Falling Asleep While Driving

Driving long distances is something that most people with a driver's license will have to face at some point in their driving career. For some people, they actually make their living from driving across the country in order to make ends meet. My uncle, for example, is a truck driver and has chosen to make a career out of driving long distances.

For most people, driving a long distance usually comes up during the holiday season. For instance, during the thanksgiving season that is currently going on, millions of Americans crowd the roadways in order to drive out to see loved ones, friends and family. If you are planning on making your first long distance road trip, there are a few things that you should consider before you jump into the car. For starters, make sure that all of your vehicle maintenance is up to date. The main things that you need to be concerned with in this area are things such as oil changes, tune ups and tire pressure, rotation and balance.

Most importantly, make sure that you pack your vehicle with an emergency kit. In your emergency “kit,” you should include things such as a first aid kit, a flashlight with extra back up batteries, jumper cables, flares, a blanket, a paper road map of the United States, a swiss army knife, bottled water, some other non-perishable food items and at least one full set of clothes to include an extra pair of socks and a winter jacket. Now, while some of these items may just seem like you are being paranoid, you never know what kind of a situation you are going to come across.

A few years ago, North Carolina got hit with an awful ice storm that wound up freezing the roads over in a fine sheet of ice. The sheet of ice was more dangerous than any snow that could have hit the area, and before people knew it, they were sliding all over the roadways, off the roadways and into each other. I, myself, was caught in the middle of the ice storm mayhem. On my way back from classes, it should have only taken me approximately thirty minutes to get back to my apartment. However, due to all of the bad weather, it wound up taking me almost nine hours to get back! In nine hours, I could have easily driven home to New York!

While driving for that long (and obviously not being prepared to spend nine hours in traffic), I began to get hungry. That's when I remembered that I had some non-perishable snacks in the back of my car in my emergency kit along with some water. So, when we were stopped in the middle of traffic for a while, I crawled into the back seat of my car and retrieved a small bag of granola and a bottle of water. I was also thankful that I had chosen to fill up my car prior to leaving for class earlier in the day. There were actually people around me who had run out of gas and were abandoned on the side of the road, waiting for help to arrive (which was going to be a while). This is why it pay to always be prepared, because you never know what situation you're going to be faced with!

Frequently Asked Questions

    Falling asleep while driving for no reason?
    My boyfriend crashed his car the other day because he fell asleep while driving. The thing is, it was mid day. Given he had woken up at 5:30 that morning but he said he felt fine in the morning. It was once he was driving home that he fell asleep. He also said he didn't feel tired previous to the crash. I am concerned there is a medical problem here. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      There has to be a reason that even your boyfriend doesn't know about. It does sound like a medical problem. I agree with the other poster to take away his keys to avoid a tragedy that could have been prevented.

      There are clinics that specialize in Sleep Disorders but your boyfriend should see his primary physician first. The doctor can refer him to a specialist if deemed necessary. Best of health to both of you. Take those keys, please.

    How can I stop falling asleep while driving?
    I often get tired and drowsy when driving long distances, is there a way that I can combat this? I am really scared that I'll just fall asleep or something!

    • ANSWER:
      I searched around for you and found this site www.akilla.co.nz
      here's a page on what works to keep you awake: http://akilla.co.nz/akilla_sleep_safety_education/What_works/index.htm

      you could try having a power nap, it says if you nap for 15-20 minutes it can help keep you awake and more alert.

      Hope this helps!!! Goodluck

    Anybody know the cause and remedy of falling asleep while driving?
    It happens all over the world. A person is driving a car on the highway during daylight hours and suddenly falls asleep for a few seconds. Anybody have this happen to them and then have a deep desire to find out the cause behind such a thing? Thanks for your answers. bill.wiemann at t-online.de Oh yeah, any remedy found?

    • ANSWER:
      It's just a person getting used to the road and being bored. The rhythm makes you sleepy, that's why parents often take whiny babies for a car ride(at least they used to when gas was affordable). Stop every once in a while and get out, walk and stretch. Roll down the windows. Change the radio station so you're not hearing the same things all the time. Sing at the top of your lungs. Bring a cooler filled with ice and drinks and throw some ice water on you every now and then. Pull over and nap if you absolutely have to. Switch drivers if possible. Drink caffeine and then drink some more when your caffeine/sugar rush is gone.

    What are some tips to prevent falling asleep while driving?
    I got to thinking about this some time back while on a trip with my dad from Orlando to Savannah. Now, I didn't drive, he did. We both had a long night's rest, and there would seem to be no reason then to feel tired afterwards, but while on the road, not even an hour, and I started feeling sleepy and tired, before I knew it, I doze off. Later, I taught, if I had been driving, who knows where we would have ended up in.
    So, I wonder, what can one do to help stay awake while driving and prevent an accident?

    • ANSWER:
      you need to be acutely aware of your surroundings, not playing with stupid games and gadgets;

    How do I avoid falling asleep while driving the 30 minutes home tomorrow night? W/O getting highway hypnosis?
    I have to babysit until 11 and then drive 30 min home on a highway. I get highway hypnosis easily and I have been tired lately. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Chew a gum or have a candy while you drive. Thirty minutes is not that long travel you can make it. :)

    What is the best way to avoid falling asleep while driving?
    Share your experience and tips- it would help millions!

    • ANSWER:
      A 20 min nap can do wonders.
      Pull into a gas station and see something different than just the road
      Get a good caffinated drink while you are in there. And a bag of chips (just doing somethng with your free hand helps)
      Sing along with the radio.

      If you still feel like you are going to nod off - pull off the road. No place is so important to try to reach if it means risking your life.

    any idea why I'm falling asleep while driving on the highway?
    for the past two week, I notice that every day mon-friday after work as I'm driving home from work on the highway I get so sleepy, I keep yawning non-stop and my eye start to get droopy and very sleepy, almost got into an accident twice already. I drink coffee at work, maybe I'm not getting enough sleep? having a little sick 2 year didnt give me much hour to sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      Try to get a little bit of more sleep and also drive with loud music and roll down your windows. I also chew gum when I drive and I'm sleepy it helps me stay awake.

    What happens if the pilot falls asleep while driving the airplane?
    I know that the plane will crash if no one else is around to drive it. But if he does falls asleep will there be anyone there to take over, like an assistant or something. I was wondering because I recently read an article about a man falling asleep while driving an airplane and then crashing. And I'm scared because I'm going on an airplane soon and my flight leaves very early in the morning and I'm worried that the pilot might be tired.
    Bub- So what happens if the computer system stops working or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Commercial planes are mostly flown by computers once they take off and most of the landing part is computerized. Not to worry, there is also a co pilot there with him, so they would both need to fall asleep. Good luck

    Falling Asleep While Driving?
    I'm having trouble staying awake while I'm driving. I can get into my car, completely awake, start driving and the next thing I know I'm starting to fall asleep. Obviously this is highly dangerous and I'd like to know if you guys have any opinions on what this might be or how to fix it. I definitely do not want to cause a car accident.

    • ANSWER:
      if your having such a serious issue you shouldnt be driving then or dont be taking any meds or anything before driving.

    ways to keep from falling asleep while driving long haul?

    • ANSWER:
      Well with the DOT regs in place now shame on you for cheating and driving so much. Now if you are getting enough sleep have your blood sugar checked sleepiness is a good sign of Diabetes. If all is well with health .When I drove instead of bennies I would use 10 aspirin and a hot Coca Cola. But since they changed their formula that probably will not work any more.

    Have you ever fell asleep while driving?
    I don't understand how people can let "sleep" take over them while they're driving. I could never fall asleep while driving,it's impossible,i be in the zone all the time.

    One night i couldn't sleep i stayed up til it was time for me to take my 2 hour trip to work. I worked 10 hours i got off at 4am in the morning and drove home without falling asleep.

    • ANSWER:
      My friend's grandpa died because he fell asleep driving.
      When you get old and you're tired, you forget you're driving.

    Best way to keep from falling asleep while driving?

    • ANSWER:
      wear nipple clamps

    Falling asleep while driving, not tired.?
    I can be wide awake but when I get in the car and have to drive any further than 5 miles, I started getting terrible sleepy it seems and have to fight off falling asleep while driving. It was never like this before I moved up here to Indiana from texas 5 months ago. But ever since, when I drive more than like 5 miles somewhere I start falling asleep and it is scaring the crap out of me. At first I thought it was my van, it had a loud droning sound so I figured that was putting me to sleep but I got a new car about a month ago and it doesn't do that.. but I still have the same problem.

    Now here lately I have been really tired all the time and have a headache, its soo frustrating. I thought that I might be pregnant because my breasts have been sore but I started my period a week ago and just got off of it yesterday. It was a normal period, nothing different. So, I am not pregnant but the last two weeks have been really hard on me. Im tired all the time now and its hard to get myself up to clean anything. I have two little boys to take care of and drive around and I am scared. I don't want anything to happen.

    Does anyone know what could be wrong with me?
    I eat healthy all the time, fruits, vegies, rarely eat red meat, lots of fiber, not much sugar etc. AND i get about 6-7 hours of sleep a night.

    I missed my period when I was pregnant with both of my boys and my last period came right on time with the normal cramps, normal flow, normal length of time, etc...

    I was having this falling asleep while driving thing before I had any pain in my breasts. PAY ATTENTION TO THE WHOLE PICTURE not just one of two points. that is why all the information is there..

    • ANSWER:
      You need to see a doctor immediately. Lethargy is never a good sign, and if you're in a car and having trouble staying awake you are putting many lives in danger, including yours and possibly your boys. Don't wait to see a professional after you've already crashed.

    i am just concerned about my husbands ring finger suddenly falling asleep while driving. is this a warning?
    sign of some kind of problem.

    • ANSWER:
      cubital tunnel

    how to I avoid falling asleep while driving?

    • ANSWER:
      If you feel like you are about to fall asleep, get off the road. Pull over at a gas station/convenience store, walk around, maybe splash some cold water on your face in the bathroom. This should help wake you up.

      If you are riding with a passenger - have a conversation with them. Being actively involved in a conversation is a great way to keep yourself feeling awake.

    What would cause one to fall asleep while driving?
    I start to fall asleep at the wheel while I am driving. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      This has started happening to me also. Sometimes I think Im actually driving in my sleep (I dont remember any of the trip, Im just there) It is very scary!!!! I wonder if the lines on the road are hypnotising me or what. Have you started any new medication lately? I think that Im getting enough sleep but I noticed that it dosent happen as much if Im just waking from a nap. Its very inconvient but now Im taking 1 hour naps before I have to drive anywhere. I also keep a sleeping bag & pillow in my van. I have pulled over to take short naps on occasion. Please be careful. Its ok to take chances with yourself but think about the other people using the road. Maybe were narcaleptic? Does it only happen when your driving or are you having trouble reading and watching tv as well? If youve got the resources, go to the doc. Unfortunately thats just not an option for me.

    my boyfriend has a problem with falling asleep really fast, day or nite even while driving.?
    He cant control it. I need to know if he goes to the doctor, what actual kind of test will they do? He's had a pproblem for awhile. I've been with him for three years and during this time, the falling asleep while driving is gotton worse. Doesnt matter if it's day or night. Could you tell us something to try until he can get to a doctor? He works out of town in te boonies, there is no doctor for miles. Closest one is probably 1 1/2 hrs away. Would those nasel strips help any? He says if he pulls on his face with both hands on his cheeks and pulls he can breath better.Please write back and give us some kind of action to take righr now until he can get back in town ? Thank you for listening.

    • ANSWER:
      He may have sleep apnea. Which means he could be stopping breathing while he is asleep. My husband has this and if he does not wear his mask at night he falls asleep randomly throughout the day because they wake up so much during the night when the stop breathing. He had to do an overnight sleep study where they hooked him up to all kinds of monitors to see how many times he quit breathing and for how long. Good Luck to you and your boyfriend.

    Husband Always falls asleep while driving is this a medical condition?
    Yesterday my husband got into a wreck and totaled his truck. This the the 3rd or 4th time since OCtober he has wrecked.. He has fell asleep more while driving just woke up in time. I told him he is not allowed to drive anymore.. Would this be a medical condition. Sometimes he will be standing up asleep. ?? This is weird. He gets enough sleep.

    • ANSWER:
      could be narcolepsy...should really get checked by a doc and not drive until then

    Leg falling asleep while driving?
    When I drive long distances, my right leg falls asleep. I don't know what to do. You think there is a medicine for that or something I can do for it?

    • ANSWER:
      Well mine does that too because I have "RLS" (Restless leg syndrome) so you might have RLS also so I would go see a doctor!

    How not to fall asleep while driving?
    Everyday, lot of road accidents are a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. How can one avoid falling asleep at the wheel?

    • ANSWER:
      Be rested when you start, get off the road when you are tired. Until you can get off the road, roll down the window and get the air in your face.

    I want to know what my dream means: Falling Asleep While Driving?
    I keep having dreams where i am driving on the streets and im very very drowsy.im struggling to keep my eyes open and drive. in the last one i was falling asleep at the wheel and i slow down the car and i believe it was night time because it was dark and there were almost no other cars around, maybe just parked ones. and i was turning left to pull over and stop the car. and im moving the car very slowly and i gently stop against this fence on the right hand side after i made my left turn. The streets are familiar ones, near my workplace.i drive around that area often. so im stopped against the fence, sort of on the sidewalk in my car and everything goes black and im not conscious. then i come back to consciousness in the dream because a police officer is at my drivers side window with a flashlight.he is trying to figure out what happened and im desperately explaining to him that i couldnt help it.i was falling asleep and i tried to pull over, he wasnt upset much.i dont really remember anything else. i always have dreams where some variation of this is happening.people around my car are usually angry but this one was less my life is in danger and more im incapable of driving. if you can tell me what any of this means it will be so helpful.i find this reoccurring dream fascinating.

    • ANSWER:
      driving a car is usually connected with controlling one's life. you were driving around your job's place, so i assume you are somehow in control of your life, you have a job, but that job is not satisfying you. you are bored with it and you don't have to be very concentrated by doing it because it is an easy job and it gives you no pleasure and nothing ever happens at the job, apart from getting some scary looks.
      do you have any other ambitions?

    Dad falling asleep while driving....?
    My dad is 80 years old and he has microbacteriosis. He always coughs up nasty yellow stuff from his lungs and the amount of oxygen going to his brain has decreased. And lately he has been nodding his head while driving. We are going to the beach on Saturday and I was wondering what sorts ofthings would keep him awake. Should we get some coffee on the way to the beach or what else??

    Thanks for your help I need some suggestions because I am ver worried about him.
    Btw we can't take turns driving because I'm only 14
    Nd he will be driving me to the beach because he's hardheaded and I just don't know what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      He probably shouldn't be driving. Due to his health problems, he might not be able to drink any caffeine, so I wouldn't recommend that either.

      If he's open to it, have someone else drive the car to the beach.

    How can I get over the fear of Falling asleep while driving?
    Back in Feb. me and me best friend were in a bad accident due to my irresponsibility and driving a hour drive sleepy. I know this sounds crazy but i didn't even know i fell asleep. i caught myself dozing off and in the other lane, but i was stupid and drove anyway. and before i knew it we went off a 20 foot cliff and flipped over and over. I did that exact same drive this morning and was TERRIFIED that i was going to become sleepy. But i wasn't. So everytime I drive in the morning or evening i get horrified. How to make it better?

    • ANSWER:

    Poll: why do old people fall asleep while driving car? last night my driver almost did major accident?
    i was travelling working for testing cell signals, i have a driver from the company

    he is around 70, he suddenly went to opposite lane at 65 mph and truck came from opposite direction

    i shouted and then he pulled to our lane

    why old people fall asleep while driving?

    • ANSWER:
      maybee they are taking too many meds for driving or they need a nap

    Why am I falling asleep while driving?
    Yes, I know it's dangerous, and yes I am VERY scared of what could happen. My 10 points will go to whoever can give the most HELPFUL information.

    If I am driving between the hours of 3-5 pm I become incredibly sleepy. I have found myself dozing behind traffic lights/stop signs, and my first accident happened on a rather monotonous 45 minute drive home during those hours.

    I am a teacher, so unfortunately that is my time to travel home. I have no trouble driving at any other time of the day, no matter how late or early.

    I have tried rolling the window down, and blasting the radio. If I pullover for 10-15 minutes for a short nap I'm fine after that, but it's only a short term fix. Or I "crash" on the sofa when I get home.

    Does anyone else have this kind of problem? I go to bed nightly at 10 and wake up around 5:30, so i thought i was getting enough of sleep.

    I have been doing to searches on narcolepsy, but i'm not sure...This has been going on ever since I started driving
    From what I can find on Narcolepsy, I don't have any of the other major symptoms besides falling asleep.

    I do find, doing something else helps, IE talking to someone in the car, but there isn't always someone to talk to

    • ANSWER:
      There's often no easy answer for this because there are so . many possibilities: reactive hypoglycemia caused by eating habits at lunch and early afternoon; side effects of medications; drinking caffeine in the evening; or some type of sleep disorder that disrupts your sleep at night. Its easy to test yourself to see if the problems are caused by diet, medications, or caffeine by altering your habits for a short awhile. I once had a car with a hole in the exhaust pipe and i was getting groggy from breathing in carbon monoxide.

      If you can't identify a logical cause, then it might be a good idea to visit a sleep clinic so they can monitor your sleep.

    Why am I falling asleep while driving longer distances?
    I can drive up to 45 minutes or an hour most of the time without any difficulty. I live in a small coastal community and medical specialists or better shopping opportunities require 2 to 3 hour driving distances.

    During the last couple of years, I need to have someone accompany me out of town. I will not drive alone as it is very dangerous for me and other drivers. After driving for more than an hour, the urge to sleep overtakes me. I am constantly struggling to keep my eyes open. I do stretches in my seat in an effort to keep myself awake(ie flex my feet, fingertips etc...) On numerous occasions, I have had to pull over and take a nap. What could be causing this? It is very frustrating.
    I forgot to tell you that I don't even enjoy Sunday drives with my family anymore. I just tend to fall asleep!

    • ANSWER:
      It's because you don't eat healthy or exercise.

    I fell asleep while driving my car. Front right tire is flat? who should i call to fix it? first time doing th?
    i fell asleep very briefly. i was driving about 45 miles per hour. my car went over the curb. now my front right tire is flat. the other 3 tires are fine. who should i call? which stores? how much would it cost? this is my first time dealing with something like this. please help. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on why it is flat. If it is just a hole in the tire you can probably get it patched. If you bent the rim (wheel) it will have to be straightened or replaced. A lot of places sell tires and rims. Costco, Firestone, Winston, Sears, just check and see which one has your size tire, and rim if you need it. Tires can run anywhere from about .00 to 0.00 or 0.00 depends on the tire.
      Good luck,

    Why do I fall asleep while driving?
    Sometimes when I start driving I get so sleepy that I cant even keep my eyes open. I don't even get like this at night when i'm really tired, I can always keep my eyes open. But when I drive I have to fight to keep my eyes open, does anyone know what would cause this?

    • ANSWER:
      It's just the rhythm of the road. Too soothing to you.

    Who would most likely fall asleep while driving, a girl or a guy?
    I need lots of answers, please and thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Guys as they probably work more and have to work at early times, plus as someone else has said, they are lazy xD

    Have you ever fallen asleep while driving?
    I have from time to time, but I have cruise control so it worked out o.k.

    • ANSWER:
      I find it makes driving much less stressful

    Someone falls asleep while driving, causes an accident and you never hear about that person getting a citation
    So whats up with that? Is there no law against falling asleep? and causing death?

    • ANSWER:
      People still get charged. You just don't hear about it enough. Often times it can be anywhere from DUI, involuntary manslaughter or reckless driving depending on the exact incidences.

    is there a physical illness that would cause a person to fall asleep while driving a car ?
    they just seenm to dose off while on freeways. should they seek medical attenion and of coures not drive?

    • ANSWER:
      Narcolepsy possibly...

      The main characteristic of narcolepsy is overwhelming excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), even after adequate nighttime sleep. A person with narcolepsy is likely to become drowsy or to fall asleep, often at inappropriate times and places. Daytime naps may occur with or without warning and may be irresistible

    Anyone else ever fall asleep while driving?
    I did today :/ it was so embarassing. I hadn't slept at all because of work, and up all night studying for two tests for my courses Dx. While driving home on the freeway I hit one of those giant barrel looking cones. In fact that's what woke me up...obviously I was wide awake after that.

    anyway if you have did you hurt anyone/anything...or yourself?

    • ANSWER:
      woke up a half second before i plowed in to a mini van at a stop light, going about 50. nobody was hurt, thankfully. i decided to give up heroin not long after.

    how do you keep yourself from falling asleep while you are driving?

    • ANSWER:
      You stop driving and have a nap. Falling asleep as the wheel can be fatal.

    My husband fell asleep while driving?
    He works nights, and hasn't fully adjusted. He isn't on any medications whatsoever. On his way home last night he fell asleep while driving, turned down a road he didn't mean too, and then woke up wondering where he was at. Sounds weird, I know, I'm wondering how this happened? He stayed on the road apparently and everything. Its almost like sleep driving...

    • ANSWER:
      There are crashes from people falling asleep at the wheel everyday. It's a pretty common thing to happen. I've dozed a couple times at the wheel myself but then quickly regained my composure. His lack of sleep definitely has a lot to do with that ability. My mother took a Benadryl one time then thought it would be okay to take a leisurely ride to the store. Sure enough she ran straight into a pole after falling asleep at the wheel. So, very common. Make sure he's okay to drive and try to talk to him frequently throughout his day to see what kind of condition he is in. If he sounds very drowsy, a phone conversation while he is driving could save his life or save you a lot on car damages...

    has anyone ever fallen asleep while driving?
    do you take any prescription medication? is there anything else that it could be caused by?

    • ANSWER:
      Get a girl to sit beside and give you some good nourishment while you drive

    How many times have you fallen asleep while driving

    • ANSWER:
      The last time I fell asleep while driving, I did this....


      That was the last time, and that was 1995.

    Why Falling asleep driving.?
    My wife (47) just told me that in the last two weeks she had fallen asleep while driving about 3 times. It’s been instances where the traffic has been bump to bump (once-yesterday) and also at about 30 mph (twice). It never happened to her before. I have to mention she is a good sleeper, when I drive with her in the car it takes only a few minutes for her eyes to start closing, no matter if it is a short or long trip, same thing at home. In the other hand she’s very active; makes exercise 3 or 4 times a week and the usual chores at home. She has to drive about 30 miles daily (round trip) to take care of our kid’s school and home related tasks. Not known (for me) home or personal problems and our life are “normal” as I believe. Do you have any idea where to look for an explanation? Next week she’s going to a doctor. Thanks for your responses!

    • ANSWER:
      Is she on any medications that may cause her to get drowsy?

      Maybe she has some form of motion or car sickness, but instead of getting dizzy and nauseous, she gets sleepy.

    Mom falls asleep while driving?
    I've noticed that ever since a few months ago, my mother begins to fall asleep while driving. She has even gotten into an accident -- I'm not sure if it was because she had food poisoning that night, or because she was tired. Perhaps it was both. Currently we live far from town, so the drive to and from is longer than she's used to. She doesn't get a good night's sleep either -- 4, 5 hours at the max due to work. This falling asleep while driving incidents usually happen during the end of the day.

    She's 44, but she really seems to be aging in every aspect of her life. I already know I'd have a problem confronting her, because she is the type of person who thinks she's never wrong, and that she's superwoman. She will feel attacked. I was thinking I could go through my doctor, or therapist, in order to try to get to her. I'm not sure how soon I can get an appointment, though. I read somewhere about how sucking on lemons help. I think she might have a sleeping problem as well. I could be talking to her and she'd fall asleep, and then get up as if she was never sleeping. But as far back as I can remember, this has always happened. Shes an easy sleeper.

    I really need help, I don't want to have to worry about her so much, especially when I'm not around. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You're concerned for her life, you should talk to her about it. Even if she does get mad, you don't want something like her getting into a terrible wreck on your conscience! It's also a danger to others---just another reason to talk to her about it. If you love someone, you should do anything to keep them from harm. Jut approach her with "I want to talk to you about something because I love you and I care for you very much. I dont want you to get hurt..."

      To stay awake when driving, keep a drink in the car, roll the windows down or turn the AC up (make yourself uncomfortable), turn music up...I'm sure lemons would work as well. Anything that keeps your body from getting too comfortable will keep you awake.

    Fall asleep while driving-during the day?
    Sometimes if I go for a drive in the afternoon, I get so sleepy I have micro sleeps. I feel fine when I get into the car, but then after driving for a while, I will sometimes suddenly feel so tired I can't keep my eyes open. I try everything, drinking, eating, loud music, winding down the window even slapping and hurting myself, or starting the trip when I need to go to the toilet, just because I desperately want to stay awake. I sleep about 8 hours a night, don't have any trouble falling asleep most nights and most of the time I sleep through the whole night, like don't wake up at all. Anyone else experience anything like this? It sometimes happens at other times as well, sometimes I'll sit down, watch a movie and even if I have a friend over, no matter where I am I'll suddenly get that impossible sleepy feeling and fall asleep like straight away. It's not just feeling tired, it's actually feeling like you're falling asleep right that second and it's almost impossible to fight. Doesn't happen if I'm walking around though. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You should really see a doctor, that's not normal. Perhaps you have a really mild case of narcolepsy. You shouldn't be driving if this happens, as they say a tired driver can sometimes be MORE dangerous than a drunk one.

    how could someone in their right mind posssibly fall asleep while driving?

    I have heard about it happening to people.how does it happen?
    didnt know where to ask this!

    • ANSWER:
      they just go day dreaming ... they imagine that they are still woke up and driving .... while their brains actually making this up to get some Rest = P Brain Tease

    Why am I falling asleep while doing normal tasks like driving and I am always confused?
    A little background: I am a 21yr old female with a 2yr old daughter. No past health issues besides allergies. I work part time in a hospital. I do not take any medications.
    My Symptoms: I am so TIRED. Not like I need a restorative nap, I really feel like there is something wrong with me. I do get about 7hrs a night if Im working and about 9 if Im off which I think is average. I always feel confused, I can never remember what I was about to do or what I just did. I feel like I have no short term memory. To make things worse I have been falling asleep while sitting at the kitten table, and worse while Im driving! Not for long period of time only for a minute or two but I wake up and feel like Im not sure what happened or how I got there. Some days I really feel like I don't want to move. I am not a lazy person and I used to be so quick and pick up everything fast. Lately I have been making stupid mistakes at work just because I am reading instructions wrong and I am getting in trouble for things that I should be able to focus on in a job that I know I am more than capable of doing. I have also become very nervous about driving when my daughter is with me because sometimes it hits me and I just cant stay awake. I don't want to put her or myself at risk. This has been going on for a little more than a year now but it has severely progressed.
    P.S. Your responses are appriciated but PLEASE dont just say to ask my doctor. I am one of those lucky people with no health insurance and i am going to have to wait another month to be elligable for health ins through my job. I will be gong asap when I am able to. I am just trying to get an idea of whats wrong with me, what I can do to help, and what you think a doctor can do for me when I go see him.

    • ANSWER:
      If could be a number of things ... Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Narcolepsy are two that come to mind.

      Call the nearest community health center/clinic to you. Many of them will see people without insurance. They will put you on a pay scale according to your income.

    what causes a person to fall asleep while driving?

    • ANSWER:
      About causes a person to fall asleep can be read in http://health-schools.blogspot.com/?q=causes%20a%20person%20to%20fall%20asleep

    Have you ever fallen asleep while driving your car?
    and I don't mean drunk drivin.
    More like sleep deprived
    Priyah .lolz yeh l have,,,not funny..lolz

    • ANSWER:

    Fall asleep while driving? Anyone else w/ the same problem?
    I try really hard to stay awake during driving but constantly fall asleep at the wheel, especially during a long drive- have been in 4 accidents so far, so I don't really drive now. I don't have narcolepsy, and I get 8 or more hours of sleep every day.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to see a doctor n get checked out. They will probably do a few tests to see wat you got.

    How do I keep my thumb and first finger from falling asleep while I drive my motorcycle?
    I have glove and heated grips so I dont think its the cold.

    • ANSWER:
      I used to ride my bike for long time everyday. I had the same problem, I guess u used to keep your finger on the clutch or brake handle and that is probably the problem. However when u ride for long time u r stiff all the time. Just move your fingers from time to time. I used to do that and it helped. Unless your problem is different

    I fell asleep while driving. Now I’m frightened to drive. What should I do?
    I fell asleep while driving. Now I’m frightened to drive. What should I do?
    A few days ago I fell asleep while driving home with my five year old son in the back called Max and my wife. I own 12 restaurants in numerous locations round England, so I work quite a lot. Very stupidly the night before I was trying to get all the paper work done, and stayed awake all night by drinking coffee. The next day we were travelling up to Cleethorpes from Manchester for my son to go and have fun in a theme park called “Pleasure Island”, highly recommend. Had a great day out, and didn't feel too tired. We left the park about 5pm, and were travelling back to Manchester. My wife in the passenger seat had fallen asleep, and Max was watching a dvd. I was really tired. I Remember doing about 80mph down the motorway, when I remember thinking how comfy the seat is when I lean my head against the window. I fell asleep while still driving. The car travelled over to the white bumpy lines which are intended to wake you up, but our car is a big range rover so it doesn’t affect us. Luckily Max shouted extremely loud “wake up”, and my wife grabbed the steering wheel and swerved pass a car. This woke me up, and then I regained control of the car, and slowed back down to 70 mph, as was doing 80mph. We had to stop and a premier inn that night. Now I’m frightened of driving at night. I could have killed my wife and my son who’s only five years old. I feel so guilty. Basically without my son in the back we could have all died.
    Is this normal, or is it just me.

    • ANSWER:
      You stayed up all night the night before basically! Even lorry drivers are forced to stop and rest to stop this kind of thing from happening.

      Don't be scared just learn from your mistake and do NOT drive when you've forced your body to stay awake more than is normal.

      You were fortunate- you didn't kill your family----this time

      You don't have narcolepsy as the above poster suggests.... you stayed up the previous night using coffee--- THIS is why you fell asleep

    why does my arm fall asleep while driving or doing normal activities?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have bad circulation!
      you need to be checked

    Fell asleep while driving..........?
    I'm 17. I had an afternoon nap and that's what I remember from my dream - I was driving home by myself and I fell asleep while I was driving. I managed to stop the car on the road, so I wouldn't crash and I had a really hard time opening my eyes. I was compelled with lots of efforts to keep my eyes open throughout the whole ride, so I can get myself home.
    (by the way...I don't think it has anything to do with my driving cause I never had a problem ever since I got my license two years ago)

    • ANSWER:
      No, it doesn't have anything to do with your actual driving skill in your waking life. When you're in a car, it most often has to do with your life path, and direction in life. Things like if someone else is doing the driving, or the car breaks down, or you get pulled over for speeding, or whatever, speaks about things going on in your life, and your attitude towards it. Here you are "asleep at the wheel". This image offers an impression that you aren't really taking control of your life, or that you aren't paying enough attention to your life, although you did have to put in a lot of effort to pull over and keep yourself from crashing. In general, when someone falls asleep at the wheel in real life, it's because they are over-tired, and over exerting themselves, so perhaps you should look around your life and see if you are making too many demands on your self, or if others are making too many demands on you, and that may be leading you to feel a lack of control over your life....good luck...

    Would you stop and help someone that fell asleep while driving and almost hit you?

    • ANSWER:
      how do you know they need help, maybe they are napping, If they are wrecked I would, but otherwise no