found that flaxseed oil, which is high in alpha linolenic acid (ALA) the parent compound for all the omega-3 fatty acids, improved the symptoms of bipolar depression. Another case showed that a combination of 4 g EPA/2 g DHA per day improved the depressed symptoms in pregnancy. These improvements took about four weeks.

    Loss of Motivation and Mild Depression..Help?
    A little background info:
    -17 Years old
    -Junior in highschool
    -Go to a very small highschool, very little social variety
    -Have ADD

    So I've got a little bit of a motivation issue these days.
    I feel like when I wake up in the morning, I have no energy to get up and go to school, and I mean NO ENERGY. ZERO.
    I used to have to take adderall for ADD until middle school, but stopped cause it made me feel like a zombie and have horribly irritable and paranoid crashes.
    I'd Even had some emotional breakdowns on it, weird shit.
    Anyway, so then I had to switch to drinking coffee, MULTIPLE times per day. That sucked and never really gets me the energy I need.

    I recently went back on my Adderall and have plenty of motivation at school, but it makes me this emotionless robot...

    To be honest though, I recently decided to go back on my Adderall as more of an antidepressant than an ADD drug.
    Before I went on the Adderall, I felt (and still feel) like my mental health is declining.

    On days I don't take Adderall (weekends) I feel fatigued all day and don't get any work done and feel like shit.
    I just wish that for once I could have motivation to better myself that didn't make me cold and emotionless...

    I feel like sometime later in my life, I'm going to end up killing myself because I'm so unmotivated to do anything.
    Some days I feel like I've lost the will to live.

    Is there anything I can do PHYSICALLY that could lead to better mental health?
    Like, I masturabte every day (which I honestly don't think is too often). But I've heard it can lead to depression and Chronic fatigue?

    My sleep schedule is pretty irregular too, some nights I'll get 8 or 9 hours, others I'll get 5 or 6. On weekends I usually sleep WAAAAAAY IN and get 10-12 hours. I've heard sleep deprivation/carrying a heavy sleep debt can lead to negative effects on mental health?
    I really don't wanna seek help for depression though, cause if my parents thought I was depressed they probably wouldn't believe me, or they'd just get worried about me.
    Like that would definitely scrwe with my relationship with my parents/sister.

    @Phil Pill;

    Yeah, I actually used to play Xbox live for a while and I loved it.
    I was a Halo 3 Addict and it was cool to socialize with different people online and just be with a different crowd.
    Like, I used to enjoy hanging out with people at my school, but recently, I've started to become more distant with them.
    I guess I'm realizing what losers they are, which DOES sound a little harsh, but it's surprising how little of a shit they give about everything besides basketball. Pretty racist too.
    Turthfully, I wish I could go to a better school than this one, but nowhere fits my family's budget or geographics.

    My xbox broke though, and I just haven't gotten around to sending it in.
    I didn't get a red ring though, whenever I try to play it, it works for like 5 minutes, but then any game I'm playing freezes.


    And yeah, Adderall makes me anorexic like nobody's business.
    I'm always the first one to leave our table at lunch, even if I got there last.
    I just wanna eat and get back to w

    • ANSWER:
      Whoa! You sound exactly like me! Except your weight. Everything down to your age, meds, sleep habits, and everything is just like me.

      One thing I found that helps is getting a hobby. Something that isn't long term, but something you can enjoy for a while. Xbox live is sometimes what I do before school in the morning, and that wakes me up.

      Wow, it's so weird meeting someone, like, exactly the same. Does the Adderall make you not hungry too???? Whenever I take it, I feel full during lunch, and not as hungry during the dinner.

      Oh ya, and I totally left my old friends, and made new ones. Actually most of the new ones were girls, so they actually cared (it sounds kinda gay, but it's true) and their boyfriends were awesome guys. I played football and stuff, so I didn't look gay, just like a guy with a lot of girls who are friends

    Is There A Doctor In The House?
    I Am Sixteen And I Still Go To The Pediatrician. (i don't quite like her. she man handles me.)
    Anyway, I've gone to her office a total of six times over the last two months.
    It's all because of my tonsils.
    They're swollen and irritated and covered in white 'gunk'. It's impossible to eat and it's even a little difficult to breathe. At the moment, my right tonsil is the largest and in the most pain. The pain is also in my ear, though my ear isn't infected. The tonsil on the left is only slightly swollen yet the lymph nodes on the left side are swollen beyond comprehension. :(
    Other symptoms are vomiting, dizziness, an occasional 'through-the-roof' fever, nausea, limited neck movement, an unusually dry mouth, body aches, chronic hiccups-(i've had them for days), and sleep deprivation.
    I'm not sure if all these symptoms are tied to one sickness, but any information I can give helps, right?
    And the tests the doctor's ran showed negative for strep, mono, and tonsillitis and I have no allergies.
    Can anyone tell me what's wrong??

    • ANSWER:
      this is likely an adrenal gland infection that has consumed your tonsils and lymph nodes of your neck and oral cavity. other than that i am just baffled by your condition, especially because you say that you have been tested for streptococcal pharyngitis, and the results came back negative.

    Help me please? I need answers for my random issues but have no idea what's wrong?
    I'm 15 and I always have a headache, its never gone but gets worse sometimes. Its been this way for as long as I can remember, but its been getting worse. I don't spend a lot of time with electronics, I have glasses that are up to date, and I'm not stressing a ton. It feels better when I squeeze my head, my doc said I have tension headaches but it doesn't feel like my head's in a vise-more that it would feel better if it was. I always have a stomachache too, but that doesn't trouble me as much. I also have chronic pain on either side of my spine and on the sides of my trachea, as well as widespread pain-not fibromyalgia though. I have many sleep issues but am on medication to help that right now so I don't think it's caused by sleep deprivation either, however I'm still insanely tired no matter what I do. I don't drink caffeine, I exercise-not to a level where it would be hurting me though, and I take a ton of vitamins-Yet I always get sick. I got checked for mono, thyroid issues, allergies, cardiology, sleep, etc. I soon have a neurology appointment, but I honestly have no idea what's causing my issues. I'm also severely depressed, anxious, and dislike the vast majority of foods-like a combination of food neophobia and selective eating disorder. At the sleep clinic I got diagnosed with sleep apnea, although I show no symptoms of it other than unrestful sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness. I wake up around 6 times an hour-which is acute and should not be causing my headaches. They thought at first that I had narcolepsy and insomnia because I have ALL of those symptoms, but my sleep wasn't congruent to that of a narcoleptic. I have extreme issues with getting my homework and everything done because it takes so much energy to hold my concentration-energy I don't have. I don't have concentration problems though and I do not procrastinate, I just simply don't have the energy to do anything... Which is killing me because I wish I could, and I need to, but I physically can't. Also, although I drink enough, upon standing I often get extremely dizzy and I get visual snow. I get arrhythmia every now and then but not horrendous-and no chest pain, my resting heart rate is around 90 and shoots up to 180 every time I go up a flight of stairs-even though I'm active, I get tinnitus, my hands and feet are always cold and my extremities fall asleep easily and I get cataplexy-like symptoms in them when I laugh hard or are extremely sad. I get extremely hot at night. My bloods, ekg, echo etc are all perfect and I do not have anemia or hormonal issues. I'm always sore almost everywhere on my body and have a constant need to crack my hands back etc. Sometimes I have a pulsing headache, normally it just hurts a lot on both sides of my head. It moves around but it's typically in the back of my head. Sometimes it's behind my eyes and they feel like they're being pushed out and upwards. Its not migraines. Last year I got very sick, I got bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis and a mono like virus (even though that test came back negative). My throat's always sore and since then i've gotten pharyngitis a few times and tonsillitis, even though I used to never get sick as a kid; and I'm perfectly healthy looking in a physical... There's probably a whole variety of issues I'm leaving out... But does anyone know what it could be?! Please I'm desperate...I can't function like this any longer, it's been my whole life and I'm sick of it....I need an answer... Please comment

    Additional Details
    And I used to have more caffeine than I do now, I've never liked coffee or anything but with chocolate or w.e my headache doesn't get better. I'm going to the neurologist soon so hopefully I can finally find something and get better. I don't have any attention deficit disorder, my attention span is fine its just that I don't have the energy to do anything...I would go on antidepressants but my dad's against, even though my psychologist, psychiatrist, family doctor, friends, specialists, nurse practitioner etc all said that I need it desperately:/
    and huh hematologist... I'll check that out, I do bruise easily. However my bloods are fine....Better than they should be under my circumstances...
    Does anyone have any advice? I'm getting everything checked out but everything has pretty much turned out negative and I have no idea what's up.
    Can anyone explain?:((

    • ANSWER:
      you have nerve interference affecting a number of areas due to upper cervical vertebral subluxation. see an hio method upper cervical specific chiropractor.

    Can someone please help with my headaches and various random issues? I have no idea what's up...?
    I'm 15 and I always have a headache, its never gone but gets worse sometimes. Its been this way for as long as I can remember, but its been getting worse. I don't spend a lot of time with electronics, I have glasses that are up to date, and I'm not stressing a ton. It feels better when I squeeze my head, my doc said I have tension headaches but it doesn't feel like my head's in a vise-more that it would feel better if it was. I always have a stomachache too, but that doesn't trouble me as much. I also have chronic pain on either side of my spine and on the sides of my trachea, as well as widespread pain-not fibromyalgia though. I have many sleep issues but am on medication to help that right now so I don't think it's caused by sleep deprivation either, however I'm still insanely tired no matter what I do. I don't drink caffeine, I exercise-not to a level where it would be hurting me though, and I take a ton of vitamins-Yet I always get sick. I got checked for mono, thyroid issues, allergies, cardiology, sleep, etc. I soon have a neurology appointment, but I honestly have no idea what's causing my issues. I'm also severely depressed, anxious, and dislike the vast majority of foods-like a combination of food neophobia and selective eating disorder. At the sleep clinic I got diagnosed with sleep apnea, although I show no symptoms of it other than unrestful sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness. I wake up around 6 times an hour-which is acute and should not be causing my headaches. They thought at first that I had narcolepsy and insomnia because I have ALL of those symptoms, but my sleep wasn't congruent to that of a narcoleptic. I have extreme issues with getting my homework and everything done because it takes so much energy to hold my concentration-energy I don't have. I don't have concentration problems though and I do not procrastinate, I just simply don't have the energy to do anything... Which is killing me because I wish I could, and I need to, but I physically can't. Also, although I drink enough, upon standing I often get extremely dizzy and I get visual snow. I get arrhythmia every now and then but not horrendous-and no chest pain, my resting heart rate is around 90 and shoots up to 180 every time I go up a flight of stairs-even though I'm active, I get tinnitus, my hands and feet are always cold and my extremities fall asleep easily and I get cataplexy-like symptoms in them when I laugh hard or are extremely sad. I get extremely hot at night. My bloods, ekg, echo etc are all perfect and I do not have anemia or hormonal issues. I'm always sore almost everywhere on my body and have a constant need to crack my hands back etc. Sometimes I have a pulsing headache, normally it just hurts a lot on both sides of my head. It moves around but it's typically in the back of my head. Sometimes it's behind my eyes and they feel like they're being pushed out and upwards. Its not migraines. Last year I got very sick, I got bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis and a mono like virus (even though that test came back negative). My throat's always sore and since then i've gotten pharyngitis a few times and tonsillitis, even though I used to never get sick as a kid; and I'm perfectly healthy looking in a physical... There's probably a whole variety of issues I'm leaving out... But does anyone know what it could be?! Please I'm desperate...I can't function like this any longer, it's been my whole life and I'm sick of it....I need an answer... Please comment
    And I used to have more caffeine than I do now, I've never liked coffee or anything but with chocolate or w.e my headache doesn't get better. I'm going to the neurologist soon so hopefully I can finally find something and get better. I don't have any attention deficit disorder, my attention span is fine its just that I don't have the energy to do anything...I would go on antidepressants but my dad's against, even though my psychologist, psychiatrist, family doctor, friends, specialists, nurse practitioner etc all said that I need it desperately:/
    and huh hematologist... I'll check that out, I do bruise easily. However my bloods are fine....Better than they should be under my circumstances...
    Does anyone have any advice? I'm getting everything checked out but everything has pretty much turned out negative and I have no idea what's up.
    Can anyone explain?:((

    • ANSWER:
      You should see a neurologist about your headaches and get an MRI to make sure everything is normal in your brain. If it is a tension headache, a little caffeine can help- the Rx medicine for tension headaches contains butalbitol, acetaminophen, and caffeine. With the dizziness, hands and feet being cold, etc, you may want to see a hematologist. Do you bruise easily? I have those symptoms as well and they are caused by my bleeding disorder (von Willebrands Disease). You sound like you could have fibromyalgia with the soreness all over; there are medicines to help that . You may be depressed/have anxiety/have ADD or ADHD, so maybe you want to see a psychiatrist as well.
      And remember, you have to be your own advocate. Even if the doctors can't find what's wrong with you right away, don't give up. Press to see specialists until you have a diagnosis if you know there is something wrong.

    Inguinal hernia recovery/ other issues?
    Hello. About six days ago, on the 21st of October, I had a surgery to fix a small inguinal hernia before it popped out too far, and it had never gone into the scrotum. The surgery went well, but the amount I recovered in six days is horrendously slow. Since the first day, I have been having terrible headaches, my groin muscle feels like it didn't heal well each day. The site is looking a bit better, albeit still painful. When I lay down I get even worse headaches than standing, and when I take any painkiller the headaches worsen, as three night ago 440mg of ibuprofen made me feel like my brain was melting. Also, I do not know how I should prop my leg, and I worry about stretching the muscle too much and, being my first surgery, scared of it ripping back open. Also, It is stressful to get into bed, and the way I have to get in I don't think is helping me at all, I have to sit at an angle, and swing my leg up, swing the other, and use my arms to shift my bottom into alignment with my torso. I do not think it is helping and I hope is not making it worse for me, and to get out i repeat the bottom shift, ans re swing my legs. I think I am pulling or ripping the stitches by doing this, so how should I avoid it?. About the headaches, I drink and eat enough, but they get so bad that when I lay down I can't sleep. I am usually awake anywhere from 3am to 5am until I get so tired that my body forces me to sleep through headaches, until maybe 8-9 in the morning.I have a spine that is in need of seeing a chiropractor, and was wondering if that was a factor in my headaches. Also my left testicle's part of the scrotum is dark purple and swollen, and a part of my penis on the topside is a sick green and purple color. Also, how long until the CO2 used to bloat the area is dissipated? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am sleep deprived and in agony every day, and I hope I'm not ripping the stitches.

    Summary concerns:
    Huge headaches
    Swollen scrotum/ colored penis
    Riping the stitches
    Area not healing/ muscle not healing
    Sleep deprivation
    How to get in/ out of bed correctly (also, is there a certain height the bed should be/ my legs should be at to get in?)
    How to prop leg correctly/ lay correctly
    CO2 used to bloat/ dissipation
    Medication (was prescribed Oxycod for immense pain, but it makes my headaches worse, tried Aleve 12 hour, didn't help, tried ibuprofen which gave a headache, and Tylenol PM that made me sleepy but didn't take the pain away, and later around 1 AM gave a major headache. I'm 17 years, 115-120 lbs, not allergic to meds [currently known], male, no chronic heart/breathing conditions)

    P.S, would someone of my weight (115-120lbs) be able to take the recommended 1000mg dose of Tylenol PM at night?

    I'm in agony every day and I have to somehow get a miracle to get into school tomorrow. I know I'm supposed to hurt but this is torture and I'm scared I'm either weakening or ruining my repair. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I would try using a products called TUCKS ( which is nothing other than a cotton swab and an average over the counter product ---natural witch hazel )
      Tucks trademark brand is EXPENSIVE when you can prevent alot of itch.

      The 1000mg tylenol only YOUR OWN doctor should prescribe as you are very thin/young. Seems much too large a dosage unless it's an Rx your MD wrote.

      Instead of all these mixed up pain medications interfering; try a hot bath and hot tea before bed to relax.

    Why am i coughing so much during the night?
    Whenever i go to sleep, i wake up in the middle of the night due to coughing and it lasts for more than 1 hour, meaning i cant sleep and go through sleep deprivation. This has lasted for 3 1/2 weeks, and after a hard practice my lung starts clogging and i cough every 1~2 seconds as well in volleyball. taking delsyum hasnt helped me, either. Right now it's 4'o clock am and i need my sleep because i am a teenager.

    I do have allergies, both my mom and i do. When it comes to health problems, she always uses allergies as an excuse from my nurse (headache, diarrhea problems, vomiting) and forces me to stay school. On that day i later found out i had bronchitis, but it healed in just few days. is it because of that? I know that allergies can cause me to cough but i dont believe that pollens get inside my house at 3am.

    the symptom of this cough are:

    - Chronic coughing
    - Mucus sounding when coughing
    - Wheezing while breathing in, and coughing after breathing out clearing out the mucus
    - Mucus comes back every 2~5 seconds
    - Mucus color is yellow and white(not green)
    - Afternoon cough during practice or a nap occurs around 4:00pm ~ 5:00pm, nighttime around 2am

    And those are the symptoms for now. Is there any solution to this? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      besides the possibility of you being really sick and not knowing it, the reason behind the terrible coughing could be due to various small problems like: air quality (opening the window? it may be good or bad), dirty sheets/blankets and filthy dust everywhere could be causing you to sleep

      or maybe you never blow your nose so you just kind of suck in all the mucus, eventually coming out a different way other than your nose

    Natural insomnia remedies?
    I've been plagued with chronic insomnia for the last month or so. No matter how exhausted I am, it takes me a very long time to fall asleep, then my natural sleep rhythm is constantly disrupted due to constantly waking up, sometimes several times an hour.

    Any natural remedies for an uninterrupted sleep cycle? I've tried melatonin, but that only worked for a week. My mattress is comfortable enough, but I should probably buy new pillows, as the current ones are getting old. I am VERY reluctant to resort to prescription medication, but I'm in a desperate situation here. The sleep deprivation is really affecting my work and my ability to function. I'm always feeling exhausted, scatterbrained, and depressed. This is no way to live...please help :(
    I honestly don't think it's sleep apnea, because I don't wake up gasping for air, but I DO wake up with racing thoughts, so I believe the insomnia is psychogenic. Probably need to reduce the stress in my life, but I don't know where to begin :(
    (((((Choco, Fallen & Glitterkitty)))) The Nolte thanks you.
    Reefer's not an option for a corporate whore who's subject to random drug testing. Somehow, I don't think my insomnia excuse would help me avoid termination.
    Great stuff there, Peachers! (((hugs)))

    Smoked, might be worth a try! Do you know which brands work best?
    ((((Major)))) I haven't tried the light therapy yet...I know this is something we discussed earlier! I need to seriously look into that this weekend.

    • ANSWER:

      Sorry are going through this. Being tired can have so many effects on your well being. Have no fear there is help. Self-help!!! I have been through this myself. You need to look at your sleeping patterns. What you are eating, what are you are doing before sleep. I would keep a journal each day about what you are doing and when you sleep. This will show you what is going on and what you are doing. Don't cheat or do anything differently. Track exactly as you are doing now.

      1. You need to cut out naps if you take them. You need to find how much sleep you need. Be it 6 or 8 hours. Then you need to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. I know this can be tough, but you can make slight adjustments. Sleeping is a pattern. Your body responds to that. You have to make it one. It will not happen overnight. Habits take 30 days to instill. Sleeping is no different.

      2. Look at what you are eating. Make sure you don't eat too late or drink caffine. Certian foods and of course caffine will affect your sleep cycle. Make a cut off a few hours before your bedtime. Follow a healthy diet.

      3. Exercise. Get outside. Get fresh air. Move your body. Join a gym. Buy a treadmill. Something. Work those hips!!!!! This will help your body relax and tire.

      4. Take a hot bath before bed. This helps your body calm. Your muscles relax and you can prepare for sleep.

      5. Take the TV out of your bedroom. Learn to sleep in the quiet dark. This is hard for many, but again it is patterns and habits. This was the most helpful for me.

      6. When you wake up, don't stress. Take your mind somewhere postive and roll right back over. DO NOT GET UP.

      7. Tweak and learn your body!!!

      I have followed all of this myself. I have no problems sleeping now. For me diet, exercise and set sleeping schedule with no TV were the most important.

      Sleep apnea has more symptoms than just racing thoughts.

      This is a patterned cycle. You have to break it and be determined. Again, habits take 30 days to form. Make some new habits.

      Occasionally Benedryl works wonders too!!!


      You and I have talked much about light therapy. I told you what it has done for me. The answerers are correct when they tell you about this. I happened upon this by accident, but it has does wonders for me. I even do it in my office now. Although I have a window. Light therapy is a great!

    Why do I keep getting these random "seizure moments"?
    This is a really weird phenomenon that has been happening with me and before a year ago, I've never had a seizure in my life. I will do my best to explain.

    I find that it usually happens when I stretch. It doesn't happen too often but when I put my hands up to the sky, lean back and yawn sometimes I get the "got up too fast" feeling. This is almost always followed by strong disorientation and sometimes even involuntary body twitches in my arms and legs. In the most extreme cases, I've actually fallen to the ground and had a full blown seizure. None of my seizures have lasted any longer than 10 seconds but when they finish, it feels like all the sensations in my body have been "reset". Like I will be completely numb for 2-3 seconds and then all of a sudden all the feeling from my toes to my neck is back. It's the weirdest most unexplainable feeling ever.

    I'd say it's happened to me about 20 times in the last six months and strangely, I was alone every time and nobody was there to witness. The strange body feeling usually subsides within a minute and after that I usually just shrug it off. I used to think it was because of sleep deprivation but after getting adequate amount of sleep each night, I find that to no longer be the case. I've also lowered my caffeine intake and it seems to have lowered the frequency of my micro seizures but I still get them.

    The only suspectable cause I can think of is the chronic pain which starts from my upper part of my left shoulder blade and continues on throughout to the top back side of my left neck muscles. It seems to happen especially after I stretch out my tense neck muscles.

    Any experts in this field know if this or anything else could be the possible cause of my 10 second seizures?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow! I was surprised by how many and how much information you can gather about your problem in Y!A US regarding your question!
      I suggest you do the same, given that only you can decide when you will be satisfied.
      Best wishes, and to reread you soon!

    Politics on drug laws etc?
    Feel free to correct me, but when you said,

    "As far as I know, MJ is an analgesic, but there is no evidence that it could save lives."

    Actually, in the case of its ability to completely counter the negative effects of chemo and anti-viral regiments, it DOES save lives. Studies have even proven conclusively that marijuana's effect on dendrites actually protect brain cells from damage caused from other chemical stimulation and even physical damage... In other words, marijuana is extremely effective in protecting the brain from further damage until it can be repaired either naturally or through surgery. This is believed to be the reason marijuana apparently alleviates the symptoms of brain disorders including, but not limited to, Epilepsy, Parkinson's, and even Alzheimer (NOTE: apparently alleviates because the US will not allow actual studies on whether or not marijuana shows a medical benefit.)

    But that's besides the point, the point is that the US considers marijuana so dangerous that they prohibit its use even if the use could save someone's life.

    "The biggest problem with MJ is that it remains in the system for a very long time. If someone uses heroin, it is out of their system the next day, but MJ remains in a person's body for weeks...!!"

    Sure, THC remains in the body for weeks... It gets stored in bodyfat. HOWEVER, it only remains in the brain for a couple of hours. Studies have shown that even in long term chronic use (someone stays stones for literally years) not only will all the THC leave the brain, but all the effects will disappear is about one week.

    "Tests for MJ do not distinguish between MJ which was consumed five days ago with MJ which was consumed five minutes ago. It is only when the MJ is completely out of a person's system that we can be sure that he/she can work safely."

    Interesting argument. Okay, how about this as an answer... There is no simple test to determine whether someone is sleep deprived to the point it affects their judgment or motor skills... and sleep deprivation can have an even more profound effect than either alcohol or marijuana.

    Of course that's also moot because of the insurance regulations concerning "Drug Free Workplace" which, I'm sure you're aware, give massive discounts to companies that ensure their workforce is not using drugs. Not to be confused with the "Workman's Comp" regulations that require drug and alcohol testing immediately following an accident, these regulations allow companies to randomly test for drugs for any reason or no reason at all and discharge anyone who shows a positive result. As has already been shown by Walmart, these companies will discharge their employees whether marijuana is decriminalized or not.

    But I digress... Is it actually a valid argument to make something illegal simply because you can't tell if someone's judgment is impaired or not? Sounds kinda arbitrary if you ask me... especially considering the typical 3-martini lunch found on Wall Street.

    • ANSWER:

    Could most qualified professionals distinguish between bipolar disorder & a combination of PTSD and adult ADD?
    I've been in counseling and on meds for a decade. I've had so many different diagnoses from many professionals over the years that I don't know WHAT's wrong with me. I have a history of panic attacks, now pretty controlled. I've also been diagnosed with major depressive & post-traumatic stress disorder (witnessed my infant child's killing), bipolar disorder, personality disorder-NOS. I've had awful, med-resistant, chronic insomnia all that time, and my therapists have described me as in constant state of "hyper-vigilance." I've had a couple of very brief psychotic episodes & what some might call mania. My most recent therapist has pretty much started from scratch with me, getting her own impressions of me over a period of four months now. She says she hasn't seen bipolar, symptoms, rather, a woman with PTSD, severe sleep deprivation & unaddressed adult ADD. After doing some reading on adult ADD, I am tending to agree with her, wondering if I've been getting wrong treatment a long time.

    • ANSWER:
      As a psychologist that works in the area of diagnosis (but not in the areas you've mentioned)... I can tell you that it can be very difficult to diagnose someone accurately, especially if they have a complex presentation. Also, since our (mental) health care system has become increasingly fragmented, many mental health professionals do not have the time to do appropriate testing (which often includes a thorough history; talking to parents to obtain developmental info, which may or may not be feasible; and reviewing previous medical records)... rather, they talk with someone for a few minutes (or whatever their health plan - if they have one - allows), and then make a diagnosis.
      In addition, PTSD is notoriously difficult to diagnose AND our understanding of the disorder, as well as the official criteria have changed somewhat. Same with ADD, especially in adults... and bipolar, especially in children.
      So... given all these factors, then it is entirely possible that the diagnoses that you have received have not been as accurate as they could have been. Just continue working with your therapist and learn as much as you can about your diagnoses.
      By the way, if you do have PTSD... you might be interested in a book called Trauma and Recovery by Judith Lewis Herman, a classic in the field.

    Is there a chance I can get hospitalized...?
    Okay, so, for starters, I'm fourteen.
    I recently told my parents I self-harm. Well, I didn't tell them, my older sister did, because she was scared for me which I guess is understandable. So me and my Mum have been talking about my upcoming appointment with CAMHS (child & adolescent healthcare service) for a general analysis. The thing is, I'm really quite... worried.
    See, I have chronic insomnia, and to treat it I've balanced out Temazepam, Zopiclone and Nitrazepam (by my GP, obviously), and now the meds aren't working. It's a relapse, really. My sleep deprivation leads to a dream-like state, which I guess is similar to being drunk. I don't know what I'm doing, saying, I don't know what's real and what's not. The next day, when the sun comes up, I realise what I've done -- I've self-harmed, but I can hardly remember thinking about it, or doing it. All I can really remember is the big rush of relief, and then pain, and somewhat committing the self-harm, but it's hazy.
    So I'm going to tell the nurse / psychologist that when I see him/her... What do you think they'll do? I just fear they'll classify me as insane or something. It's not the first time I've been to see them about my mental stability. :/

    I've had counselling before, and it didn't work, which my GP knows and has mentioned in the referral.

    • ANSWER:
      i doubt you would be hospitilised. But having being in a CAMHS hospital on three occasions, i know they will do there best to work around an admission: as thats only really a last resort.

      Hope everything goes okay.

    What are the best supplements for someone suffering from chronic sleep deprivation?
    I've have terrible, drug-resistant insomnia for over thirteen years, and am now at the point of being on disability because of the toll my chronic sleep problems have taken on my body and mind. Of course, I'm seeing a therapist regularly and always trying every new remedy anyone wants me to try, but what more can I do? What vitamins and minerals am I likely to have in short supply, or what should I take to ward off more ill effects from lack of sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Try eating fish at least 3 times a week. Focus on the fish with omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, tuna). And, take fish oil pills.

    Will I be able to reverse the effects of chronic sleep deprivation (by getting more sleep)?
    Well, I'm only 15, but for at least 2 years (so maybe not chronic sleep deprivation- but at least habitual?) I have really missed out on sleep. I've regularly gotten 4-6 hours of sleep on the weekdays, on some days 2-3. I sleep for really long on the weekend and then get only 1 or 2 hours before Monday. Since teenagers are supposed to have almost 9 hours of sleep nightly, I'm afraid I've really messed myself up. I used to be a straight A student, and I still do ok in most of my classes (although I have only 4 and 3 are easy), but in math I've just gone straight downhill since the sleep deprivation started. I make the stupidest mistakes and can never follow what the teacher is saying at all and just cannot concentrate AT ALL. So anyway, I was just wondering that if I changed my sleep habits now, would I be able to avoid any permanent, say, loss of thinking, memory, or attention? Just wondering :( Also, advice on breaking the habit?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, yeah. You start going to bed about nine hours before you need to get up and get going. Get a fan going in your room to drown out extraneous noise. Make sure you have a window open a bit for fresh air. Relax your body and force yourself to clear your mind. Don't think about anything but the hummmmm of the fan.

      At your age you NEED eight to nine hours of sleep. Plan on it. Eliminate TV and video game time if you have to. Step up your physical activities so your body cries out for sleep! Make sure you go to bed at the SAME TIME every night. Even on the week end. Don't forget to drink plenty of water and skip the soda and coffee.

      If you don't notice a significant improvement in your concentration and cognitive abilities within a week, make an appointment with your doctor.

      Sleep well.

How To Make My Baby Sleep

How Will My Baby Look? - The New Make Me Babies Online Generator
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How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Sleep With You - The 5 Sexual Signals He's Sending
When it comes to sexual attraction, there are many tricky ways to actually find out if a guy is into you. More often than not, they do, believe me, but as women, we just can't help but get cautious and find out the real score. Sometimes, getting sexually attracted to someone can be a bit of a frustrating thing too, especially when you're the woman. Men can easily express themselves if they want to sleep with you through body language but we can't just simply do that out of the blue. It's true that men can be cautious too when giving out their signals but you can never go wrong once you know how to read them. So below are some tips on how to tell if a guy wants to sleep with you --- get to learn the five sexual signs he's sending you now!

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He reaches over and touches you. Physical contact will boost up intimacy. That's why you need to be a little observant when he starts "innocently" tapping you on your bare shoulder, or holds you hand briefly and assists you while touching the small of your back --- there's definitely nothing innocent in that.

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How To Make A Baby Sleep

How to Make a Smart Baby
If intelligence is the ability to learn, then babies are born geniuses! While babies' brains have the potential to learn just about anything, parents have an important part to play in determining just how much - and how easily - their baby learns. Here, we discuss the key issues to bear in mind when teaching your baby.

A unique window of opportunity: five months' gestation to five years of age
The younger the brain, the more malleable it is - that's why small children are like sponges. The brain builds itself by forming connections in response to the stimulation it receives. A baby begins responding to sound during month five in the womb, when her sense of hearing becomes fully developed. This means that learning begins before birth.

After birth, the brain continues wiring itself in response to the baby's experiences of the world. Learning is faster and more effortless than it will ever be again. Acquiring our native language from birth guarantees proficiency, regardless of how linguistically gifted we turn out to be as adults - and the same holds true for other subjects. Everyone can become proficient in reading, math or music, so long as they begin learning as babies.

- Babies love to learn!
Babies' brains are hardwired for learning, making babies the most avid students in the world. What's more, babies and small children carry none of the baggage that comes from being sent to school and being subjected to quizzes, tests and examinations. For babies, learning is pure enjoyment.
- Teaching should never be forced
Regular practice is important, but not to the point of forcing. Above all, your child should enjoy the learning process. Hold lessons only when he is receptive, and end them before he loses interest.

- Play is essential
Babies and children need time to explore the world around them, pick up objects and examine them, and get to grips with the laws of nature. Your baby should spend the majority of her waking hours engaged in hands-on play.

- Relax and have fun!
Avoid focusing on having your child achieve specific knowledge goals. Treat lesson time instead as an opportunity for strengthening the parent-child bond. Teaching your baby should never become a source of stress for either one of you. If you feel this is happening, reevaluate your approach or trim down the lesson program as necessary.

Help! I don't have time
Teaching babies used to be a time-heavy commitment, with parents having to make their own flash cards and other materials. These days, high-quality book-, DVD- and software-based programs mean that no lesson preparation is required. As for giving lessons, this takes as little as five minutes per day.

If you use DVD or software-based programs, be aware that babies should only look at a screen for short periods of time. In this article on TV + Computers, you can find out more on making TV and computer use safe and beneficial for babies.

Help! I don't know where to start
With so much information available, it can be tough to know where to begin. Working parents, don't despair - you can glean the basics of baby education in just 10 minutes from our Busy Parent's Guide. From there, getting going is a breeze - and don't be afraid to start small. It's the right program if it works for you and your baby!

Teaching Your Baby To Read
As increasing numbers of children are learning to read words by the age of one, and books by age three, the idea that children can only begin reading from age five or six has come into serious question. Children who've learnt to read as babies have a much easier time reading in the first and second grade. What's more, almost all babies love to read!

Frequently Asked Questions

    how to make baby sleep soundly at night?
    hi my 3 month old baby will take a feed at around 11pm and will wake up 4 or 5 times before noon the next day i was wondering if anyone had any tips to keep him asleep for longer as its really hard and makes the next day alot longer and really really tiring for me. thanks for any feedback.

    • ANSWER:
      Swaddling helps tremendously! We did it until our daughter was almost 6 months old because she slept so well like that!

      The other thing we did to help her sleep through the night was "cluster feeding." When she was a newborn I normally breast fed every 2 hours. Before bed I breast fed every hour for three feedings. She slept 6 hours at night, fed once for 1/2 hour and then slept another 4-6 hours. When she was 2 months old she started sleeping 8 hours.

      As she got older her feedings spaced out but I still did at least two feeds close together before bed. After she was almost 6 months old I didn't need to do this anymore. She was sleeping 9-14 hours at night all by herself.

    how to make baby sleep early?
    my baby girl is 4 months old. she usually sleeps for 8-9 hrs continuously at night but very late between 2-3 am. As i have to join work next week, i want to make her sleep by 11-12 so i can wake up early in the morning. suggest some methods to make her sleep a bit early. one thing more she hardly sleeps at day time.

    • ANSWER:
      You are very lucky to have a 4 month old that sleeps those kind of hours, lol.

      You might have trouble fixing this issue by next week, but you can get started on a bedtime routine for your little one. Maybe give her a bath and feed her, then rock her while singing to her? Not sure what might work with yours, but those things work to lull my kids to sleep. But anyway, setting up a bedtime routine can help get it settled in your baby's mind that it's time to sleep. Again, though, it might not be effective by next week. Sorry I can't be more help.

    How can i make my baby sleep in her bed?
    My 6.5 months dosn't like to sleep in her crib she only falls asleep in our bed, the problem is that she turns a lot during the night and i put pillows all around but i'm scred she'll knock them over and then she'll fall. I tried to make her sleep in the crib since shes a baby but no luck what should i do??? i give her a bath every night and feed her formula before she goes to sleep.

    • ANSWER:

    how to make baby sleep better?
    i have a newborn baby 2 weeks old, she slept a bit last night but was awake for a few hours which is prob normal, but im just wondering is it a good idea to keep babies awake during the day so they sleep at night better? Im just wanting some more tips so i can get a better nights sleep or does any one know any good websites that i can look at to get advice from thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      No trust me keeping them up druing the day so they sleep at night does NOT work. We tried it with my son and it worked for about 2 days and then he was back to sleeping days and up nights. Remember that the world is still new to a newborn. They still can't tell day from night. This usually goes away around the 3 month mark. Sometimes earlier sometimes later. Depends on the baby.

    How can I make my baby sleep?
    my baby is 6 months old..and i started school in september and the night before I started he keeps waking up during the night. Im usually too tired to deal with it so I put him in bed with me. I dont want to keep this up, I dont enjoy sharing my bed and I want to know why he keeps waking up and how I can make him sleep all night because he used to since he was a months old

    • ANSWER:
      Here's how you can help your baby feel relaxed so that you can have peace and quiet yourself.


      1. Give the baby some times to play and wind down before he or she goes to sleep. Don't get the baby worked up with vigorous games, or bedtime will be that much more difficult.

      2.Offer your baby the opportunity to eat or drink.

      3.Give your baby a warm bath. Most babies find the warm water very relaxing. (Although a few hate baths or find them too exciting!)

      4.Change the baby's diaper, if necessary.

      5.Dress Baby for Bed. Be sure the clothing is not too warm nor too cold. A "snuggle sack" (a pajama set with a sack-like opening in the bottom) is sometimes used by parents.

      6.Soothe the Baby. Each baby is different, but all need help being soothed before they will go to sleep. Try:

      o Telling a story in a soothing, monotone voice
      o Walking around with baby
      o Rocking the baby in a rocker or glider
      o Singing
      o Offer a pacifier

      7. Read to the infant

      8. Put on some soothing music. This could be slow, quiet lullabies, classical music that your baby likes or just any soothing music. Make sure it is not loud or it will keep your baby awake.

      9.Turn off the main lights in your baby's bedroom. If your baby likes them, turn on a baby light or a night light.

      10.Pick the baby up and place him on your chest or in your arms. Slowly rock him back and forwards, and pat him on the back very gently. You shouldn't do this too hard, just enough to soothe him and help him or her sleep.

      11. Try holding your hands over your baby's ears until he falls asleep (old Vulcan trick). Works like a charm in under 2 minutes.

      12.When asleep, put the baby in bed. Crib bumpers, pillows, and blankets are no longer considered safe for young babies.

      13. If your baby still does not fall asleep, rock him or walk around with him in your arms so that the motion will soon lull him to sleep.

      14.If the baby will not fall asleep, check for fever, teething discomfort, or other illness.

    How do I make my baby go to sleep on time?
    My baby has been having a hard time sleeping though the night. We have tried, giving her camameal tea, making her cry herself to sleep, I even layed with her for hours, but each time she always ends up waking up again! What can I do to make her sleep through the night?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sure there will be people here who say a baby needs to learn to be independent and should cry themselves to sleep. It's totally ridiculous to think an infant who can't even hold their own head up needs to learn independence. Those are the same people who will cry bitterly when their teenagers don't want anything to do with them and will wonder why their grown children never call!

      A baby is a baby - they don't have clocks, they only know that they have to have their basic needs met. For them it's a matter of survival, and for you, it's a matter of bonding with your baby. You should also be sure everything is ok physically, so a check-up with the pediatrician is in order as well.

      A baby should never be given teas or other liquids that have no calories - she needs breast milk or formula. It sound to me like she's hungry - how old is your baby? Many babies need to eat every two hours - especially breast fed infants. Every four hours is about the maximum amount of time a baby can go between feedings. Putting the bassinet next to your bed keeps the baby close and you don't have far to go to pick her up, feed and burp her, change her, then put her back to bed.

      Babies need to be cuddled, loved, and cared for to learn to trust. Trust is the only way children learn independence. When you look back on these days with your daughter, I can promise you, you won't be wishing you had made her cry herself to sleep more often - you'll be wishing you had taken more time to hold and love her.

    How to make baby sleep in pack n play when traveling.?
    I have a pack & play and bring it along when my husband and I travel, however, my 8 month old daughter won't sleep in it. We will try to put her to bed in it, and she will just start to cry and scream, so we always end up sleeping in seperate beds so that the baby can just sleep with me. Well we are going on a short trip in a week and will only have one bed available that my husband and I will sleep in, so there really won't be room for her to sleep with me if she throws a fit again. How can we make her sleep in the pack n play without her crying. We will be in a hotel and dont want to desturb the other guests.

    • ANSWER:
      When she falls asleep beside you in bed--pick her up and place her in the pack and play. It is what worked for us with our son.

      Good luck!

    Does having more naps make a baby sleep better at night, or is less naps better?
    I find that a baby that doesn't sleep enough during the day would be kinda difficult to sleep at night too.
    But others tell me to reduce daytime naps so that baby sleeps better at night.
    How's your experience?

    • ANSWER:
      Let Shaun have all the naps he needs. If not you will be left with an over tired and fraught baby that is not able to sleep at night.

      PS If you can whilst he has his afternoon nap you have one too. You will feel all the better for it and the washing up can wait !

    How to make a baby sleep more soundly at night...?
    My one year old daughter is going to sleep fine; but wakes up between 10 and 12 every night; over and over, and is really restless. Before and after that she sleeps fine.
    This wouldn't be an issue other than the fact my hubby's having to start work at 3 in the morning, and due to wanting to spend time with the family; he's not going to go to bed earlier; ends up going to sleep between 8 and nine; doesn't leavehim with enough sleep; because he's a light sleeper, always wakes up when our baby stirs, even though she's in another room. Is there any reason she wakes up like this every night? And how do we prevent it, or help change her sleeping pattern at night?
    We can't take her to bed with us, she did that for the first 6 months while I was breastfeeding, but she's used to sleeping byherself now, and we don't want to revert her back to her old ways; my friend has a four year old still sleeping with her; and I don't want that. If nothing else, it makes it hard for personal time with the hubby; even just things like talking in bed, whatever, hard to do when you've got a baby there.

    • ANSWER:
      I have a 8 month old daughter myself. What I do is play some kind of music really soft, and let her sleep with her stuff teddy bear and another stuffed animal. This way it gives her some noice and something to hold, otherwise it gives her some comfort. We put her to bed anywhere between 7:30 and 9:00 and she sleeps all the way to somewhere between 6:30 and 8:30 in the morning then usually she just wants a bottle and then she goes back to sleep for an hour or so. I hope that this helps you out with your daughter. Good luck and have lots of fun with your daughter.

    How do I make my baby sleep on his own (without carrying or drinking milk to sleep) ?
    I have a problem putting my 9 mth old son to sleep. I've been trying to let my mom know that I want him to learn how to sleep on his own but she keeps on carrying him to sleep. Now I've enough of it and put a stop to it. But now that he's already 9 mths old how do I let him learn from scratch to sleep on his own? (As in playing till he's tired and just lie down and sleep)
    Another thing to add : My mom does stay with us.
    And a question : I'm fine with him crying, but Will crying too much make him lose his voice? (Cause I heard from a relative that her relative let her daughter cry and now she has speech problems and is seeking treatment)

    • ANSWER:
      I had this with my child and this is what i did... I started putting him in bed awake with no bottle or anything.. before I put him in bed I made a big fuss... love you, hug hug.. and then I sat next to him and talked to him and sang to him. Two weeks later I just sat there.
      And one week later I said things like, hey baby mummys just going to the toilet., then mummys just going outside for a cigarette making each time longer and longer til it really didnt bother him, It took about a month and a half all in all but we did it without tears and it worked great... good luck to you

    How can I make my baby sleep in her bassinet?
    my daughter is a month old today and since we brought her home she refuses to sleep anywhere but her carseat. Her dr says this is ok but now that shes a month old we are wanting to get her used to sleeping on her back. When we put her in the bassinet she starts screaming right away even if shes asleep when we put her in there. We have tried the scream it out approach for as long as 30-45 minutes but by then we give up. Please any sugguestions you may have will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    • ANSWER:
      My son did the exact same thing.
      We put his car seat in the bassinet for a week.
      After a feeding I tried placing him in the bassinet alone and it worked.
      I did a happy dance and got a hot cup of tea.

      I sure hope it works for you. I was allways scared the car seat was going to make my sons back curved. It didn't but I know you understand.

    how can rocking a baby make baby go to sleep?
    an adult constantly rocking inside a boat would probably get sea,is there any similarity in that and rocking a baby.

    • ANSWER:
      Constant rythmic motions seems to lull babies to sleep. The neatest trick I've seen is my friend who takes her kids driving when they aren't going to sleep. By the time she gets back they're usually fast asleep.

    How can i make my baby sleep all night ?
    I have a 8 month old boy almost 9 months old and he wakes up atleast 5 times a nite and then is ready to stay up at 4:00am he is on the bottle and allways has been on enfamil he only takes maybe 2 naps a day what can i do to get him to sleep longer at nite ???

    • ANSWER:
      Cereal usually helps, but also I'm wondering is he teething or does he have gas from the formula. That can make babies EXTREMELY irritable. Try to keep him up during the day for as long as you can..He still has his days and nights

      Good luck

    How can I make baby sleep?
    My 9 month old has slept like an angel since she was 7 weeks old....until last week. I don't know what happened but she wakes up during the night now, and she cries when I put her in her crib to go to bed too. I try to ignore her but after she was up for 2 hours on Sunday night crying (2am-4am) I went in and nursed her because I was so tired and I needed to be up at 6 to get ready for work, and nursing her did the trick to get her back to sleep. But I was afraid that would encourage her to wake up again the next night, and it did. Now I don't know what to do, she is waking up once or twice a night now, and she's crying right now as I'm ignoring her while she's going to sleep. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      9/10 month old separation anxiety. She needs to connect with you. Ignoring her will not benefit her emotionally. She needs to know you are available if she needs you. She is not manipulating you, it is a normal psychological milestone.

    How do i make my baby sleep in her crib?
    I have a 1 month old that sleeps perfectly with me or in her swing. But if i put her in her crib she wakes up with in 5 min or so. I tried to let her cry for about 15 min but she just belts out blood curdeling screams! is it hurting me more than her? how long is it ok to let her cry? how often should i try?

    • ANSWER:
      A 1 month old is way too young to be left to CIO. She needs someone to soothe her and help her fall asleep. If you don't swaddle already give that a try. It worked wonders for my daughter.

      There is nothing wrong with letting her sleep in a swing for awhile. You could also use a baby carrier during the day. As she gets older you can try laying her down while she is sleepy and stroking her hair or back until she falls asleep.

    does anyone know how to make a baby sleep longer at night?
    our baby is waking up every 2 hours for a feed, he is 1 month now and is taking about 4oz of milk on a feed, does anyone have any ideas how to make him go longer?

    • ANSWER:
      Your child is only four weeks old and eating the right amount at the right time 2-3 hours. My son did the same thing for the first 2 months. There's nothing you can do but listen to him, he'll tell you when he's hungry and sleepy. Eventually he will Begin to eat more and sleep longer but it takes time, don't rush it. Sleep deprivation is the number one problem when having babies but it's natural, hang in there.

    I have had Imagine Babies 4 a while on Ds but how do you make the baby sleep!!!?
    I am on the thing where ella is at the house and all she does is eat sleep and want a bath and i only know how to make her eat and bathe her so how do i make her sleep???

    • ANSWER:
      You go into the room with the playpen in it.
      Then click the cot. It will givve you instructions. Basically, you will see Ella in the cot, witha kind of meter with amoving ball at the bottom. Keep moving your stylus to keep it on the ball. Back and forth, back and forth etc. Eventually,Ella will turn over and clos her eyes, you can then exit, as she is asleep! When you want to pick her back up, click the cot, then click on Ella! If you need more help, email me from my profile! Good luck!


    HOw to make baby breast feed to full that he sleeps and does not ask for bottle?
    My baby ( 15 days) feels hungry even after my breast feed and as a result I have to give him bottle milk also to make him sleep in night... Please suggest something..

    • ANSWER:

    how to make a baby sleeps more quality?
    my 2 month old baby is hard to put him to sleep. it could take me almost an hour to rock him to make him drowsy to sleep. but when he finally sleeps/ nap it just take him 10 minutes to 20 minutes. he seldom nap for an hour. i hv to always stay by his crib to make sure his sleep isnt disturbed. what can i do to make him sleep longer?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like he's not very tired, let him stay awake longer, he'll get tired and go to sleep without too much trouble and should sleep better.

    How do I make my baby go to sleep?
    I want to go to sleep but my baby girl will not stop moving its been a few hours but she will not stop. I am 39 weeks pregnant. How do I make her go to sleep and stop moving,

    • ANSWER:
      I wish I knew the answer! I'm 36 weeks with twins and often it seems like I won't ever get to sleep because they're moving around so much! Eventually I just find a comfy position and put my hand on my tummy, close my eyes and imagine what it would look like if I could see the movements I feel... somewhere along the line I fall a sleep or they stop then I fall asleep, guess it depends on who's more tired. Good luck!

    how to make a baby to sleep full night?
    my daughter is 18months , how to make her sleep full night without breast feeding

    • ANSWER:
      Every baby grows out of the night feed in their own time. My son actually wakes up, looks to see if I'm there, and then lays there quietly and dozes until he decides it's time to get up, or until I stir and he knows I'm awake. He's happy to relax and play in his crib until he knows I'm awake too, strange boy. He's a year old, barely. My daughter though was 20 months old before she started growing out of her middle of the night feed. Before 16 months I think she had 2 actually, then it went to one, then disappeared entirely right before she was 2. She just needed it for some reason. Note, both of mine were formula fed because of health reasons not giving me a choice, but it didn't make them sleep longer than their breastfeeding counterparts and plenty of studies have shown that formula fed babies don't sleep longer, so don't buy into that hype and try it for that.

      The only thing I felt comfortable doing was insisting that they give me 5 minutes of crying before I go and respond to them by that age. Most of the time they forget why they were crying and go back to sleep. Some people though, they give the baby water in the middle of the night in a bottle, and that can help them give up the middle of the night feed. Maybe that would work. I would hesitate using formula by this age (but I'd use it over cow's milk unless you know your baby isn't anemic because babies tend to guzzle that night feed and that can cause anemia...) and would try the water before trying toddler formula (which thankfully is a lot cheaper btw.)

    how can I make my baby sleep through the night?
    My baby is almost 6 months old and wakes up several times during the night. In a good night, he wakes up twice: one time around 1 in the morning, when my husband and I usually go to sleep. I have to pick him up, rock him for at least 20 minutes or place him on our bed and feed him. After 20 minutes, he is sleeping again and I put him back in his crib. Then, he wakes up at 5 in the morning and I am so tired that I just put him in my bed and feed him until he sleeps again and I usually pass out and let him sleep with us.
    In a bad night, he wakes up at least 5 times. The only way I can make him sleep is on my bed.
    He goes to sleep at 9:30, 10:00. after a bath, baby cereal and breast milk. I dont think he wakes up because he is hungry.
    I am extremely tired and since he was born I dont get to sleep over 4 hours in a row.
    His crib is in our bedroom, so that makes it even worse when he cries.
    He used to do great in his bassinet and at age of 2 months old he would almost sleep all night. But since we bought his crib, about 2 months ago, he is doing horrible at night time,
    I am thinking about giving up breastfeeding because I am starting to believe that he uses my breasts as a pacifier during night and he doens't like pacifiers, he spits it out every time.
    I told my husband he would have to let him cry for a while to see if he goes back to sleep on his own, and the night i tried to do it, my husband got mad because the baby was crying and woke him up and he went there to rock him.
    I don't know what to do. Please, if you know what to do, help me!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also put my pillow in his crib, so he can smell me, bur it didnt work

    • ANSWER:
      Babies go through different stages, one week they might sleep all night, next they wake up hourly. Been there, done that. Giving up breastfeeding hoping he "might" sleep all night probably won't help, also you would have a terrible time trying to get him to accept formula over breast milk, latex plug over the ultimate comforter.
      Have you considered co-sleeping? If it is an option for you I highly recommend it, it certainly saved my sleep deprived brain...

    HELP! How do I make my baby go to sleep?
    He is 5 and a half weeks old, it is 2:35 AM he has been up since 10 PM he will not sleep! I fed him like 8 ounces since then, changed him, gave him a bath, rocked him, nothing is working, i need sleep! How can I make him sleep??

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have chamomlile tea?? If not - get some for future use. or gripe water??
      Try burping him - if he ate that much he might have a tummy ache. Did you hold him upright after the feeding for at least 26 mins> Do that because theres a chance he could have acid reflux. Have you tried giving him a massage? What about swaddling?? Are you breastfeeding? If so, make sure you arent taking in too much caffeine.
      Have you tried praying? Try it :)

      Good luck!!

    How do you make curious baby sleep around noises (public places, guests)?
    My baby is 9 months old and takes 2 naps every day about 1 hr each. But when we go out she refuses to fall asleep and gets overstimulated and overtired very easily. When we are outside she can't seem to relax and wants to see and hear everything. When she gets tired she becomes cranky and it becomes even harder to make her sleep even though she is sooo ready to sleep (yawning, rubbing her eyes etc.) I see other babies sleeping so tightly in their strollers but my baby is the opposite. I tried everything, putting her "sound sheep" on the stroller, reading her a book, telling her good night (all these things we do as a part of our bedtime routine) but she still cannot relax. This is a major problem for my husband and I because we cannot plan anything over the weekends and we always have to be close to home to come back for her nap and then leave the house again. We need to get our lives back but also want to have a well rested happy baby.

    Is this just a stage that babies go through or do you think it's a personality trait? How can I help her relax?

    btw. at night we also have to turn off all the lights and keep super quiet otherwise she wakes up. During the day I cannot make any noises during her nap time, not even talk on the phone. How so babies fall asleep with a TV on, or with a lights on? What do you think I should do to achieve that?

    • ANSWER:
      you know what I do. when they go to sleep at night I dint quiet down for my children. It seems to me that that has worked pretty well. Both of my children sleep through anything now. My oldest son is ADHD and my youngest is ADD. So both of them are very curious children and have a hard time feeling like they are being left out if they arn't awake when things are going on.

    How do you make your baby sleep?
    My son has just become two years old.
    Ever since he was born, in an attempt to make him sleep at least before 22 o'clock, I routinely put off the lights, lie down with him, pat him and sing a lullaby every day. But he doesn't sleep at all and starts crying until I carry him, rock him gently and sing a song.
    Only on a few occasions did he go to sleep without being carried while I was reading a book beside him, but that happened very late at night, around or after midnight.
    Why is it the case with him? He wakes up around 8 in the morning and goes to a daycase where he takes a nap for around 2 hours. Does he wake up too late or does he take a nap too long?
    He is gaining weight and it's getting a bit harder for me to carry him every night. How do you manage to make your baby sleep without carrying him?
    jared: Ok, I'm sure it works... if you don't mind ruining his brain.
    Sarah Lane, latoya j: I am doing the same way and it doesn't work.

    • ANSWER:

    Without holding how did you make your baby sleep through the night ?
    My 3 month old won't sleep unless he's held the whole time. During day time i have to hold him for the entire nap. If I lay him
    down he starts screeming. At night I make him sleep around 8 and have to hold him say until 11, then bed after that he sleeps
    until 2am. It's getting really hard on me, I am suffering from severe back pain. I get a lot of help from husband but we have to do what we have to do, right?
    While replying to my another question, one Mom mentioned her baby sleeps from 7pm to 6am, if u read this plz share how u did this.
    My baby don't like car ride, so he start screeming when placed on his car seat.
    I tried to bring a bed time routine, he fell asleep soon but got up in an hour and was really really hard to have him sleep later. Also he don't care about the book reading. I love to read a book to him, he don't care about that, I don't know how I can do that.

    • ANSWER:

      I think the most important thing to start with is to get your baby into a good sleep routine. I had massive problems with getting my 5 month old son to sleep. He would just lie awake and cry for hours, then when he finally went to sleep he would wake every hour or two hours through the night and cry again! Talk about pulling our hair out .... we were absolutely desperate for sleep!

      It was a baby sleep audio program recommended by a friend that finally saved us. We followed the advice and began by creating a baby sleep routine which included bathtime, dimming of the lights, putting Josh into his crib, final nappy change and then lullabies. We also made recommended changes to his naps during the day and used some of the other recommended techniques. Within two weeks he was sleeping through the night most nights with just the odd night where he would just wake once!

      If you want to take a look, I found a way to get the audio program for free at

      Definitely start by creating a good baby sleep routine though and you could find that solves most of your baby sleep problems.

      Good luck!

    how can I make by baby sleep all night?
    my daughter is 4 1/2 months old and goes to sleep without any difficulty at all but seldom sleeps more than two consecutive hours. I bathe her, feed her and swaddle her immediately prior to puting her in her crib. We use a noise machine for "white noise". HELP!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Please be patient. Infant development takes time. You are not in control of this: nature is and all babies are somewhat different. You need sleep, and so does the other person (you said "we", so that makes you very lucky indeed compared to single parents). Take turns. When it is your turn to get up to check the baby, always make the event as understimulating as possible: only just enough light to be safe, minimal sound and no playing. Just go ahead and be bleary-eyed and boring. Don't make the night-time wakeups any sort of notably enjoyable experience other than any bare-bones changing/feeding that might need to be done. (But try to keep it from becoming a hostile, angry event either.) Just keep it as boring and minimal as possible eventually this will be consistent with the baby's brain being developed enough to sleep through the night, and if she experiences no reason to anticipate having fun in the middle of the night, she will just keep sleeping.

      Sleep when the baby sleeps...this even helps dads. For now stop pretending that you can live the life you lived before you had a baby. Things are different now, for real. This part is like boot camp, it's a very tough adjustment, but it will pass. Take it easy on yourself as well as the baby.

      Most "normal" people (ie. people who are not living with babies) are already not getting enough sleep: we are all overstimulating ourselves. Take this transition as an opportunity to get back into contact with the biological being that nature evolved you to be. There is a reason we sleep and a lot of us should be doing more of it on a much more regular basis.

    How to make my baby sleep on her own????
    Hello problem is that my 7 months old daughter doesnt sleep on her own. She has a lot of family members who are always willing to put her to sleep and now she is totally dependent on us to go to sleep. i want to change this habit so i bought a soothing projector but it didnt work. As soon as i left the room with lights off and door closed, she started weeping pretty badly so couldnt help but to carry her. what should i do??? i need a lot of tips to make her sleep independently so pleaseeeee help meeeee. thanx a lot in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I honestly think that this just happens when your both ready for it to happen..the best way for her to learn (sadly) is to know shes not going to be picked up as soon as she hard as it is maybe you need to try leaving her cry for a few minutes at a time.
      Our baby is 12 weeks old and has just started to settle himself to sleep..he doesnt cry but he grizzles and whines a bit before finally crashing out (usually around 7-10 minutes maximum and we will check on him every couple of minutes if hes actually properly crying)
      I wouldnt stress too much about it for now if she doesnt seem ready for it or if you arent ready for it. She will when shes ready!

    how can i make my baby fully sleep tru out the night?
    my baby is 6 month old and 6 days and for 4 days in a row started to sleep true out the nigh and all the sudden stopped and again am getting up one time in the night!

    • ANSWER:
      S/he'll do it when s/he is ready to. Don't try to force it.

    Does any one have a idea how to make eight month old baby sleep through out the night with out letting her?
    i have tried giving solid and formula before making her sleep but it doesn't work...she still breast feed and want to take breast all night long by waking up again and again.

    • ANSWER:
      my ten month old is waking too. every 2 hours for breastfeeds. i just got elizabeth pantley's book - no cry sleep solution - from the library and read most of it in bed - only took an hour or so. it is great because she co-slept and breastfed just like me and still managed to get her 12 month old going from waking every hours to sleeping 5 hours straight within 10 days i think, then after more time he was sleeping 10 hours straight and still co-sleeping and breastfeeding and all without crying! i tried one or two of her methods last night and it seemed to work. no crying but bub was sleeping without a boob in his mouth. give it a try. if you want you can msg me and i'll let you know how i'm going in a couple of weeks.
      everyone recommends getting bubs on a routine though - do you have routine for you baby?

    How to make a crying baby sleep?
    He is almost 3 months and is always up from 1 to 5 am, crying loudly and won't drink milk and just won't hush down. What to do?

    • ANSWER:
      my 3 month old is doing the same thing. she slept 9 hours for a few weeks and now has started waking every three hours crying. i think she's teething b/c she's gnawing on her hands and drooling. maybe yours has the same problem? the only thing that works for us is to pick her up and comfort/rock her until she falls asleep again. good luck -- i hope you are getting more rest than me!

    How to make my 9 month baby sleep more at night?
    I have a 9 month old baby.He goes to bed at 9 pm and wakes up at 2 am every day.After that he hardly sleeps.He has started eating solids.He is breast fed too.He takes 2 small naps(1 hr max)during the day.But never sleeps after 2 am.Till before a month, he used to sleep more and better.Though he used to wake up 3 or 4 times at night for the breast feed,he would sleep after that.But now he is not sleeping .I am giving him solids before putting him to bed.He has been sleeping with me since he was born and I want to continue that.I don’t mind feeding him twice or thrice at night.But now once he wakes up at 2am,he never sleeps after that.He is active during the day and has no other physical problem(doctor checked him).There are no external reasons also(no noises,mosquito etc)I am a working mother and I feel so tired bcoz of this.please advice me how to make my baby sleep more at night

    • ANSWER:
      1. Give the baby some times to play and wind down before he goes to sleep. Don't get the baby worked up with vigorous games, or bedtime will be that much more difficult.
      2. Offer your baby the opportunity to eat or drink.
      3. Give your baby a warm bath. Most babies find the warm water very relaxing. (Although a few hate baths or find them too exciting!)
      4. Change the baby's diaper, if necessary.
      5. Dress Baby for Bed. Be sure the clothing is not too warm nor too cold. A "snuggle sack" (a pajama set with a sack-like opening in the bottom) is sometimes used by parents.
      6. Soothe the Baby. Each baby is different, but all need help being soothed before they will go to sleep. Try:
      * Telling a story in a soothing, monotone voice
      * Walking around with baby
      * Rocking the baby in a rocker or glider
      * Singing
      * Running the vacuum cleaner
      * Offer a pacifier
      7. *Read to the infant
      8. Put on some soothing music. This could be slow, quiet lullabies, classical music that your baby likes or just any soothing music. Make sure it is not loud or it will keep your baby awake.
      9. Turn off the main lights in your baby's bedroom. If your baby likes them, turn on a baby light or a night light.
      10. Pick the baby up and place him on your chest or in your arms. Slowly rock him back and forwards, and pat him on the back very gently. You shouldn't do this too hard, just enough to soothe him and help him or her sleep.
      11. When asleep, put the baby in bed. Crib bumpers, pillows, and blankets are no longer considered safe for young babies.
      12. If your baby still does not fall asleep, rock him or walk around with him in your arms so that the motion will soon lull him to sleep.
      13. If the baby will not fall asleep, check for fever, teething discomfort, or other illness.

    i have a 11 mos. old baby girl but she dont have enough sleep,how to make my baby sleep well?

    • ANSWER:
      well don't let her sleep during the day... in the afternoon try taking her to the park and when u get back home give her a bath and make either lettuce or chamomile tea is a home remedy that worked for my baby.

    How do you make a baby go to sleep?
    My niece will not go to bed. I stayed up with her all night last night. it was like 4am. All she does is cries and cries and its driving me nuts. I gave her warm chocolate milk, i tried laying her down on the bed and rocking her to bed but she won't go to bed. How do i put her to sleep and not so late at night?
    My niece is 2 years old and she stays awake all night and i want her to go to bed early.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't give her chocolate milk, hello? Sugar? Do some sort of toddler appropriate physical activity an hour or so before bedtime but after dinner. A half an hour before bedtime give her a warm bath and follow up with light massage with lavender and/or camomille baby lotion. Read her a story and put her to bed, tell her you will be back in five minutes to check on her but she has to stay in bed and quiet for that whole time. Also, be sure she isn't taking a nap too close to bedtime. You might try giving her a book or some small toys in bed with her.

    how do I make my baby go to sleep?
    Ever since my baby was born i put her in her bassinet and she knew that was her time to sleep.. everything was great at that time ..but ever since i bought her a big crib she doesnt want to be in there alone. She's 16 months now and her crib is RIGHT NEXT to my bed..but STILL she wont go to sleep unless I rock her in my arms until she sleeps and THEN put her in her crib! [even then, she keeps waking up at night crying] she never sleeps without her pacifier and that would always do the trick ..but now she is sooo stubborn that she'll cry to death but she wont be left alone in her crib to sleep herself! ..i mean, the kid will be up alll night if it takes! .Its amazing becuz she would always go to sleep herself in her bassinet before. She never had her own room to sleep alone.. she was always in our bedroom, and now even the thought of putting her in her own room scares me ..WHAT SHOULD I DO? How do i make her sleep in her crib herself..she's getting big ..and i cant rock her to sleep every night and make it a bad habit for her.
    Plz help!

    • ANSWER:
      how long have you had the crib? babies just go through stages it will end soon just put her in the crib and leave her she will sleep wake her up from her nap during the day a little earlyer so that way when its time to sleep at night she will be tired and wont cry for as long then when she knows its ok to sleep in the crib she will be fine. where is she sleeping for her naps anyways? put her in her crib for naps

    How do I make my cat sleep at night?
    I recently adopted a 1 year old cat.

    My girlfriend and I both work during the day time and we left the cat in our room. He's very mild and with good manner; doesn't knock over things and always poop in the littlebox. When we come home we would play and pet him 'til sleep time.

    However when we sleep at night the cat would wake us up and starting making baby notices, I think he is asking us to play with him since he is bore at night. We tried to play with him with toys to tired him out before we go to sleep, but it seems he need very little sleep to gain back energy and wakes us up at night. I think he's also bore during daytime since he's home alone.

    Does all cat do this? Is there any solution to coexist peacefully?

    • ANSWER:
      While cats are nocturnal creatures, they will eventually adjust to your schedule. Cats sleep approximately 20 hours a day, so even though you're gone during the daytime, your playtime with them should be enough. I have 2 cats and have had cats all my life. It's really simply an adjustment period. It may take a few months, but eventually he/she will adjust to your schedule.

      I have 2 cats and it's gotten to the point now where they know my schedule and are ready for bed when I am. They sleep with me all night long. When they are younger, they are much more active, but trust me, he/she will adjust.

    Nursing - Co-sleepers - doesn't co sleeping just make your baby want to nurse more often? how do you get sleep?
    my child has been sleeping with me for the past 2 months because he all of a sudden refused to sleep without me. Now i nurse him like 6x a night..... probably more of a comfort thing. but its like he's always gotta know where his food *boob* is to feel comfortable............... ugh!

    • ANSWER:
      this might make you laugh but i put it in her mouth and we both go back to sleep...i wake up when she starts stirring and i put it back in then.....shes up about 3-4 times a night. might be a growth spurt though, they tend to eat a lot more with that.

    how can i make my baby sleep early?
    my son is 2 yrs is so hard to put him to sleep at night.he would usually sleep between 10:30 - 1:30am.even if we turn off the lights and tv, he would still get up & run/ walk around his room & play. but if he's sleepy, he just climbs to his bed & goes to sleep evn if the lights are on. he would wake up at 9am, have his nap at around 3, and wakes up at 6pm. if he's not sleepy, he wont lie down. there are days that he wont sleep the whole day, but he would still sleep late at night. is there a system that we could do to change this? we tried waking him up early , so he'll sleep early, but it still didnt work. usually, we would drive him around or bring him to the park so he'll get tired, but it only works sometimes.he will still sleep in his own time. we also tried those bath products thats supposed to relax the baby , but it doesnt work. he's not hyperactive or anything, but can be bratty at times. any advise? btw, i'm also a late sleeper., but we sleep in another room.

    • ANSWER:
      Getting your baby/toddler to go to sleep a standard and predictable time is all about setting a bedtime routine. My wife and I put our 2 yr old daughter to bed each night at 8:00 to 8:15. The process begins with calmer activity after dinner and evolving into reading stories (no tv or radio) in the last 1/2 hour before bed. She had a hard time learning to go to sleep without my wife walking her or rocking her, but we started to set her in bed, put her blankets over her, read her a short book together and sing her a song. Say goodnight and turn out the lights.

      Getting there isn't easy, there'll be a week or so of screaming/crying for 15 to 30 minutes each night. Then your little one should get used to it.

      Best of luck!!!

    Make a baby sleep?
    How can you get a 8 month old to sleep?
    just for nap time...not night time

    • ANSWER:
      My son is 20 months and naps have always been a struggle! He's never had a problem at night, just during the day. He cut out the morning nap at 10 months and takes one, 1hr nap a day....he does go to be early though, like 6:30pm and wakes around 6:30-7am. I kept telling him that "This isn't in the books!!" I actually tried the crying it out, no cry-sleep solution, ferber(which I did for night and worked like a charm) and every other thing you could think of. What we do now, and what's been working, is I actually rock him to sleep and put him in his crib as soon as he's out. I have also put tin foil up in his window so it's very dark. It's very different from night time where I lay him down awake and he goes to sleep on his own....Just find whatever works and stick to it. Also, I try to have a routine like after lunch we take a exceptions. Also, put him down as soon as you see the first sign of tired....even if you think it will mess up the schedule. The more they fight tiredness, the more wired they become. Good luck!

    how can i make my baby sleep?
    my baby is 16 weeks and usually not a bad sleeper, until recently. he goes to sleep at 5.30 (just because i can't keep him awake any longer). he sleeps in his cot and goes down very easily. he has a dummy and when he sleeps at night, this comes out at least 10 times. but the last couple of nights he has been waking up at 4am then 3am then 2am. he is wide awake when this happens even after i give him a full bottle. unfortunately i can't let him just sit and cry as i have a 6 year old next door who needs her sleep. he has a full stomach when he goes to bed, and has had a warm bath. has anyone got any suggestions please.

    • ANSWER:
      he is only what 4 months, he is bound not to sleep through the night, the patterns will keep on changing most likely and eventually get back to the way they were.

    how can i make my baby sleep at night ...?
    my baby just turned 3 months old and he has his nights and days mixed up for the most part and it is killing me, if he naps more than usual he will be up even later at night, one day he slept for about 1 hour, 3 different times during the day and then went to bed around 1 am, the next day he slept til 12 pm and then napped more than 3 hours and ended up keeping me up until 4 am, and then the next night it was 6 am ! what can i do other than trying to keep him awake as much a possible during the day because if he is tired, he will sleep no matter what, even if its loud, if i pick him up and move him, if i talk to him, nothing will keep him awake if he is tired .
    and the woman that said to bash my child in the head, you can go f*ck yourself, dont ever have kids and if you do, i hope they end up in the states care, a crack head would be a better mother than you would .

    • ANSWER:
      It helps if you keep the room dark.

      I am the oldest sister to twins (tired takes on a whole new meaning once twins keep you up at 6 am, lol) and they cant sleep if I have the tv, kitchen lights on and the computer running.

      My mom also says by leaving the lights on during the day (even if they are napping) and turning the lights off at night (even if they are awake) it helps them to distinguish between day and night.

      I am not a mommy (and never will be!!!!) but I hoped I helped.

    How did you make your baby sleep longer?
    My baby is almost 5 months old now. She still wakes up every 2 hours and cries for mommy. As she needs a longer stretch of sleep at her age now, I have transferred her from the co-sleeper to her crib in a separate room. The first 3 nights she slept for 5 hours straight (and I thought it was a blessing!) but now she's starting to wake up every 2 hours again.
    I trid ed letting her cry for 10 mins and then went in to pat her and kiss her and left the room and then slowly extend the time. It didn't work. I also tried the cry it out method. Last night she cried for 2 hours until the neighbours upstairs banged on the floor so I had to pick her up and put her back to my bed.
    Thanks for the answers but I know she's not hungry or anything. She's just so stubborn that she would cry non-stop until I pick her up.

    • ANSWER:
      lol @ the neighbors. :)

      hunnie - mines almost 7 months now and i just asked a similar question so i have no idea! I would try feeding her more often in the day or giving cereal right before bed. i heard those are supposed to help. i hope you get better answers that work!

      edit** to your edit - same here!!!!! i think some babies are just a little needier than others..

    How to make my baby sleep in the pushchair?
    My daughter is 12 months old and a great sleeper, providing she's in her cot. If I try to take her out in her pushchair when she needs a nap she just refuses to sleep and then gets really cranky and misses her nap altogether. I'm not sure if I should just keep trying to make her nap in her pram or just give up sit in the house every day when it's her nap time. I would just like her to be a bit more flexible so I can be out and about while she naps. Any tips would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Tibby, every baby is unique and your baby knows better than anyone what she needs. You can't *make* a baby fall asleep anymore than I can *make* you fall asleep. It's not that she won't fall asleep in the pushchair, it's that she can't. There are many reasons why that might be, for example be out may be too stimulating or she may need the security of knowing she is at home before she 'lets go'. My friend had two who couldn't fall asleep when out so she did everything she needed to do in the morning and made sure she was home for nap time every day. She often arranged for friends to come around in the afternoon so she wasn't often alone (it might have helped that she baked cakes during nap time!).

      I do understand that it might be frustrating but it won't last long in the over all picture of being a mum. You could try putting her in her pram for her nap at home, see if she gets used to it slowly. With my son we always had to put the hood up and clothes peg a muslin over so he couldn't see out or he wouldn't go to sleep

    What technique do you use to make your baby sleep?
    How do you get your baby to sleep; I mean the techniques.
    Does rocking work for you or are you able to have them laid down and fall asleep? My baby won't sleep unless I go bouncing around(sit and stand in a rhythm) carrying her. She is getting heavy and now it's hard for me to do so.
    I am asking not only about night times, but the morning naps too.
    Please share some tips and suggestions.
    That's the issue, she don't like just carrying around.if she needs to sleep, i have to bounce.
    I was wondering were you ever able to have your baby sleep by just patting on her.

    • ANSWER:

      I think the most important thing to start with is to get your baby into a good sleep routine. I had massive problems with getting my 5 month old son to sleep. He would just lie awake and cry for hours, then when he finally went to sleep he would wake every hour or two hours through the night and cry again! Talk about pulling our hair out .... we were absolutely desperate for sleep!

      It was a baby sleep audio program recommended by a friend that finally saved us. We followed the advice and began by creating a baby sleep routine which included bathtime, dimming of the lights, putting Josh into his crib, final nappy change and then lullabies. We also made recommended changes to his naps during the day and used some of the other recommended techniques. Within two weeks he was sleeping through the night most nights with just the odd night where he would just wake once!

      If you want to take a look, the site for the audio program is at

      Definitely start by creating a good baby sleep routine though and you could find that solves most of your baby sleep problems.

      Good luck!

    How to make a baby sleep longer at night?
    My 3 month ols baby is in a 3 houlry feeding pattern during the day and sleeps 40 minutes after every feed(mainly).Goes to bed around 8 and sleeps till 6am, but keeps the 3 hourly feeding pattern, so wakes up every 3 hours to feed just as at daytime. (so 11pm,2am,5-6am)When he was not in a routine he could do without a feed for 4-5 hours a night. I don't think he is really hungry (hardly eats anythin at night)- half asleep.
    Any ideas how to help that? Thanks a lot(I can't stuff him he spits the dummy/breast out when he had enough and refuses to take more)

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same problem with my little one waking up in the night for what I thought was a feed.... Is she definatly hungry when she wake?s, she might just be waking. What I did was left her to make sure she started reviving up, I used to just go in feed her even if she was stirring. Just leave her for a while see if she goes back to sleep first, this way you are already lengthening that 3 hour gap. Might not work but it works for me. My little one used to wake at 2 for a "feed", Ive since tried not to feed her and she goes back off to sleep again without crying, she now goes 8pm till 630am without a feed, then goes off again til 830am

    How do I make my baby sleep better? Need Ideas!?
    My son will be 7 months on christmas day. He has an hour nap in the morning and a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon. I've been trying to keep him up later so he will sleep better but it will only work for so long... Right now he's going to bed between 8-9pm.

    I really don't mind waking up with him in the night, it's when he wakes up and won't go back to sleep that I get frustrated. He's been doing this on and off for months now but it's getting worse.
    He usually goes to bed around 8-9pm in his own bed (I'm just starting to transfer him into his crib from co-sleeping) Then at around 2:00am he'll wake up and I'll bring him into our bed, he'll drink a 4-6oz bottle at this time. Then he'll sleep until around 4-5:00 and want to be up! I try everything to get him back to sleep but it won't work! So usually I'll just put him in his crib until he starts crying then bring him back to bed and give him a bottle (which he won't take before) He'll usually play in his bed for around a hour.
    Then if he goes back to sleep he'll sleep until 8-8:30

    How do I get him to not wake up that early? I know he's still tired!
    I feed him rice cereal & fruit for breakfast and a big bowl of blended fruit or veggies for dinner.
    He eats around 24-30oz of formula before he even goes to bed, then he'll eat another 6-12oz during the night

    Any help is appreciated :) Thankyou!

    • ANSWER:
      Chloroform and a rag ;-)

    how make my baby sleep in her bed?
    8 weeks old and never spent a night in her bed.
    i breastfeed and papa was on a working trip so i let her sleep with me.But he's back now and whatever i do:
    - put something i wore in her crib to smell me
    -talk to her
    -let her cry
    whatever i do she will only cry and shout the whole night through(last time until 3 am) till i carry her in our bed and then she sleeps.
    although her bed is our bedroom she won't sleep in it!
    and when i put her asleep in it,she will wake up max. 5min later.
    i am desperate,please help me!
    own experiences & solutions????
    what else can i do?

    • ANSWER:
      I start by sleeping with my newborn and once he is deep asleep... I take him in his bed! Sneaky but it works and he is getting used to it.
      Otherwise make sure she is warm enough, place a hot water bottle in her bed before you take her there

    how do I make my baby sleep in longer?
    Just wondering if anyone can help us get more sleep in the morning. My 7 month old usually wakes sometime between 4:30-5:30am and won't go back to sleep. He's been doing this for about 3 months now. Unfortuately this is also the time my husband gets up for work. He tries to be quiet but even if the noise is waking him I cannot get him back to sleep again. He normally has his last milk feed and goes to bed for the night at about 6:30. He's not a great eater so I think he's usually hungry at that time of the morning. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Try to work his bedtime closer to 8 or 9 o'clock, and he'll most likely be ready to wake up 7 am. That will also give you more time in the evenings to get his belly a little fuller.
      My dh also leaves for work around 4 am and baby's crib is in our room. Sometimes (not usually) dh accidentally wakes up baby. If baby doesn't lay down to go back to sleep on his own and seems really upset, then I just put him in my bed next to me. He calms down instantly and falls back asleep for a few more hours.

    How do you make a baby sleep better and longer at night?
    My baby has an tendency to wake up in the early morning hours and crying away. He is 7.5 months now and could be his cough he is going thru. Torrid time but I love him. He is simply adorable.

    • ANSWER:
      yes a warm bath in lavender baby shampoo before sleeping. also if you can play with him a lot, in the day ( wear him out, use all energy ) but not in the last 2 hours because that will be the point energy is increased.

      Dont forget the warm milk or Aniseed tea is a safe calming drink

    How to make a baby go to sleep NOW?
    my little cousin just wont get to bed what to do? besides giving a bottle and diaper change. she's almost two

    • ANSWER:
      I always take them to their room. Get them in bed and turn off the lights, then lay with them and scratch their head or back and sing to them, something soft, not something upbeat that's just going to get them more excited. You have to just get them away from all the toys and tv etc. Get them in bed and calm things down. She's sleepy but it's just hard for them to calm down and go to sleep when they still have toys and tv and other distractions that just make them want to stay awake and keep having fun.

Babies Crying

What Is Infant Constipation? Infant constipation is the difficulty in passing bowels. Usually the bowels are hard and dry. It is actually a very common occurrence, especially in children and babies who have just been weaned off breast milk and have started formula milk or when he or she is given table food instead of strained foods.

Normal infant stool looks differently at every stage. Breast-fed babies have stools that are soft, often yellow to orange with white flecks and varying in frequency. Bottle-fed babies pass stools that look like soft paste, greenish gray, yellow or brown in color.

Breast fed babies often pass bowel movements once a day or once in two days. Babies eating solid food have stools that are formed, but still pasty and contain undigested food. Color and frequency can vary according to the food eaten but often times, when babies start eating solid food, the frequency of bowel movement decreases.

Infant diarrhea, however, is characterized by firm, hard and dry feces. Often, they look like pebbles. Another sign of infant diarrhea is that your baby might cry while defecating, while bleeding from the anus might be present. Also check if your baby is eating less often or having abdominal pain.

There are many causes of infant diarrhea, including the lack of fluids, the introduction of new food, having low fiber in their diet, medications and the type of formula he or she is drinking. Check whether your baby is of the right weight, uses more than five diapers daily, getting enough water. If not, you might have a problem with infant diarrhea.

Bottle fed babies drinking formula milk are also more prone to infant diarrhea. On top of that, there are some types of baby formula that can cause constipation, like those containing casein, lactose-free formulas, and anti-regurgitation formulas. Switching formulas can also cause constipation.

Common medications and supplements like pain killers, antibiotics, iron supplements and aluminum-containing antacids can also cause infant diarrhea.

Contrary to popular opinion, infant constipation is not the absence of regular or daily bowel movement. Parents are advised not to worry too much.

Newborns often enter a period of transition during the first two to six weeks of age where there is a marked decrease in bowel movements and an increase in their irritability. It is also around this time that babies begin to strain due to passing gas and bowel movement. Straining, per se, is not a sign that your baby has infant diarrhea. In fact, straining is normal for babies. Straining is often brought about by gastro-colic and the defecation reflexes. Think of it as your baby's way of learning which muscles to use in the effort of eliminating feces.

Therefore, it is not infant diarrhea unless all three conditions are present: hard, firm and pebbly stools, crying and straining while passing feces, and no bowel movement for a certain period of time.

If your baby has infant diarrhea, you must give him lots of water, sugar, fruits, vegetables, juices and probiotics. Probiotics have been found to have beneficial health benefits including improving the balance of microflora in the intestines. In fact, infant formula with probiotics are said to change the constitution of intestinal microflora so that it is almost the same as those of breast-fed babies. One of the most common probiotics in baby formula is bifidobacteria.

For severe cases, or when all these failed, then it might be good to consult your pediatrician to get a good laxative for your baby. Do this only as a last resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Babies Crying...???
    When your young baby cries, does it ever sound like they are saying something???

    Last night my Husband spent the night in hospital. One of my 3 month olds, was crying, and it sounded like *Daddddddy*. He loves his Daddy, and I think he knew his Daddy wasn't there.

    My other baby, will scream (I love colic) and it sounds like Mum. He was laying on the floor earlier while I was ironing, and I swear he said Mars (one of our cats) & Bones (my dog).

    I know it isn't really talking, but sometimes, it's like they are trying to talk. :)
    Maybe I have an over active imagination.
    Sorry Marks Wifee!!
    I am having a dumb day today. Good your Husband is out of hospital. Mine is waiting to be discharged. He hates hospital. I should go and pick him up soonish. :D

    • ANSWER:
      LOL. I just totally choked on my cookie for a second. I am so delirious (my husband just got OUT of the hospital.) ..and I thought you said your baby was screaming, 'I love colic!' .. (as if he were cheering about having colic! :)
      then I re-read the question (and got a drink of water.)

      But yes, that HAS happened to me. When my son was 3 weeks old, it sounded like he was screaming the word, 'sh!t' .. over and over .. at the top of his lungs.
      'SH!T' ... like 'sh*t' I just pooped myself or 'sh*t' I just barfed myself .. meaning, mommy, come clean me up! :)

    How can I help my toddler deal with a new baby sister when he is terrified of babies crying?
    My toddler is about to have a new sister in a month and a half and he is terrified when he hears babies cry whether it be on tv or in the store or a friend's baby? I am really getting worried. I always tell him that they are ok, and that sometimes babies cry when they are tired, hungry, sleepy etc. and sometimes I ask how can we help them ( bring a toy, change a diaper, get a bottle etc.) Has anyone else had this problem? Any adjusting tips?

    • ANSWER:
      Before our baby was born we got a baby sounds CD for our dog. At first we started it low, and then gradually made it very loud as she got used to it. The CD is filled with baby's giggling, crying, laughing, screaming, hollering. You should try it. I don't remember the one we bought, but there are plenty online.

    What do you think of this no crying babies?
    I think that babies shouldnt cry in resturants and it annoying the hell out of me when I hear babies crying in a restaurant or a plane

    Don't you hate babys crying in restaurants or on planes?
    answer my question dumbass!
    well casey i stfu and they should get a baby sitter cause the obviously wont eat real food.

    • ANSWER:
      I do hate it. I've said many times that I feel like babies shouldn't be allowed in public until they are old enough to behave. I'm kinda kidding, kinda not.

    Why do cats sound like crying babies at night?
    I was at home and it was around 2 AM, and I thought I heard a baby crying. So I then looked on the porch and nothing was there. But then I remembered that my mom said that the cats were making that sound. But why do they sound like that?

    • ANSWER:
      Right, that sound like a female cat in heat - probably with a Siamese mix in her background. Can you find the owner and ask them to keep her inside until it's over or at least get her fixed (she can call local pet shops and the animal shelter to get advice on free or very cheap neutering programs.) Meanwhile if she lets her little baby roam all over the place, there will be more kitties and probaly a bunch of cat fights in the neighborhood to keep everyone awake half the night.
      I have two kittens now and they sound like 2 sweet little musical birds at night.

    How do I stop Babies Crying all night?
    I have a newborn now living with me and my wife. The baby seems to cry all night long, of course she doesn't but it seems like it. The baby is dry, fed, and not ill, but still the baby cries for long periods of time. Can anyone give us some solid advise?

    • ANSWER:
      Patience is needed, that is the first thing to stop babies crying. Most babies continue to cry after all the basic needs are met, because they just want to be held and nurtured and to feel safe.

    Why do babies start crying for no reason when you start crying?
    I have so much fun with our 2 year old. i want to see him cry so all i do is start crying myself by faking it. funny enough 5 seconds later he will start crying. lol its so funny because when i stop crying he will stop. This is so funny it brings joy to my life. babies are so fun!

    • ANSWER:
      They interpret your sorrow as something that is about to happen to them.

      In a strange sense, there is a precognition there...

    what age do babies start crying for their mothers?
    I dont know why it is but if my baby girl who is 2 and a hlf months old is upset and someone else is holding her she will keep crying and when they hand her to me she stops nearly straight away. Babies dont do this at this early age. Is it just a coinicidence.

    • ANSWER:
      i think it's just natural for babies to feel more secure when held by familiar scent. have seen a lot.

    Can you get evicted for crying babies and toddlers throwing temper tantrums?
    We live in an apartment with very thin walls. Could we get evicted if our baby cries a lot (like if he is sick in the middle of the night or something)? What if our 2 year old throws temper tantrums at 7:30am or some such hour?
    Yes, I did read the rental agreement, thank you.
    No, the toddler does no damage...just to eardrums ;) Thank you for your answers, I appreciate it :)

    • ANSWER:
      The fair housing act does not allow discrimination based upon family or children. However, if your tantrum throwing child causes damage, that could be a different story.

    What's the deal with people wanting to hold crying babies?
    We have a rather fussy (formerly colic) 5 month old, who already has a lot of stranger anxiety - she is very attached to mom and dad, and often screams after being held by someone else... frequently she is inconsolable...

    There are many relatives and friends who seem to insist on holding her even if she is having a melt down. I think they seem to think that surely they can calm her down... when they cannot and I take her away to calm her, I feel really guilty! The comments are always - "it doesn't bother me if she is crying... but if it bothers you here you go." It makes me feel really dumb for wanting to help her stop crying, like it shouldn't bother me. But I know it is a mother's natural instinct to stop her baby from crying and I see no reason to have her scream incessantly and work herself into a tizzy.

    What's the deal with people not wanting to let go of crying babies after a couple minutes, unless prodded by the mother? Suggestions in dealing with this?

    • ANSWER:
      As lame as this sounds, what I always did was talk to my daughter directly and then the meaning-well relatives usually forked her back over. I would say something silly like "oh geez, you just won't settle for anyone but mom eh?" and hold out my hands. People won't generally fight you on it. For the most part people want to give you a break and don't want you to feel like you have to take her back. I am just like you, hate seeing my little one cry, especially due to stranger anxiety. There can't be anything worse for a little one than being with some strange person, crying in fear and seeing mom or dad across the room. It does get better with time though. Hang in there.

    Does anyone have an article about the effects of babies crying and how certain men cannot deal with it?
    I read an article a few years ago where a study was done regarding how baby's cries affected aggression patterns in men.
    I remember a statistic like 30% of men are born with an intolerance to babies crying and 5% or so of women.
    It's well known that some men hate baby cries but this was a study on why and such.


    • ANSWER:
      I've tried to search a few databases using ebscohost, but haven't found exact results (see 3 abstracts below--some you may find online by typing in author names). Do you happen to remember anything about it? The date? The author? The title? I would think that it would be related more to some other biologically based trait like neuroticism. Get onto ebsco or google scholar and see if you can find it, or send me more info. Email me if you can't find them and I'll try to send you more info. One of the articles was PDF, so I can send that to you.

      Author(s): Stein, Lawrence B., U Alabama, Dept of Psychology, US
      Brodsky, Stanley L.
      Source: Journal of General Psychology, Vol 122(1), Jan 1995. pp. 19-27.
      Publisher: US: Heldref Publications
      ISSN: 0022-1309 (Print)
      Language: English
      Keywords: frustration caused by infant crying, willingness to self disclose distress, male vs female college students
      Abstract: Investigated gender and differences in self-disclosure following a frustrating event. The Emotional Self-Disclosure Scale assessed the extent to which 100 male and 100 female undergraduates were willing to disclose their emotions. The frustrating stimulus presented was a tape of an infant crying, played at 85 dB for 10 min. The men exposed to the noxious stimulus were less willing to disclose than men who were not. All of the men were less willing than the women to disclose in either condition. Women in the 2 conditions showed no differences in disclosure. These findings are interpreted with respect to how disclosure is affected by the immediate environment and with respect to male-female differences.

      Title: Find More Like ThisDifferential sex-independent amygdala response to infant crying and laughing in parents versus nonparents.
      Authors: Seifritz, Erich1
      Esposito, Fabrizio2
      Neuhoff, John G.3
      Lüthi, Andreas4
      Mustovic, Henrietta1
      Dammann, Gerhard1
      von Bardeleben, Ulrich1
      Radue, Ernst W.5
      Cirillo, Sossio6
      Tedeschi, Gioacchino2
      Di Salle, Francesco7
      Background: Animal and human studies implicate forebrain neural circuits in maternal behavior. Here, we hypothesized that human brain response to emotional stimuli relevant for social interactions between infants and adults are modulated by sex- and experience-dependent factors.Methods: We used functional magnetic resonance imaging and examined brain response to infant crying and laughing in mothers and fathers of young children and in women and men without children.Results: Women but not men, independent of their parental status, showed neural deactivation in the anterior cingulate cortex, as indexed by decreased blood oxygenation level–dependent signal, in response to both infant crying and laughing. The response pattern changed fundamentally with parental experience: in the amygdala and interconnected limbic regions, parents (independent of sex) showed stronger activation from crying, whereas nonparents showed stronger activation from laughing.Conclusions: Our data show sex- and experience-dependent modulation of brain response to infant vocalizations. Successful recognition and evaluation of infant vocalizations can be critical for bonding mechanisms and for offspring well-being and survival. Thus, the modulation of responses by experience

      Translated Title: Paternal cognition of infant crying.
      Author(s): Kamiya, Tetsuji, Tohoku U, Graduate School of Education, Japan
      The present study examined men's perceptions of infant crying and their recognition of the causes of infant crying. Four groups participated in the research: (A) 45 unmarried men, (B) 10 newlywed men, (C) 15 men whose wives were expecting their first child, and (D) 27 fathers. Participants rated the cries of infant who had been evaluated as low and high for risk/complications, and offered their reasons for infants' crying. The results included (1) Group D (fathers) perceptions were not as negative as those of Group A (unmarried men), (2) Group D perceptions correlated with frequency of child rearing activity, and Group C correlated with participants' gender role concept and experience of child rearing, (3) Groups C and D discriminated between infant cries, recognizing pain as one cause of crying. These results demonstrated that a cognitive framework for understanding infant crying forms early in men's experience of fatherhood, and that fathers were competent in child rearing. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

    How do you deal with whiny toddlers and crying babies?
    What things do you do to keep your sanity when your baby is crying for no reason or your toddler is being naughty and whiny? How do you keep the calm?

    • ANSWER:
      By having a nice BIG glass of wine at the end of every night, and anxiety med's. lol.

    Has anyone heard of a band name called Crying Babies?
    I've heard a song from this band at a rock club and a friend told me the name but I can't find it anywhere on the internet.They sing just like the name says, with crying babies-like voices but it's quite nice.

    • ANSWER:
      That doesn't sound anywhere near "nice".

    When did you babies start crying real tears?
    My daughter is 3 months old and has yet to cry tears. My son started to cry tears around 4 months old. When did your babies start to cry tears?

    • ANSWER:
      My son started crying tears at about 4 moths and it was heartbreaking :(

    Why do i start crying when i think about babies?
    When i think about having a baby, i start crying, and lately i've been dreaming and just sat there for ages at school etc, just thinking about me having a baby, with my boyfriend, now at my age, and having to give it up, and then i go threw depression etc..

    Why is it now, when i think of babies, i cry, feel sick, and feel i want a baby :'(
    I know its wrong, I'm only 15, but why do i feel like this ? :(

    • ANSWER:
      That's mother nature for you... she can be a bit of a b|tch sometimes.

      We're *made* to reproduce... it's why we exist. As soon as your body is mature enough to do that (even if you're really still a kid), it will start bothering you to go out and *get pregnant*. At your age, that's a pretty dumb choice, so just choose masturbation instead.

      Giving yourself frequent orgasms will trick your body into thinking that you *are* trying to get pregnant, and this hormonal drive to have babies will become a lot less insistent.

    Why babies crying during breast feeding?
    My 44days old baby cries during her feeding.Whenever i gave her milk she will suck and after 5 or 6mins she will start crying.i doubted If she is not getting enough milk and checked.but its sufficient.When milk reaches her stomach ,then some sounds coming from stomach.Dont know why?What other reasons can make My baby cry?If she is crying of stomach pain wat i shud do to relieve her? Pls advise me abt this old babies.

    • ANSWER:
      Reflux, pain with swallowing, getting too much air causing air in her tummy, gassy tummy due to the foods you eat...consult a lactation specialist or pediatrician. Try feeding from a bottle, use gas drops and burp her more often. Good luck.

    how can i keep anoying cats that sound like crying babies away so that i get some sleep?
    this anooying cat is making some wird sound that sounds like a crying baby right outside my window and i cant sleep. how can i get it away easily preferebly available at a local store. need anser fast plz

    • ANSWER:
      Breeding season always brings the 'singers' out.

      Get yourself a pair of foam ear plugs, they're only a quarter or so, very cheap. We used them when we lived near a railway line and the trains were going by all night. They do work and they're not uncomfortable.

      Poisoning animals will get you into legal trouble with the cops, with charges pressed by the animal shelters. Shooting inside city limits is also a crime. Don't take the advice of the idiots who recommend those methods.

    How can I stop my babies crying!?
    I am thirteen and recently gave birth to three healthy fat babies. I named them fat one, fat two and fat three. I fed them egg yolks and horse poo.

    They are crying and their dad's arent helping them?

    I think im gunna cry.

    • ANSWER:

    Why so pacifiers help some babies stop crying?
    When I was a baby, a pacifier did not help me stop crying, but my little sister has one and she almost always stops crying.

    • ANSWER:
      Every baby is different. Some will take to pacifiers very easily, while others don't like them at all. Neither of my boys liked them, but I have a few friends whose babies were hooked on their pacifiers.

    Why are there always crying babies on planes?
    Even after takeoff and before landing? I know they cry because they are babies but why are there always babies on planes? Is there a flight where you have seen with only one baby or toddler?
    at least i cried about reasonable things like george bush being named "president"

    • ANSWER:
      It's all part of the joys of flying.

    Why do crying babies stop crying when the person stands?
    My four months old sister keeps crying when I am sitting and carrying her. Once I stand she stops crying. What is the secret about this?

    • ANSWER:
      My 1 year old does this and he can get pretty heavy. For my 1 year old, why does he do this, I have no idea. For younger babies, it could be that they have gas and the walking type motion helps sooth it out.

    Why do Cats fight each other at night and sound like Babies crying?
    Its a really odd sound - they never do it during the day, maybe its a territorial thing no?
    ewwwww lol

    • ANSWER:
      They aren't fighting, that yowling sound is them getting sexed up.
      My female cat used to make that sound when she had the horn.

    Can babies die from crying too long?
    I was told that if a baby cried for 2 hours or maybe 4, that they can die, is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      if that was true my 2 year old wouldn't be here! she was colicky. she is fine. now you may think you are going to die from all the crying.LOL.

    Do you thin there are really babies that cry for the sake of crying?
    Alot of people on here including myself have said "my baby never cries unles hungry, hurt, wet or tired" well what other reasons are there? Most babies i know (and i have thirteen nieces, 2 nephews and about 6 friends babies) dont cry just for no reason at all and as long as they are full, changed, burped, dont have any other illnesses and loved they are usually happy. Have you ever had or know anyone thathas had a baby that cries just to cry????

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think that I have ever seen a baby cry just for crying, a lot of times it is just that they feel ignored or need attention and once they have it they are back to giggles and smiles.

    If my eyes swell after crying why don't babies eyes swell?
    My eyes swell up the next day after I've been crying, but babies cry all the time so why don't their eyes swell?

    • ANSWER:
      they do if the cry for an extended period of time.
      most babies only cry for a few minutes at a time.
      if a baby has colic and cries a lot their eyes look puffy.

    What is it about libraries that make little kids and babies start crying and screaming?
    And how come librarians seem to be deaf to the racket -- and unable to see the babies pounding the daylights out of fragile keyboards? Our library does have a nursery with PCs, but the librarians apparently are reluctant to mention it.

    • ANSWER:
      An employee in a librarian wouldn't interfere with a strangers child no matter what the racket is. It's just a downside you'll have to face. Plug in some earphones and listen to some slow paced music. I find it easier to concentrate when I listen to deadmau5's songs or even classical music.

    I am looking for a new book about crying babies arriving by plane to JFK without a pilot on board?
    I saw this book on Barnes and Noble website and was intrigued by the plot but didn't bookmark it. Please help. Has anyone seen it and knows the title? I think it was with young adult or teen books.

    • ANSWER:
      It's Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

    whats the best thing to cover my ears with to get rid of my sisters babies crying?
    Im in college my sister has to crying babies. She's a baby-machine... I cant get any sleep. Im in college, dnt have anywhere to go??

    • ANSWER:
      Mack's Ear Plugs work so good. You can get them at the drug store. They are like a sea foam green color.

    What age do Babies start crying for Mommy? Like if you give him to a babysitter or someone else?
    I'm just wondering because my son is 9 months old, and doesnt seem to care if I leave him with someone else like when I go to work. Its a stranger to him, But i know the babysitter. Or if someone else holds him he doesnt get fussy or cry for me to hold him, he seems like he doesnt care. What age do they usually start doing that?

    • ANSWER:
      If he hasn't done it yet, he probably won't. Chances are that it's just a part of his personality; it's nothing to worry about (as long as you know who he's with)!

      All babies are different, and your son may just be a "people person"! :) Consider it a blessing, because some moms can't ever hire a babysitter because their children won't allow them to leave.

    Why do babies start crying/wimpering in the middle of sleeping?
    Do you think they are having a bad dream?

    • ANSWER:
      They are just not worry!!! with my first child... my daughter when she was an infant, she would do it and i felt so bad....i would pat her tummy or back and try to get her to stop...i felt so bad!!!..she is now 8 years old and a happy, healthy girl...with my 2nd...i just leave him be when i hear it...he is almost 6 months old...don't worry, it's a normal thing that every baby does...

    Why do crying babies disturb me so much?
    They make me feel like I've done something horrible and deserve to pour alcohol all over myself and strike a match. Is it some sort of learned behavior, or is it humanly natural?

    • ANSWER:
      why do you disturb crying babies so much?

    Two babies crying in my dream?
    Yesterday night I dreamed I was taking care of one or two babies (I can't remember well). At first they were crying but I was able to put them to sleep, and then my aunt appeared to tell me I was doing it fine. I think during the dream I had the feeling they were my sons.
    Any idea of what that means? I know that crying children mean that you may get ill and that it's negative, but what it would mean tha I was able to calm them down?
    Thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:

    Why are the US new generation of citizens a bunch a crying babies?
    They all are specting their big "Moma" goverment to keep feeding them free cheese and protect them from immigrants from taking their jobs. GROW UP GET OFF YOUR A** AND GET A JOB. If you keep complaining not only will you lose your job to a Hispanic but you'll lose your spouse too.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey I agree in part. America in my opinion needs to get off the white Horse before it falls into a mud puddle. But not every Hispanic male wants a white female. Some are quite content with their own race women. Please don't make the Hispanic men out to steal an American's woman. It only adds fuel to their big "HATE" bonfire. Let's be nice.

    Dogs barking all day or babies crying nonstop?
    Which is easier to tolerate?
    Jade -- really? That's all you got? Try harder. Your lame attempt at humor is the only I find hilarious.

    • ANSWER:
      You record a dog barking and play it back to him/her and they will stop barking. Babies cry for a reason. Check all the common things first wet, hungry, load in pants, teething, fever, etc... . then if it is none of those things. Check for the not normal things whatever seems different, distended belly, constipation, etc... . something not normal take to Usually a car ride will settle a baby down if it is nothing serious.

    How did the Jews keep their children and babies from crying out while hiding during the Holocaust?
    This has always perplexed me.

    • ANSWER:
      They would give them some type of liquid or powder substance and put it in a drink or food so that they could go to sleep while they carried them from place to place so that they wouldn't cry and give their hide out away.

    How do you travel from Iowa to Arkansas with to crying babies with no help?

    • ANSWER:
      Plan a lot of time, and make frequent stops. We drive my 10 month olds from Arizona to Illiniois a few years ago. Can you do most of the driving when they are asleep? We generally try to drive during hours that the babies sleep anyway in order to make the drive more tolerable for everybody.

    Do you think the restaurant that banned crying babies should revolutionize the restaurant business even more?
    Why just ban crying babies? They should also make customers agree to tip or never go there again since apparently some people think they shouldn't tip and are the same azzholes who aren't appreciative of kindness and warmth from waiters.
    @ intuitive witch. Guess again, the restaurant now has better business than before.

    • ANSWER:
      A crying baby, a radio, a television, a loud group all fall under the same category of noise. Restaurants know that noise drives away business. A restaurant would never ask someone with a sleeping baby to leave. But they would ask a loudly crying adult to leave. They're not anti baby, they're anti annoying the guests that come specifically for intimacy, romance, peace and quiet who don't even want to hear the conversation of the table next to them.

    Do 4 week old babies make noises besides crying?
    I wanted to know if 4 week old babies make any noise besides crying, burping and gas noises. Is it common for them to like a character on the t.v. when they see them? My baby is 4 weeks old and I swear she loves Sponge-bob. Is this common or is she developing too fast for her age range?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe she's smart :D

    Why are these southerners crying like babies over the oil spill?
    Ithought they wanted offshore drilling. As a matter of fact, where is that Palin wench? They love Palin and bought her book to be a best seller. Why are these brats crying over their oil being on their beach? That's where the oil companies keep putting it when they screw up, and they screw up a lot!

    Explain this to me, repubs.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry there are no explanations.
      People of that calibre want their cake and they want to eat it too. They don't want to buy the flour, pay for the sugar, procure the butter, or invest in an oven. They do not want to dole out for the pots and pans to mix the ingredients and they definitely do not want to work the recipe for the cake. That is a "no no" to the Nth degree. Hell they don't even want to wait for the cake to cook; they want it all and they want it now!
      So ... you want an explanation? You gotta better chance of seeing God first!

    Do your fists clench at the sound of crying babies?
    Ignoring your crying children is very IN.

    • ANSWER:

      are awesome

    My friend laughs when babies start crying?
    Is that mean or what?

    • ANSWER:
      It's more disturbing than anything ..

    How do babies react to other people crying?
    I have always wondered. Do they cry with the person? Do they try and comfort them? Do they Laugh? Also do babies know how to comfort people ?

    • ANSWER:
      when my daughter was a baby she had a dolly that would cry when its dummy was pulled out. every time it started crying she would cry too. we took the bateries out in the end lol. she's 3 now and very comforting if someone is crying x

    When do babies start crying real tears?

    • ANSWER:
      My son is 10 weeks and only had 1 real tearful moment which i agree.. was hearbreaking! :(

    How do deaf parents know their babies are crying in the middle of the night?

    • ANSWER:
      As the other poster said, they have device that tells them that they have a phone call, someone is at the door, or there's a fire. Usually lights flash.

      A Google search of: deaf parents baby monitor

      reveals that they also have vibrating pagers they wear to bed.

    Shouldn't a daycare be used to crying babies?
    My son is 4 months old and has been going to an in home day care for about 1 month. She called us this morning and told us that we needed to come pick him up from day care because he is crying too much and she cannot handle it. Thoughts???? Is it unusual for a 4 month old to require a little attention?

    • ANSWER:
      You have to wonder how competent she is, don't you? Both my children were an absolute pain at 4-8 months old, but you have to put up with it.

    how do you get babies and toddlers to stop crying?
    i am the main babysitter for this two year old and the mom just had anther baby, they both cry like crazy, how can i get them to stop?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on why their crying. Some children cry when their hungry, tired, or just want some loving and attention. Do you have any children's movies or toys for the two year old. Maybe if sat down and played with the little one for a while he/she might be happier after being entertained. Some children however, just can't cope being separated from their parental figure for extended period of time.

    why do babies stop crying once they have a pacifier?

    i don't have a baby. that question just came to me. thanks for your answers.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the real reason the war supporters are now crying like newborn babies?
    Reason" the war has no ending"? The Iraq war has lasted longer than World War two? The USA is getting their rear ends hadnded to them each and everyday by the rag tag insurgents? The war supporters see USA Marines crying day in and day out?
    Why is the truth so hard for the war supporters?

    • ANSWER:
      Why is it those against the war elected Democrats to the House and Senate and they did nothing to get the USA out of Iraq?

      They SAY they want to cut and run but when it gets down to brass tracks, they do not have the balls to do it.

    when do babies stop crying because they have a burp?
    my triplets cry whenever they have a burp or fart while theyre napping. they are 10 weeks old and it sounds like they're dying. when will they stop crying for these little things??
    i want to know how old they will be when they stop doing this. I obviously know that when they burp they stop crying!!! Will they be 4 months old or 8 months old, etc.???

    • ANSWER:
      Because it hurts.

    Do all babies go through a crying period?
    ive read that all newborns go through a crying period from two weeks to three months. Does this always happen? What can you do as a parent to help them get through it faster. My baby is a week oldand he doesn't cry much.

    • ANSWER:
      A crying period, no. A fussing period, yes. Fussiness in newborns peaks between 2-4 months. That means that a baby is gradually going to become more fussy and then it will start to drop back down again. It's normal, but straight out crying means that he needs something.

    Is it a psychological problem if someone can't stand to hear crying babies?

    • ANSWER:
      Not at all. Babies' cries are designed by nature to be quite unpleasant to listen to. Nature makes them this way so that their parents actually rush to attend to them, and can't easily sleep through them for example. I also agree with the last post as it's not easy to hear an infant crying continuously and not get upset.

My Baby Does Not Sleep

Does Mozart Make Babies Smarter?
Does Mozart make babies smarter? I compiled some facts about the effect classical music has on children and what else it could do for teens and adults. But the main question is if it scientifically improves the mental skills of a child.

Science says that it has not been proven. But Mozart still has positive influences on all ages. Bonnie Ward Simon, a music educator, says that improving the senses of a child is very important. She thinks it's best to develop the skills of a child at an early age. TV and Internet videos don't have positive effects like music does. Bonnie also says, and I quote, 'The visual sense does take over very quickly. There's too much look and not listen today.' Her theory is that children cannot imagine as well and make up pictures because it's all been reprogrammed. She says that children should be listening more to music than watching TV and I agree.

Dr. Victor Strasburg, a clinical pediatrician, says that TV is potentially harmful, but they don't know about music.
The Mozart effect - The actual theory has been studied by many universities and also by Dr. Alfred A. Tomatisin (who studied it for 30 years!). The Mozart effect has been studied many times over but there has never been proof of results. Although at one university they had students listen to Mozart and nothing before tests and there were more results when they listened to Mozart. It seemed to have helped them focus on their tests and score better. Maybe I will listen to classical music before some of my tests!

Mozart for adults is also a good idea. It probably won't make you any smarter and you definitely will not score higher on tests because you are out of school but it does help with nerves. Listening to Mozart or classical music in general is good if you want to relax or calm down. A couple of other good genres are jazz, nature sounds, or romantic songs. If you know other genres of music that are more relaxing then listen to those! I don't think adults relax enough. With a stressful job and family to care for you never get time for yourself. I think that everyone should take some time out of his or her day to have fun or relax. Do what ever you like best and enjoy it. Music is probably one of the best ways to let out your feelings and express yourself.

Back to babies, even though music may not make your child smarter it will still help them with their growth development. It will help with their hearing senses and if it is an educational song they will memorize the words and learn lessons. So go to the stores and buy a bunch of fun, wacky songs for you and your child to sing along to. Believe me if will go a long way. To answer the question fully, the Mozart effect doesn't work. But it has good effects for adults, tens, and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does your baby sleep with or without a blanket?
    My son is 8 months old, and simply will not tolerate a blanket on him while he sleeps. When he was less than 5 months, I could put a light blanket on him and he'd stay under it. Now when he lays down to sleep, it gets kicked off immediately. If I put it on after he's asleep, he wakes up mad within minutes, kicking at it.

    If the room is like 72-74 degrees, does he need a blanket?

    If he does, are clothes/socks a good alternative to a blanket?

    Does your baby sleep under a blanket?

    • ANSWER:
      My son hates blankets, I just dress him warm and on cold night he would cuddle with me, but it's summer now so it's good now.

    How much does your baby sleep?
    Not looking for advice, just kind of doing a poll. How much does your baby sleep (how long at night, how many naps/how long are the naps?)

    My son is 9 months old, sleeps 12 hours at night (almost to the minute!) and takes 3 naps during the day, for between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours.
    mmkay, let me clarify here. i am not complaining, i do not need to know if it is "normal".

    everyone loves to talk about their babies, and i was just doing a poll out of curiosity.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like your son is right on target, as the total recommended is 14-15 hours from 3-12 months. My little guy is 5 months and sleeps 9.5-10 hours at night (he would probably sleep more, but I have to have him on a schedule for work) and he takes 3 naps a day from 45 mins to 2 hours. He usually totals 13-14 hours.

    Why does my baby sleep for ages during the day but not the night?
    baby has been asleep for over 3 hours now but at night wakes every 2 hours?
    i dont want to wake him from his naps to feed him although it would make sense to so then he wouldnt be so hungry and wake during the night but i just dont feel its right to wake him.
    i did once pick him up when he was asleep as i thought he was stirring and wanting food but he just stayed asleep in my arms and would not be woken.
    why does he sleep so long in day and not night?

    • ANSWER:

    How long does your baby sleep at night (when they started to sleep through the night)?
    My baby is 8 weeks old, and she is sleeping about and average of 6 to 7 hours straight each night, which i am very thankful for! I'm not expecting her to sleep longer right now, but I am just curious how long other babies usually sleep straight through once they hit about 6 months?

    • ANSWER:
      You are incredibly lucky. Experts consider "sleeping through the night" to be 5-6 hours straight. So your baby is already "sleeping through the night." My kids didn't get to 6-7 hours until about 8 months.

      Sleeping from bedtime to wakeup time straight (that's what I call sleeping through the night) didn't happen until they were 2 years old.

    When you sleep during pregnancy, does your baby sleep as well?
    I'm 5 months pregnant & sometimes I can't sleep. I was just wondering if my baby sleeps whether I sleep or not.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey congradulations!! Such an exciting time for you! My baby just turned 5 months! Ummm. . I really dont know why, but baby is up when you sleep and when you are up, baby sleeps. I know, weird, eh? Good luck :-)

    How long does your baby sleep at night?
    My son is 2 months old and every night so far he goes to sleep at 9pm and does not wake till 5am. he is bottle fed.
    How long does your baby sleep at night?

    • ANSWER:
      my 12week old sleeps from 11 or 12 @ night till 9 or 10 in morn so it normal specially if they are bottle gd really cuz it means u got a sleper! take advantage b4 teething kicks in lol! gd luk x

    how long does your baby sleep at nap times, my baby will only cat nap?
    hello! My baby is 4 months. When he takes naps, he will sleep no longer than 30 or 40 minutes, sometimes shorter but usually not any longer...he is what I call a "cat napper", lol. I was wondering if this is normal, do any of your babies take short naps? Most of my friends babies sleep like at least an hour and a half at their nap times. Thank you for any advice and answers!

    • ANSWER:
      My little girl has always been a cat napper, she will only sleep 30 maybe 45 minutes for a nap, and she is up for at least 2 hours in between them. She does sleep for a good 10 -12 hours at night (still waking up to eat). I have tried lots of stuff and not much seems to work. Sometimes I can get her to take a longer nap when I am holding her of let her sleep on my chest, I have gotten a few hour to hour and half naps this way, but you can't get much done. If I am on a long drive she'll sleep for about an hour, but at home just like your son only a cat napper. My cousin's baby sleeps all the time compared to my baby. Some babies just like to stay up to see what is going on in the world. She is a very curious little girl just like your son.

    how much does a week and a half baby sleep?
    I know newborns sleep a lot but I just want to make shure how much "a lot" really is. My newborn sleeps all day and night when not feeding. And often fall asleep during feeding.

    • ANSWER:
      It is normal for them to sleep 16-20 hours a day for the first few weeks. Enjoy while you can. My son is 2 now and it is a struggle to get him to take his naps.

    Does your baby sleep in her own crib, how did you do it?
    I just had my beautiful baby girl this Saturday!!! I am so happy.

    I really would like to have this baby sleep in her own crib. My other two children were in bed with us from the time they were newborns until they were big. I would love to get my new one to sleep on her own, but have not been able to in the past.

    How did you do it? I can't just let her cry. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      My son is almost 2 and we have never let him cry himself to sleep in his crib. We snuggle with him in the living room until he is asleep, and then we put him in his crib. He has never fallen asleep in his crib. Every once in a while he wakes up and wants to lay with us, and we let him.

    How often does your baby sleep?
    My 10 month old son probably has about 3 or 4 half hour sleeps in the day, I'm not concerned as he is quite active, crawling lots and cruising along furniture.

    Just curious about how much others sleep?


    • ANSWER:
      My daughter is almost a year old and just transitioned from 2 naps to just one in the afternoon, which last usually about 3 hours, but really anywhere from 2-4 hours is normal. She sleeps about 11 hours at night.

    When does your baby sleep through the night?
    I am going back to work when my baby is only a month old (unfortunately I have to financially), she is 3 weeks old now and is waking up every 3 hours to eat and occasionally fussing in between then. Just curious to see what is the average age your baby begins to sleep through the night... or atleast cut down the wakings to once or twice in the night.. I'm not looking forward to waking up every 3 hours in the night and working 9 hour days.

    • ANSWER:
      Our son wakes up about once a night now. He's had a couple of nights that he actually slept through the night but he had typically had a big day and was really tired, but he's been doing this for about a month now.

    Does your baby sleep through the night ?
    i have a friend who claims her son has been sleeping from 11pm to 9am since he turned 2 months and a half ! i think those are pretty long hours. im not calling her a liar but wow :) she is lucky i guess ... i have a 6 week old and she of course wakes up once in the middle of the night like 3 or 4 to eat and then at 6 or 7 again . will she sleep more like my babies friend i know every baby is different i would just like other moms experience ?

    • ANSWER:
      We went through a honeymoon period from about 8 weeks to 16 weeks when our son slept through the night. About 11 pm to 6 am. Then he stopped and woke up once or twice until I finally decided he was old enough to wait until morning to eat. (Around 10 months).

      I think your baby is perfectly normal. Here's a link to read:

      Is your friend co-sleeping? Those are the only people I've heard about that have such good sleepers. Of course if you do that then you have to wean them from it. Which I hear is a total pain. And I've also heard these mom's complain that their babies don't nap.

      Personally I'd rather get up one or twice and then have a couple of hours of downtime during the day. It's totally needed once you kiddo starts crawling & walking!

    does your baby sleep through the night ?
    i have a friend who claims her son has been sleeping from 11pm to 7am since he turned 2 months and a half ! i think those are pretty long hours. im not calling her a liar but wow :) she is lucky i guess ... i have a 6 week old and she of course wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat and then at 6 or 7 again . will she sleep more like my babies friend i know every baby is different i would just like other moms experience ?

    • ANSWER:
      Apparently when I was a baby I would sleep through the whole night. Lucky for my mum I guess. Im not so nice to her anymore :P

      And when I was a toddler she would try and get me used to sleeping in noisy places, so that I could sleep where ever she took me :) she would also try to put sleep when I go tired instead of spot on 6pm or what ever some mothers do, although she did have a limit as too how late I could stay up too. I also didn't get up at 5am like her friends kids did :P so she got to get up at a reasonable time.

    Question for co-sleepers - why do you co-sleep and how often does baby wake?
    I co-sleep with my 7 month old and have on and off since birth. The reason we do it is mostly because he did not sleep well on his own and therefore neither did we - though at one point he got to sleeping 8 hours in his moses basket but then he outgrew it. He now wakes a couple of times a night in his 8-10 hour stretch. The most he seems to go is 4-6 hours without waking. Any co-sleeping babies sleep 8-12 hours without waking?

    • ANSWER:
      I co-sleep and have done on and off also since birth, mostly in the mornings but now my daughter's teeth have started coming up she often wakes in pain so i can help her sooner if she is next to be than in her cot. She only used to wake up once a night until her teeth started coming through.
      She would go to sleep around 9, wake up for a feed after a few hours and drift back to sleep for another few hours. The past few days her teething has been really bad and she was waking up every hour but last night she slept through co-sleeping.

    How many hours a night does your breastfed baby sleep? 6+ months..?
    My daughter is almost 7 months old. I nurse her at 7:30pm and she goes to sleep shortly thereafter. She usually wakes up between 4:30-5:30 am to eat, then will go back to sleep until around 7-7:30 am. I am definitley not complaining, I was just wondering how long other breastfed babies slept.

    • ANSWER:
      At 6 months she was sleeping about 3-4 hours. (Went to bed at 11ish, woke at 3ish for a feed, then again at 6ish for the day.)

      At about 7 1/2 months she began sleeping through the middle-of-the night feed and going about 7 hours.

    Does your baby sleep with a blankie?
    The only way my son will sleep is if his blankie is across his face! It drives me NUTS. But he does it himself. And if you try to move it he flips out! Such an attitude so early, lol. He's 4.5months old. His blanket has to be over his face, and when he is in his carrier it has to be right up against his cheek for hi to sleep. Did ur baby ever do this? Did it freak you out for the blanket to be covering his face at night? He only uses baby blankets, so they are not thick...

    • ANSWER:
      Our daughter slept with a blanket until she started moving around a lot in her sleep (she moves A LOT!)... She thankfully never put it over her head, but my niece nearly suffocated on a small blankie that is soft on one side, and satin on the other when it was over her face. She was young enough to move around a bit in her sleep, but too young to pull it off of her face (needless to say, she doesn't sleep with that anymore!). Anyway, if he must have something over his face to sleep, you could always try some sort of breathable material, or a loosely knit/crocheted blanket. Or, try to get him used to not sleeping with something covering his face (I know, easier said than done!).

    Does your baby sleep on their back or stomach.?
    I;m not judging it's your personal choice. Me personally, I;m terrified of the thought of sids so my # month old sleeps on his back but i noticed alot of people put their baby to sleep on the stomach.

    • ANSWER:
      I put my daughter to sleep on her back.

      A close friend of mine lost her two month all daughter to SIDS in July last yr so I am even more cautious of this now.

      She loves been on her tummy though so I give her plenty of tummy time during the day and she sleeps on her dad's chest during the day lying on her tummy for brief periods but when she is probably put down for a nap or night time then I follow everything that is recommended to a T.

    What does your baby sleep in (clothing-wise)?
    I've been having my four month old sleep in one of those nightgowns so that I can change his diaper very quickly in the middle of the night, but now I'm curious about what others are doing? I swaddle him still (he will not stay asleep w/out swaddle) so I know he's warm enough (we live in New England) but once I stop swaddling, what kind of sleep layers will keep him warm?

    • ANSWER:
      Fleece footie pajamas work best for us. He does sleep with us, though, so he has blankets over him and two hot parents on either side.

    does your baby sleep when you sleep? or does it grow more when your asleep and should i get lots of sleep?
    i dont go bed till like 2.00 in the moring and woke at like 1.00 2.00 in the after noon and i know thats not good? please can you answer my questions :)

    • ANSWER:
      You mean when you are pregnant?
      Your baby is always growing it doesn't matter when you go to sleep.
      It is obviously going to affect your baby if you don't get any sleep because you will not have much energy therefore you will not get any energy passed onto your baby but yeah as long as you get 5-8 hours of sleep each day then your baby will be growing accordingly.x

    Does anyone else's baby sleep in the carseat?
    My son will NOT sleep anywhere but his carseat (or swing). Other than co sleeping, which I dont feel comfortable with (He is 5 months old) I feel bad about him sleeping in his carseat like that. I dont like him sleeping in the swing though, I try to save that for when he needs to wind down, I dont want him too used to it. Anyone else's baby like this??

    • ANSWER:
      mine is kinda like that, but she dont sleep in her car seat. she either sleeps in her swing or her vibrating chair. it has been like this since the day she came home from the hospital. ever now and then she will fall asleep in her crib but not very often. i tend to find myself worried about it often because i am worried it will flatten the back of her head or something.

    Does anyone elses baby sleep in a playpen every night? My 16 month old daughter does?
    not because we are too cheap for a crib-lol she would just cry every time we put her in one. i just feel kind of bad , maybe she should not be in a playpen at night

    • ANSWER:
      I'd try to break her from that as soon as possible, she might cry for a few nights but it would save you in the future...pretty soon she will be too big for the playpen and will need to go back into her crib or start in a toddler bed, probably better to get the drama over with at a younger age. Good luck! Don't worry, you're not doing any serious harm to her though.

    Does your 9 mth to 1 year old baby sleep well on their own in their crib at night?
    My baby is 10 months and will not fall asleep on her own...then I have to do the transfer to crib and then she wakes up alot and cries for me...same thing ...have to wait until she sleeps again, back into the crib....PLEASE NOTE: If she sleeps with me SHE SLEEPS RIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Any thoughts or advice about my situation???

    • ANSWER:
      No, she doesn't. She coslept with us from about 2-months to about 8-months. Since then, we've been starting her out in her crib (placing her in the crib after she's fallen asleep) and then most often bringing her into our bed when she wakes up. Lately she's been sleeping for about 4 hours in her crib before waking to eat. If I can stay awake, I put her back in her crib. If not, she just stays in our bed.

    does your baby sleep in his/her swing overnight?
    My 5 month old can sleep in her crib but boy does she get a way better sleep in her crib, I am just not sure what I will do when she outgrows it and now she is starting to lean over in it a bit, she has one of the ones that you can lay in not sit up in, it's the fisherprice natures one. I know it's not good to rely on these things but sometimes it's the only that helps.

    • ANSWER:
      I say, where ever she is comfy sleeping, keep her there! You have to do what you gotta do to get some rest. She isn't uncomfortable or she wouldn't sleep there right! She will grow out of it and sleep solely in her crib. My daughter would only sleep in the swing during the day and her crib at night. She finally sleeps in her crib all the time now that she's one. I didn't stick to any routines, I just went with the flow. It's alot less stressful!!! Good luck!!

    why does my baby sleep on my bottom right rib side and just kicks on that side and not the other?
    i never feel him kicking on my left side at all its just weird but on my right side i feel something really big and i don't know what it could be a elbow or knee?

    • ANSWER:
      Most comfortable position.
      It is definately a limb. I think that's all you need to know to reassure yourself

    Does my baby sleep too much?
    I have a 14 month old daughter. She used to sleep about 14 hours a day, then all of a sudden she started sleeping more. She now sleeps about 15 hours just at night and will still go down for a nap of two usually resulting in 4 more hours of sleep. That is 19 hours of sleep. I do not know if this is a problem, can someone help?

    • ANSWER:
      Toddlers do require a lot of sleep because they are so active and are still developing skills and their brains every day, which takes a lot of energy. 19 hours of sleep sounds a little bit excessive though for a child who is 14 months old. I would talk to your pediatrician just to make sure that she doesn't need to be tested for something like thyroid function, which can make you lethargic. It could also be normal for her though but I would def. bring is up with your daughter's physician.

    my baby does not sleep at night?
    my 19 days old baby sleep all day and she wakes around 11pm till 8am or 9 am that is when she go back to sleep is this normal or i should worry?

    • ANSWER:
      True: The baby has day and night switched around. The answer is NOT to keep your baby up all day. But GOOD NEWS: This is not hard to fix. Here's what you do. You put your baby on a "schedule" during the day, or call it a routine. At 19 days of age, 3 hour-cycles are usually appropriate. You wake your baby for the daytime's first feed, if necessary, and when it's over you hold/place her fairly upright for optimal digestion. Note: This MUST be a full feed, NOT a "snack". Keep the baby awake for the feeding. Keep waking her if she dozes. A baby this young will soon fall asleep after the feeding. Wake her at the 3 to 3-1/2 hour mark (since the beginning of the last feed). Repeat this, with full feeds, during all daylight hours. Then when you put the baby down at around 11 pm or so, do NOT wake her up until daylight. She will awaken when hungry.
      The trick is this: You have to be proactive, rather than "waiting" for your tiny baby to figure out day vs. night.
      In the nighttime, you act differently during a feeding, too. You make no effort to interact and play as you would during the day. You don't turn on any bright lights: Just enough to feed and change. The baby will very quickly catch on.
      Good luck.

    How do you get a baby to sleep earlier?
    My baby sleeps about 12 or 1 AM and if he does sleep a little earlier he will end up waking up an hour later and not sleeping again. I would really like him to sleep earlier and sleep through the night. He is 8 months old. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Put him to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you get him to the time you WANT him to go to bed.

      Not all kids sleep through the night. My 7-month-old does, but my 4-year-old never has. It's a very individual thing.

      I don't believe in Cry It Out (CIO). When your child cries, you should take care of him, or at the very least, comfort him until he goes back to sleep. Otherwise, he will grow up thinking that his needs will not be met and that no one cares if he cries. Also, if your baby has a wet diaper, it's better to change it than to make him cry and suffer in a wet diaper until morning. Yuk.

    How long would you let you 4 week old baby sleep without a feeding?
    My baby is a month old I breastfeed and sometimes she sleeps 5-6 hours between feeding and she seem fine and is gaining weight okay. Do you think it is fine to let her sleep that long at night because they say to feed every 2-3 hours but there are times she just does not wake up to eat.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd let her sleep, if she's eating really well throughout the day and is gaining weight and seems fine, then sleep away and count your blessings! Babies know whey they're hungry, and if she's not, she's not. :)

    Why wont my baby sleep during the day?
    I have a 4 months old and he sleeps 9-10 hours every night, which is fantastic, but he wont take more then a 30 minute nap from 2pm-8pm. I give him a bath at 6:30pm and put him down at 7:00pm. It takes about an hour or less for him to fall asleep. I do let him cry for 10 minutes and check on him until he is asleep. I just started feeding him cereal during the day. I have tried a swing, rocking him,I have music playing for him, ect. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know he is tired so I am NOT trying to get him to sleep when he isn't even tired, I thought about that myself, but I shows me ALL the signs he just wont sleep, and I can't get anything done and it's not pleasant to have a mad baby from 6:30-8pm everynight. PLEASE HELP!

    • ANSWER:
      I have a 4 month old with the exact same problem. My daughter sleeps from about 11 at night until 9 or 10 the next morning. What I do during the day is when I start to notice that she is getting tired I put her in her bouncy seat. Of course she starts crying, but I ignore her for about 5 or so minutes. The make her a warm bottle and then rock her. Usually she conks out after that. She only sleeps for about 30 minutes as well, and takes about 2 or 3 of those small naps a day. But when you think about it, most babies thier age still wake up during the night. The sleep so good at night that they won't need as many naps throughout the day as a baby who wakes up at night. If you need those usual nap times to do housework or other chores, just lay him in his crib while you do it. Crying sometimes doesn't hurt him, and he may get bored enough to just go to sleep.

    Does my baby sleep while in womb?
    I am about to come into my 6th month of pregnancy which this is my second baby. My daughter moved a lot but I always had breaks when she slept! I have felt this one move since 15 weeks and the movement hasnt stopped, as my baby gets bigger the kicks are getting stronger and I don't have a second in the day when I'm not feeling anything. I get woken up at night by kicks and I can't always get to sleep because of strong constant movement... so my question is, does my baby sleep in there or is it moving in its sleep? (I didn't think they could move in sleep while in womb)

    • ANSWER:

    How can I make my baby sleep all night?
    I have a 5 month old baby. maybe once every two weeks she will sleep all night. I tired putting baby cereal in her bottle and it does not work. HELP!!!!
    I understand i can't MAKE my baby sleep and I stop putting cereal in her bottle( I know it dont work). I just need advice.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, first of all, if you are still putting cereal in her bottle, stop. It's dangerous and, as you've discovered, it makes no difference in her sleep patterns. (If you truly believe she is ready for/needs solids, feed them with a spoon, from a bowl. If she can't eat that way, she isn't ready for solids.)

      Second -- try and be patient. It's normal for a 5 month old baby to need to eat at night. If she's starting to occassionally sleep through, she will probably begin to do so more often over the next few weeks/months. And eventually, like all babies she WILL STTN.

    How does your baby sleep??
    My sons 4 months old, he has roughly 3-4 'kips' a day - they usually only last about 30 minutes at the very max, at night after his last bottle at about 7-730, he goes to bed, sleeps right through, wakes at about 6-630am. What does your bub do?? Im not after info, this was more of a curiosity question - i find it interesting how different babys are

    • ANSWER:
      My guy sleeps like yours except that at his 5:30/6am feeding I put him back down and he will play in his crib for a bit and then sleep again till 8:30/9am. He's 4 months old as well.

    What can I do to make baby sleep more through the night?
    My son just turned 6Months old and he will not let his mommy or daddy sleep through the night. He wakes up maybe 3-4 times a night to eat and I just do not have the patience to keep this up.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      At 6 months he'll be eating some solid foods...I'd suggest feeding the little one closer to bedtime and then set up a bedtime routine. Cereal, a bath, a story, a song, soft lights and nursing or a bottle should get him down for the night well. He may still wake during the night, but the cereal should help him stay asleep longer with fewer wake ups.

      If he does wake, pick him up and comfort him. Keep the lights low and sounds quiet. It will help him (and you) get back to sleep quickly...

    What age can you let baby sleep with her arms out?
    And, what age does swaddling not work to help them sleep anymore? Thanks for checking out my question!

    • ANSWER:
      Stop swaddling whenever your baby begins to act like he or she doesn't like it. There is no set age. Some babies never like being swaddled, while others want to be swaddled well past their first birthday. My daughter finally got comfortable sleeping unswaddled (albeit in a sleep sack) at 7 months.

    Why does baby benadryl make my baby sleep?The label does not read "alcohol" as an ingredient?

    • ANSWER:
      Benadryl is an antihistamine. Antihistamines are used to relieve or prevent the symptoms of hay fever and other types of allergy. They work by preventing the effects of a substance called histamine, which is produced by the body. Histamine can cause itching, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. Also, in some persons histamine can close up the bronchial tubes (air passages of the lungs) and make breathing difficult.
      Since antihistamines may cause drowsiness as a side effect, some of them may be used to help people go to sleep.This medicine may cause some people to become drowsy or less alert than they are normally. Even if taken at bedtime, it may cause some people to feel drowsy or less alert on arising. Some antihistamines are more likely to cause drowsiness than others.

      Please read on at the link for more information.

    How to help baby sleep without swaddle?
    My little girl is 4 months and she has always been a great sleeper.She would go to bed at 10 and sleep to 7am. But last week she started getting up at 4 am cause she gets out of her swaddle. I have tried to wean her away from the swaddle at her nap time but she wakes herself up cause she can not keep her hands off her face. Does anyone have any suggestions or know where i can get a large swaddle?

    • ANSWER:
      have you tried these ?

      I had a totally similar issue - to begin with I'd just swaddle with a light blanket and put her in the bag (first baby I was young and pretty clueless my cousin reccomended the bag) and this meant she couldn't get out of the swaddle and it was pretty easy to wean her off it as she got used to only the bag with very minimal stress !

    6 mts pregnant my baby kicks at night but not in the morning Does my baby sleep/should I be worried if no kick

    • ANSWER:
      With both my kids when I was pregnant with them - they would always be so still during the day when I was workign or walking around or talking, etc... but as soon as I'd lay down and get quiet - they'd start moving.

      This is VERY normal. When we are pregnant and we're alking around during the day it's almost like "rockign the baby to sleep" and plus they get used to your voice and this is also soothing.

      Then when you lay doen and are ready to sleep it wakes them... you aren't "rocking" then or talkign to them anymore.

      If you are worried then talk to your Dr though. I mean I can only tell you what I have read and from my own personal experiences - every pregnancy is different.

      Good luck hon!

    Does my baby sleep to much?
    My little one is almost 5 months old, and everyone says shes sleeping to much, mind you the friends saying this are those without babies. She gets up at 7:30am, eats and plays, has a nap at 9:30-10am for about a half an hour to an hour, then she gets up, plays, eats, plays, and around 12-1 she has her 3 hour nap, and then when she gets up she again plays, eats, plays, and she might have a nap before 7pm but if not then she has her bath, and then will take a half hour cat nap, and by 9 shes eating her cereal and getting ready for bed for 10pm. Is this to much, I mean she has about 4 naps a day, and I think thats great, and sleeps all night. Is this to much, or should this friends keep their inexperienced thoughts to themselves?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like your inexperienced friends should keep their opinions to themselves. Nothing wrong with that routine at all. My son was sleeping 12 hours at a time through the night at 2-1/2 weeks...and still does. A lot of children take more sleep than others...consider yourself one of the lucky ones...I did.

    Can anyone suggest a baby sleep solution?
    My ten month old baby does not sleep well through the nite and I desperately need help!

    • ANSWER:
      My baby was just the same and didn't sleep at all I tried severall baby sleep techniques including the cry it out method (which I hated and stopped after one night) finally, a friend told me about an audio program that she had used to solve her babies sleep problem. I tried it and within a week Jake was sleeping through the night every night. The website I got the audio from is

      Good Luck

    Does your reflux baby sleep on tummy?
    Since Sunday night my 4 month old has not been sleeping well-she normally sleeps 9-10 hours. When I put her in her crib now she starts grunting and kicking her legs like she is frustrated. I propped her up on her side and she finally went to sleep. Later I checked on her and she was on her tummy. On Monday we went to the MD for her checkup and he said she would be rolling over soon and I couldn't stop her from sleeping on her belly then. She's been doing it every night since, all night crying and kicking her legs. Last night, or this morning at 4 I finally rolled her on her stomach and she was out like a light. She lifts her head fine and is already in the jumperoo and exersaucer. It seems that is the only thing she wants, to be on her tummy. I have heard acid reflux babies are this way. Does your reflux baby sleep this way? She is already medicated for reflux, is not teething, didn't have gas, and wasn't cold.

    • ANSWER:
      My son is almost 4 months old also. He does have reflux and has had it since he was only a few weeks old. My son does sleep on his stomach. Its the only position that he will sleep in. We bought a Movement Monitor because I was worried about him sleeping on his stomach and the risk of SIDS. Basically is sets off an alarm if he stops breathing. I have yet to have a false alarm. My son loves sleeping on his stomach. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as there isn't any blankets in the crib. He can already roll over from stomach to back.

    Is it normal for a baby to cry when waking up from sleep?
    when my baby sleeps in his crib he wakes up crying and then when i grab him he laughs, but when he sleeps in our bed (supervised of course) and wakes up he does not cry, he wakes up with a smile.

    so why does he wake up crying while in the crib and does not cry when he is in my bed?

    is it normal for a 9 month to wake up crying?
    if so, then why?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, of course, it is very normal. He has not yet recognized a pattern to life, and if he wakes up and no one is there, there is no way for him to know if anyone will actually come. Its a natural instinct for humans-if there is no one there, make enough noise for someone to find you. If he is in your bed, as you say, he is supervised, so he knows you are there with him. He cannot see you behind his crib bars. Even at nine months, it is still normal.

    Does your baby sleep with a blanket?
    I have always been worried about my child using a blanket. She is 15 mo old now though... Time flew by so fast that she never really used a blanket, maybe at nap time. AND now she is all ready 15 mo still just a sheet and bumper pads in her crib no covering sheets or blankets. It feels empty. Maybe thats why she wakes up in middle of night? i mean the house is warm enough... Should I put stuffed animals and blankets in there? Does your child have a lovy? My baby doesnt seem interesnted in being attatched to a blankie or lovey. So any advice??? and also i used to breastfeed her to sleep everynight and now that she doesnt use me to go to sleep at night what are more useful ways to put her to sleep??? she is still breastfed at night but it doesnt put her to sleep like it used to so the only thing that will is a bottle and i have to leave her on couch with her baba because if i put her in crib with bottle she will flip and i then after she falls asleep on couch place her in crib... im not sure on this breastfeeding not falling aslepp in my arms transition... i just wish i could lay her in crib awake and with or without baba shed fall asleep :(

    • ANSWER:
      Blankets are not safe because they pose a risk of suffocation. We use a thin blanket and it's only to swaddle her, making sure there is no way it can come loose and cover her face.

    How does/did your 10 week old baby sleep?
    My baby is almost 10 weeks old and her sleep is all over the place. She used to get up every two hours like a clock, then she finally extended that to every 3-4 hours. One night this week I heard her stir after about 4 hours so I went in a gave her the pacifier and she settled and slept another 2 hours. So finally a 6 hour stretch, although I still had to get up :) Last night was not so great. Also, she used to eat and go right to sleep. The last two nights she was much fussier.

    How does/did your 10 week old baby sleep? Did you do anything to help yor baby sleep or just wait it out? It will get better eventually...right? :)

    I realize she is just a baby and needs to get up to eat, I am just exhausted...

    • ANSWER:
      Until she was 20 weeks my daughter never once slept for longer than three hours. She'd sleep for 1-3 hours then be awake for four to eight then sleep for one to three, be awake for four to eight and so it went on for 20 weeks, it got to the point where I had no idea if it was day or night and all the days and weeks just seemed to merge together...just as I was getting used to power napping through the night and staying up all day she slept for 11 hours one night, and just like that she started sleeping through the night, every night!

      She's 25 weeks old now and since that first sleep of 11 hours she's slept for anywhere between 10 and 14 hours every single night taking two short naps during the day (One from 11am - 11.30 and one from between 1.30 and 2pm till 3.30 or 4pm) It's like a miracle! Lol.

      Don't despair, she'll start sleeping eventually and when she does you'll find it hard to remember a time when she did anything's odd but now she sleeps through the night I actually miss the night feeds! lol.

      Congratulations on your little girl and good luck with the sleeping! x

    Does my 11 week baby sleep to much?
    Hi our son is 11 weeks old and sleeps from about 10 pm till about 5.30 am which we are not complaining about one bit.

    What we want to know is how much sleep should he be having in the day? He'll sleep most of the day as well, and a lot of the time when he is a wake and we'll try and play on his gym mat with him he just doesn't seem intrested, or he'll cry.

    He does have his times when he'll lie there cooing and smiling to himself. But this is our first baby and I don't know what I really should be doing to help with his development, I mean we sing and talk to him. Should we be doing anything else when he is a wake, and is that its boredom that makes him cry because he's been fed, nappy change and slept.

    Hope this makes sense, also he was 4 weeks early.
    Also he had his first jabs 48 hrs ago and has slept even more. He slept most of day y'day then 7-9pm we woke him for feed then 10-6am, and has been a sleep for about 4 hrs this morn, still sleeping now is this norm after jabs

    • ANSWER:
      My son is 12 weeks old and in a similar position. He'll sleep practically all day if I let him (which I don't)! My understanding is that as long as they have alert periods and are not permanently sluggish then they are ok. He will play for a bit after each feed and although he gets frustrated after a short period (has a very short attention span!), he enjoys it for a few minutes. I'm basically having to think of new things to do all the time as he won't stay awake if I don't find something interesting for him to do. Things I've found that keep him awake are - talking to him on his change mat with his nappy off for a kick around, his cot mobile, his musical cow I got from tesco, his cow rattle (notice a theme here...), playing with his feet in his bumbo, watching cbeebies, doing sit ups on his mat, taking him to postnatal groups where there are lots of other babies and taking him for a little walk outside (not in his pushchair - that'll send him straight to sleep). I also take him swimming twice a week as he loves to float and has recently started splashing with his arms which he loves. I try to keep him awake until 2 hours before his next feed, that way he wakes himself up to eat rather than me having to do it. For me it's all about finding something more interesting than sleep - but it's hard work!
      All babies are so different though - I know babies of a similar age that don't sleep at all and some that sleep more!
      If you are concerned about his development and what you should be doing with him, there is a book by Miriam Stoppard called "Baby's first skills" which has lots of very good suggestions on how to develop their skills through play.

    Does lowering the crib mattress helps baby sleep better?
    Well I'm going to have to lower the mattress anyways because my Son is now standing up. He is 6 months. But someone told me to lower it because it helps him sleep better. This is my first Baby but I've never heard of it. My Son is a very light sleeper and still does not sleep through the night. He also doesn't want to sleep in his crib (or by himself). I'm trying to exercise sleep training but do I let him cry a lil when I put him down? Thanks
    Well I have never let him CIO but I was just asking. Crying a lil and CIO is different. Because I get a lot of info from mom from the old school and new. Most I don't agree with. When I say sleep training I mean when he wakes, soothe him and then keep putting him back in the crib until he sleeps on him own. He has to learn to sleep in his own crib! Co sleeping is something I have done but I don't want to keep doing it because of the dangers.Well thanks for your info I will check out those articles. The info was helpful.

    • ANSWER:

    How do you make your baby sleep when she cries uncontrollably?
    My 1 month old daughter sometimes cries uncontrollably. It is really scary. After feeding I burp her once (hope that is sufficient and right way). I try to make her sleep by putting her in my lap, put her in my hands like cradle, but she will not like that. She will get up in the sleep and start crying again.

    How would you make your babies sleep fast and sound? What burping method worked best for your baby at 1 month-2 month age?

    • ANSWER:
      Babies develop routines at their own time so dont force it and just enjoy being a new parent..Its not easy so just live through it coz next year this time, you'll be missing those moments. By 2 months or so baby should start sleeping. If you burp baby once and you dont feel any gas movements then the baby is fine. When the baby is gasy you can tell..and usually they start hicupping if you dont burp them good but dont frce those burps either coz sometimes babies just dont burp no matter what you do. Also remember that babies are supposed to cry

    My baby is 1 month old and cries all the time and does not sleep long What am I doing wrong??????!?
    My baby is a month old and I am trying to enjoy having an infant since my son is almost 11 but now it seems like I can't keep her happy for nothing! I have fed, burp, held, rocked, talked, changed everything under the sun and she will still cry. Also when she falls asleep she will wake right back up within a half an hour crying again and I find myself sitting holding her for 3 and 4 hours. When I put her in the swing, crib or bouncer she cries even more. I have to put her down to tend to my son and at least take a restroom break. The doc said babies sleep 18 hours but my baby has been up since Noon getting a few 30 min naps in between. The driving does sooth her but I can't do that every time she cries especially when it's late at night. I just don't know what to do please help. No links real life experiences please!
    Gas medication did not work I tryed that

    • ANSWER:
      That's just the way girls are. They are a lot harder than boys. You are not doing anything wrong. Watch Wanda Syke's HBO special. It's on about 500 times a week. She describes the exact same situation as yours, and it's really funny.

    What do you think about allowing your baby to sleep in a playpen instead of a crib?
    I recently began putting my 7 month old daughter in her playpen in her room for naps and nighttime sleep, just to try to train her to sleep in it. This is because she refused to sleep in it before and wouldn't nap at my mom's when being babysat or when my husband and I would take her places. After the first day she caught on quick and has been sleeping in it for a whole week. She actually seems to sleep better in it than in her crib! With her crib she had been trying to yank the bumper off, and if I take the bumper off she smacks her head on the rails and gets her legs and arms stuck in the rails. Plus, she loses her pacificer through the rails and screams bloody murder until I come back in the room and give it to her. Having her in the playpen has eliminated these problems of the crib. Has anyone else had their baby sleep in a playpen? I worry that it may not be very comfy for her, but she seems to be sleeping great in it this past week. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      My last two children are only 14 months apart and my first two are 13 months apart, so my youngest has always slept in the playpen until the oldest one is ready to leave the crib for a big girl/boy bed. My playpen has the part that attaches on the top so it is like a bassinet. I just put a few extra blankets under the sheet for some extra padding. All of my babies love it! I don't think it is a big deal. I just took my 3 month old out of the top part and started having her sleep in it like a normal playpen. I agree with you to, it is great when we travel her normal bed goes with us, so it is no problem!

    How many hours a day does a 1 month old baby typically sleep?
    I always heard that babies sleep a lot, but not my little girl. Which I don't mind I love the fact she is awake and interacting and looking around.

    The first week of her life she slept a lot, like all the time. But by the time she was 2 weeks old she was staying awake most of the day. Now she does too. She takes cat naps here and there and sleeps pretty well at night

    But I was just wondering how many hours a day does a 1 month old baby usually sleep.
    Wow I think Chy maybe sleeps 10 hours out of a day, sometimes 11
    thats in a 24 hour period by the way

    • ANSWER:
      My little boy was sleeping about 18 hours when he was 1 month old. Now at 5 months, he sleeps around 14 hours every day. (11 during evening, 3 hours daytime naps)

    How long should a 4 month old baby sleep for during the day? What age do babies start to roll over?
    My baby is almost 4 months old and he's still sleeping a lot. He takes about 3 - 4 naps during the day before going to sleep at night about 10-ish; is this normal? He's also not rolling over yet, or not even attempting to roll over... is he too young for that?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds normal.

      Most 4 month olds sleep 8-10 hours at night and take 3 two hour naps during the day.

      They start rolling over at about 4 months, but some skip that step completely.

      My guys rolled over at 2 weeks tummy to back, but are 3.5 months and still haven't done back to tummy. They sleep 9-10 hours at night, and take two 3 hour naps during the day, but since they have a crabby time in the late afternoon, I am thinking of making it three 2 hour naps instead.

      A 4 month old should sleep about 16 hours a day. This won't change much for some time. Just when they sleep changes. From 3 naps to 2 naps to 1 nap, but they also start going up to 12 hours at night. So 12 hours at night and 1 three hour nap at 18 months is still 15 hours of sleep.

      Generally it is 3 naps from 3-6 months, then 2 naps from 6-18 months, then 1 three hour nap from 18 months plus. The nap then gets shorter and shorter, then at about age 5 they don't really need them anymore. By 6 months they should be sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night. By 3 months 6-10 hours.

Sleeping Tips

Marasmus- Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
What is marasmus ?

Marasmus is a form of emaciation and wasting in an infant due to protein-energy malnutrition. It is characterized by growth retardation in weight more than height so that the head appears quite large relative to the body. There is a progressive wasting of subcutaneous fat and muscle so that the skin appears loose. Severe prolonged marasmus may result in permanent retardation.

Marasmus is common in Third World countries in situations with poor access to protein-rich food sources or where unsanitary water is associated with severe infant diarrhea and a corollary inability to absorb nutrients. The term "marasmus" is also used as roughly equivalent to "anaclitic depression," a term coined by Ren Spitz to refer to children who suffer from the early loss of a mother without a suitable substitute.

Causes of marasmus:

In many low-income countries, food variety is limited and results in mineral and vitamin insufficiencies. Therefore any nutrient deficiency can lead to marasmus because appropriate growth can only be ensured by a balanced diet.
Other conditions that might have Marasmus as a complication might be potential underlying causes of Marasmus. The list of conditions listing Marasmus as a complication in our database includes:
Anorexia Nervosa
Eating disorders

The causes of marasmus aren't simply lack of food; as mentioned above, diarrhea is an important cause of marasmus. Diarrhea doesn't come out of nowhere. One of the leading causes of marasmus is the weaning of a child. Mother's milk helps protect a child from harmful bacteria, both in that it is sanitary and in that it contains 'good' bacteria which inhabit the intestinal tract, preventing 'bad' bacteria from gaining a hold.

Some common symptoms of marasmus:

Growth retardation
Muscle wasting
Impaired immunity
Delayed wound healing
Loss of fat stores
Weight loss, progressing in severe cases to emaciation
Chronic diarrhea
Irritability when handled.
A flat or distended abdomen.
Muscle atrophy


Symptoms of marasmus also include extreme weakness, and failure to gain weight, followed by loss of weight. No edema or hepatic enlargement. Brain and skeletal growth continues resulting in a long skinny body and a large head in proportion to weight. Subcutaneous fat is minimal, eyes become sunken and the skin appears loose. The infant is not active, muscles are flabby and relaxed showing gross wasting. The cry is weak and shrill.

Treatment of marasmus :

Vitamin B5 - possibly used for treatment of related vitamin B5 deficiency

Another way of treating marasmus-

The best treatment for improving digestive power is to give regular massage with Vata palliating oils like bala oil, narayan oil, and dhanvantari oil (YR) every day and exposure to early morning sun for 15 minutes. Herbs of choice are bala, shatavari, vidnaga, ashwgandha, and guduchi. These should be given in dose of 1 gram times day with milk or water. Balarishta 10 ml. 3 times a day for 1 month with chyavanprasha 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Weatern herbs like fo-ti, ginseng, and marshmallow are also useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Sleeping tips???
    I need to know some good sleeping tips that make you get to sleep. Thankyou

    • ANSWER:
      ■ Stick to a sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day—even on the weekends.

      ■ Exercise is great but not too late in the day. Avoid exercising closer than 5 or 6 hours before bedtime.

      ■ Avoid caffeine and nicotine. The stimulating effects of caffeine in coffee, colas, teas, and chocolate can take as long as 8 hours to wear off fully. Nicotine is also a stimulant.

      ■ Avoid alcoholic drinks before bed. A “nightcap”might help you get to sleep, but alcohol keeps you in the lighter stages of sleep. You also tend to wake up in the middle of the night when the sedating effects have worn off.

      ■ Avoid large meals and beverages late at night. A large meal can cause indigestion that interferes
      with sleep. Drinking too many fluids at night can cause you to awaken frequently to urinate.

      ■ Avoid medicines that delay or disrupt your sleep, if possible. Some commonly prescribed heart, blood pressure, or asthma medications, as well as some over-the-counter and herbal remedies for coughs,colds, or allergies, can disrupt sleep patterns.

      Don’t take naps after 3 p.m. Naps can boost your brain power, but late afternoon naps can make it
      harder to fall asleep at night. Also, keep naps to under an hour.

      ■ Relax before bed. Take time to unwind. A relaxing activity, such as reading or listening to music, should be part of your bedtime ritual.

      ■ Take a hot bath before bed. The drop in body temperature after the bath may help you feel sleepy,
      and the bath can help relax you.

      ■ Have a good sleeping environment. Get rid of anything that might distract you from sleep, such as
      noises, bright lights, an uncomfortable bed, or a TV or computer in the bedroom. Also, keeping the
      temperature in your bedroom on the cool side can help you sleep better.

      ■ Have the right sunlight exposure. Daylight is key to regulating daily sleep patterns. Try to get outside in natural sunlight for at least 30 minutes each day.

      ■ Don’t lie in bed awake. If you find yourself still awake after staying in bed for more than 20
      minutes, get up and do some relaxing activity until you feel sleepy. The anxiety of not being able to
      sleep can make it harder to fall asleep.

    Sleeping Tips?
    i've always had trouble sleeping ever since i could remember even when im tired and all i think about is going to sleep i cant until like an hour later
    Help !!!!!!
    got any tips to falling asleep

    • ANSWER:
      Some warm milk at bedtime is supposed to help. You can find other remedies in a web search for "natural sleep remedies".

    sleeping tips?
    pleasehelp. i'm having sleeping trouble because of winter break. i've gotten so used to sleeping late & waking up late. school starts tomorrow & it's so hard for me to adjust. no medication though please! i really need tips :(

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing like waiting til the last minute, eh? Not much you can do now but use this week to get back into the routine. I change shifts all the time at work and use the weekend before to stay up late or set myself to sleeping and waking on the same schedule I will have the next week. Sometimes after working 3rd shift all week and going to second shift the next, I will stay up Saturday (after getting off at 6:00 am-maybe a short nap during the day Sat.)till 11pm or 1am and sleep late Sun morn and going to bed about 2am Monday morning and sleep late so I can get to work by 2pm Monday.
      As for you, now with no time to reschedule yourself, you might try taking Tylenol PM (non habit forming and non narcotic). Make sure you have eaten but not right before going to bed. Tomorrow night go to bed when you need to, do not stay up late. By the end of the week you will be back on schedule, might be tired, but it will all work out as long as you stick to it on the weekend.

    Any sleeping tips for the second trimester?
    24 weeks pregnant sleeping is a VERY hard task lately. And once I wake up I am up for the day no matter how late I got to sleep the night before. Just wondering what helps other people to sleep or sleeping tips you may have heard. Thnx =)

    • ANSWER:
      I got a pillow from i don't remember the exact name of it,but it was and worth every penny. its like 2 body pillows put together in a U shape. it keeps you on your side off your belly and back and your knees apart! My baby now 2wks old and I also use it as a boppy pillow with back support.

    what are some good sleeping tips?
    Over the summer, i made a habit of going to bed at like 3 or 4 in the morning. now since school is starting, i need to start going to bed at around 12. I try going to bed at 12 but can't fall asleep because I'm so used to going to bed at 4.

    any good sleeping tips to break out of this bad habit?
    I'm going to be a sophomore in High School.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't take pills those can be addictive. Don't watch tv or go on the computer before going to bed. They are stimulants and will make it further impossible to fall asleep. Turn off all lights and eliminate all noises. Make sure your in a comfortable position in bed and take off any uncomfortable clothes (if they are tight or long) try not to open your eyes, it will extend the amount of time you spend just laying there. Go to youtube and type in "Sleep Music" soothing sounds will make your eye lids heavier thus making it easier to sleep. Don't eat anything at least 2 hours before going to bed. Don't exercise neither as this will get your blood pumping and make it harder to fall asleep. Also, when your closing your eyes try to focus on the color you see, Black. Or think of a peaceful place or environment. This will make it easier to fall asleep. Hope i helped! :D

    What are some good sleeping tips?
    I need some tips on how to get to sleep because some nights (like tonight) it takes me hours to fall asleep. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      before you get in bed run in place as fast as you can for about 45 seconds and then get in bed and you will fall asleep and stay asleep good =]
      another thing you could try is doing something relaxing before you go to bed so that it makes you sleepy. i usually listen to calm, relaxing music or reading is good too. sometimes watching a movie is good too cause it makes me really sleepy.
      also be sure you dont eat right before you go to bed.
      if your mind is wandering try to picture yourself at a beach and think about all the beautiful details until you fall asleep and keep your mind on that on subject. another thing to do for that is if your stressed about something or trying to remember something right it down on a piece of paper before you go to bed to relieve the stress. if you have homework that you couldnt finish and are stressed about then get up and finish it because otherwise youll lose even more sleep sitting there worrying about it. hope i helped =]

    Any sleeping tips/ food that can help me sleep better?
    Can someone give me a list of sleeping tips because i have some sleeping problems lately

    • ANSWER:

    what are some sleeping tips?
    hey! i'm just wondering if anyone has tips on how to get a really good nights sleep! I have been so tired lately! any remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      the trick is to put in two tennisballs in a sock and tie a knot in the sock
      put them on the back of your head and on the pillow
      The tennisballs will make your occipitalbone stand still so you will fall into the 'stillness' you will stop the tide and allow your nervous system to come to a very deep relaxed state.
      The alternative is to order a stillpoint inducer for around 30 dollars
      but I guess two tennisballs are way cheaper even if you buy them new.
      The stillpointinducer is a bit softer and has the same effect.
      good luck my friend

      The other alternative is to skip your evening meal
      your intestants will not work during the night and allow the ret of the body to be at eez.

    What are some sleeping tips?
    I have school tomorrow (1st day), and i always cant get to sleep. I'm looking for tips to help me get to sleep; like counting sheep, saying goodnight to all of your body parts from the toes up, and counting from 100 to 0. these never works for me, so im looking for some more.

    • ANSWER:

    What are some good tips for sleeping on the couch?
    I sleep on the couch and it's very tiny and the back pillows can't be removed. I can't get any sleep because i am so uncomfortable and I am always waking up with body aches on my back, neck, and arms. Since the couch is so small and i'm a side sleeper I have to sleep right on my arms which now if i move crack, well they make a cracking noise. I was just wondering if I can get any tips of making couch sleeping any better?

    • ANSWER:
      try getting a more supportive pillow or u should try getting a sleeping bag or an air bed . maybe put a comforter under you to even out the space between your body and the arm rests...hope this helped feel better :)

    Anyone have some good sleeping tips?
    Have had alot of trouble sleeping the past few months but don't want to start taking drugs to help, anyone discover any natural solutions? Pointers?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are a few things to try:

      1. Warm milk

      2. Try reading at least an hour before you want to fall asleep.

      3. Don't have a television in your room on.

      4. Have sex/masturbate

      5. Avoid caffeinated drinks several hours before bed.

      6. Play relaxing music or sounds

      7. Have someone give you a massage and/or brush your hair gently to help relax you.

      8. Try taking a hot bath to relax.

      9. Get into a bedtime routine starting now. It will help your body/brain recognize it's sleepy-time.

      10. Try keeping a notebook near your bed. If stress is keeping you awake, start writing it all down and solutions to what's causing it. Sometimes this will help relax you after resolving the problems.

      11. Meditate (this can be just deep breathing exercises)

      12. Try listening to books on tape, especially a boring one.

      13. Try muscle exercises, like clenching then relaxing, starting at the toes; slowly work your way to the top of your body.

      14. Do a combination of the above.

      I hope this helps. :)

    Any tips on getting to sleep with a bad cold, i have issues with sleeping?
    At the moment i have a very bad cold, with a horrible sore throat, headaches and queasiness.
    Last night i was trying to sleep and due to the sore throat and the feeling of phlegm clogging my throat i found it difficult to sleep, after 5 hours of trying i eventually got a massive 2 hours of sleep.

    Any tips or advice to actually get to sleep, i couldn't go to college today due to feeling so bad.
    I really need to be in college at the moment and this is my final year, i can't afford to miss work.

    • ANSWER:
      I will tell you what I do when I have a cold and you can do whatever you like. I rub my throat and chest with Vicks Vaporub and I rub a little bit under my nose so I can smell it. It isn't that bad really. I also take two Aspirins and I go to bed under nice warm blankets. I wake up only the next day, sometimes feeling no better but sometimes I feel a lot better than I did the previous night. I only do that at night because of the smell. This is just a suggestion.

    What are some tips for sleeping while I'm going through a break up?
    My boyfriend and I just recently broke up. I have major anxiety issues so when I'm under stressful situations I have anxiety attacks and then I can't sleep. I haven't slept in weeks and I'm dying to sleep and move on. I'm not into taking any medication so I was wondering if there were any of tips out there to help me out.

    • ANSWER:

      There is a link at the end of the article that goes on how to sleep better with anxiety.

    dose any one have some sleeping tips?
    ok im up all nite and sleep all day but even wen i got to sleep at 10pm and wake up at noon im still tired! im always tired!!! ne tips? i really cant stand it ne more its driving me crazy!

    • ANSWER:
      holy shit girl I have the same problem, Im currently working with my doctor to figure out the problem but here's some things it could be

      -change in diet- make sure you're getting enough protein (meat, beans, etc.)
      -low blood sugar
      -change in routine (staying up later causes your internal clock to get fucked up)

      Start going to bed at a regular time and getting up at a regular time
      Make sure you're eating healthy and regularly

      If these things do not work, see your doctor for some blood tests.

      I am currently on ProVigil, which helps me wake up, it's awesome.

    Do you have tips for sleeping on the trampoline, and then sneaking out to go TP'ing?
    My BFF and I are planning to sleep on the trampoline tonight, and before we fall asleep, go TP'ing. Do you have any tips and/or tricks for doing this successfully?

    • ANSWER:
      How old are you??? 10??? Dude TP'ing is so disrespectful. Obviously your parents didn't raise you right. My opinion? Don't be that immature.

    Can someone give me tips on sleeping better?
    Last night i got 1 hour of sleep i was stressed out. I want to fall into a sleep schedule so i am waiting till 8 or 9 to go to sleep tonight. Can someone give me tips or suggestions that will help me fall asleep?
    Also, i worked out the yesterday and i got 1 hour of sleep so if i get 10 tonight will my muscles grow fine or was my hard work for nothing?

    • ANSWER:
      There are several things you can try to sleep better:

      -Take Melatonin; it's an all-natural herbal supplement that will aid your sleeplessness if taken over time
      -Take a bath before going to bed; it will relax you and your muscles will not be stiff
      -Read a book; it will tire your eyes and put you to sleep
      -Write your thoughts down; a lot of people who are stressed don't sleep well because they have too many thoughts in their head. By writing them down it allows you to forget them.
      -Drink a glass of warm milk before bed; it will soothe you
      -Don't lay in bed unless you are going to sleep; your body should realize that the bed means sleep. By watching TV in bed or just laying in bed when you are wide awake, your body does not recognize it as a place of rest and it is harder to fall asleep when you want to.

      I hope some of these suggestions will help. If you want to sleep immediately, take a Unisom pill an hour before your bedtime. Just make sure you don't do this frequently as they are addictive.

    Who knows any good tips for sleeping on coaches/buses?
    In December I'm going to the christmas markets in Aachen, Germany, with my school, and the bus drive takes 10 hours each way, so I will be on the bus for 20/30 hours altogether. But I'm not very good at sleeping whilst travelling or sleeping when there is a lot of people around me. Any tips?

    • ANSWER:
      I like an aisle seat unless it's on the way to the bathroom. A window seat and a small pillow let you slump against the window , and some people swear by a lap blanket. No constricting clothing, and a second pair of socks lets you remove your shoes. All this stuff will fit into a smallish bag. I read myself to sleep, and if you want a guarantee, try reading Numbers or Deuteronomy from the Old Testament--by far the most boring reading ever.

    My baby is too hot swaddled at night now, any tips for sleeping?
    My three month old has always been swaddled at night to sleep since birth. Now, it's spring and getting warmer and she's too hot to be wrapped, but doesn't sleep well unwrapped! If her hands are free she wiggles around and grabs her blanket, etc. Any tips or tricks?

    • ANSWER:
      Ugh, we went through the same thing. Except my daughter was just getting too big & too strong at 5 months to stay swaddled... she was always getting frustrated by it & breaking out... yet she wouldn't sleep unwrapped because she flails around & wakes herself up! Nothing you can really do except not wrap her-- after a week or 2 they get used to it!! Or you can try a really light blanket that's cooler and dress her in less... like just a tshirt so she isn't too hot. But she'll have to be broke from it eventually anyways.

    Do you have any sleeping tips?
    Any special remedies or tricks you use to get to sleep at night?
    Please share them! :)
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:

    Can you give me some tips on sleeping in Terminal 1 and 4 in Heathrow,pls? thx?
    I will be traveling on my own. I'd be very grateful if anyone can provide any reasonable " comfortable tips " to sleep over night in both Terminals, please? thank u.

    • ANSWER:
      You can try, but it'll depend on how keen airport security are. I doubt you'll get eight hours blissful and unbroken sleep somehow!

    trouble sleeping! any tips or ways that help you sleep?
    i have real trouble getting to sleep staying asleep and having a good sleep , this normally happens in like 3 week blocks , any tips on getting to sleep ?

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps you can find some useful tips in a web search for "getting a good night's sleep".

    Anyone know any tips on sleeping faster?
    I'm having trouble sleeping at night and I end up stayin up late until 3am and can't sleep at all. Can anyone please help with any tips or something!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      My tip, turn off any electronic device you use at 1 or 12:00.

      I don't do this, but I know for a fact, that sometimes, my brain iis too stimulated because I've been on the computer for 7 hours, or something like that)

      So, if you want to sleep @ 2,, get off At about 12:30, brush your teeth, do some pushups (you will feel a bit more active, but within another 30 mins, ull drain urself of all energy), and ull go to sleepy land.

      And maybe treat yourself to a warm glass of milk, something in there makes you all woozy. :)

    Does anybody have any sleeping tips?
    I have trouble sleeping, so I need some advice on how to get to sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      benadryl works every time!

    What Are Some Good Sleeping Tips?
    What are some tips that'll make me sleep better? maybe how i sleep, or what i eat before i sleep ext.

    • ANSWER:
      I would try:
      -not eating before bed, (2-3 hours)
      -limited sugar/caffeine intake throughout the entire day
      -don't listen to music when your doing to bed
      -take a relaxing warm shower/bath before bed instead of the morning
      -excersize throughout the day
      -close your door so that excess noise doesn't come in
      -buy a radio with settings such as 'summer night' (cricket sounds), thunderstorm, rain, wind, etcetera.
      -just force yourself to keep your eyes closed no matter how much your not tired, and try to think about good or bad memories - doesn't matter.
      -go to bed after 10:00, so you'll be tired enough to fall asleep.
      Good luck! I hate those nights not being able to fall asleep, usually the combination of some of these things work for me. Nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite.
      Coco Malloy

    Helpful sleeping tips during a pregnancy?
    Please give me helpful tips.

    • ANSWER:
      When I can't sleep because of pain, I put on music and concerate on that. Helps me fall right asleep.

    Any great working sleeping tips?
    I've recently just got over mono, and so I was sleeping great. But the past month I've been having a very hard time falling asleep. It takes 3 hours for me usually. I also wake up too early and that takes an hour to fall back asleep. I cannot function without at least 10 hours of sleep because I'm still fatigued from mono. Does anyone have any good tips for me to sleep better and fall asleep quicker? Thanks c:

    • ANSWER:

    Tips for Sleeping When You Have Your Period?
    I started my period two days ago. Last night i had to wake up to times to change my undies, bed sheet, and pants because of leaking and i have a heavy period. I always sleep on my belly because thats the only position I feel comfortable in. So please give me some tips on how to deal with my period when i go to bed.

    • ANSWER:
      Leakage while you are sleeping isn't uncommon for lots of females. I taught my daughter to sleep with an old towel in the bed where her bottom is situated while she is sleeping so that all you have to do is wash the towel and not the sheets when this leakage happens. Also, try the Always Overnight Pads or the Always Maximum Protection with Flexi-Wings. These work great!

      Your BEINGgirl Expert Panel

    need help with sleeping tips?
    okay, im a very active person who bikes a few miles each day followed by a 2 mile jog, but lately i have been having issues with sleeping. meaning i can't get to sleep to about 3:30 am when i originally hit the pillow at about 11 o' clock. Im not even going to consider prescription sleep medication. please give me some useful tips.
    I will choose best answer.

    • ANSWER:
      watching tv, reading, texting, and like deeply thinking helps me sleep. that's all i can really think of. i would say to go see a doctor so they
      can see if anything is wrong and they would give you sleeping pills
      but you don't want that but maybe a doctor could do something for
      you anyways. hm, good luck.

    Anyone else with sciatica have tips for sleeping?
    I also have a problem neurologically and my neurologist has asked me to stop taking my pain killers so I'm finding it so difficult to sleep. Anyone who has experience with back pain who could give me some tips it would be great! Thank you x

    • ANSWER:
      I always found it most comfortable to sleep on my left side with a pillow under my head and another between my knees. It takes the pressure off of the hip/lower back area that is pinched. And anti inflammatory helped too.

    what are some really good sleeping tips?
    i find it really hard to get to sleep, any ideas on how to go to sleep faster?

    • ANSWER:
      peaceful music, sleeping pills, if you keep thinking of things and they annoy you, write them down on a paper and keep them next to you.
      Read a book or magazine by a soft light
      Take a warm bath
      Listen to soft music
      Do some easy stretches
      Wind down with a favorite hobby
      Listen to books on tape
      Make simple preparations for the next day
      Keep noise down
      Keep room cool
      get a regular bedtime

      hope these tips help you! :)

    Any tips to sleeping better?
    I usually go to bed at 9:30, watch tv and then fall asleep at 10:00, I wake up at 7:00. I do this every day besides friday and saturday nights. I want to sleep more because im always tired in the morning. I try to fall asleep earlier but my body is to use to falling asleep at 10:00. I was planning on sleeping at 9:00, any tips to help me.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone have sleeping tips?
    Okay, I have really bad trouble getting to sleep. It takes me hours!
    Can anyone give me any tips or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      1.Go to bed and get up at about the same time every day, even on the weekends. Sticking to a schedule helps reinforce your body's sleep-
      wake cycle and can help you fall asleep better at night.

      2.Don't eat or drink large amounts before bedtime. Eat a light dinner about two hours before sleeping. If you're prone to heartburn, avoid spicy or fatty foods, which can make your heartburn flare and prevent a restful sleep. Also, limit how much you drink before bed. Too much liquid can cause you to wake up repeatedly during the night for trips to the bathroom.

      3.Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol in the evening. These are stimulants that can keep you awake. Smokers often experience withdrawal symptoms at night, and smoking in bed is dangerous.

      4.Avoid caffeine for eight hours before your planned bedtime. Your body doesn't store caffeine, but it takes many hours to eliminate the stimulant and its effects. And although often believed to be a sedative, alcohol actually disrupts sleep.

      5.Exercise regularly. Regular physical activity, especially aerobic exercise, can help you fall asleep faster and make your sleep more restful. Don't exercise within three hours of your bedtime, however. Exercising right before bed may make getting to sleep more difficult.
      Make your bedroom cool, dark, quiet and comfortable.

      6.Create a room that's ideal for sleeping. Adjust the lighting, temperature, humidity and noise level to your preferences. Use blackout curtains, eye covers, earplugs, extra blankets, a fan, a humidifier or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs.

      7.Sleep primarily at night. Daytime naps may steal hours from nighttime slumber. Limit daytime sleep to about a half-hour and make it during midafternoon. If you work nights, keep your window coverings closed so that sunlight, which adjusts the body's internal clock, doesn't interrupt your sleep. If you have a day job and sleep at night, but still have trouble waking up, leave the window coverings open and let the sunlight help wake you up.

      8.Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow. Features of a good bed are subjective and differ for each person. But make sure you have a bed that's comfortable. If you share your bed, make sure there's enough room for two. Children and pets are often disruptive, so you may need to set limits on how often they sleep in bed with you.
      Start a relaxing bedtime routine. Do the same things each night to tell your body it's time to wind down. This may include taking a warm bath or shower, reading a book, or listening to soothing music. Relaxing activities done with lowered lights can help ease the transition between wakefulness and sleepiness.

      9.Go to bed when you're tired and turn out the lights. If you don't fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes, get up and do something else. Go back to bed when you're tired. Don't agonize over falling asleep. The stress will only prevent sleep.

      10.Use sleeping pills only as a last resort. Check with your doctor before taking any sleep medications. He or she can make sure the pills won't interact with your other medications or with an existing medical condition. Your doctor can also help you determine the best dosage. If you do take a sleep medication, reduce the dosage gradually when you want to quit, and never mix alcohol and sleeping pills. If you feel sleepy or dizzy during the day, talk to your doctor about changing the dosage or discontinuing the pills.

      If you're having problems sleeping more than three times a week for a month's time, see your doctor. You could have a sleep disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome. Identifying and treating the cause of your sleep disturbance can help get you back on the road to a good night's sleep.
      hope this helped :)

    Do you have any Tips/strategies for sleeping in in the weekends?
    Do you have any Tips/strategies for sleeping in in the weekends?
    On weekdays, i can always sleep in, but i cant because i have school. but on the weekends i can never sleep in, and often wake and get up earlier than on school days, where i am always wanting to sleep until the latest possible moment.

    Why cant i sleep in, and do you have any strategies for me to be able to sleep in?


    • ANSWER:
      Try going to bed later than you usually would for a school night. Maybe have a little caffeine before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, instead of getting up, maybe listen to music or read in bed if you can't get back to sleep. It should help you.


    My grandmother has trouble sleeping, any tips?
    Any good tips to help her sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi sonicfan; Most older people do have difficulty sleeping. I'd suggest either cammomile tea. It's supposed to have soothing properties. Or, good old-fashioned warm milk which has been used for a very long time to help children and old people alike get to sleep.

    5 STARS Tips For Sleeping If you have Bipolar Disorder?
    Someone I know is Bipolar 2 and they're having trouble with sleeping. I want to know some good tips to get her sleep back on track. 5 STARS

    • ANSWER:
      I agree that, in the long term, medication is a good idea for someone with bipolar. However, it doesn't always work - and people don't always take it.

      In my experience, learning relaxation methods can really help people to cope with bipolar symptoms. It takes practice, but anyone can do it - and it has no side-effects!

      One of the simplest but most powerful techniques is called a "body scan". When people have bipolar and they're in what used to be called the "manic" phase (very energetic, restless and feeling 'high') their mind goes off in a whirl, and ideas come to them very thick and fast. The body scan really helps to get out of that whirling mind-set.

      It begins by trying to spend a whole five seconds thinking about your toes. (You can do this standing up, sitting or laying down - which is probably best for getting to sleep.) For people who don't have bipolar, this sounds really easy, but if you have it it's not...a whole five seconds concentrating on nothing but your toes. Are they warm, or cold? Relaxed or tense? Keep them still, and just try to notice how your toes feel, for five seconds. Then do the same with the top of your feet...your heels...your ankles....and gradually work your way up your entire body, all the way to the top of your head. When you get to the top, start again backwards, beginning with the very top or crown of your head, your forehead, eyebrows, the muscles behing your eyes, and so on.

      If you have a nice calming voice - and a lot of patience! - you might want to talk your friend through this exercise. Or you could do it with her: it was actually designed as a kind of meditation to help ordinary people through everyday stress, so you may find it benefits you too! But it's been shown in clinical trials to be especially good for people with bipolar (nobody knows exactly why - my guess is that it taps into their strong imagination, which many bipolar people have) and the more you practice, the better the effect.

      I really hope this helps. Good luck - and sleep well!

    Tips for sleeping on a long overnight train journey?
    I am going on a long overnight train journey (the Scotland to London sleeper service), in a seat advertised as 'reclinable'. Apart from having a few pints of lager beforehand, do you have any other tips for getting some kip?

    • ANSWER:
      erm wear comfy cloths and layer, you dont want to be too hot or cold.
      i can never sleep in cars or anythin but i always take my ipod/music to listen to and atleast then i can close my eyes listen to some relaxing music and just drift away. i never fall asleep, but i feel sorta refreshed after it if you know what i mean.
      you could try that

    What are some good tips on sleeping without taking any type of drugs?
    Ell I would like to sleepy early tonight but I don't wanna take any type of medicens.are there any tips on helping me get drowsy or tires

    • ANSWER:
      You might also try Melatonin. It's a natural hormone our brain produces, but many people don't have enough of it. Go get a bottle in a drug store (it's not expensive).

    Any tips on getting a normal sleeping schedule?
    I need to get a normal sleeping schedule again and I know it. I've always been a night owl and it's starting to stop me from having a regular routine from day to day. I will go to sleep at 3 AM maybe and then wake up at 5 PM. I know, bad. So, I was wondering if I could have some tips in getting a normal sleeping schedule again.

    • ANSWER:
      are you listening to music or watching tv or something? because if tht happens the first step would be shut every distraction OFF.
      second u cud make ur bed realllyyyyy comfy:)
      3rd just close ur eyes and clear your mind

    Tips on sleeping because I have a cough?
    I'm 13 and its 19:40 now and I have school tomorrow. I have a cough and it seems worse when I lay down I'm not going to bed yet but when I do is there any tips for my to sleep because I struggle with my cough.
    I dont have any cough medicine. Im 13 my mums in bed I cant walk to a chemist -_-

    • ANSWER:

    Anybody have tips for sleeping on your side?
    I'm 18 weeks and trying to get used to sleeping on my side. I toss and turn all night long. If I sleep on one side for a while, I will wake up with that hip hurting pretty badly. Then I turn to my other side and its the same story. I've slept on my side my entire life, and now that I'm pregnant, I'd give anything to be able to sleep on my back!!

    Anyone have suggestions on how to get and stay comfortable?

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your knees? This keeps your knees, thighs, and hips in a "neutral" position, which should cut down on pain and discomfort in your hips. You can also try placing a pillow at your back to keep you from rolling in that direction.

      They make lots of pillows for pregnant women, which you can try if you like, but I always found that a plain old regular pillow between my knees worked just fine.

    What are some tips for sleeping the whole night, and not getting up to check e-mail, or eat?
    I have sleeping medication, I also have been going to bed early so I'm going to try and stay up later tonight.

    • ANSWER:
      Be active throughout the day. Go for a jog or mop and sweep the floor or even vacuum the carpet. Do a few things that will work up a sweet. this will defiantly help.

    does any one have sleeping tips ? 12 weeks pregnant and haven't slept good in days?
    I'm only getting maybe 4 hours a night, I'm tossing and turning and just can't seem to settle myself down.

    • ANSWER:
      Try taking your prenatal vitamin with a tall glass of milk right before bed and sleeping on your left side. Also, you should get one of those curvy pregnancy pillows to curl up in to sleep. Those help a LOT. They are kind of expensive so I you cant or dont want to spend that kind of money on one, you can get just a regular body pillow. By wedging the pillow under your belly and placing one leg under it and the other leg over it you are releasing some of the pressure and weight that you belly creates on your body. You should be able to sleep better this way! It helped me with my 3! GOOD LUCK & CONTRATS!

    Any tips on sleeping with straightened hair?
    i straighten my hair b4 i go to bed any tips on keeping it as straight as possible 4 the next day?

    • ANSWER:
      Tie it in a loose ponytail with one of those big fabric scrunchy things(a regular ponytail elastic might cause breakage if tied too tight or just add a weird kink) and then wrap it in a silk scarf. You might want to just quickly touch it up with a straightener in the morning just in case though.

      And Mikayla, when you straighten hair, it usually looks better the next day because your hair has time to add some of the natural oils that heat products take away. And it's easier cause you don't have to wake up as early

    I work nights and have some trouble sleeping in the day any tips to help me ?
    Have trouble sleeping sometimes during the day when i have finished my night shift any hints or tips to guide me to a better days sleep ? :)

    • ANSWER:
      Buy proper black-out drapes or blinds for your room. It's a good investment. Also buy one of those little electronic machines that emit a regular sound - it can be white noise, or waves on the shore or all sorts. It helps to drown out other noises.

    Can someone give me some sleeping tips?
    i am 14 and can never fall asleep. ill go to bed at 10 and finally fall asleep around 12. i only get around 6 hours of sleep on school nights. can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you have plenty of time laying there with your eye's closed to study on this problem anyway! Too bad. There's a way to relax - it would be hard to tell you - you'll just have to experiment with it. Just think of relaxing every muscle from your head to your feet. Usually we store a lot of tension in our neck and shoulders - lower back. So these are usually the areas which you want to concentrate on.

      After a bit you may find that you have tight muscles in your neck or lower back and not even know it. And you have to let that tension go if you can.

      One fun thing to try is to tighten up any group of muscles - like your shoulders - and hold them all tightened up for 30 seconds or a whole minute. Then relax them - and you'll notice that you fall through layers of relaxation. You might get to a point where you think they're relaxed and find there's a layer below that of MORE relaxation.

      So the trick is to go down through these layers as far as you can - and as I say - you have a LOT of time laying in bed to experiment with this.

    I have problems sleeping. Can anyone give me tips on going to sleep earlier?
    Im tired of always sleeping really late. Its hard for me to go to sleep so please give me some tips on going to bed early :)

    • ANSWER:
      I recently have had the same problem that you speak of and really the answer can be simple or complex based on a number of factors.
      Much of the current sleep issue that people experience is based on not being educated in the reasons and processes that are taking place while we transition from waking to sleep. Those processes are composed of a combination of chemical and biological events that produce sleepiness and eventually REM. Understanding what is required in order to transfer from waking and sleep will help you either find out your problem or fix the issue.

      During our transition from waking to sleep we experience a number of chemical changes in our brain.

      Melatonin is one of the key components that support our bodies to fall asleep (histamines are also sleep inducing chemicals but I wont go into that right now). Melatonin is a sleep inducing agent but is not the only reason why we sleep and is produced when light is absent. This means that if there is light in your room and you can see it through your eyelids, your melatonin production will be reduced. Your body may as well be lacking in its melatonin production, but I do not suggest like many people to take melatonin supplements as it seems to be a fix to a deeper issue. If you do take melatonin supplements, chances are your problem will persist once you are off of the supplements and require you to keep taking them. A precursor to melatonin is serotonin.

      Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that not only affects our sleep process but many other daily bodily functions as well as mood. Many depressed patients take medication that supports either the production of serotonin or the reduction in the breakdown of serotonin. Serotonin also plays a large part in our sleep process as well as the transition of NREM (Non-REM) to REM (Random Eye Movement) supporting our bodies in a good night sleep after we are asleep. Foods that contain larger amounts of precursors to serotonin (cheeses, turkey, beans, peas, fruit, vegetables, or any type of tryptophan type food) will help promote higher serotonin levels. It is not suggested that you eat these before going to bed, as it will help keep you awake (I know sounds odd as turkey is said to make you sleepy), but during the day so that your body can build up its serotonin levels and promote production of melatonin during the night. The amount of serotonin that enters your brain as useful serotonin is contrary what is called an MAO which stops serotonin from either entering your brain, or being useful in the brain. MAO’s protect us from having too much serotonin or other types of neurotransmitters and dangerous chemicals to our body, so don’t go and take a bunch of MAOI’s. Sometimes people use a mild MAOI such as Saint Johns Wort (a supplement), nicotine, and coffee. Eating healthy foods that are not dangerous is one of the best ways of lowering your MAOs in your system as they are not required to protect yourself. Also many people that drink coffee counter act the sleep helping agent in the coffee as caffeine increases many different types of chemicals in our body, besides melatonin since we are not asleep when we drink it. A good idea would be to drink a little bit of coffee.

      The brainstem is the control center of our sleep. It is what drops our core body temperature when we are getting ready to sleep, it keeps track of time with our circadian rhythm, and paralysis us so we don’t move around while we dream. Supporting this mechanism in our brain can be one of the best ways in inducing sleep. This means go to bed at the same time every night, wake up at the same time every day, don’t sleep during the day, and relax when you lay down. The reason I say all those things is because your brainstem acts as a time keeper, and if our times we wake up and go to sleep are all random, our brainstem acts as if we have jet lag every night. Relaxing helps with this process as our brainstem knows it’s now time to sleep, now that we are not active and moving around.

      There are many other things that you can do that can help you with sleeping. Supporting a better mood and not stressing out is a huge factor as stated before because it effects serotonin levels, that is why many people have issues sleeping in economic troubling times… they are depressed or chemically have smaller amounts of serotonin or too much MAOs.

      If you are interested you can visit my blog and read more on the previous topics I have posted about and concepts that may help you understand the world of sleep.

    Any tips for sleeping on the plane?
    I'm taking an over night plane from philly to london. It's an 8 hour trip, and I need be asleep the whole time, because I have to awake all day when I get in london. Should I take a sleeping pill? I usually can't fall asleep on a plane. any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      A sleeping pill is your best bet. Take it as soon as you get on the plane or when the plane is boarding. Over-the-counter sleeping pills are easy to find in any drugstore or supermarket, you can find generic brands or just take a Tylenol PM. You want to make sure you have 8 hours because it may be hard to wake up before then.

    What are some tips for sleeping better?
    I don't think that I have an insomnia problem, but sometimes I find myself not being able to fall asleep fast enough. Sometimes it might take me an hour to fall asleep. Any tips (like counting sheep)?

    • ANSWER:
      I have dealt with this problem alot. It helps me to use one of the sound machines that play rainfall, rolling waves, etc. Another thing is to count backwards, and it might sound strange, but it was suggested to me and it works. While you are counting backwards, imagine your body gently sinking into the mattress.

    Any tips for sleeping better while pregnant?
    I'm 17 weeks pregnant and having trouble sleeping. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I slept with pillows supporting my back and my belly. It really helped a lot. (My husband hated it , cause he couldn't sleep hugging me lol) A nice massage and soothing music also can help. Hope you sleep better soon! Cause soon you won't be sleeping much hehe.

    Tips to sleeping earlier for a night bird?

    I have a terrible problem with sleeping later than should be. Do you, or have you, any helpful information?

    Thank you in advance if you do.

    • ANSWER:
      wake up at about 4pm or whenever you do then stay up all night then all day the next day then go to bed around 7 or 8 pm that should set you straight for a couple of weeks until you decide to party hard messing up your whole scehdule again. Then just repeat.

Baby Sleep Tips

Baby Bereavement,Birth of a Stillborn Baby Preparaton,funeral for baby
Baby bereavement first things first.

When baby dies before birth is born stillborn or dies just after delivery......
If you have time you may want to think about how you might like your baby to be wrapped and treated once he/she is delivered? Perhaps you have a blanket you'd like to wrap him/her in Until you can order the baby burial clothes you need..
Who would you like to be present at delivery?
Would you like to wash your baby?
Would you like any other family members to see or hold the baby once he/she is born?
Would you like to take your own camera to hospital to take photographs of the baby?
You may want to think about who you would like to inform of your loss.
Discuss this with your partner and midwives or nursing staff.

Post mortem... sometimes a post mortem may be required.A post mortem examination is another stage in investigating a persons illness. It is a detailed physical examination after they have died. Some post mortem examinations are legally required, others are not.

For more information if you live in England, Wales and Northern Ireland visit:

For more information if you live in Scotland visit:

Legal Requirements

Babies Born Before 24 weeks of Pregnancy.

There are no legal requirements to bury or cremate a baby born before 24 weeks of pregnancy. However many hospitals do offer this service (as does The University Hospital Hartlepool) When a baby is born showing and shows no signs of life parents can decide to bury their child. Parents must co-sign a form with the midwife or attending doctor for the burial or cremation to take place.

Babies Born After 24 Weeks of Pregnancy

When a baby is stillborn the attending doctor will issue a Stillbirth Certificate.

If a baby is born alive and dies shortly after birth at any gestational age, the attending doctor will issue a death certificate. However, it is required by law that the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages issues a birth/death certificate for the baby. This can be arranged for the registrar to visit at the hospital or alternatively an appointment can be made at the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. At our local hospital it can be arranged for the registrar to visit in your own home.

When a Registrar of births receives the death or stillbirth certificate parents are issued a certificate of burial. If the hospital is arranging burial this certificate must be handed over to hospital staff. Alternatively, parents who decide to make their own funeral arrangements must hand the certificate over to the Funeral Director.
A funeral can be arranged very simply by the hospital. If you want to be more involved there are many alternatives for organising a burial, cremation, and funeral and many organisations which can help you.

Cremation Regulations

New regulations came into being in November 2008 full details are on the website below.
Families now have a right to inspect the cremation forms before the service. In many cases the doctor completing form 4 will do so with the family present. The doctor filling in this form will be providing contact details of those who cared for the person during their final illness, professionals and family, as the second doctor completing form 5 will be confirming the information given by talking to those named.
Separate forms and guidance are available regarding stillborn children. For more information visit:

Dressing baby for a final sleep and saying final goodbyes

early babies may be too fragile to dress in this case opt for a baby burial pouch which can be found here at Something Precious Premature Baby Burial Pouch TEDDY DESIGN by (fetal demise pouch) for babies under 1lb (0.5kg)

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babyis ableto bedressed with dignity, baby is made to feelcomfortable, baby canlookmore at peace and thathe or she is fully dressed in clothes that fit. ready forfamily cuddles and a thensettled for the final sleep.The majority of these baby clothes are made in any size you needto fitbaby that has just passed away.Created withsimple openings and fastenings for ease of dressing.

My Infant Won T Sleep

Getting A Boy Baby Instead Of A Girl Baby: How Do You Do It?
If you've found this article, I have to assume that you're trying to conceive a male baby. You probably know that there are natural ways to do this. I firmly believe that it's unnecessary to plunk down thousands of dollars for IVF or "help" from a gender selection clinic. You can greatly improve your odds in your own home without having to take the fun and the spontaneity out of the whole process. I'll tell you ways that you can do this in the following article.

Getting To Know The Y Chromosomes: If you want to get a boy baby, you'll need to understand how the Y chromosomes work. The dad-to-be's sperm contains Y and X chromosomes. To get a boy, you'll need for the Y chromosome to reach and fertilize your egg first. These little guys have some good (and not so good) characteristics. To start, they're incredibly fast, which is good. To counter this though, they're incredibly weak, which can be bad. They're the first to deteriorate and die off, which is very important to remember when you're putting your conception regimen together.

Using Timing To Give The Y Sperm A Fighting Change: There are a couple of hurdles that you face here, but one major one is timing your conception correctly so that the boy sperm don't die off while they are waiting for the egg. Therefore, you don't want to try to conceive too early. Instead, you want to wait until they day of (or the day after at the latest) to have intercourse. For this plan to work, you'll need to know the precise and optimal day. I see a lot of people make the mistake of trying to use old fashioned ways to predict this. The rhythm method and charting your cervical mucus is in my opinion outdated and unreliable. It's so much easier to use tools that will give you a yes / no answer. Saliva and urine predictors can do this. Of the two, I'm quite partial to saliva. They are so accurate, easy to use, and you don't have to worry about running out (you can reuse them) or hurry with first morning urine.

Focusing On Deep Penetration To Conceive A Boy: Most people know the that are sexual positions that favor having a boy, but most people don't know why. I'll bet that you do though. Deep penetration simply allows for a shorter, less traumatic trip for these little weak guys. Most people know how to achieve deep penetration, so I won't go into that here, but most people don't make use of pillows and should. Placing a pillow under your hips can make a difference.

Speaking Of Hostile Environments: As weird as it sounds, your own vagina can be an enemy to the Y sperm. That's because it often contains a high or acidic PH. And, the vulnerable Y sperm can not handle this added problem. So, if you want to get a boy, you'll likely need to lower your PH and make it more alkaline. There are a few tactics that you can take to address this. First off, you can go on an alkaline diet. Some food raise your PH and some lower it. So, you'll need to load up on the alkaline foods and completely avoid the acidic foods. Don't mistake this for limiting your calories. You absolutely shouldn't do that. You're only focusing on and worrying about the acidity of the foods. There are list that break this down for you.

You can also douche to bring your PH down. Getting back to old fashioned methods, baking soda and water is old and outdated. Today, it's very effective to first test yourself with PH saliva strips and go from there. There are recipes that are based on that reading and this is much more effective than blindly trying to throw baking soda at the problem when you don't even know where you fall.

So, I've given you several things to consider. These things may sound overwhelming, but they really aren't. You'll need to look at two things at first. Find out when you ovulate. Find out your PH and then begin your planning to lower it. When the time is right, use the correct intercourse positions. Doing only these three things will dramatically raise your chances of getting the son you want.

Conceive A Boy is a website I set up to make the process of having a son a bit easier. I've included step by step instructions and resources for the douching recipes, food lists, and PH testing strips mentioned in this article as well as hints, tips, and support. Check it out if you like at

(You can find tips on conceiving a girl baby at

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you put to bed an 8 week old infant at night when he won't sleep anywhere else but in bed next to mom?
    I've tried putting him in his swing, a vibrating chair, his bassinet with and without the vibrate on, with the lights on, with the lights off, and he won't take a pacifier. He uses me as a pacifier and likes the warmth of my skin next to him to put him to sleep. He cries whenever i try putting him somewhere else after i get him to fall asleep next to me in bed.

    • ANSWER:
      He slept cozy and warm inside of mom for 10 months, just go to sleep with him and get some rest. He won't be little for long, and it's going to just be more anxiety for him over time if he doesn't feel like he can sleep without being left.

    8 month old infant won't sleep all day!?
    My 8 month old baby boy used to sleep twice during the day and all through the night. Now he suddenly stopped sleeping during the day and only sleeps through the night. Is this normal? Babies are supposed to sleep during the day. He's cranky and sleepy, but won't go to sleep no matter what I do. I'm going out of my mind. Please answer. :(

    • ANSWER:
      Babies are pretty unpredictable and get to a point where they like to try and take charge. Just when you have a routine down pat, they will change it.
      There's not a lot you can do but keep him as stimulated as possible during the day. The more their minds are stimulated the more tired they get.
      My daughter sleeps better after a walk to the park or even just a bit of shopping. The lights, the noises, the people, the smells; they're all a sensory overload that will have them using their little brains at a million miles a minute.
      If you don't feel up to heading outside, then lots of singing, dancing, and toy play inside should suffice.

      Best of luck to you. Remember that he will probably go back to sleeping during the day when he's ready, in the meantime just try to keep him busy.

    4-month-old infant WON'T Sleep?
    I'm desperate. My 4-month-old son will not sleep. He used to wake once a night and only a need soothed maybe twice after that. For the past month, he's been regressing. It started by needing to be soothed more often for longer periods. At this point, he will not go to sleep unless I pick him up and hold him. And he won't sleep for my husband.

    My husband has been very involved from the beginning. In fact, he used to sleep with him while I caught up on sleep. We took turns. But now, he will only sleep when I pick him up. He's waking non-stop all night long. I'm afraid we've contributed by going in at every whimper when we first moved him to his crib.

    As soon as I get him to sleep and put him down, he wakes back up. At around 3:00 am, he won't go back to sleep for well over an hour. Does anyone else have this problem? Is this a habit that just needs broken? He's not waking up to eat more...he just can't get himself back to sleep.

    I'm desperate for some sort of solution or hope. I drive 45 minutes to work each way and I almost fell asleep on my way in this morning. I can barely keep my eyes open and filling up on caffeine isn't an option as I'm breastfeeding. I'm only getting MAYBE 2 hours of sleep at a stretch...and I'm usually up from 3:30 on....

    Any insight?

    • ANSWER:
      Ouch! I feel for you! Is there anything in your room that is not in his room? Maybe a light or a noise you could transfer into his room? My son wouldn't sleep in his crib till he was six months, he wanted to be in the basinet (w/ the vibration on) by our bed. My husband snores & I think he was use to that noise @ night time. Maybe try the teddy bear that has the heartbeat.

      Good luck, I hope you get some sleep soon!

    My infant won't sleep on his own?
    I have a 7 week old boy whom I am having trouble getting to sleep on his own. He won't fall asleep unless he's sucking and then he wakes up if I try to move him anywhere. If I do manage to get him moved intyo the bassinet, he wakes up shortly after and starts screaming. I have tried using the Snugli, the sling, the bouncer, the swing, the pack 'n play, his crib, his car seat and the bassinet. Nothing is working during the night or day. I also have a 19 month old daughter who is feeling the effects of the lack of attention towards her because we have to spend so much time settling him. My main questin is how can I get him to fall asleep without sucking in his bassinet or anywhere else? I don't want to let him cry it out at such a young age.
    By the way, we've tried giving him a pacifier but he spits it out and cries even harder.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say try the passifier to sooth him. Also do you swaddle him , I realized about 7 weeks that my daughter needed to be swaddled to sleep as well as playing some music or a "white Noise" in the backround like running water, nature sounds, etc. She can't sleep with out her fisher-price soothing aquarium on, I lay her in her crib swaddled with a "woobie" turn this on and she it out in like 5-10 mins!! BEST GIFT WE EVER GOT!!!!!

    4 month old Infant won't sleep through night?
    My little guy started sleeping through the night at 3 months old and did this for about 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden he stopped. Now I am lucky if He sleeps for 3 hours. He does eat when he gets up but I am not sure if he does this because he is hungry or wants comfort. he is breastfed. i have tried just rubbing his back but this does not usually work. I don't want him to get to upset so that he cannot fall back to sleep but I don't want him dependant on me coming whenever he makes a peep. He is a large baby in the 95th percentile. I don't know if that makes a difference.
    I wanted to add after getting some responses, when he takes a nap during the day I lay him in bed and he falls asleep on his own. also Sleeping through the night to me means 5-6 hours I don't expect him to sleep long just not wake every 3 hours. And yes I took him to the doctor no infection they said maybe separation anxiety! at 4 months I don't know, his crib is in my room I am right there maybe that is the problem?

    • ANSWER:
      I would look into gripe water. He might have major gas or sensitive stomache. We had that for most of my daughters life until she was 2 years old when I asked some one it stopped as soon I got this stuff. Its all natural stuff and so good for your baby.type it on the internet you will see what I am talking about it. Gripe water. good luck!

    My infant won't go to sleep without a bottle in his mouth!?
    I used to be able to put my son in his crib when his eyes were getting heavy and, after just a few minutes of fussing, he would fall asleep. Now over the last couple months he will scream and scream until I pick him up and give him a bottle. He always falls asleep almost immediately after the bottle is in his mouth. I don't know what changed all the sudden and how to get back to the way it was! Any suggestions?
    about the pacifier, he won't take one... :(

    • ANSWER:

    Why won't my infant sleep at night or in when lying on her back?
    She sleeps in her swing, car seat, when propped in our bed. But when we lay her in her own bed, she goes about 30 minutes before waking!!

    • ANSWER:
      Same here :) It took some time and lots of patience. We had to keep putting him back down. We would swaddle him tight and place him a little on his side in a sleep positioner. also I stopped letting him sleep anywhere else for a week untill he got use to it.
      I never tried this but some people suggest propping up the matress at the head.

      Good luck

    Anyone know of a site related to infant sleep problems? My child won't sleep! 5 Months old.?
    I need info on how to get my baby to sleep. He only sleeps short periods. Its so difficult to get him to sleep and stay asleep.
    Thanks for everyone that put in there advice. I have tried the routine method and it just doesn't seem to be working. He knows exactly when I lay him down to sleep and wakes up within minutes of doing so. I think were both exhausted (including my husband). We are going to try changing his bathtime to the night rather than mid morning. Purhaps this will work. I'm sure its all a stage but thanks again for the input.

    • ANSWER:
      I have no answers and can only sympathise.

      My grandaughter is 17 months old and the longest she has ever slept is four hours at a time.

    Why won't my infant sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to provide alot more info if you want real advice. When, where, for how long does baby sleep and how does she normally get put to sleep (rocking, just laying him/her down, swing, bouncy chair, with a bottle, etc) and what is the circumstance at this point with trying to get her to sleep? Is it bettime ? Is she crying? ....

    Infant has a cold and won't sleep?
    My 7 month old has a cold so bad that her eyes are watery and puffy. She's constantly congested. Just out right miserable. She isn't sleeping well at all. Little cat naps of maybe 20 minutes 3 times a day if Im lucky. She doesn't have a fever. She has a dirty diaper about twice a day. Lots of pee diapers. I've done the nose drops, nose aspirator, steam in the bathroom, warm washcloth on her nose, vapor bath. She has been sick for 9 days now. What should I do?! I want so bad to help make her feel better.

    • ANSWER:
      The number one thing you ca do for her is comfort her.
      I know colds can last a long time, but 9 days seems like a long time- especially if she's been that uncomfortable the entire time.

      Good that she doesn't have a fever- I'd give it a couple more days and and if she isn't improving significantly, I'd take her to the DR.

      Otherwise, warm washclothes (like you've been doing) and steam in teh bathroom- vapor bath- just keep doing what you're doing. I don't think there's much else you can do- meds aren't going to do anything for her.

      Just let her know you're there to make her feel better!!

    Infant has discharge from eyes and crabby, won't eat, sleep?
    This my friends 4th child, but her 1st daughter. She called me so upset cos her dd won't stop crying and has been sneezing suddenly and has a yucky discharge from both eyes.. lives in a small twn, so couldn't walk to drug store as it was closing and her 2yo son was still napping. I listened to the baby cry to no end over the phone. she won't 'eat' milk...doesn't like swaddled, didn't like swing and hates bathes...
    Any advice? This was this evening and she did finally get her dwn to sleep..but fears will be like last night, waking every two hrs. which isn't like her. Also hubby is away still on biz for another week, so that is stressing the mom out too.
    she doesn't have access to a bulb syringe either..
    and oh, I'd be there except I'm 750miles away and have a 3 and 2 yo's myself.

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing that will calm your friend down is to have a doctor tell her whats wrong. If she isnt sleeping tell her to take the baby to the er. Even if it's nothing serious it will make her feel better to hear it from a doctor.

    How can I help my teething infant sleep?
    My daughter is 6 1/2 months and her second tooth has just started to pop through her gums. Understandably she is uncomfortable but she is not sleeping because of it. She's visibly tired, so much so that she can hardly keep her eyes open even in an upright sitting position but she won't sleep. I think she's slept maybe a total of 6 hours in the last 24 hours. Maybe 5 of those hours over night and a few small naps here and there between yesterday and today. She's only slept 10-15 minutes since she's been up today. Both times she fell asleep at the breast but when I tried to put her down she woke up and refused to go back to sleep. We partially co-sleep but even in bed with us last night she wouldn't sleep. What can I do? She's so tired that she's incredibly miserable :(

    • ANSWER:
      Hyland's Teething Tablets are amazing! I found them with my 2nd daughter. They work great at easing the pain, but also help the baby to relax and yes even get some sleep. They are all natural too, which I liked. I found them at local pharmacies. They worked so much better than any of the gels I've tried with them. The teething tablets disolve under the baby's tongue quickly.

    How can I get my teething infant to sleep?
    My six month old son has been teething fiercely for several weeks now, but it's gotten much last few nights. He will barely nap during the day (15 min to rock to sleep for a 30 min nap, won't fall asleep alone any more...wakes the moment he hits the sheets if he's not deeply asleep), and is awake every hour or two crying all night long, then it takes at least 30-60 minutes to get back to sleep.
    I've been giving him orajel (topical numbing agent) on his gums, and ibuprofen. Also ice and cold things during the day.
    Really, I just want to get him some sleep!
    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Give him an ice cube tightly wrapped in a clean cotton cloth to chew on. Hold and rock him, and sing to him. He needs to know that life is still wonderful and he's loved, even though his mouth is painful.

    How late in the day should an infant nap? And any other sleep advice?
    I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get my 3 month old on some sort of sleep schedule since the day she was born. The best I can get is that she'll go down between 8 & 9 and sleep until 1am, then it's up and down all night for the rest of the night. She's not a big napper during the day and usually starts getting drowsy around 6. But it's nearly 7 and she's been napping for about 2 hours. Should I let her sleep? I'm afraid she really won't sleep tonight but I don't want to wake her. I put her down for naps around noon and four, but she usually only cat naps in 20 minute intervals or so.
    I'm afraid I'm doing something wrong and I'm messing her up! This baby rarely sleeps so I don't want to wake her from this nap, but I'm afraid she's gonna be up all night! Help! I'm having a new mommy melt down!

    • ANSWER:
      A sleep schedual will most likey help you to sort out her sleep problems, Its sounds like she doesnt know the difference between day and night sleeps. How does she fall asleep? BY herself? with a dummy? Feeding? I think the first thing you should do to help her sleep problems is to get her to self settle, by doing this she is almost gaurenteed to have longer day naps (providing she isnt hungry when she goes to bed). I started my daughter on a schedual around 3 months and it has really helped for us. It was hard at first but we had to be strict with it for it to work. I will outline it here.
      7am wake (even if bub is sleeping wake her and soon she will start to realise THIS is wake up time). Feed straight away- if she wakes before 7am hold out her feed til 7, this will help her to realise that this is wake up time.
      9am back in her cot. Even if she shows tired signs before then hold her out. Even if this means carrying her around- whatever to keep the peace.
      11am wake her (if she is not awake already), feed her, play
      1pm back in bed, allow to self settle
      3pm feed, play
      4.30 pm go for a walk with pram or drive with car to allow her to fall asleep if she needs it, not all babies need this nap
      5.15pm wake her, its important to wake her now otherwise she will not be ready for bed at 7. Play, bath etc
      6.20pm- feed
      7pm- bed

      Feed when needed throughout the night, but always start at 7am with a feed so she starts the day the same everyday.

      If you are strict with this routine she will fall into it, I didnt think it was possible for my daughter and it really has worked. She is so much happier knowing what is going to come next, and it makes my life alot easier knowing what is going to happen next! Also she rarely cries because she is well fed and rested through the day (and night).

      Consistency is the key, I hope this helps you

    My New baby won't sleep in his crib?
    I don't know what to do my 1 week old only sleeps in a vibrating infant rocker we put him in his crib in a deep sleep and he wakes up right away no matter what I do. Is there anything I can do about this ? Is it bad for him to sleep in the rocker ?Will it increase the chance of SIDS ?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think it will increase the chance of sids. He probably feels to out in the open in the crib. Lots of newborns don't like them. Mine never did. By number two I had a bassinet and they slept so much better in it. They really need to feel secure. If you don't have a bassinet then just keep trying but a newborn just needs lots of loving. Make sure he is tightly swaddled that will probably help to.

    Is it okay for my 5-week-old baby to sleep in her Bummzie infant body pillow?
    Please read the question before answering, and please don't insult me. I love my sweet daughter very much, and I really want her to be safe. Thanks.

    The Bummzie is a baby-sized body pillow, shaped like a donut with a spot for their bottoms to sink into. It keeps my baby's head elevated, and her body cradled. She likes to sleep in it, which is not recommended by the manufacturer. In fact, the label says, " pillows are not for infant use"...which is stupid because it was made for infants.

    I've read several mothers' doctors have approved it for sleeping in with reflux, which my daughter has. She won't sleep in the recommended situation at all. She just screams. She's been sleeping in a glider that has several pads in it and is not recommended for sleep. If she won't sleep in there, she'll sleep in my arms, but that's not really safe either. I have woken up a few times with her face down the crook of my elbow, or having rolled onto my husband's large pillow. Or she'll sleep on her tummy, which is also unsafe. She has slept well in her swing, but it also warns against sleeping it, plus it made her head really flat in the back, even after just three hours.

    It seems there IS no totally safe option for my sweet baby. Could the Bummzie be the best one, in spite of the warnings on the label?

    Update: She is sleeping in it next to me right now. She is snoring. She just startled awake but went right back to sleep. At the very least, the Bummzie could keep her separated from us if she co-sleeps. I guess.

    • ANSWER:
      There is a significant risk of her overheating and/or turning over and suffocating. As she has reflux talk to her doctor and ask them. Nothing is totally safe.

    6 week old baby won't sleep?
    I have a 6 week old who is feeding well (breastfeed) who has his 30-45 minutes playtime and then get grizzly tired. I have tried everything but he will not sleep. I wrap him and rock him to sleep as soon as I put him in his cradle he wakes. I have tried putting him in his cradle and patting him to sleep without success. He is clearly exhausted but won't sleep. We do have a dummy which he sometimes uses but not really keen. He does have symtoms of colic and/or reflux. Have tried infant's friend that worked for 2 weeks then not successful, tried infacol that burnt his bum when he did a poo. For reflux I tried gaviscon and as it is a thickening agent my little man got constipated so I stopped using that also. I am perservering with water, massage and heat packs does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions I could try to save my sanity and give my son some comfort?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi. Congrats on the new baby! Sleep is one of the most troubling things to new parents. First, I would not give the baby any medications without first speaking with the pediatrician. It seems that you have tried 3 different meds in a 6 week period. I would make sure he is comfortable, not wet, not too hot or cold, nothing is poking him (tags in clothes), etc. Is he getting enough to eat? Is he still hungry and that is why he is not sleeping? When you say he is not sleeping, what do you mean? He is not sleeping ENOUGH or he is not sleeping AT ALL? For instance, how many hours a day would you say that your son sleeps? If he is sleeping around 14-22 hours per day, then he is fine. However, if he is sleeping much less, then I would consult with your pediatrician. Actually, if anything about your child's behavior is concerning to you, I would consult with the doctor.

    My 3 year old won't sleep through the night.?
    I made the mistake of letting her sleep with us as an infant and laying down with her every night until she falls asleep. Then I move her into her bed. (In know - my fault!) I tried getting her to fall asleep in her own bed after a few bed time stories and it worked once but that was it.

    We went through a phase of her waking up and crying in her bed and I couldn't get her to calm down so we would give in and let her into our bed. Now she doesn't cry when she wakes up but she just brings her pillow into our room and crawls in... I don't understand why she can't just sleep through the night!!

    • ANSWER:
      It's going to take time. She doesn't know any other way of sleeping than sleeping with you. You are going to have to suffer now and each night stay on track on putter her to bed in her own bed without you. Maybe let her take a book to bed or something else she really loves. Make sure that there is a nightlight in the room. She is not going to like it, but for you to get your bed back you need to do it, and do it each and every night. Get ready for some long nights and some screaming. Good luck to you.

    Wanting infant to sleep more at night!!?
    My 2 week old will sleep great from 8 pm to 4 am (wakes up once for a bottle around midnight),but then wakes at 4 am every morning and needs to be held and cuddled. He wont go back to sleep after a bottle, won't lay down by himself...he's awake and alert and all I can do to keep him quiet is cuddle with him on the couch and try to fall asleep without crushing him. Any suggestions?? My daughter never had this problem...and while we sometimes let her "cry it out", I hate to do that with him because then he will wake her up also. One upset child is better than two. Help!
    Yes, I know its too early to expect miracles, I just wanted some tips on steering him away from his 4 am routine, and toward getting back to sleep on his as to not get stuck in a pattern.
    FYI--he doesn't sleep 8 hrs, he gets up at midnight..I just meant he does well between those hours, goes right back to sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      mommy gives me Nyquil when she wants quiet time

    Infant won't let me put him down in the daytime?
    My son is 8 wks old. He sleeps fairly well at night (4-6hrs) and takes a morning nap (30-45min) and an early evening nap (1-2hrs long). However, during the day, I cannot put him down. He doesn't like a sling, a carrier, a carseat, a swing or a bouncy chair. He cries after only a few minutes in each (of course, I have to have him in a carseat in the car- he cries until he finally falls asleep). He doesn't "do" pacifiers either. Any other suggestions from others? Strollers only remotely successful during walks - he usually cries until he falls asleep in strollers. Swadling doesn't work either. He really is a happy baby as long as someone is holding him. My pediatrician recommends letting him cry, but I'm not really comfortable with that. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Hold him. If you know this works why try to find something else?

      I held my son TONS when he was younger and he never became "spoiled" or "clingy" like some parents claim. He's a happy, and very much independent, 7 month old.

      You'll probably find that once your baby can entertain himself better that he'll be better with being put down to play. Do you have a bouncer seat? My son loved this and I would tote him around the house in it during the day while I did my "chores". I found that as long as he could see me then he was okay.

    My baby won't sleep...Please Help me!?
    I have 2 children. My first son began sleeping through the night at 6months, no second is 7months old and still getting up many many times a night. I have tried everything-cereal in his bottle, feeding him baby food and a bottle right before bed, I gave up rocking him to sleep, and I have tried letting him cry it out. I just can't let him cry. I feel terrible. I know he isn't hungry, I make him a bottle and he refuses it. He rolls onto his belly and wakes up crying. I tried a infant postioner to keep him on his back...that doesn't work either. I don't talk to him or pick him up when I go in to check him when he is crying. I am doing everything I can and nothing is working. I am tired. I have been getting 3 or less hours of sleep for the past 9 months. I need help. I don't know what to do. His doctor and all my friends tell me to let him cry. It seems so cruel...I can't bring myself to do it for more than a few minutes. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      when he starts to cry, set a timer for 10-15 minutes for yourself. You know that you will go into the room after the timer goes off (he doesn't) -- but this will give you a way of not making it seem like forever, and you know that if he really needs you, he will still be crying. If you can't bring yourself to do it for 10 minutes at first, try 5 minutes, and then 7 minutes and then 10 minutes. A bottle with water should be fine at this age if he is trying to get full. If he's eating well during the day, he probably isn't waking up for food. Check to see if he's got teeth coming in, too.

      take care.

    my infant won't breastfeed or bottlefeed?
    I will be going to the doctor regardless, but my baby (whom I just had 2 days ago) has stopped breast feeding and will hardly take the bottle. he goes 4-5 hours between feedings and he will only take a few sips from the bottle. he keeps making these faces like he's going to cry, but doesnt. also his eyes are moving funny. they roll to the back and sides of his sockets, but not always. he's been sleeping all day too, im just so worried, but he doesnt have a fever. im so confused, i dont think these things are normal but im not sure. please help
    he's made one small poopy diaper since 10 am

    • ANSWER:
      Is he still making wet/dirty diapers? If not, then I think you need to take him to the ER or doctor now.

    My 19 months old is in a toddler bed and he won't sleep threw the night.?
    When he was an infant 3 months I did the Ferber method and he was sleeping through the night about 10 hours. We moved in with out in laws when he was 10 months and he was in our room so he woke up several times a night . Then wemovedback in our own house after 5 months. We have been here 4 months now and he still doesnt sleep through the night. He is in a toddler bed now but has the same bedtime routine as always. He wakes up several times a night yelling Mama. Any suggestions. Sometimes takes 2 hours to get him back to sleep. I am due in a couple weeks with another one so wold like to get him sleeping well before then. Any suggestions please?
    Thank you I will try that I saw it on Supernanny. Thank you for the suggestions!

    • ANSWER:
      Try sitting next to his bed. Don't talk to him, just sit. If he gets up, put him back without talking. Do this every night, but each night, move your chair closer to the door, until your outside the door. Continue to put him back if he gets up, but no communication. On the last night, walk out the door and sit in the hallway, out of his view. Continue to put him back when he gets up. I know it sounds nutty, but he just wants to be reassured your not disappearing. he knows your there, but if he can get your attention by crying, and he knows your going to give him that attention, he's going to continue to wake up and cry. This way, he knows your nearby. He's most likely insecure because of moving around. Otherwise, I would just give him time to get over this phase. Best of luck.

    8 month old won't sleep in his crib...?
    My 8 month old was falling asleep alone in his crib fine until he stopped going to daycare almost two weeks ago due to a death in the providers family. Until we find another daycare, his father and I are taking days off to stay home with him, however his schedule has been disrupted. Along with not wanting to fall asleep in his crib he has developed separation anxiety.

    I have been letting him sleep in bed with me, nursing him to sleep (which I know has now made the crib issue even worse.) Tonight he rolled out of bed. I called his doc right away, and she said he seems fine and told me what to look for over the next 24 hrs. Obviously I do not want this to happen again, so he needs to be sleeping in his crib again. When we try to do the ferber method, he starts to cry so he isn't consolable and has in the past thrown up because he cried so hard. Tonight I rocked him until he was in a deep sleep, however I know when he stirs and realizes he is in his crib he'll scream again.

    Does anyone have suggestions has to help him fall asleep in his crib without making him cry, or have people had an infant that started with the ferber method crying this hard and still had success in time?

    • ANSWER:

    All the sudden won't sleep in crib anymore?
    Since my son was 10 weeks old, he has slept through the night from 9pm to 5am in his crib. No problems at all! All the sudden, he turned six months old and he started waking up every hour screaming. As soon as we hold him, he instantly falls asleep. We put him in his crib and he's up within 15 mins- and hour! He has had a cold for the last few weeks- could this have started it? we bought him a humidifyer, elevated his crib, got the nasal drops, gave him infant tylenol on occasion, etc.

    We ended up sticking him in bed with us for the last few nights- we gave in! We want him to go BACK to his crib and sleep thorough the night like he did before. I don't know if I can stomach the letting him cry thing like people have suggested to us. I AM a first time mom- H-E-L-P!!

    • ANSWER:
      just keep putting him in his crib is gonna be a bunch of sleepless nights until he gets use to sleeping in his crib again. When he cries pick up rock him to sleep and then put him down again. Repeat the process a thousand times until he's so tired he'll stay asleep. Don't give in. I know is hard when you are so sleep deprive but is for the best.

    My baby girl is 8 1/2 months she won't sleep through the night at all!?
    From the first day we brought her home she has slept through the night. until a few weeks ago. I dont' know what to do. She is teething but I can't do this anymore. She was up at 2am and never went back down. I have to get up at 6:30 to get us around and get to the sitter and then to work and her dad left us a week ago so I have no help and I'm afraid that I can't do this no sleep thing. I even tried to put her in bed with me b/c I couldn't stay awake but she just rolled around and played. I tried a bottle I tried rocking, singing, walking around. I tried Infant motrin and I've tried baby oragel. she got her 2nd tooth last night. So maybe it will be better but I just dont' know what to do. Any suggestions? Will this get better soon?

    • ANSWER:
      calpol!!! my daughter didnt fully sleep through the night until 13 months!!!

    Is this normal for an infant?
    My 5wk old son breathes very heavy. When he was 2wks old he got a little cold and would cough and some times he would be wheezing. Lately when he eats i burp him and not thst long later he throws up pr spits up his milk. Its the same milk I've been feeding him and he didn't start to do this until 2wks ago. At night time he won't sleep, he'll stay up all night. He sleeps for about 9 hours during the entire day. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      While I can't say for sure if it's normal or not (feel free to ask your pediatrician, that's what s/he's there for!) I will say that my son is and was exactly the same. Spitting up is completely normal. Most, if not all, babies spit up regardless of burping. My son is also not a sleeper. He's 7 months old right now. The average amount of sleep a "normal" 7 month old needs is 14-15 hours/day. I'm lucky if my son sleeps a total of 9-10 hours a day. Some babies are just not sleepers. Look for signs of exhaustion (crankiness, falling asleep in the middle of an activity, difficulty falling asleep or waking up) and if your son does not have these signs, he shoudl be fine. Oh - and my son "pants" when he's excited about something.

    Infant Tummy Sleeping?
    My son is a week old and just won't settle for a sleep unless he's on his stomach. Whether it be on his own or on my chest. For the past week, he's mainly been sleeping on me because I'm concerned about SIDS and suffocation, but I can't continue to lie with him all day just so he can get a good sleep. If I place him on his back, even after he's fallen asleep on his tummy, he wakes up constantly - every hour - and cries until he's placed back on his tummy. He won't sleep on his sides either. For a newborn, he does alright with his head muscles, always lifting it up and moving his head from side to side. Oh and when he sleeps on his tummy, he always moves his hands up underneath his head, like he's using them as a pillow.

    I have a 4yo as well and just can't lie around all day with the baby - does anyone have any suggestions on getting him to sleep better without me and without the risks of SIDS and suffocation?

    • ANSWER:

    Why oh why oh why won't my baby sleep?????
    I'm going mad! My son is four months next Friday and will not sleep! He has been the same since day one and I have kept on hoping that things will get better but they don't. He will fight going to sleep constantly and will only drop off after a bout of inconsolable crying and then will wake up again to any slight sound usually after about 15 mins. I have tried absolutely everything including swaddling, infacol, gripe water, infant gaviscon, teething powders, bonjella, dentanox, cold soothers and teethers, baths, lullaby's, rocking for hours on end, routines etc but to no avail! He's avery big child (about 21 pounds) and is exclusively breastfed, do you think he may need solids? Please please please give me any suggestions you can! Ta!
    I did think it was acid reflux and went to see my health professional who was worried about his size and refferred me to a Doc who said he was fine! I'm not conviced though, might go back.

    • ANSWER:
      your baby reminds me of my son. I tried everything too, I later found out he had silent acid reflux (he didn't throw up, it would come up in his throat and he would swollow it back down, so I it's easy to miss, and burns twice as much as the normal acid reflux with vomiting.. it did come up his nose a few times, and that was how we found out. We had to put him on zantac which didn't work, but then the doc switched him to axid and it worked like a charm). we had to slightly raise the head of his bed, make sure he burps after eating, hold him up at least 30mins before we lay him down, and change his formula to similac alimentum. I hope I help. He's 20 months now and if perfect. Trust me, this too shall pass.

    Infant sleep issues. HELP!!?
    My baby girl is 2mo today and we're having big sleep issues. I know they're supposed to only sleep on their backs with no blankets, but the only way my little girl will sleep is tightly swaddled wrapped in a big fluffy blanket snug against her mouth to hold her pacifier in!!! It's driving me crazy, because even at that she doesn't sleep very well during the day at all!! I've got a toddler also and cannot get ANYTHING done. I'm losing my mind!!! I let my first daughter cry-it-out when she was 7 months old and it worked wonderfully, she has no sleep issues. But is 2 months old too young?
    I'm thinking about getting a sleep sack and rocking her to sleep and laying her on her back, and if she wakes up after that just letting her get herself back to sleep. I know I'm asking for a tongue lashing from those who are against the cry-it-out method, but you don't need to even bother, because I'm a huge believer in the cry-it-out method and those ppl won't change my mind. I'm just not sure if 2 months is too young.
    thanks precious. I've tied putting her on her belly but she hates that business. she sleeps most of the night, only waking up once around 5 to eat, and goes right back to sleep. But that's swaddled with the pacifier propped in her mouth. Maybe I'll try to 5 minutes at a time, thank you.

    • ANSWER:

    My 3.5 old infant recently started fighting his sleep. What can I do to help this?
    He won't fall asleep in the swing, while nursing, or any other way we've tried. I'm not comfortable letting him cry himself to sleep. It's become impossible to get him to take sufficient naps during the day and its making him so crabby. We are getting worn out from hours of holding him and trying to keep him from crying. I'm not sure what else to try. Any suggestions??

    • ANSWER:
      try getting him on a schedule. After you give him his last bottle for the night give him a bath and try to avoid to much stimulation. read to him or sing then put him in his crib. If he crys and you are not ok with it go rock him and after he calms down try to lay him back down. just dont give up it gets better.

    Toddler (13.5 months) sleep issues - ARRRGH?
    My daughter was the perfect sleeper as an infant. She would have slept through the night right away if they hadn't made me wake her for a month to get her weight up. She would sleep 6-8 hours by one month, 8-10 by two and 10-12 by three months. Every since learning to crawl (just before nine months) and getting her four top teeth (nine months), she won't sleep 10-12 hours anymore. I got her back up to eight, but she started wake up for nursing. We're trying to wean to whole milk, so having her still waking to nurse causes problems. I know she should be able to sleep through, but if I don't nurse her, her little stomach is literally grumbling (maybe because she gives up on eating as much solids while teething?).

    Now she is teething her last front tooth and two molars and has started waking twice a night again. Sometimes it's for a diaper change, sometimes hunger, sometimes nothing at all. If I leave her, she will fuss for an hour straight (before I give up because I can't sleep). If she starts bawling, I have to go calm her as we live in a condo and everyone can hear. Everytime she finishes teething (this is the third set, as she usually gets 2-4 at a time), I have to start from scratch with her sleep schedule. Will this happen for all the rest of her teeth? Baby Tylenol, teething tablets, orajel, teething rings don't help. She doesn't seem to be in too much pain during the daytime, but it's obviously bothering her at night, or she wouldn't be waking so much again. Either that or the fact that she started walking a few weeks ago and is now learning to climb... Any advice on keeping my child's sleep schedule consistent through teething and milestones?

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried cutting out her morning nap yet? or making her take her nap earlier during the day? She is probably getting in the habit of waking in the night... try getting her to eat more just before she goes to bed. I think more than anything though its just the habit... my son wakes up every day around 3 in the morning because he knows thats what time my husband gets home for work... then he goes back to sleep after he eats with my husband even when my husband is off he still wakes up at 3 and then goes back to sleep. its hard but try breaking her of it... if you give the tylenol too much it prob. won't work anyways... try letting her chew on a damp wash cloth to help with her gums babies love that. also you could try breastfeeding her just before bed and not when she wakes up... give her a bottle of milk and hold her so she still feels like you are cuddling with her or dont give her anything to drink and just stay next to her. there are a lot of things to try but give each a few days and see if they work. Good luck

    8 week old doesn't sleep well on her back?
    I know that due to SIDS, infants are supposed to sleep on their backs. My 8 week old daughter won't sleep for more than an hour at a time and had that startled reaction quite frequently. I placed her on her belly to sleep and she slept all night, with none of the "starting" awake. I'm really at a loss and could use some advice. Please help!
    I've tried swaddling, but from the day she was born she has been able to kick out of it, even when one of the nurses did it!!

    • ANSWER:
      Swaddle her. Also try her sleeping on her side. They sell foam wedges you can place behind her and in front of her to keep her from rolling over to her stomach.

      Remember that SIDS isn't well understood and the relationship to sleeping on the stomach seems to be a cause, but not in all cases. Several of us slept on our stomachs as babies and we survived.

    Why won't my baby sleep at night anymore?
    Hello! My four month old son (practically five months) doesn't seem to be able to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time at night. This has been a trend for probably a month and a half to two months now. We just can't seem to figure out what's keeping him from sleeping. Here are the facts:

    -Our doctor thinks he's teething because he's drooling a lot and chews on his fingers. We have some infant tylenol now to give him a bedtime, but I don't want to keep giving it to him and we shouldn't have to do so; nothing else seems to be working, though.
    -He's also starting to roll over onto his side.
    -Since he's been born he's had a terrible gas and bloating problem and I try to alter my diet so I'm taking in too much caffeine or anything that would aggravate that. He gets Ovol (simethicone) drops to help with that.
    -We also rely on gripe water a lot at night to help him cope with what we think might be stomach pain because something seems to be bothering him. However, I think the gripe water has become too much of a crutch.
    -He likes to suck on a pacifier now but is not too proficient as keeping it in. At night we're just plain desperate now and will stick it in when he wakes up hour after hour just so we can get some sleep.
    -We started supplementing with formula in the hopes it would keep him fuller, longer at night. He gets one bottle before naptime and one before bed. We use Enfamil A+ formula, but experimented with the soy one in some unlikely instance he has a lactose intolerance (nothing extreme, but enough to bother him. I'm like that). Now we was Enfamil Gentlelease for babies who are fussy and have gas. No remarkable changes have occurred. The funny thing is when we first started he slept great, like 4,5, almost 6 hours. Then he just changed and it hasn't been the same since.
    -He's pretty happy all day. Nothing seems to be bugging him too much. Sure he gets fussy sometimes, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Those are the lengthy facts. Any suggestions? We know about letting him "cry it out," but we live in an apartment building and that wouldn't be fair to the neighbors. Any help is SO appreciated. We love our son very much, but we need sleeeeeep!

    • ANSWER:

    How do you keep an infant from rolling over in the middle of the night?
    My son has been sleeping on his stomach since birth (he's 4 months old now). He refuses to sleep on his back. That being said... now he has learned to roll over. He used to sleep most of the night without any problems but now he rolls over and it wakes him up and he won't go back to sleep very easily. I know there are sleep positioners for back sleeping but are there any for stomach sleeping? Please don't make this about whether he should or shouldn't sleep on his stomach.

    • ANSWER:
      Oh my. I was just going to post this EXACT same question, only my guy sleeps on his back and flips to his tummy!!! We've been using the sleep positioner but he's so strong that he can get out of it. This morning the positioner was at the opposite end of the crib, he was on his tummy facing the front of the crib, width-wise. I would LOVE to see how he gets himself in this position! It's frustrating because he knows how to sleep through the night but he wakes up when this happens and then decides, hmm, I might as well eat since I'm up! I'm ready to take the positioner out because it doesn't seem to do any good. I disagree with any pillows, etc. Since your guy is starting on his stomach, I really don't think there is anything you can do. One thing we did get this weekend is one of the breathable bumpers because he was getting his legs caught. All this to say, I feel your pain and unfortunately, I think all we can do is get up in the night comfort them, reposition them, and pray that they learn how to flip the other way soon!

    My newborn is crying and won't go back to sleep. Should I pick it up or let her cry for hours?
    So asking for tips about how to get your newborn to sleep is great, fine, normal, we've all been there and done the crazy 3 AM post begging for advice.

    Many women also come looking for advice on how to steer their newborns/infants toward good sleep habits, or teach their kids how to self-soothe, and again, that's a great topic and it allows moms to share what works for them.

    But if one more person asks about feeding bottles with rice to a six week old because he doesn't sleep through the night, or complains about how cry it out isn't working on their two month old I am gonna scream!

    I mean COME ONE PEOPLE!!! It's called parenthood. It's what you signed up for with the sex and the choosing to keep your baby. How can people have such unrealistic/ignorant ideas about parenting?

    I don't want to be bitchy/judgemental here, but it breaks my heart to think that little babies my daughters age crying all alone in a crib with no mommy to go hold and comfort them :-/
    Yes it is a question.

    How can parents be so unrealistic/ignorant about what it means to have a baby?

    • ANSWER:
      Amen sister! : )

    Why won't my 1 year old sleep?
    I have a 16 month old daughter (she was born 3 months early so her "real" age is 13 months). She used to sleep in her crib every night. She NEVER slept with us as an infant and until about 2 weeks ago we never has a problem. Now she wont sleep in her crib. She wakes up at night and where as we used to pat her and she would go back to sleep now she just screams louder...we put her in the bed with us once and she went right to sleep. This has been happening every night since then. We finally get to the point at 4am that we cant take it any longer and just put her in our bed. ... What are some things I can try and or why would this happen all the sudden?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to stop letting her sleep in your bed. Feed her, bathe her, have some play time and put her in the crib. Put a chair next to the crib and read her a story or sing to her. She feels that she needs your presence and protection to go to sleep. Just sit there until she falls asleep.
      Do this for a while and then you should be able to leave after you have read/sang to her. This may take a short time or a long time - just be patient! If you have to sit next to her crib for a while then bring a book or iPod to amuse yourself. Your beautiful girl will eventually get it.

    Advise on how to get my 9 month old to sleep in his crib?
    Before you judge my question, hear me out on this one!
    Our son is almost 10 months old. When he was first born, we allowed him to sleep in his swing at night until he was about 4 months. At about 4 months, we put our son in his crib to sleep at night. He did this for a few weeks, until I heard some horrible news from someone I work with. Their son died at 6 months of SIDS in his crib. That terrified me. Not saying this was a good idea, but I was so worried because it happened to someone that I knew, that I allowed my son to sleep in our room in his infant to toddler rocker. (It is a bouncer that lays all the way back) Well that was a huge mistake. Now he is 9 months old, almost 10 still sleeping in our room in the bouncer, and my husband and I are attempting to get him to sleep in his crib. He FREAKS out! He just screams bloody murder. I know lots of reactions will be "he needs to cry it out" Well I don't necessarily believe in that & it is hard to do when he cries for 2 hours straight, and never falls asleep in there. This is so hard, because I know it's our fault for this, I just need some advise. Obviously you learn from your mistakes, well I definitely learned for our next child. We tried having him hang out in there during the day - trying to nap him in there, and he just screams when he's left alone. He is also at the stage where he is pulling himself up to stand in there, and then he will get so upset, he will fall backwards and hit his head on the crib. It makes me so nervous!
    The one thing that makes it harder on me - when I tell my hubby that our son needs to get in his crib - he needs to be able to stretch out and sleep any way he wants to, he agrees with me but doesn't want to do it yet! I don't know what he's waiting for but his complaint is it's my fault that I didn't want him in his crib with the whole SIDS incident with that friend, so it's my fault that he wont sleep in his crib now. I keep telling him we need to work together & can't blame things on eachother, we are learning as we go... this is our first child. He doesn't think it's fair that we have to loose sleep and basiclly start over with a baby that won't sleep thru the night. I'm torn. I don't know what to do. I feel terrible. It would be so much easier if my hubby were on my side and understanding that this is something that needs to be done. Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy, just not helping with this situation. Please help me if you have any suggestions on what we can do. I really want my son to be comfortable in his crib, in his room without him freaking out. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this long question!!

    • ANSWER:
      It seems like such a difficult situation you're in! Your baby screams because he is afraid of being left alone and is not used to sleeping without you. My son doesn't like us to leave him alone either when it's bed time (even though he has been sleeping in his own room in his cot since he was 10 weeks old). I used to feed my boy to sleep then put him in his cot and leave, but then I decided that I didn't want him to rely on being fed to fall asleep. So what we do now is put him in bed and watch him until he falls asleep. It takes a little while but it does work, and he sleeps all the way through. Maybe you could try that? Eventually, I want to be able to put him down and walk away, but we trid that a few times and he got really upset. So maybe what you need to do is put him in his bed and wait there until he falls asleep. In the mean time, you could play soothing music, pat him and talk to him, or you could kiss his face (my son loves that) in order to help him stay calm.

    Why won't my 9 month old sleep at night still?
    HELP! I have reached my limit.
    My 9 month old daughter is still not sleeping through the night, she has not slept since she has been born.
    She has always been up every hour or 2.
    It seems like it is just getting worse than better and I don't know what to do anymore.
    She wakes up screaming, and now shes crawling around and ends up smashing her head in the crib which does not help this situation.
    When she does wake up at night she screams I have tried just letting her cry it does not work.
    Ive tried different routines, more food before bed, more feedings at night but im completely out of ideas now because nothing is working.
    I am starting to wonder if there is medical conditions for infants that dont sleep at night.
    My dr doesn't think so, so i am not getting any luck with anything.

    Please help

    • ANSWER:
      You need to just persevere with it. If you don't like the idea of cry it out then stay with her and tickle her or rub her back until she goes back to sleep. At 9 months she is more than likely just teething.

      When she awakes at night don't speak to her or pay her any more attention than you need to and definetely don't take her out of her bedroom. If you feel like she should be able to go through the night without her food then don't allow her any. When my daughter used to wake I would give her cooled water - and she soon stopped getting up during the night as she realised she wasn't getting any milk.

    Advice for a 9 month old infant?
    He is going to be 9 months on the 3rd. He is breastfeed solely aside from solid food. No bottles, no formula.

    He started waking up at night and screaming because he wanted to suck to go back to sleep. He won't take pacifiers so that is out. He just had 3 teeth break through so I know it is partially a comfort thing as well but I want to break him of that. Hubby and I are in a 1 bedroom apartment with him so I can't just leave him be in his crib. Is there a way I can get him out of this? Hubby needs his sleep for work and with our son waking up and screaming until I give him boobs, that doesn't happen.

    I am planning on nursing(and sort of forced to) until he is a year but how can I get him to go all night again instead of every 2 hours without waking up and screaming? He slept 7-8 hours before and now this. I wanted to let him self wean but how it is going now with him I want to wean already between the biting and how he screams until he gets my breasts.
    I am forced to breastfeed because he has been physically unable to take bottles since the day he was born. We have tried numerous times and he just cannot latch onto a bottle.

    As for his needs. He is with me 24/7 since he was born. I fulfill all his needs and we stopped cosleeping when he was 4 months old because he would not sleep with us. I do not want to be a pacifier because he bites and with those teeth(he has 4) it hurts and he just laughs when I tell him it hurts and I take him off.

    • ANSWER:
      My son was doing the same thing and my maternal health nurse reccommended giving him yoghurt or custard right before he goes to bed. It's got a little more fat in it than breast milk.
      I can't say that my son is now a perfect sleeper, but it definitely gets him to go longer and not wake as often. Also, if he's teething a little baby pain relief right before bed is a good idea too.
      God bless and good luck.

    Why won't my son go to sleep?
    My son is 9 months old and for the past 3 to 4 weeks is refusing to go down at night without a fight. I give him his last bottle at 8:30 and start rocking him to sleep at 9:00, so I know he's not hungry. He falls asleep within 15 minutes but he always wakes up after 30 minutes and refuses to go back to sleep until 11:30 to midnight. He's right back up at 8:00am.

    I don't know what's wrong. I have tried everything to get him to sleep. I have given him gas drops, Infant Motrin (he is teething), baby orajel, nothing is working. Not rocking, or singing, or patting. He is on antibiotics for an ear infection but he will be receiving his last 2 doses of that tomorrow, so I don't think his ear is hurting him anymore. Please if anyone has any advice I am in desperate need of it. I am at my wits end here and am ready to bang my head up against a wall out of sheer frustration.

    • ANSWER:
      Does he act tired at 9pm when you put him to bed? If not he may not be ready to sleep yet and just getting a nap in. As he gets older he will require less sleep so you might try keeping him up until he acts tired to see what time that is. You might need to move his bed time just a bit later.

      My son has never slept more than 10 hours over night, sometimes less. If I put him down at 9pm he would also take a short nap then stay up until 12am, he's done it.

    how much sleep is an infant suppose to have?
    My baby girl is almost 3 months old and for the last 2 or 3 weeks, she has been waking up around 4 am everyday for no reason. First she'll start crying around 3 am, so I get her up, change her diaper, and nurse her, then she'll fall back asleep. But once I put her in her crib, she'll start waking up by wiggling around like she has a dirty diaper (which she won't) and then wakes up and starts crying. Now usually, I put on a night light with a little music that's attached to her crib, or get one of her toys that does it, and she's okay for maybe 10-15 min. Then she'll start back crying again. She won't feed again, she wouldn't have a dirty diaper, it would be warm in the room, I make sure it's not too hot, she has no gas bubbles in her stomach, so I'd just let her cry it out. But that doesn't seem to work, even when I get up every 5 min to give her a pacifier, she'll spit it right out. Then after maybe 30-40 min of crying, my dad would come in, pick her up, and take her around the house. Of course, after she's picked up, she's just fine. But then around 7 am, she'll go back to sleep for maybe 2-3 hours. I've also noticed that she doesn't really sleep much. She'll get less than 10 hours of sleep for every 24 hour period. I heard that infants are suppose to get 12-15 hours of sleep for every 24 hour period.I'm stumped on how to get my daughter to sleep like she should, especially early in the morning.

    • ANSWER:
      Girl, I kno exactly wat u r going through. C, sum babies r attached & da trick is 2 wait 20 min until she is in her deep sleep and put her down. she probably doesn't want 2 b alone. My baby did da same thing but da thing about me is I naturally knew dat. But w/ all babies and childrens u have 2 do dat cuz they hate being alone. Also they tell u especially nursing moms (myself), they r very attached! u will hold them and they like to cuddle! trust me it happens to me and all my friends and the trick works! Another trick is to swaddle her because they feel secure. My baby is 4 1/2 months and I still swaddle him cuz i don't want to hold him 4 20min. They ALL luv it honey!!!!!!!!

    Debate about infants sleeping on stomach. Please read.?
    I have a 2 week old baby who hates sleeping on his back. He will always wake up and fuss if I put him on his back. He likes sleeping on his side, but sleeps the best when on his belly. I know all the research done regarding SIDS, but my baby won't sleep on his stomach. Also, when he is on his stomach it seems as if he could choke on his spit up. What should I do? He loves to sleep on his stomach but I don't want to risk having him suffocate.

    • ANSWER:
      Co-sleep with him...lay him on his belly with you right next to him...thats what I had to do with my daughter...she would ONLY sleep on her belly....once she got a little older she would stay on her side more often....

    How long should a baby cry before falling to sleep?
    I am having a really hard time with my 10 month old. She won't sleep through the night. She GOES to sleep (at 8:30) very quickly but won't stay asleep. She wakes after an hour, then again in a few more etc... and wants to stay up. She takes 2 naps a day and we don't let her sleep past 4pm for her second nap. I have tried letting her cry for 10 minutes and comforting her, and letting her go another 10-15 but they SAY to calm her, and walk out. Well, she never calms even when I go in and reassure her. I have even stayed next to her crib and I lay her down every time she sits up with out giving her any other attention and she cries for HOURS to the point where she almost vomits. She's fed and dry, and crying and yawning but it goes on forever. I know we've created this monster by using infant methods for too long, but she's too old now, and I don't want to be walking the floor with a 6 year old. What can I do?
    We don't orchestrate her naps, for the record, but I worded it wrong. We don't PUT her down after 4 because we're afraid she'll get her days and nights mixed up, but this little girl only takes 1/2 hour to 45 minute naps on a GOOD day. Her average is 20 minutes. She actually needs sleep that she's not getting. We do put her in bed with us when she wakes in the middle of the night, but she wants to play. Sure, if it were a perfect world, she'd never have to cry at all, but we need sleep too. I'm not asking that she go to bed at 8:30 and sleep until 10am. I just want her to be ABLE to put herself to sleep. At 10 months old, she should be starting to learn that...and she is a large baby (90th percentile). She weighs 23 lbs. Try walkin' a wiggling 23 lb. baby for an hour at 10pm, 12AM, 3AM...I don't agree with letting her cry all alone and scared, but she really needs to figure out how to put herself to sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      How many hours a day is she sleeping total? At her age, she should be getting about 14 hours of sleep per day - odd as it may sound, if she gets less, sometimes she may get overtired and be a more restless sleeper and have a hard time sleeping and staying asleep. When I had a hard time getting my daughter to sleep through the night, putting her to bed 45 minutes EARLIER actually helped her to sleep longer and better! A good bedtime routine and consistency help with this. A white noise machine or a fan can also be helpful, as can a nightlight. My daughter actually goes to sleep for the night a 7:15pm now (instead of 8), after a half hour wind down routine which includes a bath, the same CD of quiet music every night (which can help trigger sleep if they associate that CD with bedtime) and milk right before bed.

      You should not have to wake her up from her naps during the day, but it is good to have her have her last nap early enough so she isn't sleeping too late into the evening from a nap - which it sounds like you are doing.

      She is still a baby - trust me, it goes by fast, enjoy how much comfort she takes in being with you. Hold her when she needs to be held. As frustrating as it is, this too shall pass! Letting her cry when she is scared or needs you is not healthy for her - there are kinder, gentler and safer ways to do may not happen overnight, but it will get better. I guarantee you will not be having this problem with a six year old.

    4 month old doesn't sleep more than 7 hours a night.?
    My 4 month old does not sleep more than a total of 7 - 7.5 hours a night. And this is with waking up 3 times to nurse. He will not go back to bed without the breast. If I don't nurse him, then he becomes so agitated that it takes longer for him to resettle. He was waking once through the night up until he hit 4 months. I am at my wits end...he does not nap during the day except for a half an hour at 11 and a half an hour at is unbelievable. He is too young to cry it out, and I don't believe that anyhow, and they don't usually spurt at 4 months. seems everyone's answer for everything infant related is because of a "growth spurt". He is a happy baby and never cranky when awake...he just won't sleep. I don't know how much longer I can take this. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
    I should also mention he does not go down until 10 or 11 at night no matter what we try...

    • ANSWER:
      I've been reading the book No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. One piece of advice she gives for babies who want to be nursed to sleep is to let them do so, but pull the nipple out of their mouth when the get sleepy (but before they are asleep). If they fuss, give it back for a few seconds, then out again. The idea is that you will need to give it back fewer times each time, and can eventually start nursing for shorter times, and then maybe not at all. The book may have some other ideas on this; you could try getting it from the library maybe.

      Some things that really helped us extend naps was using a sleep sack (or swaddling), playing white noise all during the nap (esp at the point where she usually wakes up), introducing a pacifier (though obviously this can have complications in other ways), and going in to shhh back to sleep the moment I heard a noise, before DD was properly awake. These strategies may also be tried to extend nighttime sleep, I suppose. Possibly you have already tried some or all of them.....

      Good luck!

    Any tips BESIDES 'controlled crying' to get my 2 yr old to sleep on his own?
    my son is 27 months old. as an infant he slept with us, which i realize was where i started to go wrong. i was nursing, i have 2 older children, i have to be awake and functional so i needed some kind of sleep. he had alot of ear infections, which resulted in alot of antibiotics, which resulted in a bacterial infection called C. Diff...which led to MONTHS of cryingg and tummy troubles, and the only thing that gave him comfort was to cuddle. We were eventually able to break him of that after we finally got rid of the c. diff. He was sharing a room with his 4 yr old brother. Within the last 2 months, he has started coming into our room in the middle of the night. Now it's at the point where he won't go to sleep without ME. Not necessarily laying with me, but he has to be in the room with me (right now he is in my bed, fell asleep on my pillow waiting for me. i will move him, but he'll be back) Terrible 2's aren't easy as it is, and this makes it even worse. I can get up 20 times a night and move him back to his bed, but he'll come right back. At this point, I need sleep. My husband wants his side of the bed back (he's been sleeping on the couch because at times he gets so frustrated that he doesn't even want to move the little one!) I can't just let him cry it out...he shares a room with one of his brothers. He gets so loud our NEIGHBORS can hear him. I am desperate for some help....PLEASE!
    in response to Sammyjo...he was a breast fed baby, so we went from the breast straight to a cup. None of my boys ever took a bottle at bed time. But then again, I never had this trouble with the other 2! They always slept in their own beds, and they weren't as clingy as this one. I just chalk it up to the fact that he nursed for so long...and the reason I nursed him for more than a year was because he had so many medical issues, that instead of giving him a bottle to soothe him, he had a boob. He never took a pacifier, he doesn't have a favorite stuffed animal or's just me.
    Shawmed...your answer makes the best sense to me so!
    Maygan...we have tried to do story time, but I don't think he quite understands that it's quiet time. He gets so excited about the story he gets up and runs around. He isn't in a crib anymore...not since he was about 18 months old, when he started climbing out of it. He will lay with his brothers and watch a movie. So we started movie time

    • ANSWER:
      Let him sleep in your bed. It's the only way that you can both sleep. He will outgrow it. 18 year olds do not sleep with their mothers.

    Infant cold advice...?
    My 9 month old has a bad cold and won't sleep or relax. I've given her tylenol cold drops and have tried everything. Any advice for me? She's been crying since 11:30 last night. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      I would try the shower steam. Close the bathroom door and turn on the shower on hot. Let the room steam up and take baby in there. I'd say a couple of minutes. This will loosen up an mucus so you can suck it out with a bulb syringe. Put some Vaseline on her nose before in case her nose is sore. try not to rub her nose with anything hard like toilet paper. It can be a little ruff on little noses. Keep her hydrated with juice or water. Or if breastfeeding only BM. If formula that's OK too. Hope she feels better soon. That way you both can rest.

    Getting infant (4 mos) to bed -need plan of action?
    I have an almost 4 month old. during the day, he sleeps every 1.5-2 hours in his crib no problem. Everynight he's up for about 3-4 hours and seems tired, fussy but won't sleep- just cries. His last nap starts at like 5pm for 45 min-1hr.
    This wouldn't be a big deal but my 4 year old gets jipped on his bedtime routine (8-8:30)because I'm always struggling with the baby.
    So should I let him cry to sleep- cut out the last nap? What is the easiest thing to do? thanks for your advice.

    • ANSWER:
      Four months is too young for crying it out and even when you use crying it out later, it's not like it sounds. You still have to check on the baby relentlessly. You should probably cut out the last nap. Don't let him sleep past 4pm. Juggling two small kids is tricky but you need to make sure you keep a bedtime routine for your other one so that he knows he has some special "momma time" too. What I do is put my three month old in the swing with a pacifier and then I'll do the bedtime routine with my two year old which takes no more than twenty to thirty minutes. Once one is down, then you can focus on the other. You'll have to do trial and error until something comes out right for your kids. Hope you get some relief.

    gagging, wheezing ... infant reflux??
    My baby is almost 10 weeks old and since the beginning has been wheezy. She's not really congested (nose drops and bulb don't really get anything) and has been to dr for several check ups with no congestion in lungs.

    She doesn't cry a lot, but seems uncomfortable - arches her back, jerky movements, etc. She won't sleep on her own, when I lay her down on mattress elevated with a pillow underneath she squirms around until eventually spitting or crying. She is most comfortable sleeping on my chest (she is on her belly and I am elevated, not laying flat).

    When I lift her from semi flat position she gags and has chunky spit up in her throat (which she swallows).

    I am breast feeding and she eats all the time, most waking hours. I don't think that her problem is that she is getting too much milk, or too little. I cut out dairy a few weeks ago as it seemed to be giving her a rash. I am vegetarian and eat a lot of soy product.

    I started giving her gripe water a couple of weeks ago which got rid of some gas she had, but hasn't resolved gagging and weezing. She is more comfortable acting than before, but still cannot lay on her own.

    She is gaining weight, and having poopy diapers a couple times per day and diapers are also wet, but something is not right. For my sanity I need to lay her down to sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      It's ok to put her on her belly to sleep if you think that'll help her. Get an angel care baby monitor so it will alert you if she stops breathing while she sleeps, so you can go in and pick her up to get her started again. Some babies stop breathing for a few seconds and need to be startled to breathe again. The chunky spit up is a symptom of reflux, but if she's not in pain, it's more than likelynot reflux. MANY people are actually allergic to soy. I'd maybe ease up on the soy and see if that helps. Wheezing is not a symptom of reflux in infants, either. Most babies breathe heavily and spit up now and then. Keep her elevated for a half an hour or 45 minutes after eating and she shouldn't have a hard time keeping her food down.

    how do i get my infant to stopping grinding his teeth?
    he is 7 mons. he has the 4 front teeth. he grinds them so hard sideways that he's chipped his 2 top teeth! one fair-sized from the bottom of one tooth and the other a small sized at the front of his other top tooth. help I don't know what to do, of course he stops when I put a pacifier in his mouth, but this is not a good habit to encourage either. he does it in his sleep too, i can hear him on the monitor and he won't sleep with a pacifier in, he spits it out when sleeping.

    • ANSWER:
      you'll probably find that he is teething. Lots of babies do this during teething. Try giving him so tynol and bonjella. Otherwise if he understands the word no just lightly tap on his mouth when you catch him doing it and firmly say no to him. There really is much at this time that you can do