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    cant sleep?
    I cant sleep....please help....any home remedies you have tried and that have been proven to work????

    • ANSWER:
      Physical Relaxation

      Lie perfectly still to find a comfortable position.

      Clear your mind and visualize the following breathing technique.

      Breath slowly and deeply until air fills up your stomach and chest, slowly deflate the air from your body. Repeat this 10 times. (You might need to practice your breathing techniques for about 2 weeks to slowly expand your air intake)

      Resume normal breathing and let your body and muscle melt
      Mental Relaxation

      Lie perfectly still to find a comfortable position.

      Clear your mind and concentrate at look at one spot of your room (window, trees, etc)

      Take a few deep breath and relax your facial muscle, let them melt.

      Now slow your breathing , relax your eyes and gaze until everything becomes blurry and blends together.

      or drink till you pass out.....But that has crapy side affects( hang over) HA,HA

    Cant sleep?
    I cant sleep and i have to get up in 4 hours help? dont put anything stupid like count sheep seriously i need to sleep

    • ANSWER:
      rockaby baby
      in a tree top
      when the wind blows..

      drink milk, eat turkey :D

    CANT SLEEP!??????????????
    omg this is killing me i swear i cant sleep only i sleep at time wen its 5:30 am I must sleep otherwise i cant im dieng because im tired and i still cant sleep untill 5:30 plz help I cant my minde say 5:30 cant on any other time

    • ANSWER:
      Try a hot bath, herbal tea and herbal tablets. Or you could go to a docter and get sleeping medication:)

    Cant Sleep?
    Im having trouble sleeping at night its affecting my school work. Anyways you know to help me sleep at night.
    Ive tried tylonol already but it dont seem to help.
    Ive also have tried just sitting in bed with no tv it dont help any and if I have it on it distracts me.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to hear that, but here are some things that have helped me:

      Melatonin--a supplement for sleep (in the vitamin aisle of most stores)

      Meditation--helps to clear your mind

      Lavender--candles, incense, body wash, shampoo, air freshener (of course, not all) to relax you, and sometimes helps you sleep too.

      Getting a lot of fresh air and walking in the daytime (in addition to any other fitness routine you already do)

      Don't have any caffeine after lunch time, if at all

      Don't eat a lot of food after 5 or 6 PM

      Try Chamomile Tea--or SleepyTime Tea

      Take a warm bath, and drink warm milk shortly before bed

    I cant sleep at night or concentrate in school?
    I use to sleep though the night but now I cant. I usually get pretty good grades and I am able to concentrate. But this past year I cant. I cant sleep or concentrate in school. This is my junior year, I cant screw up. Is there anything I can do or take to help me out?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you've got some stress going on and that is probably what is keeping you awake at night. Not sleeping will cause you not to be able to concentrate. The cycle just repeats itself.

      I think it might be good to talk to your doctor and your counselor at school and see if you can't work some of this out. Are you carrying a heavy academic load--lots of honors or AP classes or classes that are difficult for you? Are you keeping up with your homework? Are your grades good? Are you trying to do too much outside of school--extra-curricular activities, work, sports, hanging out with friends? All of those can add to your stress level, and all can contribute to your not being able to focus. Consider your diet, too. If you aren't eating nutritious foods and getting a balanced diet, that can also cause you some problems.

      Generally, teenagers need more sleep than any age group. Lack of good, restful sleep can cause you other problems besides just the lack of concentration at school, and sleep deprivation can have some serious effects on your life. If it's an occasional thing, that's one thing, but if it goes on for a period of time, then there is something really wrong, and you need to get some help.

      Tell Mom and Dad about this and ask them to help you get in to your doctor. Make that appointment with your counselor at school. Talk with your teachers, too, and let them know that you are aware that your performance in their classes is not what you want it to be. If they know that you are trying to work out the problem, tney are more likely to be a little more sympathetic and helpful towards you. Don't make excuses and expect special treatment, legitimately TRY to take care of business and keep up with your work, but do keep them posted on what's happening with you. You'd be surprised at how they will react and offer to help you.

      Good luck to you. Feel better soon!

    Any ways to help me fall asleep cuz i cant sleep?
    Help i cant sleep any ways to help me get to bed?

    • ANSWER:
      Take NUX VOMICA 30C half hour before going to bed for a few days it will make you go to sleep and would correct your sleeplessness in a few days. Its a Homeopathic Remedy totally non addictive and has no side side effects or complications.
      Take care and God Bless you !

    Is there a law that states that oppiste sexs cant sleep in the same room while renting an apartment ?
    My friend was telling me that the oppsite sex cant sleep in the same room when renting an apartment in California.. Since were moving out there for college we want to rent togther but we dont know if we cant sleep in the same room ?? please help lol :]

    • ANSWER:
      yes there is, but it has to do with children

    I cant sleep at night/What can i do to releive stress/anger?
    This is a 2 question post..

    Q1) I cant sleep at night no matter what i do, its annoying the hell out of me >.< I usually end up sleeping around 2-3 in the morning and i have to get up at 7:30 for school. I've tried countin backwards from 1000 in 3's and concentrating on breathin in through nose out through mouth etc. Any tips or tricks?

    Q2) I get stressed/angry easily (mainly cause of my EXTREMELEY annoying friend >.>) how can i releive my stress? I cant punch anything cause i break it (yes even a pillow and a wall) and i cant make alot of noise. I do have a hobby (drawing) which i thought would releive stress, instead it just gets me even angrier if i dont end up drawing what i expected (im very hard on myself on these things) talking to friends dont help since i usually end up scaring them XD And im very rude when im angry though i try not to, so i try to be extremely nice when im angry. Long story. But any tips on stress releif?
    By the way, dont correct me on spelling relief wrong or any other word wrong
    I want to get rid of him, but hes like bubble gum at the end of your shoe! You put it down and make it feel bad stomping on it everyday, BUT IT KEEPS STICKING TO YOU AND WONT GET THE HELL AWAY!!!
    Im 12 years old

    • ANSWER:
      Find another hobby that you can emerse yourself into. Refinish furniture, exercise, something that you can get into and not have any thoughts except for what is right in front of you.
      Do you live on your own? If so, get up and start cleaning when you can't sleep, pop in a movie (while laying in bed), read a book. These things help me and I think they can help you too.

      Good Luck!

    Im 13 and i cant fall asleep because of christmas...What should i do to go to sleep?
    im too excited and cant sleep. what should i do to help me sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Sneak into the kitchen and empty all the leftover glasses and bottles...and take some plastic bag with you when you go to you have something to puke into and then can hide under the bed.

    I cant sleep at night and I want to start getting sleep anyone know any good things that help sleep?
    I need help getting to sleep.
    Any suggestions, or tricks?

    • ANSWER:
      sleeping meds
      make sure you don't nap at all during the day
      if you buy a white noise box or just run a box fan in your room it takes away a lot of other noise
      don't worry at all about anything !! i used to worry way too much and when i thought about everything before i went to bed and reminded myself of what i needed to do the next day i got to sleep a lot faster instead of worrying while i was laying in bed
      if you are a procrastinator do everything before bed and on time so you don't have to worry about that either
      drink warm tea before sleep

    I cant sleep at night can someone please help me?
    I can never sleep at night because i am terrified of having nightmAres what can i do? Every night i remember scary things and i cant get them out of my head!

    • ANSWER:
      watch tv especially a comedy. Then once you get drousy try to fall asleep thinking about some of the parts of the comedy. works for me when i remember stuff from scary movies.

    What is the best thing to do if you cant get sleep at night?
    I feel tired, I have to get up early tomorrow morning, but i cant sleep!! Please help me.....

    • ANSWER:
      I would try some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, or yoga exercises. I teach a yoga class and at the end of the class i save about 3-5 minutes for relaxation and the participants are ready for bed after class. I think that if you set the mood; lights dim with relaxing music, you will be able to relax.

      If you have a lot of stress or things on your mind, this could cause a problem. You will need to remove yourself from all of the outside stimulants that keep your mind running.

      Remember that your bed is for sleeping so if you are accustomed to watching TV in bed, cut the habit. Try reading and relaxing and falling asleep should be easier. Try to go to bed and wake around the same times everyday including the weekends! Lastly, if your mattress in uncomfortable, that will interfere with your sleep. Invest in a new one! Peaceful resting!

    I have to work in the morning, and I cant sleep?
    I have always had some insomnia issues, I need to go to sleep because I will be tired all day at work tomorrow.. My problem is I lay in bed, and I just cant seem to fall asleep.. What should I do to help myself get to sleep, and get better quality sleep??

    I have heart problems, and am on medication for them, so I can not take any sleeping pills..

    • ANSWER:
      Print off a copy (or at least the first 20 pages) of ANY of the health care proposals, and start reading it. I DARE you to get to page 5.....

    Cant sleep want to die not interested in anything?
    I have had awhile where I just want to die. I know I need help and everything but Im affraid to get it because I dont want to get committed in the county that Im in. I dont know what to do about this. My parents dont know that I want to do this and think that Im totally healthy. I havent been able to sleep very much at all. I mean in the past couple of weeks I have gotten an average of 2 hours per night. The one thing I have lived for in the past doesnt matter any more and I dont feel interested in anything. Please give me advice on how to change without getting to be inpatient any where. I also have a bottle of pills that I cant get rid of because sometimes I need them that are looking pretty tempting right now.
    You know I really dont want to go to a different country but instead if I could go to a different county somehow I dont know how though because I have to live here for awhile longer.

    • ANSWER:
      Right now, you need two things and I speak from experience. First of all, get on a good antidepressant. A good antidepressant will correct any chemical changes that are going on to aggravate (not necessarily cause) your depression. The second thing you need to do is see a therapist (psychologist) to learn how to change the way you feel by changing the way you think. I've been where you are before. At one point, I was living in North Carolina, USA and I spent a good (?) month in a loft in the dark barely eating and only leaving my space to go to the bathroom and maybe eat a little something. So I know where you're coming from. I wish you the best and please tell your parents what you're going through. I know that I would do anything to help a son or a daughter and I know your parents have to feel the same way.

      Write me if I can be of any help because I've been there before and now I've recovered from my depression one day at a time.

    last week I watch 2012 movies and for one week I cant sleep and eat well. Can you help me out?
    After I watch 2012 movies, I cant sleep and eat well. This 2012 movies is related to the mayan calendar?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, its related to the Mayan Calendar. Okay, I used to be afraid but now it just seems stupid. If your religious, read the Bible or the other books. In it its states no man knows when the world is going to end only God does. The world will end when you least expect it. Do you remember last May when that man predicted the world was going to end on May 21st? Nothing happened. People keep predicting and predicting when their wasting their time. 2000 was another end of the world prediction. Well look where we. And also about 2012, they moved the date 50 years into the future. See, nothing to be afraid of.

    How do you get to sleep at night if you are tired but cant sleep. Special techniques?
    I am tired and my sleep schedule is all backwards because of screechy kids. Help out a tired guy. I will try anything. It is 3AM!

    • ANSWER:
      Basically stop worrying that you do not get enough sleep. That will not take you anywhere. When you do not get sleep get up and walk inside your room for 5 minutes. Then lie down back. Try to think of some statistics such as the films a particular actor has acted. the matches a particular team won etc--anything in the line of your interest. Try not to think about anything that worries you. Before going to bed drink a glass of warm water mixed with a table spoon of pure honey or a hot glass of milk. You can also meditate after going to bed. Take pleasant thoughts with you to the bed.In spite of all these things if you do not get enough sleep--do not worry. You have more waking hours which you can utilize for doing things constructively. Try to sleep whenever you get sleep.

    How can i get more sleep, i cant sleep?
    im a 14 yr old girl and i can never sleep that well, i never get a really good sleep sometimes i cant sleep at all. i just have problems sleeping.
    is there any way to improve my sleep or and thing that can help me?

    try not to suggest pills or doctors (im open to this but try natural ways)

    • ANSWER:
      I just make sure that my sheets are clean, and the environment I'm sleeping in is good. I never recommend pills. I am around your age, and I have problems getting to sleep. That is why I am answering this. Try to turn off the tv, and put on relaxing music. If you can't sleep without a tv on like me, just find your comfy spot and close your eyes. I hope i helped.

    I cant sleep and i want a peanut butter sandwhich?
    Its 3:30 in the morning im exhasted and cant sleep. im lying in bed and i want a peanut butter sandwhich with milk but im to tired to go get it. help.

    • ANSWER:
      Go get up and get it you lazy bum you are never too tired to eat a peanut butter sandwhich so get yo butt in that kitchen and make a samich.

    im 16 and cant sleep am i to young for medication? or if i see my doctor what could she do?
    16 and i cant sleep, how can my doctor help?

    • ANSWER:
      A doctor can prescribe medication to you, regardless of your age. Go see your doctor.

    Im a 13 yr old boy and I cant sleep at night. What should i do?
    Hello Im wondering why i cant sleep through the night because schools almost starting and i dont want to be up late. I would sometimes sleep during the day so that might be the problem and/or i just play games too much. I have no i dea but i need help so please reply.

    • ANSWER:
      Now that he's gone, I find myself saying more and more often 'If Michael Jackson were here....'

      Here are a few ideas

      -no screens a few hours before bed
      -do you exercise? Try some of that
      -Calcium supplement
      -nothing in your bedroom can go on but sleep. You're too young imho for the other bedroom activity.
      no tv, reading, etc

    i cant sleep, ive been percribed medicine but it didnt work. whats a good over the counter one?
    im 13 and i cant sleep at nite
    ill go to bed at 10 but not actually sleep till 2

    i have to get up early every day and cant stand being so tired all teh time and only averaging 4-5 hours a night.

    and i dotn want to drink coffee at such a young age. so any help


    • ANSWER:
      malinton near the vitamins. take with a warm drink
      i chew a tablet and drink hot water it helps me sleep in about 10/20 min. i have to trouble staying awake in the am
      also turn off the TV and radio when it is time to sleep.
      keep the room dark. turn down the heat so you can use a warm blanket to sleep under.
      do not eat to close to sleep time.
      and pee before go to bed( so you do not need to wake up to pee) talk to your doctor let him/her know the meds the prescribed are not working there may be other issues

    Any advice on how to get some sleep while pregnant? I cant take sleeping pills?
    But I cant sleep withot them, plus been very sick and cant hold down anything for nausea thanks for all your help.

    • ANSWER:
      lots of cushions, a drink of milk at night, a sick bucket by the bed just incase!! I could never relax as I was so sure I was going to wake up during the night with sickness and not make it to the bathroom, a bath before bed...

    Why cant i get to sleep even though im tired?
    Its never happened before but i cant sleep no matter what i do. I tried laying down and keeping my eyes closed but there goes 3 hours of my sleep. Im so tired that my teeth hurt and for me thats a weird sighn of sleep deprivation. please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Insomnia is caused if you don't have enough magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B5, folic acid, and biotin (and if you don't drink enough water). Google for more info!

    Is anyone still up because I cant sleep ?
    I cant sleep and i need help sleeping its 2:12 i have school and i no its to late for a good sleep but i need fast sleeping tips
    LOL school was delayed for 2hrs YAY

    • ANSWER:
      here are some tips
      :go to bed at the same time everyday
      :take a warm bath just one or two hours before going to bed it will help you to relax.
      :read a book when you are in bed(you will be amazed how easy you fall asleep
      :do not sleep in day time.

    I took a 4 hour nap after school today and now I cant sleep?
    I took two sections of the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) - standardized test for PA kids, and I was soooo exhausted after school today immediately at like 5:30pm I went to sleep and woke up at around 8:30pm. It's 12:10am here right now, and I cant fall asleep. Any ways to help me sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      drink warm milk with honey...try to sleep tho because if you cant then it'll start a pattern and then everyday you'll be taking a nap because you didn't get enough sleep the night before...

    I cant sleep and i need to wake up early tomorrow?
    Well its 3am and i need to wake at about 8 (it may not seem early but for holidays it is) i heard this weird soumd outside i think it was a cat or something scream and im at my aunties house. I heard at cats fighting late yesterday at home too. Im tired have you got any ideas to help me sleep and noises make me scared even though i knw what the sounds are, lol. Thanks :) um im using my iphome to ask this btw.

    • ANSWER:
      what you need to do is, get in a comfortable position, turn off your phone (i heard a study that says electronics before bed can keep you up) and jsut lay there and don't think of anything, thats most important. Too much thinking, or dwelling on things can keep you up. Listen to the noises outside and relax and soon before you know it you will be asleep :)

    Im 20 weeks pregnant and cant sleep at night?
    i know that that's the downside to pregnancy, but i was wondering if there was anything that could help me. i got a body pillow, and its not helping. i wake up every couple hours and cant fall back asleep for about an hour. i try to take naps, but i just end up wakening up after about an hour. im starting to miss all the sleep i got in the first trimester. anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      NO! Don't drink Camomile Tea! The hornomes in camomile (plant hormones) are bad for a pregnant woman's body! (I'm a tea sommalier- I know!).

      Ask your doctor for advice. A lot of women take Gravol (the anti-nauseant) cause it A) abates morning sickness and B) makes you really drowsy and it's not going to hurt the baby.

      If you want to drink tea try Vallerian tea- it's a french after-dinner tea that is supposed to calm your nerves and doesn't have the harmful plant hormones that other herbs do!

    First day of school tomorrow cant sleep?
    Okay so i'm a sophomore and its 2:00 am and i have to get up at 5:00 to go to school and i cant sleep. I don't know what to do because i've been laying here with my eyes closed for four hours and i just cant sleep.. Help?


    • ANSWER:
      Hi! Well, I have this problem ALL the time. I'll try to be as helpful as I can..

      I hate milk, so I don't know if that drink warm milk works.

      Turn off everything you can. Electronics such as Computers, Televisions, or lights tell your brain that it isn't sleeping time. If you are scared of the dark, get a dim nightlight. I am scared of the dark too, but I don't sleep with a nightlight because my eyes become adjusted to the dark, and I can see everything.

      Stop thinking about school!! I know this sounds hard, but you've been through a lot of school years and nothing stressful has happened on the first day, has it? It's just a normal night. If you can, try to clear your thoughts completely.

      Some methods I do:
      Count backwards from 1000. I NEVER even reach 500.
      Instead of counting sheep, try counting your favorite animal. This relaxes me MUCH more.

      Also, this is usually what I do to fall asleep.. I relax my entire body. To do so, start from your toes and pretend your sinking in the bed.. This relieves the tense parts in your bodies you didn't even know was tense.

      Sometimes when I fall asleep, I think scary thoughts. Like, I feel like a ghost is watching me. GHOSTS DO NOT EXIST. Scary shows are still scary though, so avoid watching or reading something scary.

      Try reading a book.. Studies show that it actually makes you tired.

      Take a nice hot bath, and try to avoid caffeinated foods and drinks about 2 hours from bedtime.

      Good luck and sleep well.. Have a great first day of school! :3

    My puppy died yesterday and i cant sleep im dwelling on it and my stomach hurts?
    What should I do?if you have any ideas please tell me,and i know its just a dog but i cant help it at all

    • ANSWER:
      I'm so sorry for your loss,they are like children even though they are just dogs. I love all my dogs but I know it will near kill me when my chihuahua dies.
      I made my grandmother a beautiful picture of her dog. I took a picture of her dog, cropped around it, put it in a setting of a beautiful rainbow bridge and then put the Rainbow Bridge poem beside it, she loves it so much. If you would like me to make you one just email me a pic of your dog and it's birth and death date and I will be glad to do that for you.

      DANDIE THE BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS or The Dirty Mangy Dog, that's what you where calling yourself yesterday: you actually do have a heart. I didn't think you did after giving me best answer yesterday. Then you turned around and called me a loser. I tried to find the best answer to help your dog and you called me a loser. You are a very mean and ungrateful person.;_ylt=Atp9No5ZuNvHgeKfB50j0hbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070924131659AAkfSJn&show=7#profile-info-d3ae494d75caf423df54d844d5b9820eaa

    Help I cant sleep its 1 am here and i have school tomorrow?
    Its 1 am and i have the grade 10 literacy test tomorrow and have to be in class by 7:50, i ahve anxiety and depression im 15, and ive missed 2 weeks straight and 25 days total. Im so nervous to go tomorrow and i have so much stress that i can never sleep please help. also i cant take sleep meds, because i dont wake up for school when i take them
    also does anyone know how hard the test is?

    • ANSWER:
      Drink warm milk and put a warm washcloth over your eyes. :)

    Cant sleep at night, troubles falling asleep. But i can in the day time?
    Ok so im 17 years old. and i cant fall asleep at night and if i do i keep waking up but then in the day time i have troubles staying awake and yesterday i came home and crashed till about 7 (and i never sleep in the day) then when i tried to sleep it didnt work again. i need help! why cant i just sleep at night???
    is it a sleeping disorder???

    please help.

    • ANSWER:
      its obvious...ur a VAMPIRE!!! lol jk ur sleep cycle is screwed up. I worked nights at a nursing home and my sleep schedule was totally weird.

    i cant sleep at night but i dont take medicine?
    i dont take medicine for anything because i dont believe in it. please dont judge me. i just have a question to ask if you have a answer thats beautiful if not...Shut UP thanks in advance anyways, i cant sleep at night. i fall asleep then i wake back up and do the same drill all night after that. i just need to get some sleep. a little history about me i dont drink, smoke nor eat meat. i just need some sleep some body, any body help me please?

    • ANSWER:
      This has to be really frustrating for you! Sorry to hear it. You sound as though you try to be really healthy. Not sure if you drink any caffeinated beverages but if so, try go decaf for awhile to see if it helps. I went decaf a couple of years ago and sleep much better! And I'm not a coffee drinker - just some soda and ice tea. If you have a lot of stress, that can cause sleep loss. Next time you wake up in the middle of the night, try writing out your concerns. This will allow you to let them go for the night because you won't be afraid of forgetting what needs to be taken care of. Also, since you don't eat meat, you might want to check your protein intake and increase it a bit before bedtime. When you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you are not getting back to sleep right away, don't just lay there. Try reading a book for a bit, working a crossword puzzle or something similar. Finally you might want to make sure you don't use your bedroom for watching TV, eating, or other activities similiar to those. This way when you are in your room, you are preparing for sleep or sleeping. Good luck getting some good rest.

    Why cant i sleep after delivering my baby?
    i had my baby girl yesterday on the 21st at 6:16 pm. im still at the hospital and gave her a bottle at midnight and sent her off to the nursery. now ive been sitting here the entire night, i cant sleep. im not in pain, had a very easy labor. they wont give me anything to help me sleep either. i feel anxious or something. im so very tired though! anyone else experiance this? what can i do? i need some sleep

    • ANSWER:
      hearty congratulations for your baby.i think may be your body could't come out from the tension it faced the previous the doctor advice .And i think u play with the your little angle which may give u a piece of mind.Take care mom..

    Cant get a sleep at night sometimes, how can i stop thinking?
    Today I was awake until morning, I cant stop thinking, I cant sleep. Its bad, its so annoying. Is there anything that could help me. It makes me mad sometimes, its happening once a week now.

    • ANSWER:
      Go out and run around the yard till you're tired.

    Iv been fasting on navel orages for 4 days and now on my 2nd day on a water fasr and o cant sleep?
    it has been three days and I cannot go to sleep, om not really tired, however, iv been just lying in my bed trying to sleep and I cant. If you have any expierance with this plz help. Btw I am a 90 percent raw vegan who eats meats once every xouple of months.

    Any help advice will be greatly appriciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You probably can't sleep because you are hungry!

      If you aren't hungry due to the fast, your body just might be in a bit of shock from lack of food, so you can't sleep!

      Please eat something and you will sleep like a baby.

    Cant sleep because of stress and depression can anyone help?
    My boyfriend left for the navy today and i havent really slept in 3 days and i cant eat because im sad. So can anyone help me please? :(

    • ANSWER:
      beating your body up like crazy ! and im not talking about punching yourself! exercise ! and break your limits to the point where you truly honestly feel your gonna breakdown. Run like crazy on the treadmill till your legs start to hurt. Not even babys will sleep like you will end up doing.
      and your boyfriend will have an already gorgeous turned even more beautiful girl to come home to

    I cant sleep at night can anyone help me?
    Around last november i started working at toys r us. I worked from 11pm to 6am. I stoped working there around the middle of february and i havent been able to sleep at night since. Im basically up till around 6 or 7 every morning b4 i can fall asleep. Can anyone help me out with this?

    • ANSWER:
      what i do is stay up all night until like 8:00 or 9:00pm the next day, you should be really sleepy and thats pretty much it, wake up early go to sleep early.

    why cant i sleep at night? Please help i have tomuch in my head?
    I have trouble sleeping then once i fall asleep i never get up early. I just broke up with someone and now i have somone who just sweeps me off my feet. But my ex is in my head and i cant sleep without thinking of them both. Except my new guy friend is far away from me, hes on the otherside of the world. And my ex is Like just 15 mintues away. I have so much on my head i need some helpwith some sleeping technics or just something.

    • ANSWER:
      maybe you are thinking so many think

    do you use Diazepam? it only works when im enraged andnot when I cant sleep?
    I took it when I had a miscarried to help my mind and body relax and get some sleep, ive had 7 over the past 3 weeks, when needed, lastnight i just couldnt stop thinking about the life i thought i had and have now lost with the baby. and so im here, took a Diazepam and yeah i slept but the effect wasnt the same!?!?!? why ?

    and is this addictive, what anxious medication are there i can take daily?

    • ANSWER:
      Diazepam is Valium and very addictive. It is not a sleeping pill. It is a benzodiazepine/ "Anti-anxiety" agent that helps relieve anxiety and it is a muscke relaxant.
      Over time you become accustomed to a drug, and it takes more and more of it to produce the results.
      Are you in counseling? That may be a way to work through your grief, and use a mild sleeping aid to help you through this.
      In the 1950's, many, many (especially) women became addicted to valium, as doctors were prescribing it all over the place.

    cant sleep and got addicted to tylenol PM?
    okay so i have a big problem, im only 13 and i couldnt sleep. So my mom gives me a tylenol pm, and i sleep well. this goes on for a week, then 2 weeks, and now i cant even feel tierd without takeing one of this Tylenol PM things. in otherwords im addicted to it. Any ideas on how to cut this addiction, and how i can help myself sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, Chesser, You're very smart to have caught this problem so early. Start weaning yourself off of it slowly. If you can cut them in half, do so. After a couple days start taking a half every other day, then twice a week, then stop.
      Go to the drug store and get some Melatonin. It's a vitamin, but people with sleeping trouble swear by it. You can also try warm milk. It also really works for some.
      If those don't work, it's time for the doc. There are safe medications that will help you.
      Try falling asleep on your own. Don't think about yourself, or what's coming up for you the next day. Think about a TV show you watched, a movie you saw, or a trip you went on (the scenery and stuff.) I hope something here helps you fall asleep!
      Bless you and good luck. :)

    Cant sleep, tried alot of different things but nothing really helps, any tips?
    For the past 9 years I haven't had a good nights sleep. I used to have night terrors and now subconsciously get scared of sleeping. I will feel very tired, put my head on the pillow and suddenly feel wide awake, sometimes having a panic attack. I have gone to the doctors. Take herbal remedies and listened to Hypnotic relaxation tapes. I will try anything. Help. Thanks for reading.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, I get very anxious at bedtime too, for other reasons. I practice diaprhagmatic breathing, a relaxation technique, and I tell myself a story in my head, but it has to be just right. If it's too interesting it'll keep me awake and if it's too boring my mind goes back to those things that make me anxious.

      For the diaphragmatic breathing, lay down on your back and put your right hand on your belly, your thumb should be just below your solar plexus. Put your left hand on your chest, just somewhere in the center. Breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose, but make your belly rise. In your mind, count slowly until you've breathed in comfortably deep, for me it's 5. Then exhale through either your nose or mouth, but make sure your belly goes down, and it should be for a count that's 2 more than when you breathed in. Practice this during the day when you are calm, about 2-3 times for about 5 minutes each time, until you get really good at it. Then do it through the day as you're doing other things, until it becomes a natural way to breathe. It will probably be difficult at first, because your diaphragm is probably locked because you're so tense and anxious. Don't worry, with practice and relaxation it will relax and unlock and you'll be able to take deeper breaths, and this technique will be more relaxing.

      The theory is, when we are tense or startled, or frightened, we breathe up in our chests, and rapidly, to oxygenate our blood and that triggers adrenaline for the fight or flight response. When we breathe like that all the time, our bodies think we're always anticipating the fight or flight response. When you watch a baby or small child sleeping, she is naturally doing the belly breathing, and we learn from our life experiences to breathe up in our chests instead of down in our bellies, and we need to relearn the belly breathing. It will signal our bodies that we aren't in a state of expecting the fight or flight response, and our bodies will gradually learn to relax.

      And for my story telling, I steal a favorite movie or characters because they are already created so I don't have to work at imagining them, and I put myself in a story, usually one that's mostly worked out, nothing exciting, but interesting enough to keep my mind off of all the other crap that we call "monkey mind". I usually fall asleep pretty quickly. I also take benedryl and my doctor prescribes an antianxiety med to help.

      Here's a link for the diaphragmatic breathing, I hope it helps. Remember it'll take time and practice for it to help, so stick with it. It helps me:

      Oh, and try to think of yourself as the observer of your thoughts, and not the thoughts themselves; like watching birds flying across the sky; the thoughts are of no more consequence than that.

    how do you get to sleep on those days you cant?
    i cant sleep for shit. anyways to help me go to sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      try a couple of regular tylenol~also you may wanna think about cutting back seriously on your caffeine intakeā™¦

    i cant sleep. is thr any natural ways to help me sleep better?
    natural wasy to help me sleep better.

    • ANSWER:
      There are many natural ways
      at PM
      1. Melatonin
      2. Chamomile tea

      After dark - avoid exposing yourself to bright light
      Develop good sleep hygiene - per dr andrew weil's website listed below.
      Meditation in the evening
      Vigorous exercise during day time

      Good luck! Healthy sleeping is the basis of good health.

    why cant I sleep in on a weekend?
    I go to bed at 11pm most nights, I just cant sleep past 7am, as soon as I wake up I have to get up , I try to lie there but cant. I have a fulltime job and worked since I was 16, im now 34 and i've always been the same, whats wrong? my wife can sleep until about 10am why cant I? please help! does anybody else have the same problem?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like those circadian rhythms (internal sleep cycles) again! They vary person to person, which is why yours and your wife's are different. Your body might work best on 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and it sounds like you get about that much nightly. Question is, is that enough sleep for you? Doesn't sound like there's been a lot of change there. Could there be some effect of caffeine, alcohol, late-night exercise, stress/worry, late meals, medical conditions, or medications to consider? Is your mattress due for a change? Is your spouse a restless sleeper that wakes you? Some people are also sensitive to morning light and wake as soon as the room starts to brighten in the morning. Heavier blinds/drapes at the window can help to keep the brain from "waking up" to early. Is there a seasonal pattern for you, with sleeping in becoming waaaay easier in wintertime compared to summertime, when the hours of daylight are much longer? Just a few ideas. You didn't mention whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep (maybe you're terribly fatigued come morning), but if it's anything more than a nuisance to wake up early on weekends, it might be worth getting a sleep study done. you and your doctor can talk about it.

      If it's any consolation, I've read in several places (none of which I can find now, of course), that sleeping in on the weekends is not all that good for you as it's much harder to resume your regular sleep routine come Sunday night. Makes Monday mornings really hard. Besides, the best time to sleep in is while on vacation - I recommend it.

    how to get to sleep when you cant sleep?
    right now i cant sleep at all.
    i have been up from 11am - 6am in the morning right now!
    i feel really tired and sleepy but when i get to my bed. i just cant sleep. help!
    i used to listening to raining sound from youtube. but it doesnt work anymore.
    i dont like to take pills because it's bad for my health.
    i always have sleeping problem.
    what should i do? what do u always do when you cant sleep to get some sleep?
    thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure you have a good mattress and pillow and comfortable bedding. I dust my bed sheets with shower to shower, sometimes take tylenol, and listen to music. Reading the bible can be really helpful too. Go to bed at the same time to train your body. Here is a great list of bed time foods that helped me too.

    I cant sleep at night, and I'm not getting much sleep during the day either.?
    I cant sleep at night, and I'm not getting much sleep during the day either. When I lay down to sleep it seems like my mind wont relax and every thought have have runs through my mind.... I'm so tired but I cant sleep. Help me please?

    • ANSWER:
      The way I deal with insomnia is by not letting myself think. I either read something extremely boring before bed or listen to music that puts me to sleep. You should try and see if it helps.

    What to do if you cant get to sleep?
    I keep moving around in bed, opening my eyes,..I mean i cant sleep. What can i do to help me get to sleep?

    • ANSWER:

    my wifes nose is stuffed she cant sleep and we have tried evrything?
    we have tried saline spray. Neosenephrine. And nothing can seem to help her. concerned husband she cant sleep at night. What can we do

    • ANSWER:
      It may be possible that her nasal passages are swollen, giving the effect of stuffiness. But take her to the doctor to get it confirmed.

    32 weeks pregnant and my back hurts so bad when i lay down i cant sleep?
    I actually dread going to sleep bc my back hurts so bad when I'm laying on either side. It hurts on which ever side I go to lay on. Obviously I can't lay on my back or stomach since I'm pregnant. What can I do to help fall asleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Ouch, been there. :(

      I got through back ache by having a hot water bottle on my back and taking paracetamol. Paracetamol is perfectly safe to take when pregnant as it does not go through the placenta (I worried so much about that). Try going to sleep on your side, I can't sleep on back or stomach either, I don't think any of us preggie women can. :)
      I also found a bath helpful too. Try pillow as everyone else I hate being propped up my pillows but thats me and we are trying to help you. ;-p

      All the best.
      You could ask your partner to gently massage your back with baby oil before you go to bed.

    stopped smoking marijuana havent slept in 45 hours still cant sleep help?
    i stopped smoking marijuana on monday and did not sleep monday night it is past 3am tuesday night now i still cannot get to sleep i feel very tired but not sleepy. i am going on a big hike for one of my environmental classes tomorrow so i would like to go to sleep soon i have to wake up in 3 hours.

    what can i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing much. You've been regularly smoking cannabis so your brain chemistry has been reacting by producing its own defences to counteract the sleep-inducing effects of dope (it's why it's called "dope"). Many of the active compounds in cannabis are fat soluble and so regular smokers build up a stored reserve in their fatty tissues which is slowly released over time. Unfortunately the brain also contains plenty of fatty tissues.

      It can take many months for the residues to completely leave your system, depending upon how heavy a smoker you are and the variety you use. You can help your brain chemistry levels to rapidly return to normal by doing the following:-

      -eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly;
      -try to establish sensible sleep routines (regular bedtimes);
      -avoid caffeine, although a wake-up tea or coffee is usually OK;
      -avoid any intense multi-sensory stimuli (other than sex, the post-coital feelings are known to promote sleep) before bedtime, such as tv, loud music, internet use, homework study;
      -avoid eating in the last couple of hours before bedtime;
      -get into the habit of doing something relaxing before bedtime, such as reading, taking a bath or listening to relaxing music (i.e. not loud, not high bpm)

      Admittedly none of that helps your immediate problem, but nothing can work that fast, and your anxiety is going to fight any tendency you have to sleep. Anxiety is heightened as it's a recognised side-effect of coming down from cannabis.

      There is evidence that consuming a warm milk-based drink before bedtime can temporarily modify brain chemistry to promote the ability to fall asleep.

      I'm not anti-cannabis, BTW, but clearly there can be some downsides to using it, especially if it's habitual.